Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Easter & Fix-It-Felix

His cake matches his tie!!

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  What a bright season of truth and light?  It is wonderful the Families and friends that are able to be brought together in Christ.  I know that Jesus was resurrected on the third day and that he lives today to love and guide us.

Highly suggested!  Go and check out the talk "Converted unto the Lord" by David A. Bednar.  If you go to ""  and type the talk into the search bar in the top right it will pull up in the options.  It is an amazing talk.  In one part of it he refers to the parable of the 10 virgins.  He adds a new spin to it though by comparing the lamps to testimonies and the oil to conversion.  How every one of them had a testimony but only some had a surplus and sufficient amount of conversion.  Only some were prepared to give the constant fuel of conversion and accept the blessing that came with it because that is what it takes to stay on the path of conversion.  Those without consistent fuel were not permitted to be with the bridegroom.  "Testimonies are a departure point" said Elder Bednar.  They alone are not enough to carry us through and protect us in an ever pressing world of temptation and Satan's spiritual whirlwinds.  Read your scriptures daily, pray earnestly often, and keep the commandments. These will be your oil of conversion and keep your flame lit to lead you through the dark. This I know as I have seen and felt it in my own life!

This week was a full week of projects it felt like!  we started it off by going to help a family tear up their living room floor since they got a leak and it ruined their carpet.  We tore all of that up and gutted the room.  Then we helped them to lay some new hardwood flooring.  It was a big project but I loved it and it was tons of fun.

Then it came to the end of the week and there were three people that moved we got to help with.  The first two were already in the ward and were just moving somewhere else in the ward.  We hiked so many stairs with big dressers and wardrobes in those first two moves.  Then the third move was a family moving into the ward.  This one was pretty quick and easy since they did not have to much stuff.  In the move though parts of their baby crib got bent and it was not going together.  They were contemplating going and buying a new one since he could not get it to work.  Well there was no way I was going to let them go buy a new crib with yours truly, Fix-It-Felix, around.  I talked them into letting me take a look and mess with it.  Well I got it all bent back into shape and bolted together.  Now they want to feed us!!!!!! We were happy this last move went fast and easy though because all three of these moves were just us elders helping and so we were exhausted after 3 days of moving big furniture!

Easter!  Elder Davis and I got to sing in the choir at church.  Elder Davis did a special musical number on his viola.  I got to have a short speaking part in the program.  So many families were brought together that morning for the first time in a long time it was amazing.  Right after church We went to a family's lunch.  With them we got to hide the Easter eggs.  I got to hide the big prize eggs with money in them and the kids could only find three of the six.  That made me the master hider!  We had a huge smorgasbord of food.  One super yummy treat was strawberries filled with cream cheese frosting!  We to some time to fish and enjoy some of the games. Plus the member is a chiropractor so he gave us Easter adjustments. Then we went elsewhere for dinner. We got ribs and cinnamon rolls there.  Then we went another place for dessert after that.  I had some super good banana pudding there.  They also had a full body massage chair and so we got to use that also!  It was a wonderful Easter here in GA and I hope everyone else was able to enjoy it too!

Mom:  That is nuts about Brandi let me know what happens! (moving to another school) I am glad you made it through all of the appts and got a nice break this weekend.  It sounds like everyone had a blast with Trav and Audrey there.  Also it works out that Trav wants another book because I am going to be up near the uncle Remus museum today doing some other sightseeing so I should be able to drop by and grab a book quickly! I can not believe it snowed again though and so late in the season. You are getting closer and closer to GA!  That is awesome Trav and I matched our ties on Easter!! Lexi Totally just wants to make you cry with her chicken names (Georgia & Peaches)!  Love you mom!

Dad: I am glad that your week was busy and went fast.  We were way busy this week but it seemed to go by so slow!  That is crazy Audrey had never been on a four wheeler.  I don't ride with G driving either!:p  That is definitely a movie I am looking forward to seeing when I get back!  awe poor Tali!  That stinks that her lizard died!  I hope everyone had fun on the horse ride and was safe! This week for softball we won our game and I played at shortstop.  I was pretty nervous but I did decent! you are welcome dad I love you!!!!!

Tali: Well I am glad that you are such a beast and that you beat out all of the boy's, sister!  I am very sorry to hear about your pets though that is way sad!  That is very nice of Trav and Audrey to help you out though and to give you a cat and also very nice to give the Mackies a cat too!  I hope you have a great week and I love you Tali!

Tay: Hey bud I agree you win the prettiest date award!  And yeah I could see the resemblance to Tom Cruise.  It sounds like a pretty fun date where you boys able to beat the girls with just slingshots?  Where was the dance at?  And ok that is why the name sounded so familiar!  Glad you had a great time at prom! Get ungrounded! Love you Tay!

G4: That is sad about the lizards!  I hope yours is able to make it!  Happy Easter to you too.  I hope the Easter bunny brought you something nice.  He treated me pretty good!  I am telling you Siamese are evil!!!! Have a great week love you Grace!

Trav: Hey!  Happy Easter!  haha good Idea at ditching the kitties!  I am glad you had fun riding horses and going to softball!  I am missing out on the horse riding but I do get to have fun playing softball here!  I did pretty good this last week at shortstop but usually I play left field.  I need to work on my batting some but if it is catchable on the field it is in my glove.  You need to get back into shape man!  Do some running or something!  I need to start working out harder to be in better shape when I get back I am getting close to having to hit six months to sexy!!:p  I love you Travis!

Audrey: I am glad you had a blast this weekend! I love Easter at home!  It was great here, but just does not compare!  Haha sounds like things might get a little crowded over in rexburg.  Everything will work out though!  Yeah pets inside can make it hard to keep everything nice. Everyone here has inside pets and man are some of the houses disgusting!!!  There is a house here though we go to 3 times a week and they have a cat who all he would do is bite people when I first got here and now as soon as I walk through the door he is trained to go hop on the couch to snuggle with me as we read The Book of Mormon, it is awesome! Love you!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Gardening Georgia Style

"Southerinizing them"
I thought that just involved grits & bbq??

Catchin up with Terry Jones


Hey Everyone!  

Well Transfers are tomorrow, but I am staying here in Gray with Elder Davis. 

This past weekend was General Conference. This is where the Prophet and  Apostles and other leaders of the church share encouragement, enlightenment, and excitement with member's and nonmembers around the world.  They center their messages on Christ and how to strengthen individual's faith and those around us.  How to stay strong and find peace in a vigorous world of contempt and confusion. Here is a quote from the Conference:

"Faith is the foundation for salvation"  -Quentin L. Cook

All of these messages and of uplifting Christ centered grace can be found on "

Also along with this and with the Easter season approaching the church has put out a initiative.  One extended to all faiths and sects. It is how Christ is the Prince of Peace and has ideas and  and teachings on how he can bring peace into your life and use you to bring it into others.  It teaches some of the principles of peace,-faith, hope, patience, etc...- and show examples of their applications in the lives of real people through their real struggles.

This can be found at "". I highly recommend it!  It will inspire you if you allow it!

This past week we had a sweet tender mercy of the Lord.  We got a call from one of the office missionaries telling us there was a car sitting in the parking lot with our name on it.  So we get to be driving around for a week.  The car will find a permanent residence elsewhere, but as they are deciding where that is we get it temporarily.  Which we are more than happy to help them out!  Plus it turned into a blessing.  We had a referral that someone way down in south Jones County wanted a Book of Mormon.  Well we had been down there with members a few times to try and deliver it, but they were never home.  With the car we decided we were near on the way back so we would stop by.  They were home and we delivered the Book of Mormon and they invited us back to teach him about it.  So we got a car, and a new investigator as well. Is there much more you could ask for?? I think not!! 

Mom:  I am glad that you were able to go and see Trav and Audrey and have fun over there!  And yippee for Kayla and Beau and Tucker!! I am glad the whole family was able to make it there too!  Haha and good thing Tay did not throw up because what if it would have come out of his nose and all that acid could have really stung up there! Yuck! I got the package thank you very much!  Every thing is tasty, looks good, and fits well!!!! (Easter goodies, Girl Scout cookies, homemade jam, quinoa, & his new pants) Love you mom!!!!   

G4: I am glad you had fun on your trip.  And that you liked the movies.  That cat scratch fever does not sound so nice though I hope your hand gets better faster and that it stops hurting!   It was a very nice act of kindness you were trying to do for Tali too!!! Love you Grace!

Tay: Dude you looked so out of it in your pictures!  I want some after pictures to make sure you are still looking good!   That sounds like an awful time to have a clogged nose and not be able to blow it out. I bet most of it was probably blood too.  Dude are you getting pretty good at that game or what?  You willl probably be able to whoop my butt when I get home, you catch on to things like that faster than I do.   I am glad you are feeling good though and were still able to enjoy the trip and your break after surgery. Love you Tay!

Travis: I am glad everyone came and had a great time with you!  Who is looking at trucks?  There has been a lot of talk about Power Rangers here. And yes you are right we were not allowed to watch Power Rangers when we were little because it was to violent. (I remember that differently. I think they're ganging up on me.  I thought they didn't watch it because it was lame!!!!)  Also yes, I do remember not being able to watch Pokemon on Sundays because of violence also. (Ok, now they're just getting on my nerves!)  And Tali and Grace think we got to do everything!  (Boys are buggin!)Who are the entitled ones again?  (Seriously picked on!!) Bro you know I am definitely going to come hang out!  (I hope they do!) And yes, dude, a keep a list of things you think I need to watch and try please!  I am glad to hear you are doing so well love you Trav!

Tali: Wow those are some fancy nails sister!  I hope you love them! (All of us girls went for pedicures) What is up with you kitty scratching up Gracie?  Have you not taught her to be nice?  I love you Tali!

Dad: Haha that April fools joke definitely sounds a lot better of one then the old snow day or no school one!:p  That is awesome and so funny I wish I could have seen it!  I am glad Travis thought it was funny!  It is awesome that everyone had a great time!  I love you Dad!

Audrey:  Well I am glad that you enjoyed the visit and that you were able to be a little spoiled.  Haha you will get used to the April fool jokes and sarcasm and other things as the years go by.  Look at the rest of us we have all made it.  That is a pretty crazy thing to do and right in the BYU-I gardens huh?  Did they invite any one? or just did it? (her aunt eloped) Thank you hope you have a great week too! Love ya!

Alec (Audrey's brother who lives with them): Hey good job on the April Fools joke I hope it didn't get you into any trouble because that was a pretty good one!  I hope my brother and is treating you well and you are having a blast! 

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Lock Down & Stir Crazy

Hey Everyone!

As missionaries, and even just being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, sometimes we have a lot of meetings to attend.  Sometimes we let this be a discouragement or to let them drag us down.  We all have a lot of hustle and bustle in our lives.  Going to meetings in the Church though is making time for the Lord and he will bless you(Proverbs 3:5-6).  Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles says "Try taking the word meeting out of meetings. Look at them rather as opportunities to receive revelation".  Look at them as a time to feel the spirit, Gods love and influence, in your life.

Well not to much happened this past week.  Partially due to the bad weather we had down here.  One day we had sirens going off for Tornado warnings and we are asked to stay inside when that occurs.  Then another day there was all sorts of unrest among the locals about the weather.  The Mission President ended up asking all of us to stay inside the whole day then too.  There were some Tornados that happened but no where near me.  Well, no where near enough to affect me.  There was one in Gordon,GA that is at the bottom of our area.  Staying inside we got way bored and stir crazy but we made it through!

Then one day we had a lot of plans to knock doors.  With knocking doors there need to be breaks and moments of silly to keep motivated.  Elder Davis and I have decided to start bringing snacks and make silly videos.  Also while we were knocking doors in a boony neighborhood there was a nice trail into the woods we decided to explore for a moment.  We found some sweet boulders to play on.

This morning we went into Macon, GA with the McOmbers, the elderly couple serving here in Grey.  We went over to the Ocmulgee National Monument.  It is a site of Indian Mounds.  Mounds that were built around 1000 years ago.  These mounds were built  as places to place temples, houses, crops, and burials.  We got to go walk around and explore.  They had a cool visitors center with artifacts and a video, telling all about the people who made these.  The great temple mound is 55 feet tall and covers 2 acres and was created basket after basket of earth till the mound was built.  It truly is fascinating the effort put into these.  One mound they found had an inner chamber.  They reconstructed the interior structure but the floor was original(1000 years old) and left alone.  It is built so that twice a year on Oct 22nd and Feb 22nd the sun rises just right that it goes through the entrance tunnel and hits the chief's seat.  Everything was set up with the sky and unbelievably on point!

Mom: Haha yeah there has been some crazy weather here this last week but nothing too big from what I have seen.  That will be nice having Trav there I bet, and I know he has to be way excited about Fast and Furious 8.  Those are a lot of appointments.  I am glad you go them all done though and that you made it alive and caught up. Oh and make sure to thank Tali for the Help in the weather!:p (Last week she was joking about an earth quake in GA to tease me, & this week on the news there was one!!  I told her it was her fault!) She was a weather girl on the news that one morning right?  Love you mom!

G4: Georgia, Peach, and Hey Hey huh?  Well I am here so I approve!:p  And wow that sounds like a treasure find! (Old book/record shop closing) And a fun shopping spree!   I am way Jelly of the Adidas slides (shoes)!!!! Love you Grace!

Tay: What Ridgeview stole our choir festival!:p  Who is this chick?  Maybe I will know her if I see her?  Make sure to send pictures from Prom and good luck on the song. If someone records it send it to me!  Haha dude look at us softball studs!!! We did not have a game last week because it was spring break here, but we have another one on Friday!!! Catch up on homework! Love you Tay!!  

Tali: I am glad that you had fun at the social and with Teagan and at the movies!!!!! You are awesome!!! I love you Tali!

Dad: I am glad that you and Tay got to go and have some guy time as you are now overrun with the girls.  And sounds like some good treasures.  I would not pay 4500 for that.  But hey it would be good for Tay if he got a Job!  you and Mom should start looking for good jobs for me when I get back!  I am glad tay liked softball! I love you dad!!!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

Views from off the top of the Great temple mound
There are mounds similar to this all over the east.  From Florida up and over to Ohio and Michigan and all over in between.  And yeah a lot of the stuff reminded me of that too! (Chichen Itza) 

Macon in the distance
Ocmulgee River
Great Temple Mound

Civil War Trench 

Reenacting the 1st Vision

McOmbers a the mound
View from temple mound over the rest of the park

Pottery all found at the mounds
A headdress with mountain lion jaw bones

                                                Inside view of entrance to earth hut
Inside of the earth hut
The floor of the earth hut is 1000 yrs old

All artifacts were found here!

Legg says "How" from Georgia

Savage me
Corn Field Mound

On the inside here that hole is the center of the hut and a fireplace.  That thing in front is an eagle.  You can see the lip around the edge those are seats and there are 47 of them.  Then on the eagle there are 3 seats. The chiefs in the middle that hast the sun hit in on the 22nd of Oct and Feb.  All the seats go around the edge all of the way around and the door is behind me. from the door to the chief's seat each seat gets wider and slightly higher establishing rank. It is pretty cool!

Snakes on the Porch & Light Bulb Lesson Learned 3/27

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and it was on listening to the voice of the prophets.  Here are a few quotes from Conference address's I used!:

"Do we fully appreciate what a wondrous blessing it is to each one of us that we have found our prophet? The ways in which our lives have been enriched by listening to our prophet’s voice are numerous. We have a clearer picture of who we are and what we mean to our Father in Heaven. We have received commandments and counsel to guide us, reminders to keep us on the straight and narrow, and encouraging words to spur us on when we become disheartened or discouraged. If we listen to the voices of the world, we will be misled. But if we listen to the voice of the Lord through His living prophet and follow his counsel, we will never go astray." -Virginia U. Jensen

"There aren’t many guarantees in this life. There isn’t a car made with a warranty that covers everything. No bank on earth can absolutely guarantee that your money is completely safe. Even the Good Housekeeping seal of approval has a disclaimer written right on it! Nothing man-made or man-controlled can ever be truly guaranteed! But here’s the miracle. The Lord has given some marvelous guarantees without any disclaimers. And this is one of them: He will choose the prophet, and He will never let that man lead us astray. Imagine for a moment the impact of that promise. There is at least one place we can turn for pure, unpolluted guidance." -Virginia U. Jensen

“Come, listen to a prophet’s voice,” that you may know the will of God, that you may have His light to direct your path. He has soul-saving instructions for you instructions that if followed, will lead us all back to our heavenly home, safe and unspotted from the world.”  -Virginia U. Jensen

That is the invitation I leave with all of you to come and listen to the prophets voice during General Conference the 1st and 2nd of April!  You will find a message for you I promise!

Then the Relief Society had their Visiting teaching conference so the Priesthood got to take the Primary. I was put in charge of the 11 year old girls and they were angels!  They were to shy to speak!:p But I prodded them into participation in sharing and singing time ,and I even got one to share her testimony in the end it was awesome!!!

Some not so awesome things from this week...... Well the first was snakes on the porch!  We go and read with a recent convert three times a week to help him finish the Book of Mormon.  And one day this week when we went there was a plethora of dead baby snakes on his porch!  You know how after a rain storm you can go outside and find all the worms out of the ground?? Well it looked like that......but with snakes!  Thank goodness they had an outside cat though who had come and killed them all before we got there!  The second thing was Light bulbs!  We needed some new ones and so we went to the store to get some and we ended up having to go back three times because everything was a different size and we kept getting the wrong size and lesson learned. Pay attention to light bulbs when you need new ones!!!!

We went and chopped down some dead trees for a member this week!  We each had an ax and we started with a smaller tree. Then we decided to do a big tree and that took forever! And we both came away with huge blisters on our hands and they were sore for days!!! Not good when you have to grip bike handles all of the time! Afterwards though we felt like big burly lumberjack men!!!!

Softball games:
Well we had two this past week!  I played the left out fielder both games. I  caught every ball that was catchable and came my way.  We won our first game 17-11, but then we got killed our next one. We lost 17-2. We were mercy ruled in the second inning.  They hit 5 home runs with 4 over the fence. It was insane! But it is a blast and awesome to be out in the community with everyone!

Mom: That cinnamon roll place sounds so good! (a new place in Eagle at the Village)  There are a few ward members that make way good cinnamon rolls here and we get spoiled with them.  Sounds like you had a fun start to spring break with the girls!  That is so funny they found Tom Brady's Jersey way down in Mexico with others!  Tell Kayla to pump it out already!:p (Tucker) That sounds like a good day of running. I will be looking for the  Easter package in the mail! Did you email that lady or get any details on the scripture cases at all or are you waiting to have stuff ready for it?  Hope you enjoy your break! I love you mom!

G4: Hope spring break is good and that you have fun with it.  Oh no you do not need any more candy!  You are hyper enough without it!:p  And plenty sweet as well!:) Was Kong not a good movie to you because of the gore and intensiveness, or was it just not a good movie?  Well love you sis!

Tali: Were you riding on Lucy when that happened?  Did you like it or did it beat you up a little with all of the bouncing?  You did not like the movie either?  It is King kong are yall crazy?:p  I hope you had fun shopping and take a nice spring break!  Love you Tali!

Tay:  Haha yup that sounds like a good way to start off the break of spring bro! (games at a friend's) Oh and definitely good luck on your surgery!  I hope your problems are fixed and that you are safe and I will be praying for you!!! I love you Tay!  

Dad: That is good to hear that the horses are doing good!  Sounds like lots of ride have been happening which is awesome!  How is the training of the colts going?  And yeah keep me updated on the car I hope everything works out well!   Keep him safe after surgery!! And dad it looks like I may have gotten some of your athletic ability in baseball well atleast softball after all! how is your team doing?  love you dad!!!

Love you all
Elder Legg
I lost my mag tag and so I am wearing elder Davis's spare one for the image sake

Nobody was home but somebody lives there and it was  my thumb's down of approval!!!!

 I am now the star outfielder!  I play left and I start and I was the head batter for one of our games!!!

I want this picture on the front of my Scripture case

I want this one on the back side and I want brown leather and I want a border around both pictures  and regular quad size