Monday, January 23, 2017

I Have Done It!!

Hey Everyone!

Biggest news from this past week is I have done it!  I have been out for a year now! Lucky me a member took us to their kids Soccer game on our year mark because they knew I love soccer. I am now on the peak of the mountainous mission.  I can see all the wonderful things the future has to offer and it is all downhill from here! I hope! We will see as the Journey continues onward! Stay tuned for year number 2!

Anyone who has been keeping up with my recent stuff know I accumulated strange mail recently.  Well the fan mail has stopped, as far as I know?  However, I Received a call this past week from the Dublin Sisters saying they had mail for me.  After my last mystery mail I was a little wigged out on why and how there was more mystery mail.  Well we had Stake conference this past weekend and they delivered it to me.  Turns out is was post cards from My Best friends mother from the PAST April that no one had forwarded to me and were lost in a dresser.  Well better late than never and I have them now!

As I mentioned This weekend was Stake Conference and it was wonderful!  We had Elder Cordon of the Seventy presiding.  He taught profoundly how we must strive for multi-generational strength of families in the Gospel.  He compared losing the Gospel in one generation to losing a language in one generation.  When immigrants move to the USA the culture and the English language influence overpower that of the parent's homeland. Unless the parents are diligent in teaching their children their culture or language it can all be lost in one generation to the outside influence.  The same is true for the Gospel.  If parents are not diligent in the basics, family prayer, scripture study, and home evening, and modeling the gospel the influence of the world will overpower the next generation.  When the Basics are not regularly taught and used in any setting final products cannot stand!  So if you are doing these and there are any Members of your Family struggling, swaying, or straying, check their basics.  Are they being taught them, shown how to do them, or most importantly using them? If the Answer is not affirmative for all of these reach out and help them! If you are not doing these yourself, start now and help yourself first! Then look for others you can assist!  "The little things of life are what make up the fabrics of Eternity!"

Ok weather report!  I am safe and there have been lots of Thunder showers and tornados down here in GA this past weekend but I was unaffected. A couple missionaries were evacuated to other areas but all are safe.  We were told to stay inside for the most part of Sunday due to bad weather.

Exciting fun! Gray is a bike area.  Well we just happen to be close to Macon and the mission office.  That is where all of the cars are taken care of when new ones come in and old ones are ready to go out. Well sometimes there are some just sitting there not being used as they have to wait to have something done to be resold or find a place to go.  Since we noticed this we worked out a Deal with Elder Jensen the car coordinator.  That anytime he has a car just sitting there not being used and it will be a little while he will loan us a car for a bit. Right now he has loaned us a car and we may have it up to 2 weeks!? We may have it only 3 or 4 days, we do not know, but we are happy nonetheless!

The widow's mite was oh so small but all she had and yet Christ's grace made it more than everyone else's.  When we put our best efforts in(this qualifies us for Grace), no matter how great or small, it is Christ's grace that carries us the rest of the way to be enough and be greater!
Remember! world's/Satan's lie: You+More=Christ      Christ's GospelTruth: You+Christ=More

Mom: Wow the amount of snow there is crazy!  Not the onion barns! Ontario I am sure loved the business.  We have had a lot of rain these last few days!  In the car though it has not been to bad!:p  Yes I got the January package from Carilyn :).  Woohoo Valentine's day (my package month)  Oh yes we had sweet pork nachos with the marshals! 1000 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!  That is what I heard about the Patriots & that is exciting!  Um no I don't really care too much about the Falcons?  More people down here are into college ball so more Bulldog fans than Falcons.  And there are a lot going for the Falcons but I know a few going for the Patriots? Yeah I am safe now worries! Love you mom!

Tay: dude you will have to send me a jacked picture of you! I cut my belts the other week because they looked ridiculous with the extra slack. and my suits drown me out now!:p   And hearing loss? How bad and will it continue to deteriorate?  What the heck is a septum?  And what is this Halli stuff?  Love you Bro keep me in the loop!

G4: Well that is a very nice thing you do for those kids Grace keep it up!  Yeah braces will hurt for a little bit but are you getting shakes and Ice cream? Love you Sis!

Talia: Ewwwww you had to change poopy diapers!  That is gross! But hey you got paid!   Wow though that is way better of a time sis good job! Are you kinda done with the snow yet or what?  Love you girl!

Dad: That sounds like a blast of a time!  I have never been on a snowmobile but Elder Phillips has snowmobiles and he is going to bring some over when he comes for my home coming next year. Hopefully it snows not quite as much but still a lot next year!  did you ride on the tubes of just drive the sleds? As new treadmill I was wondering how long that old one would last her? I am glad you had a great weekend!  love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Collards growing in the middle of town

The grass grows greener still!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Late (Didn't hear from him until 1/19/17)

Hey Everyone!

Ok first off I know it's not the best thing to do... But I am going to brag a little bit anyways. Everyone here and there we get our apartments inspected to make sure that we 18-26 year olds are not living in filth and taring the place apart.  Well on this last one I scored a perfect inspection and got special praise from the mission. It was pretty sweet! All The credit goes to my mom though in teaching me how to deep clean! So not all that bad to brag when it is for someone else, is it? Love you mom!

Library was closed on Monday and I was on exchanges on Tuesday, and a missionary was going home early the next morning, so I treated the two I was with to dinner.  Plus I try to do something on exchanges to mix things up to have fun and make others feel special!

Alright so service is one of my favorite things to do on the mission! I have just come to find great joy and a great love for those that I get to serve!  This past week I have had many opportunities and here are but a few of the fun ones.  First one, a larger lady was walking down the road with like 6 filled bags.  Now I say walking but more so hobbling.  Well I biked on over and offered to take a couple bags and help her carry them for a ways.  She was very suspicious at first and not so sure about the whole idea.  So I just started talking to her and tried to make her feel more comfortable. I told her I'm a missionary for my Church and that service was part of that mission.  We got to know each other a little a got to laughing and she eventually let us carry her bags for her. Then she let us teach her a lesson too. She told us to meet her back at the bench we were at the next day. Well we did and we were blown off, but we gave her the Holy scriptures and she did take those so I know the word of God will bless her and that I did the deed God would have me do. 

Then for anyone who does not know me, I have a soft spot for little old ladies.  Well I was walking out of Walmart one day and there was a little old lady struggling with the carts. Now I am a healthy 19 year old and I struggle sometimes with those carts, so I knew there was no way this lady would get a cart out.  I offered my help and she denied it.  I thought that was weird.  Well I offered again and her response was firm once again.  I started to walk off and than turned on my heels and decided I was helping her whether she wanted it or not!  This time I went back, and I did not ask, and told her I and helping and you what do you need.  She turned with a surprised look and said, "Well young man if you think your so strong push these other carts to the side."  I rammed them a few times and got them over and she got the cart and she got the carts loose.  Then I noticed she was a worker and it clicked why she didn't want was her job.  Afterwards though she was very grateful for the help and invited the  Millidgville Elders to visit her in her home.   Then I also am back to digging trenches for Gardens.  The clay here can be hard, but it is smoother than at home to dig so it goes faster than going around rocks.  We also helped build a shop and rebuild a retaining wall this week.

A member this past couple weeks has been telling us about a friend of theirs that they have been asking questions about our church.  They have been offering answers but one day asked if we could visit with her and answer any new questions. She accepted and grilled us with lots of stuff!  However, in the end she was satisfied with the answers we gave and have met with her a few more times now.  She is not ready to listen to the lessons we as missionaries teach yet, but she is liking the answers she is getting.  She says, "It is hard to argue with the Mormons when all you hear is bad about them and then they just make sense."  

On Sunday the Youth had a fireside that they invited us to. We ended up being helpers.  It was a Fireside on knowing our Articles of Faith.  They had to pass off as many as they could in a timed period.  If they did not know some they were all posted on a board and could go quickly memorize it and then come pass them off to one of us helpers.  During this I pondered how well do I know my Articles of Faith?  I know the basic ideas but I do not know them all and could not recite them if needed.  The devotional at the end of this is what our Faith believes in and we need to know it hit me.  I find this important and True!  I am working on coming to know The Articles of Faith and I challenge each and every member to restudy them too. If you are not a member, ask a member what the Articles of Faith are and find out what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes.

Mom: I will be burning a Shirt for my year mark tomorrow. No, there are no Costa Vida in the south the closest thing would be Moe's?  She has lived in Arizona and been to UT though and she loves Costa and so she knew we were from the west and would most likely appreciate it, and we both did. It was homemade and way good!  What in the noodle??? 9 snow days?? The schools must be going soft or something.  I have never had 9 snow days in my combined life! Holy cow you have teeth problems!:p And yes the info from Chris & the ortho made sense. I will ask around and see what I can get done, and I got a mouth guard so I am not grinding at night. That is sad that the "national Monument" fell over! ( Drive through Redwood Tree) Thank you for the up date though! Love you mom!

Tay: Dude I wish I could get to the temple so bad man!  That will be one of the top priorities when I get back so be ready to go with me in a year ok bud!? ok!  Also what is with these snow days?  That is junk!  A gym membership what?  I have a bowflex in my apartment right now so that is pretty nice!  Otherwise I basically do body weight workouts and now they took away our pullup bars so I can't even do pull ups now! Well love you bro!

Tali: So should I see Monster Truck when I get home? or Lion?  Bowling is something I can do on a P-day but never have yet?  You let dad and Gracie beat you?;)  But dang girl that is pretty good for a ski race, did you crash any?  Is it scary racing any?  I love you sis and am glad you are having fun!

G4: Oh phew I am glad that you fond both kitties and also that you got the cats fixed. No one here fixes cats or dogs and there are just tons of them as pets and strays!  Lots of them are very mean too! Wow quite the movie palooza! I heard you were on fire in bowling?  yes Dad and us build an igloo once before and it was a lot of work but it was fun in the end!  Love you Brace I mean Grace!;) They look good!

Dad: How do you like the working from home?  Was it better or do you like the separation of work and home?  Sounds like you had a pretty fun week with the girls!  And yeah well I definitely got the grinding form you and mom!:p  oh well I got a mouth guard this past week and it has been fine so far?  Thank you for the Encouragement! And again thank you for the teaching of work ethic not everyone has it!  Love you Dad!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Another Nice GA Text

Hi Keri! We had your son to dinner tonight and I had Costa Vida sweet pork nachos and 4 of my grand kids too.  I took this and he asked me to send it to you - he is a doll - ya'll did a great job w/him. This is our first time meeting him as we have been in AZ with my daughter and when we got back we said oh we have a new missionary- thank you 😊 Margie Marshall Gray Ward Georgia

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fan Mail

Hey Everyone!

Ever since I have gotten here, Elder Jole has just been talking about this one lady that we visit and telling me she is great! Well as anyone would be, I was excited to meet her, but she has been busy or we have been busy and things just haven't worked out.  Well we finally got to meet with her this past week.  She was in a car accident 8 years ago, and she is now bed ridden, but there is hope for her to walk and do things again.  Well with being bed ridden come along a care taker and always a special smell.  I have been to a good amount of nursing homes on my mission thus far and they all have this same distinct smell.  Granted it has tried to be covered up but never fully can be.  If you haven't guessed it already(queasies shut your eyes and cover your ears) it's...poop! More specifically the smell of human fecal matter, urine, and body odor all mixed!  (the queasies are welcome back)  Well Elder Jole conveniently forgot to tell me this small detail.  As soon as we get to the door of the house there is a faint odor. I figure okay something stinks somewhere around here.  Then the door opens and I get a blast of hot and stinky stale air.  My nose hairs curled as dread to enter this place swelled from with in.  I eventually got my feet to move and trudged into the abyss.  The deeper we were swallowed by the layer, the heftier both air and smell became.  My breathing involuntarily had switched to quick short grasps for air, with lounges pleading for something, anything fresh.  My nostrils were on fire and had me on the verge of up chucking all my dinner I had just had. However, it was still the better choice rather than breathing through my mouth where I could taste the particles in the air, as if a fog of sludge surrounded me.  My stomach churned, till I swear, it was filled with cottage cheese.  Something else Elder Jole had so sweetly neglected to warn me of was the amount of talking this fine lady could do.  She spoke and we listened for 3 hours straight before I could get a word in that we had to share a message and leave it was time for us to get home.  During this time I started by the door than the care taker came in and I somehow got pushed right next to the almost full, black dumpster sized, diaper bag infested with roaches.  I was able to slide away ever so slightly and slowly without anyone noticing, but the smell was still none the less over powering.  Now this lady was extremely nice, sweet and appreciative.  We will go back and visit her.  Even through all that was there, I was still able to enjoy her, and that to me was a testimony of the true light of Christ.  Through even some of the most dreadful of circumstances there is always hope!

Alright well I do not know how many of you have been watching the weather for GA lately but it snowed!  Just not in Middle to Southern GA.  Atlanta had a snow and Ice storm and we had small affects of the ice storm here in Gray. It has been in the 20's this past weekend and it was wet and miserable.  The rain was frozen rain and enclosed cars in bubbles of ice and everyone was freaking out.  It has thawed some but still cold and we are bundling up to stay warm. Luckily this past weekend we did not have to be out too much.  An Elder who was serving down in Valdosta got injured and stay up with the senior missionary couple here in Gray for the weekend. Any time they wanted or needed to go somewhere we got to go watch Elder Adams and babysit during the worst of the storm. It was good, we got warmth and food out of the deal. I think we came out on top! 

Alright and final thing!  We got home on Thursday night and sitting inside our apartment on our table was a bag with my name on it. Inside the bag there there were 20 letters.  All of them assigned to me, but mailed to my Cusseta address, with no return address, and sent from Salt Lake. Wierd thing is they were sent the 28th of December, after I was already in Gray for a bit. Some how they had gotten to Cusseta, then sister Grayson got them, and then the McOmbers got them to our apartment. I have gotten some of the peices together.  The reason it was weird is because it was 20 different letters all "fan mail".  All of it was from girls I don't know?  And they knew about me.  They wrote about places I have been and high school teachers I had.  Some had lipstick kisses on them, some had store bought cards, some were perfume sprayed, and some were hand written letters.  It is still all a little creepy, but over all not a bad confidence/ego booster either! In the end the message from them all was... they totally dig and want me!

I like Veggie soup! (I was making that for dinner) I also like Brunswick stew!  So it is from my knowledge actually a GA thing that is propably all over the east coast.  Because there is a Brunswick, GA on the coast, that is what I have put together. They serve it at BBQ places and so there is meat probably beef or pork?  And I'm not to sure what else you should look it up and try it some time?  It is kind of a sweeter flavor stew.  I like it and corn bread is a good thing, or even your rolls, would be great with it and crackers.  Also have you ever heard of a fried green Tomato?  The actual restaurant the movie is about is in Gray.  The restaurant is still there, it is way out in the country at the top of Jones county. I have not been there yet, but I have seen pictures and I had heard about it in previous areas.  And I have tried some from one other restaurant and some home made attempts but the McOmbers are going to take us one of these days and so I will try some at the real place too! I have not watched the movie, but I have seen the case of it so tell me how it is. And yes if it can be fried it will be fried and it will be eaten!

Mom:  Yeah this has been a ton of snow days that is ridiculous!  I am glad Poopy (his cousin) only had to get glue and not stitches. Also I am glad that your recent experiences with poopy stuff has been so much more positive than mine!:p (I've been getting him Poopy emogi things for his gifts & having fun doing it) Oh I bet the snow is awesome for skiing and snowboarding!  I have already set up going snowmobiling and snowboarding with friends when I get home!!:p  That would be an interesting job to have. (His other cousin, adding captions to video)  Elder Jole and I were thinking of putting out a picnic blanket in our short sleeve shirts on green grass as a picture home but then it got cold really fast, but there is still green grass here like way green in some places.  So is it like national news and wide spread the amount of snow places are getting hit with?  Are there records being made? (We're out of school for our 6th day) Wow are the roads really bad?  The coloring books are something to do at times and can occupy  my mind, but it can stress me out at times because I don't know where to start or how to finish or basically have to make decisions and you know how much I love that!:p  And oh my goodness awesome crazy running mother!!! 900 miles that is so good!  Oh and thanks a lot I have gotten your grinding of teeth!  I am biting through my retainers!  They have cracks in them and I do not know how long they will last.  I am also looking into getting a mouth guard.  Some of my comps have even told me they can wake up in the middle of the night and hear me grinding my teeth.  But the cracks were a newer discovery and then they have spread fast and I don't know what to do about that? I don't know any dentist in the ward here and so I don't know what I can do about getting one of those, and I know the other mouth guards stink, but I still might get one just to have one to help me not grind my teeth away. And yes I would love if you would call Dr. Miler! I just don't think he has my mold anymore?  But maybe. It is worth calling!   I didn't even know or think I grinded my teeth until the mission!?  A dentist had never mentioned it until Valdosta that my teeth were looking grinded and yeah I don't know most mission stuff has become stressful now!  It's more so the tops of the teeth! There are 2 on top and bottom I can see by looking in the mirror that they are grinded.  And I worry about my teeth and so it makes me stress more!:p it is a vicious cycle!!  (He's got beautiful teeth & we want to keep them looking nice) I got the knee pills and I have not been shopping yet so no fish oil yet but I am planning on it! And ok I will be looking out for the package! Oh and did you send out a Christmas card this year? Love you mom! Good luck at the doctors! There are a lot of superstitious people down here all over the place!  Even ones you wouldnt think are. I love you more! Have wonderful week Mom

Tay:  Dude have you gone boarding at all this year yet? There has to be great snow!  How did you do at bowling?  And bro here we do not have snow, but if it rains here like it has been and its in the 20's like it has been you literally become a human icicle!   On Saturday I rode on my bike with 4 layers on gloves, scarf, beeny and I still could not feel a thing only after a mile! The cold here slices through layers like butter!  Well I hope you are enjoying the time off with friends and the fam!  Love you Bud!

Talia: I love all 3 of those movies!  (Sequels coming out that the kids are excited about) What??? How is that kid so old? He was just born yesterday!  (Poopy turns 8, not his given name, but what I've called him since he was born) That will be fun, we have not  made an Igloo in years do you even remember the last one we built? I love you sis have fun in the snow!

Dad: It has been in the 20's here but not the -20's!  That is so much snow that is awesome!  That is really good that you got to go out and so so much service from this.  haha yeah I know how much mom love to fish tail and drive in the snow really at all!  There is a storm this way but really just northern GA and we are getting side stuff there was supposed to be snow but it never came kinda sad but really not because the rain is enough to have to deal with freezing our jackets!  I love you dad keep up the good work!

G4: Noooo Fat Boy will cease to be Fat Boy if he looses weight!  Have you ever played bean-boozled?  Becasue if you have not you should talk mom and dad into getting it for a family home evening activity.  I did it for the first time Christmas Eve and it was awfully hilarious! I have seen advertisements for Sing and really want to see it so I am glad that it was a really good one! I was wondering how the new Ice age would do the past 2 or so have been wierd.  That will be awesome if Gpa and Gma Schmidt go on a mission! Love you sis!  Keep Fat Boy fat!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Fan Mail


It's Clear but cold out in my backyard

Christmas Skype

I Walked Toward the Porch I Thought Was Talking to Me

Hey Everyone!

Well I hope everyone's start to the new year was wonderful!

Alrighty last night I was on exchanges with an old friend from the MTC Elder Arterburn.  We were in Millidgeville which is his area. Well we had seen a few people but lots of plans fell through and around 7:00 and night he ran out of ideas of where to go, who to see, and what to do.  Well just like in any case that these questions pop up we prayed and asked for guidance.  We did not receive anything immediately and so we just started off towards the way home.  Along the way he remembered an address of a potential he had found and written down close by.  We checked it out and it turned out to be a sister of a member who lives in Utah, and she has come to church with him when he visits.  She was a little sick at the time but said she would like to study with the missionaries. Then we had to go by a house that had a former investigator of the church and he decided let's check in on him.  He wasn't home but we talked to his wife for a bit and got on our way, just as we were leaving two ladies were coming out of a house across the street. We said hello and to the first one and she walked on by without any recognition.   Then we said hi to the second one and she kept walking, and I felt an urge to try again, so I  turned around and asked how she was doing.  This time she turned and studied me for a second and then her face lit up and asked us excitedly if we were Mormon missionaries?  We, of course, said yes and introduced ourselves.  Turns out she had ordered a Book of Mormon online months ago and no one had ever delivered one.  As missionaries do, we had one on us, and we gave it to her and we set up an appointment for Elder Arterburn and his companion to stop on by.  We continued on our way home Flabbergasted at what a success tonight had become from shattered plans.  Yet the beauty of the Lord was not even over.  He continued to answer our prayer as we walked along a  busy street I thought I heard a voice.  I looked around and no one was there.  Then I heard it again a little louder this time and I still saw no one but figured it might be some one on their porch talking on the phone.  Then I heard it a third, and more clear, time sounding like a "hey, over here".  So I turned and without being able to see any one, I walked towards the porch  I thought was talking to me, and as I was halfway down the drive way I saw a man stand up and walk out into the street light.  Smile on his face he said, "I'm glad you could hear me and turned around what's the word today Elder?"  We talked for a quick bit and he wants to learn more and set up and appointment to learn more.  From a simple prayer of two 19 year old's in Georgia, God heard us and answered the desires of our hearts.  He filled our evening that night but he had done much more then that.  He had carried us where we fell short. Strengthened us while tired and vulnerable.  Given us joy and hope, even the light of Christ, to share with others.  I firmly believe and testify that God answers prayers, large and small, and that He uses us as his instruments when we let him! 

Well the man whose Garden we help in needed some more fertilizer.  Come to find out he has connections for horse, cow, and Chicken manure.  This week we helped him to get cow and chicken.  The cow manure is from a Dairy farm where we went and cleaned out stalls for the owner and then we got the manure for free and he gave us a free gallon of fresh milk.  The chicken manure is from a chicken house farm and is just heaped in a mountain.  I am a weird stinky boy and I loved every second of getting both manures!:p

New Years Eve we spent the day at various members homes decorating and celebrating. We were going to do a bonfire at one but it got rained out which was a bummer.  And not only did it rain that night but for the next 3 days straight. We did have to be inside early on New Years Eve so we would not be out with the crazies for our protection.  So Elder Jole and I celebrated at 9:00 with little party poppers.  And listened to the fireworks as we fell asleep.  

New Years day was rainy but good.  We got two dinners and a Southern tradition/superstition is to bring in a new and good year you have to have a traditional southern meal.  Which includes Collard greens, black eye peas, meat, and corn bread.  Well both places we went had the same meal but one was so much better than the other.  Collard greens have to be done right for me to eat them!  The first meals were and the second meals were so bitter!  If you try collards ever, if they taste bitter then they were not done right, and you have to give them another try! You still may not like them, but they should at least taste decent.

A lady's husband in the ward passed away and was buried last week. We were not able to make it to the funeral and we felt really bad. However, she invited us to come along with a small group today to pray over the grave and to go to lunch with her. It was a sweet experience to witness.  The grave is still just a dirt spot and she knelt down and the foot of the grave and traced "I <3 U" in the clay.  

Mom: You went to the road runner without me? When you finally go when you get Trav  & I out! And I am glad you had fun with Rhett! What do I need for my knees? I have not gotten anything yet but the holidays may have stuff pushed back a little still?  I was just talking to a member who lived in AZ for a bit about Lance's Grapefruit!  The south and Fl especially is known for Citrus, but The member a native from the South swears up and down AZ has better and I agree!  Haha is that your first time seeing a coyote in real life?  Also Taylor is right I don't think I was left alone till I was 18 going to GA!:p  haha trump takes presidencey on my year mark! I only drink it when I add Chocolate syrup to the fresh milk!:p I don't think my knees are hurting? Oh they visited me right after I had done a super hard leg work out that left me sore for a week and so she saw me hobbling around and that might be why she thought that, but I was going to ask for pills!  The only good ones are not Wal-Mart ones! Imagine that??! :p  Mega foods is a good brand I need new multi vitamins.  No I was just sore!  But yeah no out here I try to take a multi vitamin once a day and b12 and fish oil and vitamin c.  However you have to test the stuff to make sure it is good. For just a pill put it in water and see if it dissolves, if it does it is good. Also for fish oil do not get the see through capsles or bottles and only trust stuff that has to be refrigerated!  The other stuff has rotten fish oil that does nothing for you.  and you not nothing see through because the sun actually destroys fish oil! Fish oil I will just try to find here?  There is even like a mixture of like yogurt refrigerator fish oil! lemon flavor!  I know right, it is a total scandal!  b12 helps metabolism and energy.  Just the last 2 wks I had exchanges. I will go on exchanges about twice a transfer right now.  And on Tuesdays.  The work here is slow the ward here is good. It is super rainy.  Jole and I get along pretty well.  he is socially awkward so I end up doing alot but he is a good person and I don't have any problems with him.  Wow it is snowing that much and I am missing it!  Dang it! The rainy season but it is pretty rainy in Gray!  Transfers used to be fun and exciting and now it is to the point of I feel like there is like no one I want to get as my companion !  yeah I will not  stay in contact with to many of mine probably? and I know I will be cold next year!  Buckley is! He is down in Pearson!  umm not since our scheduled interviews have I talked to pres?  umm I might call him and see if he can feed us we don't have to many dinner this week and tonight bailed?  I am not sure why it is slow really?  All the missionaries I have talked to said it has been for about a year now?  Yes Gray's rain is worse than Dublin.  I love you Mom!

Tay: You bailed on mom running? You realize she has like some years on you and she is beating you up?  That's sad bro!;)  I am sorry to hear you have neck pains man. Did you have to sit in the middle to seperate the girls or did Talia since she is the smallest? That is sweet man I haven't even gotten to drive Gpa's red truck yet!  Which T did you get to drive? He let you drive the Truck AND the new car AND the T's? AND you got to take the new car all by yourself?  What year and type of car is that? Dang dude! Well I am glad you made it home safe from your joy ride and that you had a good time!

Dad: It is true that tighter places and parking lots can be the scarier places it requires more attention and action on the drivers part and they are not our cars and that makes you want to make sure you take even better care of it!  haha got your yearly Bball shoes huh?  You will have to send me a picture of this years.  It's a good thing gpa has you to help hime with his lists when we go down! Hope that with the chores you still found time to relax and have fun. love you Dad!

Tali:  Haha I remember those old little cars, but I did not remember that they were from Grammy and gpa!  That is awesome!  Yes and the camels are fun!:p  I heard that Rouge One had a lot of connections to the old Star Wars,  so you need to get more familiar with them to understand it? What you got to eat at the road runner??? You are so spoiled!!! I never got that!;)  Love you sis!

G4: Dang you shopping fool!  I am glad you had a fun tea party!  I hope you are enjoying your cats back at home now and no longer missing them! I have met a lady here who has 21 cats inside her house. Do not! I repeat do not!!!! Ever become that crazy cat lady!  Love you Grace!

Love you all!
New Years Eve Ready
FAKE Snow from Christmas
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Christmas Breakfast Elder Jole made

Shhhh..... I'm Wabbit huntin

These are what he sent to his brothers for Christmas.
He was so excited for them to open them on Skype.
They put them right on so he could see them on them. 
He couldn't let the brothers be the only ones having fun.
They wanted to make sure  he'd gotten himself a pair.

Fresh milk we get for free!
My drawing skills.
Probably The best  thing I have ever drawn!!
The car was a gift  & on the other side it says FAST on
the left to remind me it was fast Sunday the next week.
I drew it in my planner.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A VERY Merry & Generous Christmas!

Hey everyone!

Thank you to anyone who sent me a letter or package of any sort!

This was a wonderful week.  Let me tell you all that Christmas as a missionary you have to be away from family, and that stinks, but it is also probably one of the best weeks of a mission!  All thanks to the mail from those that love us and the members who want to take such good care of us!

First wonderful thing is the food!  When Christmas comes around there is always tons of good food! We were lucky enough to have been fed by members all week long and on Christmas Eve and Christmas we had all meals covered.  Plus not only were things scheduled, but unscheduled things showed up.  Goodies from friends and family at home. Treats and left overs from members near. I am talking, we have sweets coming our of our ears at our apartment! Plus it can never be a bad day when a member just calls and shows up out of the blue with a slab of hot baby back ribs. 

My Christmas day: as soon as we woke up we started to open our plethora of presents! Elder Jole made us a pancake breakfast. Everything was hunky dory, we had no meetings and church was an hour later than usual.  Then our ride to church didn't show up and didn't inform us he wasn't going to be able to, so at 10 when church was starting, we were texting frantically to try and get a ride.  We managed to get one, but we were 25 minutes late. Oops And we were in the choir so we had to walk to the stand once we got there,oh man that was embarrassing! The we had a lunch,and got to Skype,and play card games,and get more presents.  Seeing the family was thoroughly enjoyed! The we went to dinner and got more presents and played board games and also did the whole role doubles on dice to get your turn to unwrap the present with oven mitts on and the one who opens it gets the present.....and of course I won!:p  Then we went and had a Nerf war at our ward mission leaders to end the night!:)

We also got to help a member work on building a shop. Thank you to my grandpa for all the projects I got to help him with, and my dad also, and my little construction job last summer.  I was able to be a good help and knew details he hadn't thought of.  I was glad to get to do that kind of work again it was a blessing. 

Another Blessing is that just with the companions I have had, I have not gotten to go on a good run in about 6 months.  Biking and walking around everywhere helps to combat everyday weight gain, but the holidays is another story!  Well just as most the holiday season was turning out not to be my best friend!:p  But I went on exchanges and Elder Spencer was a track star and so we went and ran 8 miles and I feel so out of shape but also much better!  

Mom: I am so glad you made it safe on your trip, I was praying for you.  haha yeah you have not had to cook a Christmas dinner in a while! (I told him I totally spaced making Christmas dinner until Friday)  Everyone was anxious to get on the road to AZ huh? I don't blame them I am too but it will have to wait.  I am missing out on The Land of Stories!! (I read the 4th one to them on the way to AZ)  Has Taylor gone running with you very much before, or was this just a trip thing?  Also I am glad you made it to Indian mt. and home alive and well, even if maybe a little dehydrated? (Taylor navigated and extended our trip to 8 miles instead of 4) Yes I did get my self a pair of Ranger panties, of course! (he sent them for his brothers for Christmas & they modeled them for him in Skype, but they wanted to make sure he got himself a pair too) Holy Cow how is Uncle Lance turning 60?  We just celebrated his 50th I swear!  I will see what needs to be sent home.  And yeah try and get with Hiatt and I am sure he will be able to make time to see you.  Enjoy the warm weather! I know I am! I love you mom Thank you for the gifts and all you do!

Tay: Yes I got a pair of Ranger Panties for myself bro what do you think I am crazy!?:) running is good for you man and I miss it so you should run enough for the both of us and protect mom from the hooligans out there ok! Love you bro talk to you soon!

G4: I heard you did amazing on your Talk girl good job! who is taking care of Fat cat?  Love you sis Enjoy AZ!

Talia: Congrats on the ugly sweatshirt contest winning and the obstacle course winning!  You are a beast!  You looked like you were having such a good time!  Have fun on vacation and what the noodle you are getting your ears pierced don't you know that is scary?  Oh yes get a new sweatshirt (her other Gap sweatshirt she's loved and worn to death) Love you girl!

Dad: It was great to see and talk to you too!  yeah the ward here is super awesome about taking care of the missionaries.  Also I like my comp way more than my last one.  There were some really good shirts that I wanted to get for you but they were all like 4xL and I knew that wouldn't work.  so I saw the hats and I thought of you. I thought it might be a nice T riding hat or maybe sports watching hat?  have fun working with Gandpa and yeah please send me some pictures of his new car. I love you and miss you! 

I Love you all
Elder Legg

I was on exchanges yesterday so we get to email today. And yeah I heard that Aeropostale the whole brand is like going out of business and shutting down there was a huge closing sale in Columbus at the mall! Oh and let me know how Tay's hair flies in the model T's and Talia is a brave girl that looked awful! (video of her ear piercing) Have fun at the tea party! (English tea room in AZ for her bday)
Yes pickle roll ups! Thank you! also they were dazzled by my cut throat quick learnign skills of card games!:p I know I go my skills from Great Gpa Maroney, I thought you and him might be proud! Got to go I love you! 

Ornament from Elder Phillips' mom
She sent one to me too :)
Thanks Jenny!  

Christmas conference, half the mission