Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nigerian Food in Georgia (pics)

Hey everyone!

After the transfer calls we found out that no one from my district is moving we are all staying in Valdosta. So I will be with Elder Hiatt as he finishes off his mission this Transfer. So you can use my same address as before.

What is going on down in Georgia? Good question!  Well it is getting super hot and stinky!!  This past week we got up to 109 degrees here and plenty of humidity to go around.  It feels like a wall when you walk out the door.  There are days here Elder Hiatt and I look more like Dalmatians with sweat spots than missionaries.  Sometimes the spots will even disappear because they have slowly started to grow together and makes it look more like we just won a wet tshirt contest. The stinky part is mostly the amount of road kill there is here.  And whatever else is always rotting in the woods around us.  Plus when it gets hot the stench intensifies and spreads worse.  Our apt. smelled awful for a few days because we both ended up riding through an exploded 5 day old bloated cat that got all over our wheels and bike frames.  We sprayed them off with a hose with no success of getting rid of the smell.  All I can say is it was a good thing we have lots of Glade spray!  We also did some more service this week with raking and it was a dog's back yard that has never been cleaned so that stunk and got on our shoes, and hands, and clothes, and who knows where else?

Oh I forgot to tell you guys I did not have to go to Africa to have African food!  There is a family here, the Omentundes.  The husband is from Nigeria and his sister was here this last week and they fed us Traditional Nigerian food.  The sister was wearing a shirt just like the ones Trav brought home for the family.  The food was eaten with our hands and it was a chicken stuffed with collards and melon seed mush, and I do not know what? And they had pepe that they had us all eat a large spoonful of and Elder Hiatt and I did fine with it, but the other two almost died.  It was hilarious!!! They knew what fufu was, and they loved Ghana, and I was able to talk about some things with them because Travis had filled me in on stuff. They had way strong accents. He married a Georgia girl maybe he was here for school?
Nigerian Food

Really BIG Leaves

Also Sister Evans is training this transfer. (She's from our town)

Mom: I will send a picture of the desk decoration. And no it is not moonshine, and even though the way moonshine is done down here is super illegal I have connections to get some. :p Yeah moonshine is a huge illegal market down here all over south Georgia! I am a westerner to Georgian, but still a Yankee. Anything past the Mississippi is West, and anything North of Virginia is Yankees.  But everyone not from the South are still Yankees. I got your little package to thank you!

Tali: Wow you lucky girl make sure to have fun and to make the trip easier for Grammy and Grandpa NOT harder!  Yeah and Legoland was way sweet I forgot about that!

Tay: Dude those movies looked like they were supposed to be sweet. I was mad I was having to miss them, but I will see them in a few months right no big deal.  Have fun at open field for me, I miss soccer man!

G: Hey one of the members of the ward we ate with last night had a litter of 7 kitties while they were at church.  And man girl that joke is funny! I told it to all the missionaries here in Valdosta already! Thanks for sharing it!

We are way close to Tallahassee so that must be why your letter was postmarked from there?   I'm sending a picture in a sec of the decoration! Haha it is good sized. And yeah old man Cooper from Douglas made it for me.  He has tons of stuff!!!!  He comes down and takes us out to lunch sometimes.  He knows Hiatt and has a wolf Shepherd dog and he loves himself the South. He is a Vietnam vet with ptsd. Which makes him all the more funny to talk with. He just had heart surgery this last week, but he still came and saw us. Someone ticked him off so he doesn't go to church because of hurt feelings, not testimony.

Desk Decoration that Cooper made for me

We have a dinner I do not remember with whom?  I didn't set anything up with anyone here. Brother Jones is coming down on Wednesday though. :)

 Yes that is the tie that matches Dylans. That is a Georgia map. Every apt I have been to has lots of maps of Georgia, the town you are in, and the mission.
I love you too!!!<3
Hey Dad Love you good luck! sending you Card soon!
Well mom I have to go I love you and have a great week!!!<3

From Elder Hiatt:
Hey sister legg this is elder hiatt!! What is tysons favorite cake? I wanna do something nice for him for his birthday and was curious about what he likes?

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