Friday, March 24, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day & BonFIRE!

Hey everyone!

How mighty is the power of prayer?  well you must also ask how mighty is the power of the Father to whom you are praying?  As we pray we should keep this in mind.  We should address our Heavenly Father as we are approaching his throne, because we are.  Many want answers and miracles but never give time for answers to come or opportunities for miracles to spark.  For answers we need to have a quietness about us, President Eyring said.  This quietness is a quietness of our own wills to give place for acceptance to do the lords will.  When we give this gift to God the flood gates are opened and answers and miracles will be seen. So how mighty is the power of Prayer?  Try these tips and allow it the chance to show you!  I know you will find what you are looking for because i have!

we did a lot of service this week and some how most of it revolved around burning.  Sense in GA you can not burn except for during the winter everyone is trying to get it done. The last day to burn here is April 1st.  Our first burn was on a cool brisk morning when the night before it had gotten to 26 degrees.  The member we were burning for had all frozen hoses.  They do not deal with that very often down here and so he was very grateful when I knew how to take care of it from my experience of frozen horse watering hoses. we got it all de-thawed and and started a bonfire that went like 30 feet high. That one burned for 3 days straight!  our second one we got to rake their back yard and then started a big fire with all of the leaves from the fall and winter.  and it started to rain while we were raking and burning and we got so soaked and dirty.  After though a member invited us over for a hot Chili lunch that was so good!  Then they gave us jars of home made canned chili and jams and fruits.   Then the third fire we did yet another bonfire but once it had burned down some and had good coals. We roasted some hot dogs and s'mores on that one.

We also cleaned out a truck. That same truck I went all He-Man on last week well it had been sitting for like 56 years before it was revived and so it had mold and mildew and dirt and dust and all kinds of nasty in it.  We went over and spent 2 1/2 hours scrubbing that baby down and it is much better but still a little grungy.  I feel better about riding in it now though!

we had a stake Priesthood meeting last night.  The stake presidency councilors spoke to us.  The second councilor spoke on the importance of DAILY family prayers and scripture study.  How it is hard and how there are many things in the way but if something is a priority you make time! how we need to understand the efforts put into getting these scriptures into our hands today!  the deaths, wars, and hard ships in wildernesses of the scriptural prophets to preserve these records for our benefit, IF WE READ THEM. The threats, tar and feathers, and mob persecution in the early church so we can have these sacred records of the lords dealings with ancient people to learn from! he challenged the families here and I challenge all who read this to start today. Open to the first pages and gather your families whether they consist of many or you and start reading Daily!

Mom: Good job mom and congrats at winning the musical Chairs!!!  and awesome I will be looking for the package next week. I can not believe it is already spring break time! I am glad that you had fun with the girls and they got to take you out for lunch.  and I hope you are feeling better today!! I love you mom!

Tali: good job on grades sis keep it up! ewww poopy diapers!  well a bad day of fishing is still better then a good day of work so atleast you have that!  How does the softball team look? I have my first game tomorrow so wish me luck ok?  tag in the stores?  that sounds way awesome!!! I love you sis!

G4: wow you really picked that movie apart sis?  haha you sure did your research!:p  I will be more then happy to see that movie when I get home I have heard good things about it!  thank you for the update I love you grace!

Tay: I was wondering if you were doing tennis this year!  I am glad you are doing so well and hope it is still a blast!  how did you do with shooting the whistle pigs?  I have been invited to do so, so many times here and wish I could.  we will have to go when I get home!  dude I roasted marshmallows too!!!!!  and all of those movies definitely keep me updated on they sound sweet!!!! good luck on your speech!  I love you tay!

Dad: No I did not get any of those videos? you will have to try and resend them.  haha that is such an ugly color!:p  but it does look like it is in good shape.  and that is not bad at all for miles.  Hey so something a person told me they do here that I thought was cool. Patriarchal blessings are recorded right? well you are not the stake called patriarch but you are our family patriarch. A dad here records all of the blessings he gives to his kids and then gives them to them I think that would be really awesome to have done!! then they can reread them and remember them and cool stuff like that!  Just a sweet Idea sense recording things is so easy now a days! haha well I am glad you have a fishing buddy!!! how does you softball team  look?  we have our first game tomorrow wish me luck and any tips?  I like playing shortstop but will probably not play there sense a former college player will be there I think?  love you dad!!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

St. Patrick's Day Cuteness thanks to Carilyn :)

Sister Legg and Sister Davis,
Your sons are serving in our ward right now (Gray).  We had them over for dinner tonight.  I really appreciate how pleasant and friendly they are.  My son is almost 17 and preparing for his mission.  Have young men like your sons as examples is truly a blessing.  They are also a little silly, which we completely appreciate.  My son had a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and brought out his toys, which your boys were happy to play with.  Thanks again for such great people.
Sister Malyn Perkins
p.s. imagine them growling at each other during the picture.
(Email received on 3/21/17)

A couple of pictures Jenny Phillips found
on Facebook for me

Check out that burger!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

I Summoned My Inner He-Man

Hey everyone!

Happy St. Pattie's Day!

This year I got it right!  Last year for daylight savings my Companion and I forgot to switch our clocks.  We slept in and we missed a good chunk of church!  Well not this year I set like 7 alarms and moved all of them forward!  Not scrubbing up this year!

Spiritual thought:
There is a  commonly asked question of how do we know when it is the Holy Ghost prompting us and not just our own thoughts or desires? Well this is what Elder Holland and President Eyring have to say.  The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God. It is a gift from God.  In John 14:27 it says "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you".  This peace is an Anchor point of the gospel and the soul.  If it is a prompting you should have peace. One way to test for peace is consistency. God tells us in Malachi 3:10 "and prove me now herewith".  We can look for consistency of our prompting with the words of God, His holy scriptures and teachings of the modern day prophets, and his commandments.  Then another way to Prove him is to act.  To show our trust in God.  We get  that gift of peace because "God is the Author of peace and not confusion" 1 Corinthians 14:33. If we are confused and stagnant because of it then we are doing what Satan wants.  If we are not moving forward we are moving backward.  He wants us confused, distracted, and deceived.  So if you want to look for the Spirit and hand of God more in your life read the word of God to look for a consistency and assurance of God's will and show some trust in our Father in Heaven by acting upon what you find consistent.  Prove God herewith and you will have Peace in your life.

"To many people read the Scriptures looking for information and wondering where the inspiration is.  More people need to read for feelings and they shall feel so inspired!" -Henry B. Eyring

 Well there is a less active family in the ward who gets in trouble with the law for their dogs getting out and harassing the neighbors.  Their home teacher found this out and we set up to help them build a fence.  We ended up putting in a 500 foot fence across their front yard.  They did rent a post hole drill, thank goodness, because some of the ground was solid clay and would have taken all day to just dig one hole!  I got the lucky job of cleaning all of the holes out with the post hole diggers and my shoulders were so sore the next day!  We finished it all up though and the family showed up to church on Sunday!

We did some gardening this week too!  We rototilled the the garden which was tons of fun because of this hard GA clay.  When you would try to sink the blades into the ground and start going the blades would  bounce off the ground making it feel like a rodeo and it was quite the ordeal to get the whole plot of land done.  Once we were done with that though we also planted 400 onions.

And now for the best one!! There is an older member that called us one morning asking if we could come over and help him with an oil change on his truck.  I have done those before and thought oh yeah sure no problem, a piece of cake.  Well we got over there and he had it on ramps and the oil was drained.  He needed the oil filter off.  I go under there and look at this thing.  It was sideways way up in the middle of the entire mess of the engine.  He hands me a tool to get the filter off and it was older than dirt.  The first problem was there was no room for the tool to go up and hook on to the filter. They figured out a way from the top to get it to the filter.  The next problem was it was so old that it had no spring or grip to it to clamp the filter and it was so tight in there I couldn't twist it.  We all took our turn down there trying and the filter got all dinged up and I am pretty sure it was punctured too.  Well we tossed the tool, and Bro Eadie tried to pull it off by hand.  And so did Elder Davis and so had I.  Well I was not going anywhere without getting this thing off.  I made up my mind with a firm determination I was not coming out from under that truck again without getting that filter off.  I tried the tool again and nothing was happening. Then I found a way to get both of my hands up there on it and I summoned my inner He-Man and twisted that filter off covered in oil and everything!  It was quite a blessing from exercising in the mornings.

Well the ward here is entered into a Jones County church Softball League and we are on the team. I have never played baseball or softball in my life other then in my front yard with my brothers and I had troubles hitting the ball. Well we had our first practice  this week and they made me bat and I actually hit the ball!  I was so excited!  I did not know I would be such a Softball smacking machine!!

Then we were visiting a member way on the north side of Jones County with the Elderly missionary couple here in Gray and it was close to Juliette.  Well Juliette is where the movie Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed.  We decided to stop in and we ate at the Restaurant from that movie.  I had had Fried Green Tomato's before on my mission but this was the original Place for them and it was way good!

Mom:  Ok mom I found a lady that does super sweet hand painted leather Scripture cases that are super sweet!!!!!!  They are a kinda pricey but they are totally sweet! I want to get one and I want to get one for all the fam since we need new ones don't we? I am going to get all the information for them, they might be about $90 each?  But if you could secretly start figuring out everyone's favorite scripture stories and quotes that would be awesome!!!! We do not have a dinner set up yet for St. Pattie's Day, but I am going to try and get one that is for sure! Good luck with all of your running and try to stay on you feet! I am glad you are not all scrapped up! Good job on your teaching though and having such great kids and success with the pretests! I love you mom and will miss your corn beef and cabbage!!!!!!

tay: Dude I want you to look up the talk by Elder Holland called "like a broken Vessel" it is super good and encouraging!!! also You Got Catan for your Bday well the Library here has it to play and so we played it after emailing yesterday and it is pretty sweet. I had to make sure you wouldn't smoke me when I got home!:p  I have never watched the whole movie or play of Pride and Prejudice it bored me a little but I am glad you liked it!  dude what blood type are you bro?  Yeah I will never ever donate blood!!!! like ever!!!! and haha that is really funny bro how did you not notice that before?   and yay finally congrats to hunter he pulled a Travis. Love you Tay!

G4: What is Kong skull island?  and yup lizards tend to shed and yours will do it too!:P Love you grace!

Tali: Dang you horse training machine!! that is good you are working with them now they need to be trained up this year so I can come back and ride them sis!  Love you Tali!

Dad: Love you Dad!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg


Davis is grumpy because it's cold outside

Sweet thanks! yeah it is hard for me to drink lots of plain water for some reason?"

Found this on the side of the road during one of our morning runs

Friday, March 10, 2017

Knockin' Doors & Souther Hospitality

Hey everyone!

This week was a good week!  It is amazing how much more of an uplifting time you can have when you are with a good and fun companion, over dragging one around.  For the majority of the week we knocked doors and pretty soon we will have knocked through the town of Gray, GA.  No one was to interested in the message we had to share but there was still some very nice Southern hospitality. Now there was some not so niceness too.  One that made Elder Davis and I laugh was a lady opened the door and as soon as she saw us asked if we were Mormons?  we answered yes. and she replied okay goodbye with a nice hefty swing of the door in our face!

Do not think that is all that happens when missionaries knock doors though either!  Many we get offered water on a hot summer day! and the occasional time we will be offer Gatorade. Some people do let us in and teach them in the cool A/C.  Some even are like the lady we met this last week.  She was not to interested in the message we share but she was still very protective of us.  We knocked her door and she answers with 4 little adorable kids.  she knew who we were and asked us where we were from. we talked for a second where she asked of anyone had been mean to us in her neighborhood?  well a few had been similar to the lady previously mentioned.  Well we just paused for a moment before we answered and she went off!  Who, who, who has been mean to you!?  She got all fired up! We had a short, pleasant visit and she invited us to stop by anytime we wanted too.

We serve missions. Service being part of what we do.  Although people do not take us up on the offer nearly as much as they should.  This week though a member has been out of town for a while and was coming in late at night.  The elderly couple here was house sitting for them.  The day before the member made it home we went over with the elderly couple and took care of their yard.  I have not gotten to cut grass in over a year and it felt good!  We picked up branches and leaves. We vacuumed up after their birds.  We did a nice inside and out tidy for about 3 hours.

Then one of my former Companions, Elder Rhett Hiatt, came and visited me.  He went home about 7 months ago.  One of the members in an area he served invited him to come out for some gator rastlin.  Well my area is on the way down to where he was going and so he drove down through and stopped to see me for  a bit and took us out to dinner.

Mom: That is awesome you are halfway to GA!!! Wow I will come run since I will be home!:p (A run in Hawaii next winter) I am glad that you got and liked the voice mail! Thanks I tried to go by the Ortho last week but I can not seem to find them open and there are no hours on the door? I am about 4 1/2 months behind Trent then. On College? I do not know what I want to do?  You could apply to BYUI?  I will probably just finish my associates at CWI?  But who knows what I will want to do?  So sure you can apply to BYUI and any other cheap colleges that you want to?  glad the kids are doing well with testing! Love you hugs and smooches! Love you mom!!

Tali: Ahhh I saw they are creepy! :p (chameleons) haha yeah I bet it hurts when they crawl on your face!  They have claws or something to cling onto trees so it will not feel good on some of your most sensitive skin!  I am glad you love them though.  And dang you got a lot of shopping it sounds like!   Love you sis!

G4: OH my gosh girl you are crazy!! Those things are not cute!:p  And you race them?  Does fat boy feel left out now that he has to share attention?  And oh my you will probably have to go to that new park! Love you G!

Tay:  Dude I am glad that you went to see Hunter off!  What are your thoughts about goin on a mission man?   and getting old?? You are right, my friend, is no fun!  haha but Trav and I have survived so far so I think you got this!  I have never played Catan but it is a huge game here in the mission!!!  With the missionaries!  They will get together and play it for pdays and at night and stuff!  Yeah it is quite a big game in the mormon world! I had heard of it before but still have never played it!  I am glad that you had fun escaping from those rooms!  Was it hard?  Should we go when I get home?  And wow yeah that sounds like mom got a ton of McDonalds! It sounds like the amount they bought for the BYS counselors!!!! I did not know legally Blonde was a musical but it is a funny movie so I am glad you enjoyed it! Hey thanks for the music man it is all great! love you Tay!

Dad: Wait you have to give a presentation to the VP's?  That sounds pretty big!  and yes Roaches are some of the dumbest things ever invented!  I hate them!  They are everywhere down here and oh it is gross how people just co-exist with them.  But if they are boxed up make sure they stay that way!!!!  I am glad the Lizards will be easy keepers though and that everyone is liking them!  and yeah it was pretty Great to see Rhett for a minute!   Love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Rhett Hiatt back in  GA!!
A very large 6 month old puppy

Maybe they wouldn't split if he didn't
try to wear them on his head??
Poor pants never! 

Elder Davis

Jenny Phillips found this on Facebook for me