Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, 4 Hole in 1's & Starling Sunset Swoop 11/21

Hey Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Okay so this last week on P-day as a district we all went to a place called Putt-Putt.  This is a place with lazer tag and mini golf and some other things but missionaries are not allowed to do those things and so we stuck to the lazer tag and mini golf.  In Lazer tag I did ok I won one game and it was only the missionaries there so it was tons of fun.  In mini Golf though I must have been feeling the golfing vibes from the Masters in Augusta. While we were there I hit 4 hole in ones.

So this week past Putt-Putt, not to much happened, however, there have been some impressions on my mind lately.
1. Since I will be finishing up my mission in a little while the church has a  program they have missionaries go through called "My Plan" to help you have a plan when you get back home.  Well this past week It has wanted me to study my Patriarchal Blessing. Those who may not know what this is, let me explain.  This is a blessing were you go to a man who has been given the Authority form God to stand in his physical place so that he can be a vessel through which your Father in Heaven can give you His fathers blessing to you.  It has the blessings he has in-store for you and  warnings to keep you safe. It has his view of the potential he sees in you of who you can become.  Also it has certain things of what you can do to become.  Well this last week "My Plan" had some study suggestions that were very helpful to me and I would like to share with any of those who might have their Patriarchal Blessing.  First read through your blessing entirely and than at the end write  down your feelings and impressions.  Second go through and find words that describe you(write them down) and also find phrases that describe actions you should take(write them down).  Third ask yourself what your blessing teaches you about the person God wants you to become?  I have been doing this, this past week and learned much about the way I am seen through Gods eyes. Also about who I am and who I want to be!
2. This past week our stake here in Augusta, GA had a fireside. It was about knowing the Doctrine of Christ in The Book of Mormon.  How if we do not know that and have that in our minds and hearts we are not going to share it with others.  We will feel more comfortable answering questions of others. We will come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. We will have a more sincere attachment and Love for God our Father and His blessings provided for us.    I know The Book of Mormon is true and I know that it is the word of God that any who read it with real intent and seeking after truth can pray to God and He will answer you! This is what I have done and I invite all to do the same!

Mom:  Wow yeah that sounds like a very on the go week. I am glad you got everything done though and made it through.  It looks like the cultural celebration was packed.  Haha that is really funny about that kid and you having to call his mom.  Sometimes I wish I could call the moms of some missionaries.  Some of them need it too.  For Thanksgiving we have some offers about 4 or 5 for dinners and we are going to try to make all of them work.  Plus there will be a football/soccer turkey bowl in the morning!:)  I am excited! Oh and mom Elder Hafen and I were sitting down on the front porch of our club house waiting for a ride and it was just around sun down. Guess what happened. I was sitting there in beautiful weather and resting my eyes while I had the chance. Then I hear this great big flutter.  Well it was Grammy's starlings making their sunset swoop.  There were so many of them and it was amazing!  You and Gammy would have loved it! Also I am so worried I am going to dry and crack when I get back but no you can not sneak into my room and put lotion on my knuckles!:p (Oh but I will!! Just like when he was little) I love you mom!

Tay: Dude you got to shake Elder Uchtdorf's hand that is so totally wicked! I have never shaken an apostles hand before. The highest up I have ever gotten to shake is a presidency of the 70.  You are pretty lucky my friend.  I remember going to the city council meeting for Government and yeah they are a little dry huh?  I do not know why anyone would want to be in politics. I love you Tay!

Tali: You did not trip in the performance though right?  Hey tell your foot to feel better would you!  And I feel you in the tired department! I love you tali!

Trav: Yeah I have not cut a deer in a little while either.  I do remember my hands freezing from doing it though.  And haha that is so sweet you are a stud worker.  Sometimes it just takes a little initiative.  like there are times on the mission just because I use common sense people are like wow you are doing a great job. And I am like really?  I thought I was just doing what I was supposed to. Apparently others are not though.  It's lame huh!  I hope Audrey does well and travels safe! I love you Trav!

G: Did you like Wonder?  And oh no not black mail from the Gracie!  I would be afraid very afraid. I think I still am and it isn't even about me!:p  You sounded great in your play. And also take advantage of that hour of extra help now and if you do you may not need it later!  I love you Grace!

Dad:  That sounds like a pretty good hunt.  Even with not to much of the deer action.  Did you get any pictures of the hunt or the deer?  I would love to see them.  Man it sounds cold in Idaho. It was about 80 degrees here one day last week.  I am going to freeze and dry up when I get back! I look forward to the 2018 hunt! I love you dad!

Have a great Thanksgiving!
Love yall!
Elder Legg

11/14/17 Referrals & Collapsed Closet

Me burning my 18 month pants a little late
Hey everyone!

So each week there is a church that has a food pantry and we go volunteer at it to sort and pass out food to those who are less fortunate.  Well this last week a very elderly Asian lady came in. She was using a cane and still struggling to hobble along.  As Elder Hafen was helping her to pick out some produce items she I watched her start to sway.  Well before I could get to her side and help to stabilize her, also while Elder Hafen was bent over and grabbing something for her out of the fridge, she started to crash. Ahe is blessed that she fell backwards into elder Hafen as he stood up and he could catch her.  It turns out she had not taken all of her medication or drunk enough water that morning.  We sat her down for a sec and gave her a little something to eat and drank before we let her drive home.

Okay and let me just put this out here for everyone to know.  President Hinkley said it the best and I do not have it memorized but here is the just.  Missionary work is very often thought of as just knocking doors, however, anyone who has ever participated in this great work knows there is a better way.  This way is through the members of the church.  I have a testimony of this.  Referrals from members are little golden nuggets that each missionary looks for.  Please any one who is reading this think of those around you who has recently had a life changing event happen in their life.  Such as those who have just been married, who have had a recent death or birth in the family, or even who have just moved to a new place.  Even just think of those who might have ever asked you questions in the past about your beliefs.  A member in our ward did this.  A friend from work asked him some questions. The member answered a few and than invited him to church and a lunch with the missionaries after.  It is as simple as that.  If some one asks you questions answer a few and tell them that the best place to learn though would be by coming to church to check it out for themselves.  Also you can do the same thing our member did and tell them that there are actually missionaries in the church that go around everyday answering questions people have and if they would be up for it you could have the person and the missionaries over for some treats and to ask some questions at your house. Also let missionaries know when some of your neighbors are home.  If we are just going around blind knocking doors it is like fishing with a bobber. There can be a lot of waiting and large gaps of time in between bites.  Well if they know some house holds are home around a certain time is can be more like fly fishing.  Where you are placing the fly where you already know the fish are at and you are hunting the fish more so.  Help your friendly neighborhood missionaries out.  The friend of a member who we met with was very open and accepting more so than the usual crowd we meet.  He even wanted to do it again and had the Gospel Library App uploaded on his phone before we left. you never know unless you try!

Also we were able to do some service for a lady whose closet collapsed.  All of their shelving and clothes racks ripped out of the wall and fell.  All of their clothes and shoes and other closet materials were on the floor and it was a mess well we helped to clean it out and then we built here a wardrobe and shelf and clothes racks. It was pretty fun, I like that whole building things though.

Mom: Ok well first off what are Ben and Cody doing? And where?  And that sounds like a really fun week full of activities and friends. I can not believe you vetoed the  my little pony movie!:p mmm Aunt T's fried Chicken sounds so good right now!  haha what Hunter doesn't have his Eagle yet?  That boy!:p  I love you mom!

Tali: I remember doing the cultural celebration for the re-dedication of the Boise temple.  You will have a blast. It makes for a long day but worth it looking back.  I will hopefully see pictures of it on too.  Have fun sis. I love you Tali!

Tay:  Yeah I am glad that Hunter is getting it done too. I didn't realize he had not done it yet.  Bro have fun at the Celebration not everyone gets the chance to do it and it is a privilege.  What are you singing in honor choir? I love you Tay!

Trav: Wait what I did not know this?  since when and from what do you have PTSD from?  That is sweet that you have a service dog now though.  Is Gussie trained very well?  Oh and hey you should look up the band "Aquabats". The bat commander is in Elder Hafens ward and they sound weird but I don't know just check them out. All or there songs are kid friendly words and material.  iI is ska music? Whatever that means? Well bro I love you bunches!

G4: You are lucky that you get to go to the celebration and to see President Uchtdorf.  I wish I got to go.  You will also have to show me your log rolling skills when I get back.  Get all caught up on school work sister I love you Grace!

dad: I love you dad!

Love yall!


Me burning my 18 month pants, a little late

We Got a Car! 11/7/17

Hey everyone!

This week was quite slow as far as work or anything very exciting.  We had most of our appointments cancel on us.  The good news though is that we now have people to cancel on us!

Anyways probably the most exciting event of the week is that Elder Hafen and I got a car.  We are not sure why?  The Evans elders who had the car though went to transfers and before they left the car coordinator told them to give us the keys when they got back and that they are now bike elders.  So last  week we got to take over the mini van!  I am not a fan though. I just feel lazy when I use it!:p  The other elders around us hate that fact about us having it because I use it as little as possible and still love to bike and they all hate biking and are forced to.  It is okay though because the van will now be clean and will never go over miles as long as we have it.  Elder Hafen is enjoying though because it means there are some hills that he hates and he does not have to bike on them any more.

Speaking of Hafen I was worried about him last night.  There was an elder in the District who got the flu last week and was throwing up.  He was throwing up so violently that he popped blood vessels in his eyes and they were completely blood shot. Well last night Elder Hafen was laying in bed writing in his journal as I was washing up before prayers.  As he was laying there he started to feel like het was dehydrated. He got up for water but it didn't help. As he laid back down he felt as though he was going to throw up. So he came and joined me in the bathroom hanging over the toilet.  While he was there he started to shake and quiver.  We said our prayers there in the bathroom and I stayed with him there for a bit.  Then we got him a trashcan for next to his bed.  He came and laid down expecting to throw up sometime through out the night.  Well I was definitely praying for his health just as he did about a week or two ago when I had a cold.  After he prayed for me the next day I was not healed completely but I was on The up hill slope.  Well we are not sure what happened last night but he woke up this morning having not thrown up and feeling normal. Prayers of Faith work Tender Mercies of the Lord, this I know to be true!
Scripture of example: 1 Nephi 7:17, Mosiah 24:14, Alma 14:26, Alma 31:38

We also Had a great stair stepping Exercise this week. There is a family in our ward that the best way to describe them bight just be, broken.  The dad was in the military and has serious back problems to where he can not lift heavy things nor be bent over very long. The mom has had a ridiculous amount of surgeries and walks with a cane now.  Most of their kids are grown and moved out.  They had us come over to help them move their office space from their basement to their second story.  There was a lot of moving little nick nack things and that caused for many a trips up an down those 2 flights of stairs.

Oh, yes, and this same family fed us lunch before we got started.  I thought is was great and ELder Hafen did not.  Haha he hates most white sauces.  Mayonnaise being near the top.  Well the family fed us chicken salad sandwiches and he had to gag one down! Maybe that is what contributed to his flu freak out last night?  In his mind he knew he had consumed Mayonnaise and then his body wanted to reject that foreign substance.

Mom: Yeah it got cold here about a week ago or so but now it has been back up in the 80's again. There was frost on the ground and now we are back to sweating, GA is bipolar with its weather.  What is Cody up to now?  Also sincse when do Cheerleaders say  "tubular"?  Yeah Jesica is younger than me.  It is so weird to think about people my age an younger that are married and having babies.  When is Austin and Chancy's baby due?  And again sincee when does Tali have a phone?  That is sad to here about the Carters having to delay their mission.  I hope everything goes well. Love you mom!

Tay: Haha yeah you looked freezing in the hunting picture.  Biff looked nice and warm though.  Dude that pool sounds like it is pretty cool I'm sure I am not imagining what you explained in the right way but sounds sweet.  It is so weird that honor choir is happening right now.  Time is so different here on the mission.  Dress warmer next hunting trip! I love you Tay!

Audrey: What does Gussie look like?  And yeah I am surprised that mom "lets" her come inside.  I am glad it has not been to yucky or rainy over here because that makes missionary work hard especially in the cold. Good luck at the new job, today!  Yeah I do not think that I would have enjoyed the theater fundraiser very much either.  Wow I will never be 53.  Happy late bday to your mom! Love yeah!

Travis: Love you Trav!

Tali: What is a caramel apple nacho?  You will have to make me some when I get back! That sounds like a ton of candy.  Coleman homes must be a huge neighborhood now to get that much candy.  Are you excited for Teagan to be an aunt? Are you excited to be an aunt? Tell travis and Audrey to work on it!:p  I love you Tali!

G4: Your Halloween sounds like a nightmare! I am glad you ran and that you explained your standards to that charming young gentleman!:p  You are the best I love you Grace!

Dad: I think Taylor just got cold and that is never fun but I am sure he had a good time with you and biff.  That is awesome that the deer are moving so much though.  Yeah send me some pictures if you can and good luck this week!  I love you Dad!

Love yall!

Elder Legg

Happy Halloween! 10/31/17

Hey everyone!

Happy Halloween!
Have a spooky scary skeletony night.  Hang on to your hats and do not let No Noggin kick them off!

Transfer news:
I am staying another transfer in Stevens Creek with Elder Hafen.

In honor of the Halloween and fall season the ward put on a fall festival.  One of the aspects of that was the Chili Cook off.  Elder Hafen and I were asked to be the judges.  Here in the Stevens Creek it is a big ordeal and everyone takes it maybe a little to serious?  Everyone was approaching us making offers of bribes to help them win and others offering to match or beat other people's bribes, not that they could win, but that the other people would not win!:p  It was so funny to watch.  There was a whole lot of chili to sample.  We also dressed up as zombie missionaries and passed out candy during the trunk or treat.  It was just a blast.

This past week we had a Mission tour from Elder Klebingat.  He is a member of the Quorum of the 70.  It was such an amazing day to go and learn from him.  He is super Bold, but not in creating guilt kind of way.  In teaching the Doctrine of Christ and Inspiring through the spirit, change from within. One thing he shared with us is the help that role-plays can be and that we need to be doing them daily.  His definition as to why role-plays work so well is the best I have ever heard.  Role-plays are first spiritually creating what you desire to happen. Or basically following a pattern of God(Moses 3:5).  There were many other amazing things he spoke about but I don't have my notes right now and I am struggling to recall.

Side note: something cool I learned about this week and yall should look up is "memory palaces"

One of the best things ever happened to us yesterday. We were trying to contact a referral.  As we were standing at the door a car drove up to the curb. The man inside shouted over to us asking if we were Mormons?  We walked over and told him we were and asked what he was doing.  He told us that he was bored and decided to go out driving that day to see what he could find.  He had never met a Mormon that he knew of.  He asked for some literature and briefly what we believed.  We shared some highlights such as Jesus Christ coming to visit the Americas and he thought that was awesome! (and we agree)  He asked where the church was at and told us he had never tried the whole religion thing because it has never been offered to him but maybe now is the time.  We got his number and he told us he is going to try to come to church.  Then he drove off and Elder Hafen and I were left standing  thinking we had both just had the same dream.

Oh and I was sick most of the week with a cold.  I have been hacking up my lungs and smelling nothing but stale sickness.  I only had one day that was really bad though where my energy was drained and my body hurt.  We went out and worked through it though and the Lord has blessed me with the strength to do so.  It has not helped sense the weather all of a sudden has turned cold and been around freezing in the mornings and nights.  We got to bring out Sweatshirts for the first time this fall. I am on the up hill though now. Thank you to everyone for their prayers!

Mom: Dang you go mom.  I sure hope the high school can get its act together with the sped program.  Our trunk or treat was a very nice night also.  And Peter pan that is interesting that the Ellis's were the stars of the show.  I love you mom!

Tay: Dude what is sock wrestling?  Sounds fun though.  Also are you pumped for the Meridian temple or what. I saw the video and pictures on and it looks so great!

Talia: Haha why did you not speak up to the bus driver about missing your stop?  Funny story I had that happen once.  I think I fell asleep on the bus or something and when they stopped for me to get off I was out.  So I got to ride the who bus route and mom had to come and get me from the bus barn.  You make a cute devil.  I love you Tali!

G: What is it about babies and you that just do not get along very well.  That is so funny he kept whacking you. That was a pretty good costume. Did you make it all on your own?  And yes please send pictures of you with phat boy! I love you Grace!

Travis: Haha that is funny yall had a Halloween party for the dogs basically.  Dude do you have American bully's where you work?  there was a member in my first area that bread those and they were not very cute but sold for tons of money!  An adoption counselor does sound like a pretty sick job bro!  how did you get to be one of those?  does that count as like a promotion?  Good luck with your new schedule. It sounds kinda like a bummer but you will make it work!  I love you Trav!

Audrey: yeah I am doing good the holiday seasons are coming into full swing and the work here is picking up which is super exciting to see because this area is known for being dead and now it is one of the most hoping places in the district now.  Every body is amazed and jealous.  This new job sounds great.  There are a lot of Pomeranians down here. I had no clue what they were before though.  Does it shed?  And why Gussie?  Send some pictures of her please?  Have a great week love ya!

Dad: That sounds like a great weekend.  So your hunt actually starts in Nov right?  And you are not limited to a 2 pointer with your tag?  Every once in a while out here in the mission we get MRE's sincee there are so many military bases and personnel that members will just give us some as they move.  A lot of missionaries do not like them but I think it is great.  I love you dad!

Love yall!

To Tyson from me:
"I got a text & pic from bro weatherman this morn.  He sd he delivered on his steak dinner her promised."
Tyson to me:
"Yes it was very good!  

He promised if he won the chili cool off he would give us a steak dinner. Also he gave us a free Krispy Kreme dozen ticket.  

We allowed the bribe because we were still able to be honest.  His chili cheese fries smoked the other chilis."
Me to Tyson:

"Yum!! & that's quite a bribe!"

Notice my seasoned shirt compared to the others

Elder Buckley's coming to my district!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

10/24/17 Tripled Efforts & I Turn Into Superman on a Bike!

Hey Everyone!

TRANSFERS- are on Halloween and I have a 50/50 chance of moving so if you are planning on sending mail or want to send mail get it out before Wednesday the 25th of Oct this week. Also you can just wait until next week when I know what is happening and where you can send it. Thank you!

Okay so first off I want everyone to know that missionary work is not about numbers it is about people.  However, Numbers help us to see what we can try and improve on to help more people.  Well each week we set goals on certain aspects of the work and keep track of them.  Sunday nights we tally them up as companionship's, districts, zones, and the mission.  Well each week our district has been struggling with finding people to teach and we have been falling way short of our goals.  This last week though we were able to triple our past efforts and we hit our goal as a district.  Elder Hafen and I had an outrageous week on our own too.  We tripled our own past efforts and contributed over half of what it took to meet our district goal.  It felt great to see the district work so hard this past week and see success.

Some of our awesome success came during what we call Windows of Heaven.  This a time in the week you prayerfully set apart 1-2 hours to find the Lords elect.  You prayerfully select the place to go also and you make promises with God to do certain things such as talking with everyone you see no matter what the situation might be. This is a time to test your faith and trust in the Lord. Plus to build the Lords trust in you and miracles do happen!  This past week we took out a member with us to do it and found some awesome people.  One of the people we found we gave a Book of Mormon last Wednesday and is on track to finish it by next Monday.  We are stoked to teach him more.  Another cool thing is that for some reason here in Augusta, GA area there are a lot of Micronesian's.  Specifically ones from Pompeii.  They are very humble people and we have founds about 4 or 5 families to work with this past month.  They just eat the Gospel up.  They love the Book of Mormon. They are very happy people and I am super excited to see what happens with them.

Also a ton of Miracles were seen while we were on Exchanges this past week.  Plus some funny things. One thing is that we did Windows of Heaven again and this time the windows of heaven were definitely opened.  Elder Hafen and I were praying to find a specific person.  They had the traits of being open to new things, would be excited to learn about the Book of Mormon, would have LDS friends, and would be touched by the testimonies we bore.  Also we made some very prayerful goals of things we wanted to work on during the exchange. I wanted to work on asking for referrals.  Well it just so happened that we found this person we were praying for and we also found her through asking for referrals.  It was truly a blessing and answer to our prayers. Later too we were searching to find a less active members house and I had forgotten the address.  We decided to just walk around and talk to people until the other elders could get back to us with the address.  Well as we were walking around we were admiring some Halloween decorations.  One house was very lit up. We decided to knock on it.  There was a babysitter that answered who we were able to teach and share a Book of Mormon with.  Also we found out that house was the members house we were looking for. As I said it was not all miracles though there were some goofs too.  One was that Elder Larsen went to go contact a guy in his garage and it smelt kinda smoky and for some reason Elder Larsen's first thought was that he was roasting smores in his garage.  Well the man was not he was smoking hookah and that was awkward. Then Elder Hafen also made a funny.  He was talking with a man from the Philippines and the man asked what Elder Hafen wanted to do when he was finished with his mission.  He told him that he wanted to get into engineering or nursing. That Filipino man looked at the both of us again with and weird look and repeated "Nursing???". We ended up having to explain more in depth about missionary work and what type of companions we were.  Also I have been fortunate to be on a bike most of my mission.  Well not many have had this blessing. This week as I was biking around with missionaries who have only been in cars or mostly in cars they have decided I turn into superman when I hop onto a bike!

Mom:  You better strap on those running shoes. There is not much running left but time might sneak up on you if you don't keep on it.  And yeah this week wounds like a full week.  Lots of fun things planned though.  I hope your neck starts to feel better and your muscles get in the right place.  You will have to send me a picture of your dalmatian self. Wow that is a lot of babies coming soon.  I do not know if you knew this but for a while I have been thinking I want like 6 kids but than this week I came to a great realization that I would be ok with 10 kids too. So now 6 is like my least amount I want to have. Its awesome I know! I love you mom!

Tay:  Wait in the area you were hunting you could only shoot 2 points. Not even anything bigger than that and nothing smaller?  Dang that makes it a little hard to get a deer. Yeah definitely let me know how things go with choir and the cabin! Love you Tay!

Audrey: Haha that is super funny that they locked you in the building.  That  does not sound like a very secure place if all you have to do is hide in the bathroom and you can be inside all alone and no one was able to help you.  The Temple looks amazing.  I got to see the pictures on and I am way excited to see it finished when I get back.

Tali: Sounds like you did a great job with taking care of the snake.  There are a lot of snakes here in GA. I have not seen many though.  All I know is if it is a black snake the people around here like them and keep them around and want them around their house because those are the king snakes.  They are not poisonous and the eat the poisonous snakes.  So if it is black leave it be if it is not most people kill them. I love you Tali!

G4: I feel like yall have had a lot more days out of school already than I ever did.  Another big weekend!  And what a sensitive nose you have!?  Cinnamon Cranberry sounds like a great smell too.  And awe yes did mom tell you she was taking you for ice cream?:) (My sneaky way to get them to flu shots)  I love you Grace!

Dad: Sounds like there are some real prospects for your hunt in November with the bucks that you saw.  There are so many deer over here they are allowed  to shoot 6 in one year. However, they are not nearly as impressive and the Mulies out west. Hunting here is also lame and just sitting in tree stands. Good luck with the yearly planning. I love you Dad!

Love yall!

Elder Legg

10/17/17 Pumpkin Snickerdoodles & Service

Hey Everyone!

Alllllllllrighty then! This is how my week went.  I went on a couple of exchanges, helped with a lot of service, and had a blast!

First off with some of the Service we went and volunteered as a district at a food pantry for another church. They are called the Bridge Ministry.  Every Saturday they go and set up a church under a bridge in Augusta.  That is were they have their services. They do baptisms in a horse watering trough.  We were able to talk a lot with the pastor and he is truly a huge hearted guy.  Heloves the children especially.  They even go to the Philippines every year to help the children there. They were super kind though and heart broken when they found out that Thanksgiving is coming up but that we will not be with our immediate families.  They told us that they are going to have us over for Thanksgiving and that they are part of our families now. He was adopted into a LDS family when he was young and told us that he then had the power to adopt LDS youth into his family!:p I loved going and seeing the days we were able to make while we helped those in need.

 Also that same day we went with another pair of elders to help them do yard work with an elderly lady.  I had the job to dig holes to plant blueberry's.  Well this GA clay is not fun to dig in and it is really a pain when where I needed to dig a hole there was a massive rock.  I spent most of my time trying to get that out of the ground.  I eventually did too by the end.  I felt quite accomplished that day.  We were able to get so much work done for that lady.  Far more than she could have in a weeks worth of time and she was so grateful.

Then the next day there were some people that asked for our help in moving.  We used that moving expertise that we have built up on the mission.  It was not too much stuff, but more so that we had to hike it all up stairs and a hill around the house.  Not fun, in the end though, they had a treat for us.  This treat has changed my life for the better! Not as much as the Gospel of Jesus Christ but still changed it for the better.  It was Pumpkin Snickerdoodles.  If you ever see some, try them, I highly recommend it!

On one of the exchanges I was on too I had these super awesome plans set up and then they were all ruined by a flat tire. The Elder I was with as we rode through construction ran over a staple.  It was not pretty but we were near a member's house who were home and able to help us out.  God is Good!

Mom: I hope your tooth gets all figured out and that it can actually be permanently worry free.  That is awesome you did not freak out though. (Yea right!!)Yeah I bet you were freaking some but you made it sound really chill.  The pastor showed us some pictures and I did not see any trolls under the bridge?  Their motto is that Christ has no walls and neither do they.
Pdays on Tuesday are fine. Mondays are hard now because I am ready for a break after Sunday and then I have another hard day of work. Plus that makes Transfers take up our pdays now.  Haha yeah we had some fun making those videos.   Soccer sounds fun but aggravating and I am glad you cheered against Skyview a lot!:p  Only 300 miles left to run? That is only like 100 a month for the rest of the time I'm out. That is awesome mom! I love you mom!

Tay:  That is sweet you scored the game winning goal for the last winning game of the season! It sounds like you kicked it up these last couple of weeks.  So is our football team good this year?  Or do we just have a weak area?  I love you Tay!

G: How do you feel you did as you found out the poem was actually an audition?  I hope you put some effort into it!  I love you Grace!

Tali: Holy cow sister I have heard of that before and that is quite an honor to be picked for that. Like wow I am super impressed!  That does sound like a bummer about money though.  If you do have a chance though take it I bet you would love it but you have some time to decide.  Congratulations though.  I love you Tali!

Travis: That is way sad about the cats.  I am glad you stayed strong about the puppies though.  That is a lot of money!  Dude send me a picture of your new hair cut?  I am going later today to get mine cut too.  Yes please keep working on those tummy muscles.  Haha I have been lucky enough to not get too many bad poops on the mission.  Although once about a year ago my poops were like loogies it was nasty and  a little alarming.  I love you Trav!

Audrey:  That is super sad about Buddy.  I knew he would be having trouble this winter especially after the hard one yall had last winter.  I was really hoping he would make it until I got back though.  I am glad Trav talked some sense into you about the puppies though.  Have a great week!

Dad: I am super glad your presentation went well.  It sounds like a lot of work went into it.  And I would have been pretty nervous presenting to such High ups.  That story about the cow though is really amazing I wish it would have allowed you to help it some more though.  I do not see many cows here mostly dogs and cats.  Most missionaries are scared of and dont like dogs.  for the most part I do not worry about them though.  Like yesterday we got rushed by dogs and the Elder I was on exchanges with stopped and I walked right to it and petted him.  I think the biggest problem is most missionaries just do not understand there is a difference in the approach of a friendly dog and a vicious.  Good luck with the hunting this week!!! I love you dad!

Love yall!

Elder Legg

Looks like my Halloween package arrived safely 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Preparation Days on Tuesdays From Now On 10/10/18

Hey everyone!

Every Preparation day from now on will be on Tuesdays for me. This is when I will email.

Alright this week was great!  We had a lot of things happen to bless our efforts and also had a good time while doing it!  First off this past week was great. We had two investigators come to the Sunday session of Stake conference and they really loved it. One is pregnant and due in Nov. Also she lost a baby just less than a year ago. She really connected with some stories about a set of foster parents. They spoke on how living the gospel brings blessings that God will and wants to give us when we live the Gospel! Theirs was that they had a baby boy they were fostering and hoping to adopt. They got attached and things for adoption did not work out.  There was a hole in their life but in less than 24 hours they got a call about a baby they could adopt immediately and that hole was filled. The Lord looks out for those who live in Faith and heed His commandments!

Every week we do a community bible study and this past week we had a crazy lady come in.  She was very aggressive with her comments and was yelling at the top of her lungs.  she was telling us that she was speaking for God and that he was angry with us all. That we did not know what he wanted us to do and that by reading the scriptures we will never know what he wants.  Well I just want everyone to know she was wrong.  If you need an answer from God or even just direction in your life from him Go to the Scriptures they were written for our day! They will help you and answer your questions. They were are and always will be the word of God!

Oh also Elder Hafen is RUDE! We were biking along and there is a place with lots of road construction.  Well I came up to it and they were finishing some sidewalks.  It was still wet and so I hopped off the sidewalk. He was behind me and rode  right through it!!!!!! Now there is a nice gouge right in that part of the sidewalk from bike tires.  I felt bad for the workers!  Elder Hafen in his defense though is color blind and could not tell the difference between the light dry grey and the dark wet grey cement.  It is a great moral story though.  Trust in God even when we do not always know why he guides us this way or that. It may even be the more inconvenient path for us personally but I promise it will be for a greater benefit because he sees better than we do the slightness in colors or slightness in happiness that can be provided for us and those around us.

 Mom:  Man teaching and missionary work sounds very similar with all of the new "curriculums"  we get to be trained on.  That sounds like an eventful game to have been at for senior night.  Also that is messed up with G4 you definitely need to get that changed! I love you mom!

Tay: Dude your poster looks sweet and glad that Skyview was beaten!  Man I hope you are doing well! If you ever need anything  I hope you know you can send me a letter any time and that I love you!

Travis: Dang that sounds like quite the mess at work.  None of the diseases are contagious to humans though right?  And that sounds like quite the hassle but also like a pretty great job!  Bro I love you Trav!

Audrey: That is good you things are protected from the elements now.  What shed of theirs are you storing your stuff in? I am sorry to hear you are sick though that is never any fun!  I am not getting a flu shot this year and hope I do not have to get sick!  have a great week!

Tali: Wow that is a lot of people that came over on Friday! And that is a lot of people you babysat you are qualified for that?  And oh no sister September is too early for Halloween!;)  haha I love you Tali!

G4: Make sure to send me some pictures of your final product with you and phat boy? I am excited to see what your creative mind comes up with!  I love you Grace!

Dad: That friday sounds great! I love how you can take off work along with your boss and just hang out with the kids together. That is a great boss!  How are the horses doing? Have they been out a lot this summer?  And what tali doesn't like the rowdiness?  she likes the more slow pace since when? I look forward to the pictures of Rick's hunt and to hearing about yours I am excited to see what you get!  I love you dad!!

Love yall!

Elder Legg 

Travel Info!!  He's coming home January 22!!
Monday 22 January 2018
Delta Air Lines DL 1820
22 January 02:00 PM
Atlanta, (Hartsfield-Jackson Int) (+)
Terminal: S - Terminal South
22 January 03:59 PM
Salt Lake City, (Salt Lake City Intl) (+)
Terminal: 2 - Terminal Unit 2
Duration03:59 (Non stop)
Check-inDistance1,586 Miles
Booking statusConfirmed
ClassEconomy (L)
Baggage allowance2 Piece(s) for Tyson Eddie Legg
Seat23C (No smoking seat) confirmed for Tyson Eddie Legg
Flight mealFood for purchase
Monday 22 January 2018
Delta Air Lines DL 4509 (Operated by Skywest Dba Delta Connection)
22 January 05:20 PM
Salt Lake City, (Salt Lake City Intl) (+)
Terminal: 2 - Terminal Unit 2
22 January 06:35 PM
Boise, (Air Term Gowen Fld) (+)
Duration01:15 (Non stop)
Distance289 Miles
Booking statusConfirmed
ClassEconomy (L)
Baggage allowance2 Piece(s) for Tyson Eddie Legg
Seat16C (No smoking seat) confirmed for Tyson Eddie Legg
Flight mealNo meal service

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Conference & Cops Called

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome!

Well we did not get a lot of time to work this week because of General Conference.  We did however get to bike up and down River watch parkway 60 million times.  Not really that many times but most of our week was spent down that road.  This road is great for exercising.  You go up and then down and back up again.  It is more of a Hill than a road.  I have a love hate relationship with it especially by the end of the week when my legs are tired.  It was great!

Also we got to do some service.  It was to help out with some of the damage form Hurricane Irma.  There were some trees knocked over from the heavy gusts we had.  As part of the Mormon Helping Hands w e went and helped to drag the logs and branches that were being chain sawed off.  We could have had a huge bonfire by the end.

Well first off how did you like the shout out that President Eyring gave to that GA stake that helped out in FL for Hurricane relief??  Yeah that was the August, GA stake in which I am serving right now.  I was not able to go down with them but many went and served where they could.  
"Perfection in this moment is out of reach but reaching for perfection in every moment is always in our grasp"~ Elder Holland
"Small and simple things bring great things to pass and can also prevent us from feeling the light and warmth of Christ"~ Elder Stevens
"Comparison is Debilitating"~Elder Stevens
"Repentance is uplifting and ennobling. It is progression in life."~Stephen W. Owens
"The Book of Mormon touches every aspect of life...As you study it everyday you will make better daily decisions"~President Nelson
"Once you compromise your integrity it is very hard to get it back. Never do it, Not even once!"~Richard J Maynes
"Do not be acted upon by the doubts of others"~David F Evans
"Darkness is not a sign that there is no light only that you are not in the right place to receive the light"~President Uchtdorf 
"Take the Lords hand in your life as Encouragement"~Elder Rasband
"Faith always defeats fear"~President Eyring
"You can learn your greatest lessons in the hardest of times...struggles are to strengthen."~Stanley G Ellis
"When we choose to have Faith we prepare to stand in the presence of God"~Elder Hales 
These are just a few of the quotes I loved! I hope everyone who watched was inspired Like me!

This week we also had a wild game dinner put on by the stake.  There are some hunters that bring all of the meets.  They cook it all up and they feed 700+ people off of their year's worth of hunting.  It was great.  They would not tell us what all of the meats were though since they wanted everyone to be comfortable.  That is what they told me.   I loved it all!

Oh and we had the cops called on us!  We stay out until 9PM every night and so one night we were just walking around a neighborhood since we know people do not like to have their doors knocked on past dark.  Well someone thought we looked suspicious in our white shirts and ties and so they called the cops on us.  A cop rolled up and just asked who we were.  We told him and he said ok thanks have a great night gentlemen sorry to bother you!:p  

Mom: That is crazy about skyview! Dagum!  I watched Conference at a mixture of The Martins, the Smiths, and the church.  It was tons of fun and we get fed very well.  Yeah once again we have been strongly encouraged to get the flu shot, but I can not bring myself to do it!  So here comes another year without one.  Send me a picture of Tay's poster!  And  I love Chicken chili!  Yeah I figured I was going to miss that first bit of school right when I got back.  And ok that sounds fine. Yes I got the Oct package! Thank you! I love you mom!

Audrey:  Where are the pictures of Blue?  Do you know what kind of dog it is?  I had a pretty good week.  I hope you have a good one too! 

Tay:  It is always great when a homecoming game is spoiled by the away team! What makes this new place better than jump time?  Also I have never been to jump time so I wouldn't really know the difference?  I love you Tay!

Talia:  You sound like a little obsessed with Halloween!  Have you made them get the boxes down already? That sounds like a great costume.  a hammock?  Who got that?  Also do you have a phone?  

G4:  A border collie that is cool you will have to send me pictures!  And good job on finding the creative way to do your self portrait!  haha I love you Gracie!

Trav: haha bro your own leash that is sweet!   bro your job sounds pretty cool.  is it hard to get not get attached?  are you working at the same place we adopted Hershey?  bro I love you Travis!

Dad: That is so cool about Elder Pingree. And yes I loved all of conference!  I know I had my questions answered and felt the spirit of Gods love for me! That sounds like a sweet dog yall are looking into getting.  haha you will have to send me some pictures!  I love you Dad!

Love yall!
Elder Legg

Jenny Phillips sent these to me from the GMM Facebook page