Monday, May 16, 2016

Knocking on Doors Here I Come!

Hey Everyone!

Well the Georgia humidity is actually starting to hit now and it just makes you SWEAT. The temperatures are rising too and should be triple digits by next month.  Meanwhile I will be biking along and drinking lots of water!  Everyone just says it only get worse from here.

Well there was lots of good work going on here in Valdosta, but it has all finished up or died off and so it is time to find again!  Knocking doors here I come!!  This past week we spent a good amount of time in Hahira.  A little town a good ways outside of Valdosta.  So we were able to get lots and lots of biking done this week.  And not a speck of it done unsweaty.  Elder Hiatt and I are getting in better shape though as we go.  He has gained a good little bit on his mission, and wants to lose it, so we are both working on it together for motivation.  

Here is a fun thing about Valdosta I found out this week that ya'll might enjoy.  Valdosta is THE title town USA for high school football.  The two major schools here are Valdosta High and Lowndes County High.  (school systems are done here by counties.  So there are city and county schools.) Valdosta High is the Title school but Lowndes is another very high contender.  High school football is HUGE here!

 I met a few very nice members this week. One is a soccer coach who is tons of fun to be able to talk soccer with and he gave me 2 free soccer shirts from their club.  He is going to have us over for dinner and work with Elder Hiatt and I on quickening our first 12 steps.  Also a very sweet lady works at a southern store called Belks and she gets discounts so she bought us ties!! Very Kind of her!!!

Mom:  Glad you got my Card and yes I know that the Address is super funky, but I received your package so it does work!! There is a locker thing I get it from in the apt complex mailboxes. We get a key in our box and it is to a package locker. And yeah it was slightly melted, but I just stuck it all in the fridge for a few hours before we opened anything!  Wow that is way good Mom! 4th place is not a bad position at all! Elder Hiatt and I run 2-4 miles every night.  (My first 5K with Tali)

Tali:  Well 1st place for Mill Creek is pretty good girl I will take It.  And how did mom respond to you throwing your food up? And yup you must be Travis and Taylor's sister because they throw up too after trying really hard in sports!

G4: I feel you. I do not like LA or writing essays for it!! Well actually just the writing essays for it LA is usually fine, but Essays are too much of it!  Tell Grandma and Grandpa hi for me!

Tay:  Hope the concert was good! Sounds like the weekend was good and ha oh gosh Joseph remembers our childhood much better than I do, so I am sure you got some good stories! And dude that is a messed up story. I am glad you stuck up for Hunter and your fam that is good, but next time try to find a more civil way of dealing with things man!!  I do not know if you ever remember, or knew, this but I got ISS.  I did not do anything, but that was the problem, there was bullying happening and I didn't stop it. It was 7th or 8th grade year this girl was getting picked on on the bus behind me and I got in trouble because I was a witness and did not confront or ask to stop so I got some ISS for 2 days and community service at lunch times for a week.  So I got into trouble and have felt bad ever since. So I am glad you stood up to it, you won't have to regret it like I did, but figure out a better way next time please!

Audrey:  Yeah I was in an old folks home the other day to visit a member and I could not handle working there. It was a sad looking place! And so was my name on the list?

Trav:  Ok trav so I have something for you to look up.  It is a PC game that will not be coming out for a while but I sounds sick and I saw a bit of a trailer for it and it looks sick! It is called "Lost Arc". Check out the trailer.  Ha yup just deep cleaned the apartment this morning so I feel you on the cleaning.    Yes, sweat, sweat and more sweat is what we do here and more is expected!! And of course everything is always about you!

We are headed shopping Love you mom!!!


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