Monday, February 29, 2016

Winter Is Gone And Here Comes The Sun

I have not forgot your bdays.  They were written down everywhere and I had reminders on our phone.  I sent out a letter for each of you today in the mail!!! Happy birthday to both of you, you old farts!!;)

Thank you for the money! The church money is fine for food and some cleaning and hygiene supplies. The member just gave it to us out of his pocket so we are pretty well set on food right now!!:) Yeah the member who gave us $200 feeds us every Wednesday too, AND paid for tickets for us to go to a fundraiser dinner that were $10 each ticket, AND might pay our fee for the 5k, AND drives us to a lot of meetings and is less active right now but loves the missionaries!!!!!!  He is single and owns a glass company so he has money and I think the bishop does ok and like 2 other members then the rest of the town are more poor or not as good with their money?? I have never seen so many tiny houses in my life!!! I have seen I think three good sized houses and 2 big houses!!! There are houses smaller than our garage, but they will have a new Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang GT sitting out front????? What the  what??????? And they all have gold teeth!

And my money not used will roll over to next month.  I get $130 a month.  I still have $50 or so left for this month, but I still need to go shopping today, so we will see what I get to roll over!!
haha missionaries are flexible you could change the night? feed them good food though it is much appreciated because some people can not cook! (It's a play night the night I signed up to feed them)
Haha ok and yeah something weird is that if you ask where someone is from they will give you the county not the town.  It's strange!

My shirts are doing fine, but yes more short sleeve would be nice. The cold is done here already!:p Winter is gone and here comes the do do do!

Yeah I have never been to a Cheesecake Factory either! And yeah that would be awesome if Tay got his Duty to God!! And sounds like a good choice of ring! (Taylor took me for his 1st date to The Cheesecake Factory)

Ashlyn is silly and thank you for the letter this week from you and the one from her! (My teacher assistant)

G4:  Hope you feel better sis!

Tali:  Glad you had a fun vacation!

Taylor: HAPPY B-DAY MAN!!!!!!!! You're 16 that's crazy!!! I have a letter on its way for you! Dude that is awesome about the piano! And I'm glad your bday was fun!!!! Have fun and be smart with the girls!!

Audrey: I will make sure to get the scoop from Trav on you.  And 911 that is exciting! Good luck with the promotion and my brother!

Travis: I will try to take lots of pics for you! I have found out I'm not good at remembering to take pics.  Audrey sounds cool! Yeah man I'm working on my abs too and my chest and arms are looking nice and my legs as well! I'm glad chemistry is getting better and yes go hard and I promise to as well!!! and yes please make him more than all talk with all of his dates!

And funny story I had that scripture all picked the first night of the MTC I just kept forgetting to tell you which one I wanted!:p  Doctrine and Covenants 11:21 (for his missionary plaque)
"21 Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men."

Love you too have fun and a great week!!:)
 Elder Legg

"Weekly me another new hair cut it helps to have SHORT hair wearing a helmet all the time!"

Monday, February 22, 2016

1 Down And Only 23 To Go (letters)

Letters received on 2/22
Written 2/15/16
Dear Mother & Fam,
       So something that I have forgotten to share over email is that some investigators are interesting! One is a man with gout that can't do much all day.  The best part is he has three teeth.  It is so hard to understand him, with the southern accent and missing most of his teeth.
       It can sometimes be scary biking through areas.

      Another investigator has cancer and a massive lump on his arm.  It's hard to look at.

     My companion stinks with directions, so I have to get us everywhere.  We are both new to the area.  Oh and mom I keep forgetting to ask you if you knew I have used my debit card.  The account should be refilled in case of an emergency.  I used a good amount of money because I had to buy a GPS.  My companion has one but one day the zone leaders were here and he left it in their car.  So I went and bought one because I figured I'd need one for more of my mission anyways and my companion is gone this next month.  So I'll need my own with Dublin's sights on it.

    Another investigator is a big anime watcher.  Thanks to Trav I can connect with him and he is more interested in what I have to say.  This is good because Weigle does not like anime and J doesn't like him.  So it's good we have a bond.

       Oh good idea for package stuff!! Healthy snack stuff.  With limited funds I don't buy snack stuff and it's killing me!! I want to snack!

     Well I love you all!!
     Elder Legg

Written on 2/18/16
Dear Mother and Fam,
      Hello Everyone!  So the first month has come and gone.  Fast and slow at the same time.  A mission is a lot like school days.  The day goes buy super long and slow, but the weeks seem to fly by and months are a mixture of fast and slow feelings.  I don't know why but if I think of 2 years it seems really far away.  If I look at moths, 1 down and only 23 to go.  For some reason to me it seems nearer.

     Georgia is already starting to get hot! It is 71* in our room and that's the coldest room in the house.  If there were not a breeze outside I'd be sweating while biking.  Also Georgia has no mountains, but it's not flat either!  To leave our house any direction there is a big hill to bike up and out of.  It's  a good work out, but sucks to do everyday a few times a day.      Oh well, missions aren't supposed to be easy!

     For my food this week we had a member say she would deliver us a meal and we were like "ok!"  She forgot about it and so when we called her in the morning to double check she had no idea what to make, but she said she would bring us dinner.  She showed up and gave us four hot dogs.  Both Weigle and I are not fans of hot dogs and that's all there was!  The next night was made up for though because  a less active took us out and forced us both to get all we could eat ribs.  The ribs were huge and delicious and the sides were all we could eat too.  For the most part we are pretty taken care of.

    I had my first district meeting and our whole district other than us is sisters.  All I have to say about that is sisters are weird.
Elder Legg

I Had True Southern Jambalaya! (apt pics)

This week was pretty good. Weigle and I have been biking hard, around 30 miles a day.  I like it! I thought a bike area would stink, but I am loving it and not looking forward to being in a car later on in my mission. You supposedly only get about one bike area in this mission.   I hope I get 2 or 3.  There are only 9 areas in the mission that are on bikes.

Food wise we have been eating way healthy because Weigle is trying to lose weight before he goes home. But we are still eating good.  We get $130 for the month, but a member was extremely generous and took us shopping this last week and gave us $200 to spend.  The members sign up pretty well to feed us too, and on Sunday I had true Southern Jambalaya! I found out a few things about Jambalaya too.  If it has tomatoes in it, it is Cajun.  And if it does not have tomatoes in it, it is Creole. And to be authentic, for both, it has to have okra in it.

For moving the work along we had a super solid referral come in. He asked us for a Book of Mormon and loved the idea of it and was super excited to read and see what it had to say.  Then also we met a guy in his yard a few weeks ago but hadn't thought about him since.  Yesterday we were in his neighborhood though and decided to stop by and he loves the idea of prophets here today and wants to come to our Book of Mormon classes we have on Wednesdays and to church to see whats going on in the LDS church.

That is super crazy about what happened in Fiji and scary about the sister in the car. (Cyclone Winston, car accident in PA)

Mom: Dang that stinks about the Ex. (back in the shop)  And wow lots of fun in the callings area huh? (I've got 3 now with a smaller ward) How did the ward look this week? Well good luck with what ever you job you get to have and and on which ever one you want!

Tay: Good luck at tennis bro you got this!! Continue to dazzle in the play also!

G4: Oh poor girl feel better soon! Looks like your party was a blast!

Tali: Busy week toots. sounds like you had some fun with baby stuff and yeah new born bottles are hard to drink from!

Trav: dude good luck to you and Tyler! Glad things are going so well for you! And ha yeah my comp and I are shedding fat and bulking up too! we have a protein powder that gives us 80g and our meals consist of 60-80g as well its pretty sweet. We met a 52 year old man that was jacked and said his inspiration was to try and be what a gladiator would be back in Rome.

No St Patty's festivities yet.
I love you all hugs and kisses!
Walk in the door 

This pic back room (workout room)


Bedroom---Mine's blue

Study.  The study and the bedrooms are upstairs.
I didn't take bathroom pics, but there is one downstairs and one upstairs

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Looking Kinda Hunky & Muscular

Hello! Yes ha they love their spaghetti here, and so does my comp. So I "love" it too. And ha my bike has problems. I got 3 flats this week and the gears are sticky, but I fixed the gears and hopefully will fix the tire for good today!  I have a few pictures, I'll try to send of my apartment.  It is a nicer one in the mission though apparently. It's a 2 bed, 2 bath, kitchen, living room, dining room, plenty of closet space, and 2 story. We are on the far left right before the roundabout. There are a lot of trees, but less than Seattle. It reminds me of Seattle here, just more sunny.

We get to take the car for a few hours on Pday to do shopping and emails and other stuff.  Emailing from church in family  history center.  Yes, Elder Buckley is hilarious. He is in my zone, so I  got to see him a few times this week because we had a zone training meeting and it was stake conference this weekend. And the self given haircut picture---Elder Weigle has a hair cut set and we gave each other haircuts, so our hair is easier to do and deal with for bikes and helmets.

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for all of the great stuff we both have enjoyed it thoroughly.  I got a package from you & Mama H/G/L. I love you too!
 And about St Patty's Day here in is a HUGE holiday that goes all month. And so idk if I told you about this is elder Weigle's last transfer, but it is.  He goes home March 21.  On the 19th there is a St. Patty 5k we are going to run! Because he is a cross country kid and love races.  There are events every day of March for St Patty's Day.  Their town mascot and logo is a shamrock. Yes, dublin is cool and fun but stay north side or you get deep ghetto with 3 shootings a day! Savannah and Macon are both on a list for  dangerous cities in the country.

I eat chicken alfredo, turkey sandwiches, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chilli, quesadillas, cheerios, rice, toast stuff like that. And actually I forgot to ask last week for ideas of cheap healthy filling foods?(email him your suggestions)

G4: Wow you're and old lady!!! I'm glad Vday was good and your birthday was too. Sounds like your party will be a blast and how was kung fu panda?

Tali: I want to be in Myers class! And ooo kindergarten tutoring fun! That sounds like a great week And I will have to see the movie when I get home---have it for me please.

Tay:  Haha well I feel you bro! Days in the mission are long and being in a bike area is way tiring too.  All of this play stuff will be good prep for the go go go of a mission.  Keep having fun and smiling.

Trav:  Man sound like quite the lady killer over there.  Hope you are having fun and i"m glad school is going well.
Thanks and ha you don't need to send protein powder...yet.  We work out hard and I have lost 5lbs and am looking kinda hunky and muscular.
Ill sent aptmnt pics next week
Yeah we are leaving now. I love you!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dublin: Good Thing Tyson's Irish

Incorporated Date: December 9, 1812
Population: 16,201
Total Area: 13.3 sq mi
"Welcome to Dublin, "The Emerald City," and Laurens County, where small town southern charm and a determination to keep Dublin-Laurens County "Green and Growing" have combined to create a community rich in character and full of life.

The City of Dublin was incorporated by the Georgia Assembly on December 9th, 1812, and made the county seat. It is said that a citizen, Jonathan Sawyer, named it Dublin after the capital of his Irish homeland.

Centrally located in Middle Georgia, Dublin, chosen as a "City of Excellence" by Georgia Trend Magazine in January 2000, is strategically situated at the junction of Interstate 16 and U.S. Highway 441 and 319. U.S. 80 provides easy access from both east and west. The network of highways makes travel pleasant to major Georgia cities. 55 Minutes to Macon, 1 hour 55 minutes to the Atlanta Airport, and 1 hour 45 minutes to Savannah. Dublin was also selected as a Signature Community in January of 2007 by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Dublin-Laurens County offers something for everyone. The wonderfully mild climate of Middle Georgia creates a haven for the sportsman who enjoys tennis, golf, fishing, or hunting. If you enjoy shopping, you'll find plenty of opportunities to do so at over 400 stores, including Dublin Mall. Our historic downtown is a busy retail center filled with shops, restaurants, the recently renovated Theatre Dublin and the Dublin-Laurens County Historical Museum.

In March, the entire community is a "wee bit Irish" for the Dublin-Laurens St. Patrick's Festival which has been in existence for over 30 years! The month-long celebration offers fun for the whole family with a parade, a road race, an arts and craft fair, a leprechaun contest and much more."

The city's website even has a few short videos about the community and a calendar of the St. Patrick's Festival events running from Feb. 20 - March 31st.  I sure hope he wins the leprechaun contest!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

There Is No Dry.......Only Dry Enough!

(These were his answers to some questions I asked)
1. um the devotionals were awesome. (best thing about the MTC)
2. He is Elder Weigle from Willard, UT. This is his last transfer and he is the district leader and has been district and zone leaders many a times.  He's fun and obedient, all at the same time. He likes to work hard and to work out.  He kills me in the mornings for 30 min. He is about 6' and 194lbs. (tell us about your trainer)
3. That's all I had to say about them, and yeah it surprised me how close we could get in the short time. (anymore you wanted to tell us about your MTC investigators)
4. My ring was stolen while I was in the showers. It was on a hook with my towel, and when I got out it was gone? I had left it there everyday too, and it was like one of my last days (how in the world did you lose your ring again??)
5. Just posing for the picture like HHHHEEEEEYYYYYY! And no, ripped the pants during aerobic exercise. (what were you doing in the funny picture in the MTC, is that how the pants got ripped)
6. The flight was about 3 1/2 hrs and I slept 2 of them so it was fine.(trip to from SLC to Atlanta)

(Response to 1/31 email)
Tay: Lots of basketball this week huh? That's awesome1 I have just rode my bike tons! And that's awesome you got to go to the BSU basketball game.  I'm glad to hear the play is coming along and you are enjoying yourself.

Tali: Wow I never had that much friend time when I was your age!  You are so spoiled! ;) Now I have no friend time.

G4: Lots of movies for you and Tali.  Was the Chipmunks good? and FYI HAPPY BIRTHDAY you're 13 toots that's weird!!!

Mom: Wow yeah that ward stuff is crazy and will be so weird to come back too! (our wards split and added 2 right after he left) And as far as GA wards go I only know Dublin wise.  and it's weird! The ward is made up of all of Laurens County and some towns outside in Johnson County and one more.  Some people drive 40 min + to go to church. and still there was only around 75 people at sacrament meeting.  The building is tiny, and wow it is just all way strange!

And yes, the weather here has been great except for the first day. Wow I am in a bike area and it rained more than I  have ever seen in my life!! And we were out biking and I'm pretty sure I was wetter than when I swim!!  It was insane! There were flash flood warning texts coming to our phone all day!
Oh and I am used to the humidity,  but there is no dry.......only dry enough!
Although humidity is hardly here right now though, and Feb is the coldest month.

(Response to 2/7 email)
This week has been work, work, work! And super tiring.  The last elders here stunk, so we are having to build up all trust with the ward.  Our days have been full and we are biking and working out hard in the mornings so I'm getting huge muscles.  The members are nice, once they see we are better then the last 2 here.  Dublin is cool but really ghetto and pretty scary riding a bike around.  Cool story Demaryius Thomas is from Dublin, so everyone was voting for Denver last night.  The apartment we came to is nice and large, but it was trashed when we got there.  The bishop hauled off a truck bed full of junk once we were done cleaning.  (see the picture proof below)
And haahaha crazy thing mom!! You know how you have been making foods I don't like since I'm gone????  Well GA people thought they would do the same, but while I was here!!! I have had spaghetti 5 times already, and that was my first meal here too!!!!!!! killing me!:p

Tay: You got this man! Just make the best of it and be a leader for the rest of the people.(play practice)
Tali: Man you get to have tons of fun with friends girl. I'm glad they got a new puppy, Theresa loves those little guys! I hope this one sticks around a long time.
G4: Man those pot lucks sound awesome! I have to buy and prepare my own food now, it stinks!
Trav:  Wow active member and active week you're a crazy guy!
"Junk pile from last elders"

"And this is Elder Buckley in a nut shell"

"Notice my new self given hair cut"
"Stole sisters' car for shopping"

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dublin, GA Here He Comes!

Dear Brother and Sister Legg,

We were so delighted to meet your son as he arrived in our mission on Monday and to be able to spend time orienting him to this new phase of his service.  On Tuesday morning we had our transfer meeting which included instructions to the missionaries and assignments to their first companion and area of service.  Following the meeting, Elder Legg and his companion traveled to Dublin, Georgia to his first assignment.

We know he will prosper here in the days ahead and assure you that we will do everything in our power to help him find joy in his service and success in his labors.  Your weekly emails will do much to support Elder Legg as he labors in this wonderful work.  Elder Legg will be able to email home on Preparation Day which is each Monday.  Just a reminder, when Monday happens to fall on a national holiday, those who use the public libraries will not have access to a computer, therefore, they usually email on Tuesday instead.

Your missionary is about to make an eternal difference in the lives of others.  We hope you will be encouraged and comforted by this quote from President Lorenzo Snow.  “There is no mortal man that is so much interested in the success of an elder when he is preaching the Gospel as the Lord that sent him to preach to the people who are the Lord’s children” (Millenial Star, July 16, 1894, p. 451)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done to prepare Elder Legg to faithfully serve a mission.  We look forward to getting to know him as we serve our Heavenly Father here in the Georgia Macon Mission.

Attached please find a photo of Elder Legg with Sister Cottle and me.  We are extremely pleased to have your son here serving with us.

With great appreciation and love,

President and Sister Cottle
Georgia Macon Mission

Monday, February 1, 2016

Look at us Cuties

"AHHH cool! We'll have fun man!! Email me your next p-day! Love ya elder keep it up!" 
Tyson emailed his friend Dakota who's on a mission in Pennsylvania.  Dakota sent this picture of them back to him with the nice message. 
Tyson forwarded it to me with the caption:  Look at us cuties! :)

Arrival of Elder Legg

This is just a short note to let you know that your missionary arrived in the Georgia Macon Mission safely.  Today is such a long day for them that I will be sending out only a group photo today.  You will receive an individual photo of your missionary with President and Sister Cottle on Wednesday.  Everyone was in good spirits and anxious for dinner since they had been up since about 2 am already.  Tomorrow they will find out where they are assigned and who their first companion in the field will be.  But for now…
Good night,

Sister Westbrook
Georgia Macon Mission
(478) 238-4683