Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lizard Earring & My 1st Healthy Meal (pic)


Well this week has been very long. Elder Hiatt and I had lots of set appointments that no one bothered to show up to, so that forced us to do a lot of knocking.  And just staring at doors all day can get really old  really fast.  That is what we seemed to do most of the days of this week.  One day we did help some friends of a member move and they fed us some good food for lunch. We also found some lizards in their house that we caught for them.  These lizards clamp on to things, so I put one on as an earring---see photo below. 

Here is a tip for anyone who desires to either move to the south, or visit the south.  Do not bring or use fruity scented Shampoo or body wash.  Elder Hiatt had to get new things of both products and chose fruit scented.  He loves the smell, and so do the gnats!  The gnats will swarm you if you smell like fruit. 

 I had my very first healthy meal while down here in the south this week. It was grilled chicken, strawberry salad, and coconut milk brown rice.  It took someone from southern California in the Air Force to get that healthy meal. 

There is also a way of eating potatoes, salty potatoes, down here that I haven't had in Idaho, and that surprised me. When I tried it I knew why we don't use it in Idaho. It tasted quite rotten. Oh and there is a member here that is from Emmett, ID.

Our mission President will be President Grayson next time I email.  President Cottle went around this week with miny zone conferences and said his goodbyes to everyone. Him and Sister Cottle leave the 30th at 10:00 A.M. President Grayson officially takes over the 1st of July.  

I hear that the heat in the west it up pretty high right now all over.  Elder Hiatt's family has been dealing with 118* weather down there in the great AZ.  We had a family go back to UT from here on vacation.  When they got back they said it was hot, but they sweat 3 times as much down here.  Also that is cool someone from there is going to the Las Vegas West mission, because the Page's son from here just left to over there.   

Mom: Meetings during the week that is crazy talk, of course people are going to forget or be busy. (We forgot a meeting Gracie had, Tyson was trying to make me feel better about it) And well I am glad you were able to learn more about mathing and that your class is helping you. I can't remember if I told you that Aunt Donna sent me a bday card and money.  Don't worry I already sent a thank you letter! :) I try to do that right away.  I got Grammy & Gpa's bday letter and money, but I couldn't read their return address so I mailed their thank you to you, can you please get it to them for me? And Uncle Lance sent me a card and money this week. And so did cousin Cindy. I got Cindy's thank you out and Lance's will get out tomorrow. The venue for the wedding looks nice! I am guessing that is Audrey's aunts? And I forgot my camera so no other pics this week.

G4: Oh man what is Jo doing for 2 months?

Tay: Man I was just talking to another missionary from Idaho the other day about the Boise Music Festival.  Sounds like it was a blast this year. Dang son did you get fat?;)

Trav: All of that travelling and hard working you must be making the big bucks by now?

Elder Legg  


"Lizard Earring and sweaty, nasty, professional mover Elder Legg"

"Here is President Cottle's picture from leading a choir in General Conference  from like 2007? That is the president leaving, he taught at an institute in Logan"

Monday, June 20, 2016

Birthday Fun (pics!!)

Happy Fathers day to All fathers!!

I want to thank my dad for being an amazing father figure in my life and role model to many around him. He has taught me far more than I had ever realized and he will forever be my superman!

Well the big news for this week is that our mission, the last few transfers, has been shrinking in numbers and so a few areas have closed down recently.  Elder Hiatt has a really bad knee with no miniscuss and needed surgery two years ago, but decided to come out and not worry about it.  Recently he did something, and his knee popped, and has been in pain riding bikes.  He talked to President Cottle and we now have a car here in Valdosta.  It is a car share, so we get it Wednesday-Saturday. It has been great this last week!

Something that I found out while eating at our Bishop's house this week is that he was a rocker back in the day, and almost made it big.  He has CD's and gave all of us one.  He also shared some of his Guitar shredding talent with us.  He is crazy good!!  He had some way long hair and was rocking the soul patch.

Thank you all so much for all of the cards, gifts, and birthday wishes!!

This week we also did what feels like service all week.  We did our usual food bank volunteering, then we moved 4 different house holds, and we spent some time volunteering with the Red Cross and Valdosta fire departments on grants they earned. 
Mom: Thank you for the great package and I am so glad I can trust you to shop for me.  Many of the missionaries were shocked I let you do that, because they do not trust their moms to shop for them.  Good luck at class this week.  I do like the tie it is great!  And wow that is cool 75 years of Captain America. (That's his super hero, Trav's is Superman & Tay's is Batman)  And ahh 4th of July already what the! Oh and also I took pictures of me opening all of my gifts from you, like we do at home, but is would take too long to send them all, so I just sent the Captain AM one!:). 

Tali: Wow you are having way too much fun up in Seattle and you  need to stop it right now! ;) 

G4: Sounds like your weekd was a blast and that you just partied it up!

Tay: I feel you on the soreness man from moving all of the people I did this week. And with Elder Hiatt and I being the muscles of the operations, we got pretty much everything to move. There were 2 deacons, up to my waist, working together to move a dolly with one box on it.  There were elderly ladies, like 2 or 3 at each house we moved.  And one elderly gentleman at each house. It sufficeth me to say the people we moved had solid furniture and plenty to go around.  Elder Hiatt and I's forearms and bicepts are shot!!!! 

Trav: Happy Fathers day to you too! II love being a missionary we get included on all celebrations. we got cookies and brownies with the fathers yesterday during priesthood.  What is it even that you are doing? I have not heard any of what happening with you for a bit?
Goodmorning Baltimore!!!!  Everyday is like and open door!!! That is a song. (One of his friends is headed there on his mission)

Love you all!

Elder Legg  

It is a small town cute old orchard and creamery

Tifton West Zone Conference
May 17, 2016
Tyson is 2nd from the left on the back row







Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nigerian Food in Georgia (pics)

Hey everyone!

After the transfer calls we found out that no one from my district is moving we are all staying in Valdosta. So I will be with Elder Hiatt as he finishes off his mission this Transfer. So you can use my same address as before.

What is going on down in Georgia? Good question!  Well it is getting super hot and stinky!!  This past week we got up to 109 degrees here and plenty of humidity to go around.  It feels like a wall when you walk out the door.  There are days here Elder Hiatt and I look more like Dalmatians with sweat spots than missionaries.  Sometimes the spots will even disappear because they have slowly started to grow together and makes it look more like we just won a wet tshirt contest. The stinky part is mostly the amount of road kill there is here.  And whatever else is always rotting in the woods around us.  Plus when it gets hot the stench intensifies and spreads worse.  Our apt. smelled awful for a few days because we both ended up riding through an exploded 5 day old bloated cat that got all over our wheels and bike frames.  We sprayed them off with a hose with no success of getting rid of the smell.  All I can say is it was a good thing we have lots of Glade spray!  We also did some more service this week with raking and it was a dog's back yard that has never been cleaned so that stunk and got on our shoes, and hands, and clothes, and who knows where else?

Oh I forgot to tell you guys I did not have to go to Africa to have African food!  There is a family here, the Omentundes.  The husband is from Nigeria and his sister was here this last week and they fed us Traditional Nigerian food.  The sister was wearing a shirt just like the ones Trav brought home for the family.  The food was eaten with our hands and it was a chicken stuffed with collards and melon seed mush, and I do not know what? And they had pepe that they had us all eat a large spoonful of and Elder Hiatt and I did fine with it, but the other two almost died.  It was hilarious!!! They knew what fufu was, and they loved Ghana, and I was able to talk about some things with them because Travis had filled me in on stuff. They had way strong accents. He married a Georgia girl maybe he was here for school?
Nigerian Food

Really BIG Leaves

Also Sister Evans is training this transfer. (She's from our town)

Mom: I will send a picture of the desk decoration. And no it is not moonshine, and even though the way moonshine is done down here is super illegal I have connections to get some. :p Yeah moonshine is a huge illegal market down here all over south Georgia! I am a westerner to Georgian, but still a Yankee. Anything past the Mississippi is West, and anything North of Virginia is Yankees.  But everyone not from the South are still Yankees. I got your little package to thank you!

Tali: Wow you lucky girl make sure to have fun and to make the trip easier for Grammy and Grandpa NOT harder!  Yeah and Legoland was way sweet I forgot about that!

Tay: Dude those movies looked like they were supposed to be sweet. I was mad I was having to miss them, but I will see them in a few months right no big deal.  Have fun at open field for me, I miss soccer man!

G: Hey one of the members of the ward we ate with last night had a litter of 7 kitties while they were at church.  And man girl that joke is funny! I told it to all the missionaries here in Valdosta already! Thanks for sharing it!

We are way close to Tallahassee so that must be why your letter was postmarked from there?   I'm sending a picture in a sec of the decoration! Haha it is good sized. And yeah old man Cooper from Douglas made it for me.  He has tons of stuff!!!!  He comes down and takes us out to lunch sometimes.  He knows Hiatt and has a wolf Shepherd dog and he loves himself the South. He is a Vietnam vet with ptsd. Which makes him all the more funny to talk with. He just had heart surgery this last week, but he still came and saw us. Someone ticked him off so he doesn't go to church because of hurt feelings, not testimony.

Desk Decoration that Cooper made for me

We have a dinner I do not remember with whom?  I didn't set anything up with anyone here. Brother Jones is coming down on Wednesday though. :)

 Yes that is the tie that matches Dylans. That is a Georgia map. Every apt I have been to has lots of maps of Georgia, the town you are in, and the mission.
I love you too!!!<3
Hey Dad Love you good luck! sending you Card soon!
Well mom I have to go I love you and have a great week!!!<3

From Elder Hiatt:
Hey sister legg this is elder hiatt!! What is tysons favorite cake? I wanna do something nice for him for his birthday and was curious about what he likes?

Monday, June 6, 2016

You and Your Companion Look Like Dalmatians with Your Sweat Spots

Ok so I have good and bad news.
Good: My birthday is coming up on the 14th, next Tuesday
Bad: Transfers are the 14th, next Tuesday

What this means is, I will not know what is happening with me until Saturday the 11th at 1 pm.  My advice to all would be wait on sending packages, if you have not sent them already, because if I move anything that comes here will take a very long time to get to me, and anything that does get here on time just means more I will have to pack or to leave or pack, so it would just be better to wait till next week on Monday when I tell you what's going on. It would be very gracious to just get stuff a week or two late.

Want List
1. Clothes: ties, slacks(32x30, creased front, slimmer fit, brand not to worried about, but I am liking the Brandon whatever brand we got from Gordmans and colors:black, grey, blue, I would even wear brown doesn't matter too much?) & no dress pants and jeans are opposite for me. I mean 32x30 for slacks. For jeans I am a 30x32, but slacks run different for some reason. Yeah, I know it is weird with the pants thing, but I discovered that when we were at Gordmans and I was trying things on.), Athletic shorts(Basketball and soccer style), Socks(dress and Addi ankle),
2. Money (to buy wanted clothes instead of sending them, and soccer ball)
3. favorite card or board games
4. pictures

Ok so this week a few really gross things have happened.  First we were called by a guy  to give a blessing, and when we got there the house was pretty worn down.  When we got inside is was even worse due to him owning TWELVE inside cats.  Everything was scratched, stained, and hairy.  The air was so foul and stale it had a heaviness to it as you tried to breath.  The second thing was/is by our choice.  Elder Hiatt is 5'9", just like me. And he is convinced he has more to grow, and so he tries new ways to help him maximise his potential to grow.  One thing is that a member looked this topic up and ordered us a special root powder.  We take it each night in a cup of warm milk.  This powder is some kind of Indian growth remedy thing, and it is some of the worst tasting stuff I have ever had. It makes you want to throw it right back up as soon as it hits you tender taste buds. YUCK!! Anyone who knows me though, knows I will not back down from a challenge, so we continue to take it.

Something pretty cool is that a mamber also ordered somthing else for us from Ancestry.com called an ancestryDNA kit.  So I did it, and got it all sent in, and in 6-8 weeks I will get the results of what all nationalities I have in me, or something like that.

This week we have had to drop a lot of investigators because they have stopped progressing and keeping their commitments.  As a district we have been praying and fasting for help finding people, and as companionships we have been seeing miracles.  Just from Elder Hiatt and I, we have had to drop lots of people this last week, but each time a we have dropped a person someone new finds us.  People have pulled over in their cars and stopped us to make appointments and ask to see us.

A few nice things that happened this week is we did some service of raking a yard this week.  And raking is a whole new chore here in GA with all of the trees compared to ID.  Plus the heat does not help any either, or the humidity.  The most fun thing I have found though, is when it is a hot and humid day as you tract, and you and your companion look like dalmatians with your sweat spots, and you can watch them grow and start to connect.  Then a giant, nasty, cold, rain storm blows through and drenches you for a few hours. Then to finish things off, the sun comes out hotter than before, and due to the rain it is 200% humidity.  That is how we spent our Saturday. It really was fun since we made the best of it.  It helped too that the Elders Quorum invited us out to play football with them that morning to start our day off right.

Mom: So are you ready to be jealous???? Because I had a virgin strawberry Mojito this week and it was delicious!!! (I drank them our whole trip to Mexico) Oh and also in my birthday package, I need you to send me out my second journal.   My first one is almost filled.  I know 19 crazy right?  Why didn't Tay or you go with them to the reunion? When I got the mojito I was at Red Lobster.  And also something great I got to eat was a true southern chocolate cream pie!!! You would have loved it!  It was super rich and delicious!!  Ok I will get the recipe!  Exercising is good, I am down to 160lbs.  As far as running goes president doesn't care as long as we get our daily planning done and to bed on time.  I did get Chance's nice announcement.  Oh fun fact that Gracie's email reminded me of when she said something about people she hasn't seen in awhile.  Aunt Yolanda in Savannah has reached out and said hi to me through another missionary that served there and knows her.

G: New kitties what the what? Didn't you just get cats?  And Gracie I would soooo take triple digit heat there over what I have here anyday girl!  Have fun at girls camp!

Tay: Yeah dude I want to get a soccer ball here so I can use it in the apartment or for P days! And yes dad will tend to do that waking people up early for no reason.  However, it won't hurt you man, and trust me when I tell you others can be pathetic when you get on a mission and their dad has not woken them up early and taught them useful work ethic and skills.  Things that are simple to use, are hard to near impossible to others, it is quite sad!

Tali: You are lucky you tan girl!! I have been able to get away without burning so far and not using sunscreen.  However, I have already reached my maximum tanness and am stuck where I am at. Plus the luck of the raffle proves your luckiness too!

Trav: I am glad you were able to enjoy the reunion and the heat of Utah unlike the other weenie children.  That play sounds sweet dude!  Love you too!
haha yes!:) I love you mom I am getting off!:)

Love you all
Elder Legg