Saturday, January 30, 2016

We Do Tons of Praying Here (pics)

Hey mom doing some laundry hows your day!?:)

Hello!!:)  Well idk if you're going to get on, but  if you don't um I taught lots of lessons this week.  I taught a man named Jonathan who is atheist and was abused as a child.  And I became very close to him in just this last week.  We taught him for the last time yesterday, and it was really cool to see his faith grow, even though he tried to deny it!!!  Then we have been talking to a woman, Miranda.  She is attending BYU, and is from Floirda, and Baptist.  She came here with her boyfriend.  Then he went on a mission and is getting back soon. He said he wanted her to start talking to the missionaries if she wanted to date him when he got home.  She has some doubts in her own religion.  We have been able to show her things that align with her own beliefs from our gospel and she is trying to learn.   We teach her one last time in a few minutes and have enjoyed our time with her as well.  No matter what though, if the spirit was not in our lessons, or even gone for part of it, then that part of the leasson, or the entire lesson stunk.
We do tons of praying here and that is just the best way to have the spirit.
On a nother note, in my junior district I have one of President  Monson's grandsons.  We did a Skype lesson today with a member from our mission.  That was tons of fun. 
I will send a letter soon!! I promise!!  And they were the right jeans!!  And thank you so much for the mail support it has been great!!!!!!!:) 

I love you dearly!!!!
Talk Soon,
Elder Legg

Maybe this is how he ripped his pants & lost his ring!!

The District


Ripped Pants & Lost Ring Already!!

I got your jeans, but haven't opened the package yet.  So not sure which ones they were, but Lee brand sounds right. Not sure when I will get to email you next, but I have a few minutes now!:)
 I love you and this week has been eventfull! I don't have time to tell right now. 
I did how ever rip my first pair of pants already!!  But the seamstress is taking care of me!!!!:)  
 I have lost my CTR ring again! :(   And ha, will need a new one please!!!!!.  Size 11.5.
(Take note of the word.....AGAIN!!!)
 And FYI.... if everyone is on time, (someone in Dylan's group was late, & that made them all late to the SLC airport, & that made Dylan not be able to call him mom until he got to Atlanta, & he had to borrow a stranger's phone, & he only got to talk to his mom for a few minutes, & that made her very cranky!!)  I should be able to call you on Monday somewhere from 7-8 AM from the airport!!!!:)  Remind me to tell you about my investigators in my next large email.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2 Idaho Boys Headed East

Tyson & his best friend Dylan meet up at the MTC
Dylan headed to the North Carolina Raleigh Mission on 1/25
 one week ahead of Tyson going to Macon

Later Dylan wrote letters to his mom and said:
"Tell Mama Legg that Tyson will be fine.  The Lord is watching over him.  And tell her thank you for the package she sent me.  I am so busy it's hard to write when I have a lot to prepare for, but tell her thank you and I appreciate the package.
I love you both and tell Mama Legg that Elder Legg only had one black eye when I found him haha!"

(Dylan thinks he's so funny! No black eye--just busting my chops)
Carilyn said: That was for you in one letter.

"I found Tyson, or Elder Legg, so that was exciting!  He is in both of the same buildings where our classrooms and dorm rooms are, so that is great!"
Carilyn said: That was in the other letter

Made It To My 1st P-day & Haven't Died Yet! (pics)

Hi every one!
Well I have made it to my fist P-day and haven't died yet!     The first day of MTC is only a half day, but still the longest day of my life! It has gotten lots better though!                                                                     

Fun story for the week........... My district thought it was a great joke to slip lax into my waterbottle yesterday so I spent the night  on the toilet. Got to love them!!:)                                                               

My companion, Elder Mashburn, is from Ogden, Utah and a fun guy.  He is our district leader and I am a made up position of assitant district leader. I am the senior companion here in the MTC and all of the Elders in my district are headed off to Macon next Monday.  We have six elders in our district; Snow, Buckley, Crawford, Arterburn, my comp, and I.  Snow, Buckley and my comp are all from Utah:  Roy, Herraman, and Ogden.  Crawford is from Merridian, ID and Arterburn is from Albuquerque, NM. 

 We have a trio of sisters that are headed to the Irvine, CA mission. Sister Gage, Brown, and Sanders. They are from Texas and Arizona.  Elder Mashburn likes to play basketball and volleyball. He is a great example and addition to our district and companionship.
We have taugh two different "investigators" already and one is committed to baptism and the other is one tough cookie!!! Our teachers are great, Sis. Nielson and Bro. Rogers.  Our two "investigators" are Daniel and Jonathan. Daniel is the one commited to baptism and tons of fun. Jonathan is an athiest and has an open mind but not wanting more than to understand what we believe in.  Elder Snow and I are work out buddies. He plays rugby and is fairly large! Buckley is my go to hangout Elder. He is tons of fun to crack jokes with and unwind.  Arterburn is nice to just talk with.  Crawford is nice to talk about home with. Mashburn is well, with me all the time!:p So I love him! 

 The MTC is tons of fun but also very go go go. The food is good but not always so good to your tummy!       

 I got a dear elder package and a personal package and good amounts of mail!  Keep it up!! I get the most mail of the brothers, but not the sisters.  Sis. Sanders beats me....... so you need to step up your game!;)   I need more letters though the rate of packages is nice but letters is what Sis. Sanders is winning with!:p
Thank for all the little notes and the fun stuff you have sent! And FYI I took my vitamin pills the first day thank you very much! (I snuck a little reminder in the bottle)

Trav: Yes break her up with her boyfriend and marry her! She sounds sick!

Tay:  Play sounds like tons of fun. Hope your room is everything you want it to be! And I'm glad you had fun shaking it down at Tip Off on your own!

G4: Yes the Pot luck sounds like a blast! And man sounds like you kicked me out and have just partied sister! ;)  

Talia: The MTC is good! I saw Dylan a few times! Ha eww that bath with milk sounds funky tell me how it went and yup my comp is good!

 FYI no pics this week.  I need an adaptor and I did not know that until we got to here to email! So there will be plenty of pics next week! :)   Oh and I got my mission debit,  it just came in the mail

We fly out next Monday at 8:30am so we get up at 2:30am! 

Got the addapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top left to right Sis Gage, Brown, Sanders, Elder Crawford, Arterburn, Buckley, Snow
bottom Elder Mashburn (Elder Legg is drawn on the board)

Provo Temple on a temple walk

We go at 2:00 today to the Provo Temple. Sundays we just do a walk there. 

Umm as we are finishing up but as long as I want! :p and idk? I forgot what I was going to ask you to send me!:p   Buckley says Hi Momma Legg!
Umm oh yes a pair of nicer pants--jeans kinda tight--the brand dad got them from shokpo--please! And yes in a computer lab as laundry is getting done! MTC looks a lot like BYU structurely! It is a campus of many buildings; residences, classrooms, lecture hall, gym, stuff like that! 
Love you!!!!!!! Got to head out and prep for stuff like temple and eating and finish laundry!
Elder Legg

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Hello family the MTC (mission training center) is great, the days are long and filled with hard work but it helps growth excel.  I love you all and hope all is well.  My companion is Elder Mashburn.  He is a great guy excited to serve. He is 6'5" and does not walk too fast unless food is in sight. (This is funny & he shares it because Tyson's best friend is in the MTC too--1 wk ahead of Tyson---and he told us his companion is 6"3" & walks way too fast.  Tyson is about 2"taller than Dylan so it's funny his companion is 2 inches taller than Dylan's)  My district is great and I love them all and I will email on Tuesday on my Pday. (preparation day) 
Lots of Love,
Elder Legg

Friday, January 22, 2016

He Made it to Utah!! (Pictures)

Tyson in Provo, UT

Tyson and his cousin Jake
Jake picked him up at the SLC airport, fed him lunch, and drove him down to Provo to the Mission Training Center at 12:45pm on January 20, 2016
Jake drops Tyson at the MTC curb

Airport Pictures

Bright and early at the airport...
(ok, not so bright....but early)
Mom's taking pictures everywhere
Tali makes sure he gets checked in alright
Tyson & mom

Tyson with the boys:  Travis, Taylor & Hunter
The family 

The Reese's got up early to see him off

Aunt Theresa, Hunter, Timby and Poopy--he looks like that in every picture! 

Cousins and all....

One more running, jumping "catch me" hug

Dad gets a hug...

Aunt Theresa--his favorite (hers too) gets a hug....
Mom gets a hug...
"You sure I can't come with you???" mom said (just a few times)

One more goodbye......

And he was off

Pictures at the MIM in AZ 12/15

Tyson shows his mission 

While Travis points to his 
Tyson points to Georgia and Travis points to Ghana
MIM = Musical Instrument Museum

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Test Email

First contact
Tyson Eddie Legg

Hi mom love you!!!!!!!!!!! :)

MTC Address

If you would like to send mail to Tyson before February 1, 2016 use his MTC address:

Elder Tyson Eddie Legg
2005 N 900 E Unit 107
Provo, UT  84602

You can also send letters through offers FREE same-day letter delivery to the Provo MTC* (for all letters submitted by 12:00 pm MST Mon-Fri)! To send a letter to your missionary in the Provo MTC, simply select Provo MTC from the drop-down menu below. 
All other missions cost just the price of a stamp, and are sent out daily, Monday-Friday! Select the LDS mission you wish to write to, and click "Write a Missionary" to send a letter.

  *  ATTN!: If you wish to write to the Provo MTC, please select "Provo MTC" from the drop-down menu--not the actual mission your missionary will be serving in.

The information to fill in is:
Tyson's Unit is 107, Mission Code is GA-MAC and estimated departure date is FEB01

After February 1, you can use the Georgia Macon Mission address.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Journey Begins January 20th

Tyson will enter the Provo Mission Training Center on January 20th.  Stay tuned for further updates.