Tuesday, July 26, 2016

6 Months!! (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Well it is official I have hit 6 months and am a quarter of the way home!!:)

The transfer scoop:
I am staying here and Elder Benesh and Sister Black are staying with me.  I am getting, we think, Elder Walker or Downs? Sinse my companion will be the District Leader.  I do not know Downs? I know who Elder Walker is, but I do not know him, he trained a missionary that came out with me.  Elder Benesh  and Sister Black are both training.  The transfer options are fine I guess There wasn't anyone I was hoping to get?  And I am not getting the 2 I did not want so we will see how  things go?  

So a fun thing I forgot to tell about last week is we have lots of dentists in the ward here. And so Elder Hiatt and I got our teeth cleaned AND Whitening trays for free from Brother Worthington, our ward mission leader. My teeth will still be nice and clean when I come home. Yay!  Yeah the dentist thing is awesome!!! I did not want jacked up or dirty teeth when I got home.  I brush, Floss, and mouthwash twice a day at least!:p Whitening has not hurt my teeth? He also told me to use ACT anticavity mouthwash for the best results, it has the most floride of all the mouthwashes and the Walmart brand is cheaper, but just as good.

 Ok well there were a couple of very interesting things that happened this week here in Valdosta.  First, was right after emails and later that day there were 2 bomb threats at the Walmart right next to our apartment. It is literally right out our front door and across the street.  Then on Tuesday we were out for a district lunch across town.  There was a bomb threat at the other Walmart that we were eating right next to and got to watch the bomb squad and all come in.  Then on Wednesday, we had a Tornado blow through downtown.  Then Thursday came, and there was a shooting and attempted robbery at our Walmart also.  Lots and lots of fun news this week for Valdosta.

Elder Hiatt is headed up to Atlanta right now to fly home, so I am 3 packing it with the other Elders here in Valdosta til tomorrow.  We had a great day on Friday.  We built him a raft and Stuffed his suit that was ruined and set it afloat on a pond and lit it all on fire!

There are way too many cats down here!  There is a lady in the ward who has 24 cats inside of her house and there are others in the ward that have far too many inside also.  Plus the cats are all massive and fed way to well.

I asserted my Dominance in the district last night in the winning, and gaining, of the title Arm Wrestling Champion of Valdosta Missionaries!!!!
Tali: I am glad you made it home safe and are enjoying it.  Siamese don't they know those things are evil from watching Lady and the Tramp????? Did you have fun at the bridal shower?

Trav: Man yeah that would be a cruddy thing for work to spring on you like that.  It will be nice not having to be out of town all of the time. I love you to Bro!!!!

Tay: have fun!

G4 : Enjoy vacation
 I love you all and have a great week!

 ELder Legg
Burning Raft

Elder Hiatt and his raft and fake self

Exchanges and horses

Little snaky snake (first live snake I have seen here)

My teeth mold

Fat cat!!

Yes those are ninjas on my socks

E​lder Hiatt, Legg, Benesh, Showers​
Left to right: Elder Swank, Sister Swank, Sister Brain, Sister Black, Me, Elder Hiatt, Elder Benesh, Elder Showers

Monday, July 18, 2016

"Ya'll Talking About Jesus? Can I join?" (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Well for this week we had some way good success knocking doors.  In the first half of the week we knocked a door to a place that looked like no one was home.  After knocking a few times and waiting a minute or so we had even started to walk away, but when we were about half way down the drive way the door opened and a young man peeked out. We turned around and introduced ourselves, he looked as though we had just woken him up and so we asked if we could come back a better time and he said "no I have some time, right now is good".  Then another guy popped his head out and was like "hey what's going on?". So we told him and then a third guy popped his head out who had been easedropping from inside and asked "ya'll talking about Jesus can I join?".  So we were able to teach all three of them and we left them with some information and we got theirs and everything was great, right?  True and false.  True, they were and are all interested in listening to what we have to share and want to learn BUT they were just house sitting for a friend and really live in Nashville, Georgia's prosolyting area so we had to get them the info and give them to those sisters. 

Later in the week though we were knocking in the rain and no one was having anything to do with us.  The lights were turning off as we knocked.  The blinds were closing as we walked up.  The dogs were being hushed from behind the door along with playful children.  Then we knocked on a door that actually opened and this guy was not interested but told us his wife would be and she came out and was.  We taught her, and during the lesson the rain lightened up some, and the sun came out. And when we were walking off we were able to look up to a marvelous summer shower double Rainbow!

Something great also is that we were able to have great food and treats this week.  There is an Ice cream that is down here in the south, Blue Bell.  Most everyone down here, and the missionaries, praise its savory, smooth, rich flavors.  It is so expensive though.  I think it is good, but I would take cheap over good any day.  So I am not the best judge, but we were given two tubs of that, Butter Pecan and Cookies n' Cream.  Then we were given Cherry crumble Pie and cookies n' cream cup cakes.  Now I am not much of a cup cake person, but let me tell you........I liked these!  

Well I no longer have the landscaper hands I use to. I found that out this past week.  We went and helped a recent convert Desawd with a large section of her back yard to put a pool in.  And Elder Hiatt and I spent most of our Saturday afternoon there and torn up our hands with blisters.

We had interviews with our new mission president.  He seems very down to earth.  He has a very calm and level head.  You can tell he wants to do great things, but he is still getting into the swing of things, a bit nervous.  I had a good time with him and am excited to see what he will do for the mission.  

TRANSFERS: We find out on Saturday what is going to happen on the 26th for transfers.  I am most likely staying here.  But I will know for sure next week on Saturday. We will find out who is being transfered. On Tuesday the 26th I will find out who I am with. I have only been here for 2 transfers and people can stay up to 5 transfers in a area plus Elder Hiatt is leaving so very likely I will stay!

Dad: Wow that is a lot of horses and people!  I am glad that nothing serious happened to any of the horses or children or leaders.  I am sure you feel better with it done now also and the stress of it gone.  How is your new possition in work treating you?  Sounds like it was tons of fun and I wish I could have been there!

Grandma and Grandpa are both looking very well!
You should do it mom that would be so cute!!!!!!!!!!! (Run enough miles to equal running to GA) Not good about the floods.  (In NC)

Hey I do not have an email for Joseph but his Birthday is tomorrow could you get  a birthday wish to him through  Barb  or something please?  Just let him know I say happy Birthday and best wishes! I love him and hope life is treating him well!!! I  have known his birthday since I was little, so I figured I had better not miss it just because I am a couple of miles away:)

We are headed out I love you mom tell everyone I love them too!!!!
I love you all!
Elder Legg  
Light saber Elder Hiatt
The light saber is Elder Hiatt's.  A missionary here is a Star Wars fanatic and
 made it for him out of PVC pipe and plumbing pieces.  

Light saber Elder Legg

Katanna Elder Legg
A katanna is a Japanese sword, that one is a wooden one.

Picture  for the blow up of me
Yeah our walls are trashed. (I said he needed some paint)
Our apartment is super ghetto we live in the heart of the hood!!!!
 It is quite trashy, but the other hoodlums respect us and we are kings of the
Bball court, so the have to treat us good it is an unspoken rule.

Uncle Benny  *AKA*  Elder Benesh

The missionary crew

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

DNA Results & Drinking Milk & Eating Eggs! (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Well the biggest thing that happened was we got to meet our new mission President.  His name is President Grayson.  He was a pharmacist and has very much that mentality. His wife is the personality of the duo.  He him self is kind of boring and strict but will be more of a grandpa figure of a mission president than President Cottle was.  IT will be a night and day difference between the two and I am excited to see what new things happen with him. I will have an interview with him this week and will have more info than.

We had some good food this week. We were taken out to Texas Road House and Longhorns, both nice steak houses.  And we got to go to a smoothie shop that we have been waiting to go to for awhile.  There were some members that gave us like 12 lbs of meat in ribs, steak, pulled pork, and Boston pork butt.  Plus we got berry pie and brownies and some way delicious fudge and cookie and cream cup cakes.

The fun thing that happened this week was Elder Hiatt and I spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday that we were asked to speak Saturday night.  I ended up having to fill 20 minutes and, of course, I was able to do 25:P  I was sweating for a while not sure if I could but the Lord helped.  It was a missionary program. We spoke and Elder Showers played a special musical number on the piano.

Tyson and Elder Showers BEFORE 
he tried to run him over
I almost seriously maimed Elder Showers and I this week as we were on exchanges.  We were doing our biking thing, as you know we do and we were cruisin down the road no hands.  I decided to be an airplane for a minute and then hit a pot hole lost my balance and swerved towards Elder Showers. Right before I hit him, and we both would have had large road rash, I slammed on my breaks and did an impressive stoppy to save us both!!!

Yes, we have heard all about the shootings and it is not to unnerving here we have lots of shootings everyday they just are not with cops so they do not go national. There are at least 7 gangs here in Valdosta. And you are not allowed places.........as in, you will be stopped, asked your business, and TOLD to turn around in some parts of town.

If you have room in packages I wouldn't argue about getting drink mix packages, but I have bought some here and there and it makes it better. Especially since it is Georgia and the water sucks and that to make it worse we are on city water.  Elder Hiatt can not drink it unless it is filtered he doesn't have a strong enough stomach.  It is gross here YUCK you feel gritties as you drink. Right now we have a filter on the sink Bro Jones got for us.  Locals know it's not good.

Ha nope, that is not supposed to happen. (other missionaries contacting people at home through Skpye and FB) And that is why our mission will never get Ipads.  And I doubt it, but  I could ask Pres on Friday during interviews, but the chances are very low.  And I know but it has to be good and I still haven't gotten one I like!!!  (A picture of him to blow up and make a life sized Tyson for Trav's wedding)

(Spanish Moss that I like)----oh no yuck, I think it makes things look so trashy around here everyone loves it and I hate that stuff!  It creeps me out and looks like it should fit in most horror movies.  Trust me it is not nearly as angelic as the movies portray it to be.  In some well kept area and ponds it can look pretty but that is the rare occasion. Most of the time it truly just adds to the ghetto.

Mom:  The place with Brother Jones was Tropical Smoothie King I think and it is just a healthy smoothy shop kinda like a Panera bread and Zupas.  Yes I wish it was in the 80's here. It is around 100 everyday and my eyelids are starting to burn I think.  What making the trip to Oregon without me? I thought you were not going to do that.  Did you stop by Schlotzskys? or the Bagel Tree place? Thanks for the pictures you almost got a tear out. ;) I do not remember if I packed my heart pillow away or not, But ask Tali if she knows what I am talking about, the little red heart pillow I had on My bed that was a pillow from Grandpa's heart stuff.  I have seen one corn field here and it was head high in May!:p (We were emailing about knee high by the 4th of July--guess it's different in GA)
Awe that was way cute!!!! Love you all too!!!!! Say Hi to Grammy and Gpa for me! (pictures and videos from us at the OR coast)

Tali: I am glad you had a great 4th even though you had someone stealing your candy. I love seeing all of the fireworks down the beach in the distance.  I am glad to hear grandpa is doing well.  Did you get to see any Olympic trials?

G4: Well I am glad that you made Rick not a bum. That hotel sounds like it will be great, I do not know what the problem is? Yes you need to start making money girl that is a lot in a year for a 13 year old.

Tay: That sounds like it will be a great concert. What is the plan for high adventure this year? And what has Trav asked you to do for the wedding?

Trav: S level Garren! you Must be getting pretty good at league? and yeah going out of town does not sound so desirable.  I love you too bro!!

DNA Results:
  • Great Britain40%
  • Ireland30%
  • Scandinavia12%
  • Iberian Peninsula10%
  • Europe West5%
  • Trace Regions

 But all in all, it told me 100% European.
I got your smooch oh and FYI we should have Lord of the Rings trilogy Risk at home and we never play it and it will sell for $150 online if you guys were wondering!!! I have to go now but I love you all and have a great week!!!!

What Elder Legg drinking Milk??????
And caught red handed with the JUG????
 Oh yeah since I have come out here
I have had to start drinking milk
to mix things up from water.
Also I have eaten eggs on more that one
 occasion.... and more than twice.
(That's about the craziest thing Tyson could eat!!
 This is because he's been deathly allergic to eggs since he was itty bitty.
Not actually physically allergic......but mentally allergic!! I can't
even believe he's eating them.  The smell alone gags him.  And when
he goes for flu shots and he's asked if he's allergic to eggs
he says YES!!)

It's me!

Pretty Pecan Grove

Georgia engineering at its finest

Idk what the crop is? 
And that is about as open as it gets around here

Tell Uncle Rick I am looking good!
(A joke between them that goes back many 
years to a pool party)

Cool Georgia tablet in someone's yard

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Boys Say Hi

I love getting unexpected emails from
Brother Jones :) 
Tyson wrote he was coming down on Wednesday (today) to
take them to lunch.  Lucky boys!

"Hey sister Legg.  Tyson is doing well. He is getting a nice tan from this heat. Thankfully they have a part time car. His spirits are good. Thank you again for giving him the opportunity to serve.  Tyson wanted me to be sure and tell you
 How much he loves you."

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Shade is Broken Here & Happy 4th!

Happy 4th Everyone!!

Thank you to those who are and have fought for the freedom we have. Without this special country Joseph Smith could not have Restored the chruch I love on earth today.

Funny thing happened this week. I got a package for the 4th of July and Elder Showers got a package for the 4th from each of our moms.  Until this morning we did not know either had recieved one, but we all ended up matching.  His mom from Herraman, UT and my mom got us and our companions matching Old Navy American flag shirts and hater blocker shades with the American flag on them.  They have white and light grey and we have dark grey. They live accross town from us, but we will be together most of today, so we will match.

As missionaries we will be put on lock down, so we will have to be in our apartments at 6 tonight.  So the only fireworks we get to watch are those we can spot from our windows. Brother Denis has been very kind though to invite us over for an afternoon BBQ.  He is grilling 3 Boston pork butts.   He is the healthy California guy, and the chicken he grilled last time was great, so I think it will be awesome!  Nothing towny going on that we know of? 

So Elder Hiatt is a Christmas fanatic!!  He hates only celebrating one time a year, so he celebrates half Christmas also on June 25th.  For distric meeting this week we had a gift exchange, we watched the one church endorsed Christmas movie "Mr. Krueger's Christmas", and had a huge lunch. He and I made the lunch for 14 missionaries.  We had sweet pork burritos. It was a blast.  

Mom: Middleton is moving up in the world huh? A Fro Yo!!??  And ah that is cute that you think of me when you see 11:11.  I do see is some times but not that much. I mean I only have the opportunity to see it once a day.  I am alseep before the late one. Oh and what is the recipe for Hawiian Hay stacks?  I know the ingredients. I was just needing the amounts I am going to make it for the district for Sunday dinner probably for the sisters and other elders and Hiatt and I. How many cups of sour cream?   Good I am glad it got there! (Uncle Lance's thank you) I am all caught up on thank yous! And ha wow that dress of yours is pretty bright for you!:) It is not too bright, it is just like wow hey that is my mom. :p haha  It looks very cute!   I was looking at the picture of you in the dress and the sisters said "Oh my gosh quit looking at a girl!" :p haha I was Like um excuse you......that is my mother!  Love you Mom!!<3  (Finding a dress for Trav's wedding. That Sister missionary is my new favorite missionary!)

G: Aw that is sad that your rock broke.  And you are not driving in the parade what is this craziness??  I think I would be done with shopping also. (Dress shopping with mom)

Tay: What kind of Work? 

Tali: I am glad you are having fun in CA & OR.  How did you like the Golden Gate Bridge? And San Fran?  Changing Model T tires with Grandpa?? That can be tough work girl.  Yup watching the parade is definitely grandpa's style. And you will love the fireworks on the beach! You can see them for miles down the coast. 

Trav: Man with all of this traveling do you have a cool crew you get to go with? Are you learning any cool electrical skills?  Are you having anytime at home with the fam and for yourself? I love you too!

They dont have a Camp Invention down here that I know of? And no it doesn't hurt any to have the lizard bite your ear.  It just feels really weird, and it kinda feels like it is gumming you.  The thing on the pants was a camera wrist cord and that was someone else who took the pic and sent it to me.  The cars were just there for decoration. But they were cute and one was a '38 Ford pick up just like Gpa's red one.  I do not know how the new mission pres. is. I meet him on Wednesday. Wednesday we will have a conference in Tifton for the Tifton west zone or Tifton stake? Yes Brother Jones came down and he is coming on Wednesday also. AND he went to church yesterday.  We did just more knocking this week. By the time we are done we always just look like dalmations with sweat spots on our shirts.  The problem is the temp is 98 or so, but with the humidity the heat index is like 112 or more. And because of the humidity our sweat does not evaporate and cool us so we produce more and the old sweat is still there and we just get more and more sweaty.  And Everyone sweats here, the only accustom thing is how much the bugs bother you, and the rest of the people just stay inside.  Something that sucks is the shade down here is broken.  In the west, you hop in the shade, you cool down, and it feels nice. Here you hop in the shade and there might be a slight temperature drop, but you do not escape the humidity, so you just keep on sweating.  There were a few murders in the small town of Douglas the other day.  Douglas is about 1 hour away.

I love you all!

Elder Legg