Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Feeling Super Old, Baptism, & Eyebrow Waxing (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Happy Memorial Day

This week not to much happened, but it was a good week with what did happen.  I feel like a super old man today because I am so sore from playing football at the Elders quorum  activity that we were invited to.  Elder Hiatt and I both played well, but are paying for it now!

Another very fun thing that happened this week is Elder Hiatt and I got our Eyebrows waxed. We also helped a family move.  I am grateful to have been taught how to work and figure things out and do things from a young age, because the people, and other missionaries with me could not even operate a ratchet strap. That was quite the experience!

And Last but not least, we were able to attend, and be a part of a baptism this week for the Bales children, Logan and Jasmine.

Mom:  We will probably get a nice meal out this week.  Yes I loved the catfish and gator and yes the gator was very similar to Hagermans.  Yes gator is a common food here, but at the same time no.  It is sold in a lot more places here than out west, but still not to many people order it, as in many missionaries haven't tried it and even a good amount of natives haven't had it.  Tell dad that I have actually met a Scooter down here they really do exist! Good Job mom you are  a Super Teacher!!!! (my class killed our state testing)

Tali: Oh no you don't! You don't get to stay up any later and you had better still be watching PBS kids early when I get home. You aren't allowed to grow up while I am gone silly!. And you better not grow up cute stuff!! Driving to church with dad on Sunday what?

Tay: Dude you finally got you license, Nice!  what is Joseph up to now a days?

G: The most boring summer ever? You are not even a week in yet!! Find something fun to do!

Yeah I have the tie he is wearing in that picture.  And I got it as a gift while I have been out.  And haha that is funny! (Kayla, his cousin, asked where he was this wknd at a wedding we all went to, I slugged her)
 Love you mom have a great week!
Love you all!

Elder Legg

Dylan wearing the same tie Tyson got in GA. 

Jasmine and Logan's baptism
This is the sweet family that let Tyson Skype at their house
on Mother's Day
Joining a forgotten Pollen Tribe??

Taken over by aliens??

Nope, the boys are just waxing their eyebrows!
She is Sister Brain and she is the one who waxed us. She waxes her own and her comps all of the time and she asked and so I was  all for it.  I was going to get them waxed in Warner Robins by Sister Burns, but her wax spilt. Lots of sisters wax all of the time to themselves or others

Monday, May 23, 2016

I Ordered Some Good Old Gator and Catfish

Hey Everyone!

Ok so we had a dual zone, zone Conference this week which is a meeting with lots of missionaries.  There was a lot of new business taken care of during the meeting.  Our mission got TIWI's, little black boxes that train drivers and report bad driving to headquarters in Salt Lake.  This is to try and cut down on cost for car repairs.  Interesting fact: we are the last mission in the USA to receive them.  We also got new phones.  They switched plans, or something, and so all companionships got a new phone.  The old phones were on their last leg, and so beat up, but the new phones, the way they are configured, no one likes.  Oh well they look much nicer

Here are a few nice things that happened to us this week.  A sweet elderly couple took all of us missionaries to a very renowned fish fry called Ray's Millpond.  It is an old mill that someone converted into a restaraunt.  I ordered some good old Gator and catfish. One of the elders had never eaten anything like this, so he was having to ask how do you eat the catfish and was worried to try it.  There is a great big swamp out in the back that we got to go find Gators in for a little bit and there were some big suckers out there!  A member was very sweet to us and delivered pound cake to us one evening.  Elder Hiatt and I were invited to help a lady move by the Elder's quorum, and we were the only ones to show up, so we moved a lady and her three kids by ourselves.  We had some good amounts of rain come through this week, so on our evening runs we got poured on a few times, and when the rain comes so does the critters.  I had the beegeebees scared out of me by a 6 foot long snake dead on the side of the rode.  And had fun kicking little frogs as they hopped in our path.  We encountered some college LARPers in a  park yesterday who were very nice but not interested in the gospel.

The interesting things from this week.  We were attacked by a drunk guy, but he was wasted drunk so it was easy to...escape.  We were walking down a street and a man tried to spray us with rocks by peeling out of his drive way but we were unharmed.  We met one man that was a worshipper of Hitler and one that worshipped satan.

Mother: that is awesome about Parker's mission call, he will be in the mission of an Elder Benesh I am serving with right now. He lives a mile from the actual Fort Collins and he will be getting home around that time.  Yes it looks like Creed is growing well and you will need two beds soon. ok Love you MOM!!!!

G4: you got an award YAY!

Tali: what you mean they are going to let you graduate!?

Tay: let me know who is going to replace Mrs. Gull.  did you prepare for the mads tryouts?

It's me!!

Oldest house in Valdosta the house was here before the town was

Monday, May 16, 2016

Knocking on Doors Here I Come!

Hey Everyone!

Well the Georgia humidity is actually starting to hit now and it just makes you SWEAT. The temperatures are rising too and should be triple digits by next month.  Meanwhile I will be biking along and drinking lots of water!  Everyone just says it only get worse from here.

Well there was lots of good work going on here in Valdosta, but it has all finished up or died off and so it is time to find again!  Knocking doors here I come!!  This past week we spent a good amount of time in Hahira.  A little town a good ways outside of Valdosta.  So we were able to get lots and lots of biking done this week.  And not a speck of it done unsweaty.  Elder Hiatt and I are getting in better shape though as we go.  He has gained a good little bit on his mission, and wants to lose it, so we are both working on it together for motivation.  

Here is a fun thing about Valdosta I found out this week that ya'll might enjoy.  Valdosta is THE title town USA for high school football.  The two major schools here are Valdosta High and Lowndes County High.  (school systems are done here by counties.  So there are city and county schools.) Valdosta High is the Title school but Lowndes is another very high contender.  High school football is HUGE here!

 I met a few very nice members this week. One is a soccer coach who is tons of fun to be able to talk soccer with and he gave me 2 free soccer shirts from their club.  He is going to have us over for dinner and work with Elder Hiatt and I on quickening our first 12 steps.  Also a very sweet lady works at a southern store called Belks and she gets discounts so she bought us ties!! Very Kind of her!!!

Mom:  Glad you got my Card and yes I know that the Address is super funky, but I received your package so it does work!! There is a locker thing I get it from in the apt complex mailboxes. We get a key in our box and it is to a package locker. And yeah it was slightly melted, but I just stuck it all in the fridge for a few hours before we opened anything!  Wow that is way good Mom! 4th place is not a bad position at all! Elder Hiatt and I run 2-4 miles every night.  (My first 5K with Tali)

Tali:  Well 1st place for Mill Creek is pretty good girl I will take It.  And how did mom respond to you throwing your food up? And yup you must be Travis and Taylor's sister because they throw up too after trying really hard in sports!

G4: I feel you. I do not like LA or writing essays for it!! Well actually just the writing essays for it LA is usually fine, but Essays are too much of it!  Tell Grandma and Grandpa hi for me!

Tay:  Hope the concert was good! Sounds like the weekend was good and ha oh gosh Joseph remembers our childhood much better than I do, so I am sure you got some good stories! And dude that is a messed up story. I am glad you stuck up for Hunter and your fam that is good, but next time try to find a more civil way of dealing with things man!!  I do not know if you ever remember, or knew, this but I got ISS.  I did not do anything, but that was the problem, there was bullying happening and I didn't stop it. It was 7th or 8th grade year this girl was getting picked on on the bus behind me and I got in trouble because I was a witness and did not confront or ask to stop so I got some ISS for 2 days and community service at lunch times for a week.  So I got into trouble and have felt bad ever since. So I am glad you stood up to it, you won't have to regret it like I did, but figure out a better way next time please!

Audrey:  Yeah I was in an old folks home the other day to visit a member and I could not handle working there. It was a sad looking place! And so was my name on the list?

Trav:  Ok trav so I have something for you to look up.  It is a PC game that will not be coming out for a while but I sounds sick and I saw a bit of a trailer for it and it looks sick! It is called "Lost Arc". Check out the trailer.  Ha yup just deep cleaned the apartment this morning so I feel you on the cleaning.    Yes, sweat, sweat and more sweat is what we do here and more is expected!! And of course everything is always about you!

We are headed shopping Love you mom!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Card

                And everyone wonders why he's the favorite!??!! :) 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Introducing Valdosta & Hardest Hitter Hiatt

Hey everyone!!

First off I want to give a huge shout out to all of you mothers out there.  Thank you for all of your support to your children through the years and being the amazing woman you are!  I love you mom and hope you were taken care of and that all mothers had a day of rest and luxury.  Happy Mother's day to all the hard working loving moms I know! Your kids love and appreciate you, I know because I do mine!

Ok fun story this week: Warning! Disclaimer! This story happened to me, but who I met and what he said was all hog wash and not to be believed!!!

 I met "THE"  reincarnated Jesus.  He is traveling the USA looking for his 12 chosen ones and he has found John already.  He walks the streets picking up trash and preaching trying to save the world again.  He has been resting in heaven and has awoken again since the wold is once again in an awful state.  Obama is pharo and has awoken every time more vengeful than last. He picked up a smashed beer can and put it in his teeth and shook it and splashed beer on his arm.  It got on our shirts when he posed for our picture.

Ok so I am now here in Valdosta. It is the farthest south you can go in my mission.  My proselyting area touches the Florida boarder.  Valdosta is the 5th largest city in my mission.  It is about 50,000 people, but over 100,000 with the small metropolitan surrounding towns.  It is an Air Force base town where the PJ's(parajumpers) are based out of.  The PJ's are the elites of the Air Force! Also the A10s are out of here.  I am on a bike and will be here most likely through the entire summer.  YAY!
This is the area that gets the hottest and most gnats through the summer being so southern.  My companion is Elder Hiatt and he is amazing.  He is from Mesa, AZ.  He played Football and won the hardest hitter award.  He played as a mean linebacker. We get along great are have been working hard and having lots of fun while doing it this last week.  We live in the ghettos but that is ok we get to play ghetto ball Friday nights with the boys from the hood after we get home for the evening.  There are lots of Vivint salesmen that float through here and are pretty chill.  One I met was a cousin of the Mills family from Middleton.  His name was Jason something?

Mom: Happy Mothers day!!!! I love you!!!!!! Dinner was with and at the Mellor's house, a young Utah couple in the military.  It was chicken-cor-don-blue and salad and corn bread with brownies and ice cream for dessert.  I loved skyping with you too. It was very sweet when you started to tear up at the end. And you almost made me cry!

Tali: MMM I love Mexican food and there is none as good here as there is in the west or from momma!

Trav: Dude that trip sounds of the chizang!  It was awesome to see you too and your gross engaged stage some!:p  I am glad you are safe and thanks for the compliment.

Audrey:  It was great to see you too and it's ok Travis is just a Goober.  Thanks for the prayers and happy future mothers day!

G4:  Glad you got your squid!! (We sent him this picture of the hat she HAD to have from Lagoon)

Love you all,
Elder Legg

2nd picture I was texted of the boys together
Elder Hiatt from Mesa, AZ 

"Reincarnated Jesus getting beer all over my back"
His necklace is made from weave extensions he found.
They can be found lying around, sometimes they gather together to
form a sort of weave tumble weed 

"Elder Hiatt & I" 

"Nice, rich, southern, house entry way!" 

"Flying rat or bat!!"

Biking Buds already

Mother's Day Skype Pictures

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother's Day Call!

I got this text from a Georgia number today with the picture.
He will be skyping at 12:00 pm your time on Sunday.

Monday, May 2, 2016

New Turtle Charge!!! (pics)

Hey everyone!!!!!!

YES I am getting transferred.  I find out tomorrow at 10 where and with whom!  I am completely in the dark this time.  Last time we had narrowing down factors of who was second half training and being transferred and a sister in the district was training so she went to the trainers meeting and saw who was there.  This time I will just be a regular junior comp so no real limiting factors this time.  I'm all done with training, been done for about a week and a half now!  I can be going anywhere, and having anyone except for those who are going zone leader or trainer.

New Turtle Charge 2!!! 60 years old & 400 lbs!!
Ok the details of what is going to happen on Mother's Day! Are you ready for this mom?  Well I do not completely know because I will be somewhere new.  But the deal that was set up for here in WR is that on Mother's Day I get to text you a few hours before the call and get your skype info, set up a time to skype you, and then skype with you!

This week...
Well I did lots and lots of walking this week!  I went on 4 exchanges in one week and every time I went or stayed anywhere the car was with the other elders.  Plus Elder Buckley's tire is popped and so we could not ride anywhere either!  We were picked up by 2 different RM vivint salesmen from Rexburg and Provo.  Something cool with that, we had seen a vivint car with a Utah plate and put a note saying "We know you are one of us. Love, the Elders" and that was one of the people who picked us up and they were LDS.  The problem with walking a lot this last week is that we have already been reaching up to 97 degrees with over 70 percent humidity.  In that weather you just kind of bake on people's' door steps! Something fun that happened yesterday is we got to go to the Perry ward.  The WR church building had the electrical wires chewed through by squirrels and is wigging out with the lights and has no AC and other stuff.  So the first and second ward of WR met with the Perry ward! It is kind of sad when 3 wards still is smaller than our one ward back in Idaho.  The ward has been very kind to me here even though I have only been here a short time.  I have received gifts for my service here.  

Mom: That is awesome what they did for the FX stuff and how was the last of Gaye's  shows?  As I said I don't know where or who I will be with till tomorrow?  I am glad things are panning out for work.  I will talk to you soon!!!!

Tay: Wow man that is awesome about youth council!  The soloist usually are not great.  That will be tons of fun seeing the Heads. Did you get me a sweet JAcket???

Tali: Wow sweet sista your little legs can move you that fast what the heck???? In the real thing make sure to get that first place!;)

G: How is tennis going? And do not be a ding dong and take crap to school! You hear me?

trav: I am so excited to see that movie when i get home you should make mom get it so they have it when I get there! And feel better if you are not already!

Audrey:  I am so looking forward to getting back and going to temple square and the other sights down there again so I am glad that you enjoyed it!

No, that was not near me but there are always strong winds and trees falling and puncturing roofs. That is part of Georgia.  (Storm I saw on the news)
I might do the swim suit thing I don't know I will debate it. Yeah I know i got a pic of it, it was cute! (a life sized cut out of him attending Trav's wedding)  And haha yeah stinkin young adults am I right? And what the heck this is really going to happen??   And so I have tried email and to figure out the dropbox thing for that dang video thing and cannot figure any of it out so did you get the written response at least?
Elder Legg

The District
The District Dudes

Cool sign I saw