Monday, April 25, 2016

Turtle Charge!! & Shell Phone (pics)

Hi Everyone!

This week was pretty good.  P-days are a lot better here than they were in Dublin, just because there are other missionaries close by to play sports or do whatever we decide on!  This last week we played every sport we had a ball for.  We played chair soccer, basketball, war ball(free for all dodgeball) volleyball, and a nerf war.

The next day we went on exchanges that went great.  We walked everywhere that day and it was a hot day! Things are starting to HEAT up here.  Burns and tans here I come!!!  Not only is the heat coming, but the critters and the insects are arriving as well!  The amount of gnats is crazy already and they have just begun, they are so annoying.  I have not had to buy any bug spray yet though because a member gave us a bottle of stuff to ward of the bugs.  It is called "skin so soft by Avon".

There is tons more roadkill now!  The main roadkills are Armadillos, Possums, Turtles, and Cats.  The other day we were going down the freeway and there was a turtle crossing so we stopped and rescued it!.  It was way scared and wazzed(Arizona talk) all over Elder Mortenson as he picked it up!

We played a game of us three white boys verse the Ghetto one evening that we did very well, if I do say so myself!!!

Buckley got sick this week after eating 2 extra large subs at a members and threw it all up later 5 times!!  He is all better now!

We taught the plan of salvation with a 3D presentation box that works great for children!!!!

Mom: Cool connection I met a cousin of Sam Head yesterday, Jared Brant.  He does business traveling and was here with a few of the members this week.  Man you found quite the treasure this week! And ha that's what tay gets for not blending in. I never brought toilet paper of shame to my family!!!!!!!!!!!!;) kidding.(We got toilet papered for the 1st time ever--some girls after Tay)  I am very glad that you survived your root canal! (It was wonderful--I was put under!!) And no I did not forget dad's bday yesterday, I wrote him a letter yesterday on the day and sent it this morning! I just was talking about the first God's Not Dead the other day I did not know they were making a second how was it?

Talia:  Well come on Cat whisperer  fix the problem you stinker! (cat keeps leaving) and that is very mean of the puppy!!!! (puppy bit her when he was going for Buddy)

Tay:  Dude what the heck why don't you have the FX whipped into shape? (show choir) And what is this about you getting our house teepeed?  Don't you know we have not had it toilet papered in years and years!!!!!!!!!!!! (17 to be exact!!) And what is all this time spent with this Halli chick???

G4: Well the shirts sound nice for FX this year. And wow the concerts and end of school is coming that fast??? It just started!

Audrey:  Wow First person well I guess because of that you have buttered my biscuits enough to say ok you can be my sister too!;)  That is some way exciting news and you should be floating on clouds right now!!!

Travis:  Wow a busy week for you man!!!! I'm glad you were able to hang out with Austin and that the wedding was good.  Dude the Temple grounds keeper would be so awesome!!  and yum fufu.  Haha did dad request that? Congrats on the Engagement man I love you so much!!!

Love you all,
Elder Legg

Transfers are May 3rd, so I would say don't sent mail after Wednesday this week. I will know next Monday if I am being moved.
Crazy but he warned me, so no surprise weird and cool all at the same time! He should look up and read the book "first date to chosen mate" by someone Yorgason.  It was in our apt here and we read it and I talks about pre marriage stuff that is was helpful and learned with Gospel standards. And it is only 137 pages. I read it out loud in 3 days of only reading it at night so he could breeze through it!! and yeah I knew it was coming but it still was weird to hear it and especially when she said "hope youre ok with a new sister"  that seemed crazy to me and is still hard to wrap around!
Yeah I heard, and I want a cut out in Trav's wedding!!!!:) (life sized cardboard cutout poster of Tyson)

I had to make up for last week's no pics and yes we got the package thank you so much for the hugs!! (we made & sent him paper hugs)
 Love you MOM
Elder Mortenson & I chilling 

Passion Flower we found in a lady's garden we helped

Pretty Flower in her garden too 
The ring was from first ward's ward mission leader he won it
and didn't want it and it fit me so I got it! 
It is salt lake temple, on my middle finger. 
One ring on both middles!
All pics of turtle same turtle we saved on the freeway!

"Turtle Charge!!!!"

"Shell Phone!!" 

One lucky turtle!! 

What to do when the investigators aren't home??
Take pictures! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Whereas I Have More Than $100 Left on Mine

Hello Everyone,

So being part of a three pad can be hard at times for teaching, but we have figured out a few ways to make things work! 
1.  Two of us switch off/on teaching principles and the third in transitions testifies of the truths that the other two have just taught. 
2.  We can keep kids attention really well with this(and some adults). We have a narrator and then the other two act out the message or lesson and we put on a play.  One house we even borrowed puppets and put on a show that way!

Well President and sister Cottle decided to pop in for church this Sunday.  That was quite the surprise, because Elder Buckley was giving a Talk and he and I were given a 2 minute notice before Gospel principles class that we were teaching and he attended there of course too.  Not intimidating at all.  

Here are a few fun things: 
1.  I was bit and punctured in the thumb by a cat that has aids.  Lucky me cat aids can only be given to other cats.

2.  People in Warner Robins fill up the food calendar like crazy!  We have all of April and most of May already signed up for.  

3.  Warner Robins is an Air Force Base so there are people here I have met that have been stationed in MT. Home Air Force Base in ID.  

4.   It is a little more than half of the way through the month and both of my companions put together have less than $4 on their pros. cards.  Whereas I have more than $100 left on mine.  Those silly gooses!

5.  This is a funny thing I heard this last week from a member to his daughter (she had been a stinker). "Do you need closet time? mean quiet time?"  He was worried we would report him or something!:p

mom:  Buckley is from Roy, UT.  Holy crap Taylor's hair is long and he looks so much like Travis!  Brother Jones is still killing me with kindness he came up and bought us dinner 2 nights this week! Love that Guy!! The town is good and large.  And Buckley is his always silly, goofy, crazy awesome self!  And what there is actually going to be a wedding!? And she is doing it with her fav nephew gone!:p (Tina getting married) And of course there is only good to say about trav and I.

G4: strayn is spelt strain, and brayn is brain silly goose!  and yes the cat looks very nice! (I hope he was being facetious with the spelt when he was correcting her spelling!!) 

talia: I wish I got too go to the dentist I want my teeth to be cleaner and whiter but I am taking way good care of them out here so hopefully that helps. and yes thank you for the reminder of dads bday but I have it marked. Elder Buckley's bday is the 26th.  and guess what? There is a Panera here too. I haven't been but I have seen it! 

Tay: The pics look great man and dang you look so much like Trav it is freaky!  Man who do you think I am I recognized and know every person in your group! Have you forgotten I know like everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

Love you all!!!
Elder Legg

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"L. E. Double G" Q & A

Dear Mother and Family,

Ok so first off story behind the other letters.  The young women must have done write a missionary or something because I got a letter that had 3 M3 notes in it.  I do not know any other way to get back to them other than getting the letters to you and having you distribute them.  If you could please get these letters to these 3 young women that would be great! Thank you! (His questions and answers are down below)

Well today was nice.  A lady is going to make me a red velvet cake to pick up on Friday!  She mentioned making one for an event & I mentioned they are so good and then she was like "Ok I'll make you one and you can come back on Friday and we can talk more and you can pick up your cake." Yay! Plus she invited us to dinner on Sunday!

More relationships I am able to make now that I have been here for awhile and people are more willing to feed me and I am figuring out how to more easily coax them into feeding me. :)  Members food is better tasting than mine (mostly) but I eat healthier on my own so either is a win!

I love you guys!
Elder Legg

Here are some of his answers to the questions from his letters.  They were too priceless to pass on to the girls without adding them to the blog first. 
What are the people like?
Well southern hospitality is a real thing! As part of being a missionary I talk to many people everyday.  These people are complete strangers, but still very kind, even when they are not accepting of us.  Just this evening we were out and we knocked on a lady's door and she was up front on no thank you I have my church but she still told us in a polite way and then still continued to talk to us for 30 more minutes.  After that she helped to point out all of the houses she knew people were not home in and then gave us bottled water AND asked for a prayer before we left.  That is an average encounter I would say and that is the good people here.  There are bad people too.  Drugs are sold and used heavily and many are on welfare and disability that do not need to be, they are just lazy.  Many of the accents are very cute!

What's the grossest thing I've eaten?
The grossest/worst/most glorious thing I have eaten is the hottest pepper in the world!!!  Boo yah!!  I brag now, but I was not bragging in the 3 days after partaking of it! I was in agony!!

Are there big spiders there?
Yes!  Not huge ones, but large ones.  The largest is a banana spider.  The bodies are about he size of a big watch face you see people wear.  The legs are longer and thick which makes it bigger and the web is thick and strong and feels super creepy!  On top of that they are super fast!

Have I picked up a snake?
In my lifetime yes, but on my mission no.  I know there are snakes because I have seen them run over on the road, but I have not ever seen a live one yet.  They do get good sized here though.  A member was telling me she came home to a 12 food long king snake across her driveway.

Why did I choose to serve a mission?
Because as Nephi, I too was born to goodly parents who taught me in the ways of the Gospel and dragged me to church as a child.  While in Primary I was taught to make the hard decisions now.  That is exactly what I did!  I decided I would not do drugs, or drink, or be immoral, and most of all that I would go on a mission. As the years passed on by, I learned more of the gospel and the happiness that it brings to all those who accept it.  This changed my decision to a desire!  Through my desire, my search for knowledge and truth led to the growth of my testimony.
I know that our Father in Heaven knows us and loves us.  That those who read and pray about the Book of Mormon will feel of its truth.  happiness comes from our choices to obey and follow and turn towards Him in heaven.  I love this church and know it is Christ's church restored to its fullness in these latter days.  These are but a few of the truths I have received a witness of.  Those are why I am serving a mission.  To serve the One I love and who blesses me beyond this world.  To bring joy and truth to our lost brothers and sisters.

What is my middle name?
My middle name is Eddie.  A name many great men of my ancestors have born before me.

What has been my favorite spiritual experience?
It happened this last weekend during General Conference.  We had a less active person we had been working with come to the last session.  Now I had been feeling the Spirit all of conference, but it was not until Oscar mentioned the beauty of the music that I had paid much attention, but the second I did I was overwhelmed by the Spirit with joy!

Do I speak other languages?
I speak English, mostly. But when we hit the ghettos I have to bring out my listening ears to interpret the language of the toothless, mumbling, Southern drawl.  Now that is a tough language to understand!! Now even though I've been called to a native speaking mission, there is a language every missionary learns.  That is the language of the Spirit! How to listen for and to those subtle promptings is the greatest gift and tool all of us have as Latter-day Saints.  The Holy Ghost is the true teacher though, and unless you speak in his language, hearts will not be changed!

Have I enjoyed serving a mission?
The answer is YES! 100% totally confident YES! In just my short time I have learned so much!  My testimony grows every step I take and to see the happiness I can bring to people makes my mission so enjoyable!

If I could have my own super hero and rapper name, what would it be?
Super Hero-- Golden Boy
Rapper Name-- L. E double G

I had fun answering these.  If you ever want to know anything else about Georgia or a mission feel free to ask I would be glad to help!
Elder Legg

Monday, April 11, 2016

Emergency Transfer & Drum Roll Please........ (pics)

Hello Everyone,

The biggest change this week is I am no longer in Dublin! I am now in Warner Robins 2nd ward with a 3 pad.  Here is the story:  Well I was part of an Emergency transfer this week.  An Elder from Lannet, Alabama went home due to medical problems so his companion needed someone or somewhere to go and President Cottle felt it right that Elder Wells, My companion, was needed up there.  This then left me alone.  I needed somewhere to go, and I was placed in Warner Robins 2nd ward with Elder Mortenson and... Drum roll please... bum bum bum...  Elder Buckley from Roy!!!!!:)  Heck Yes!!! For all of you who do not Know Elder Buckley and I were in the MTC together and are great buds!!!:)  So these next 3 weeks till transfers are going to be Awesome!  I got the call about the transfer Friday night at 9:30 and was transferred Saturday morning at 9:30, so fast notice.  The sister missionaries in Dublin will hold down the fort till transfers when other Elders I think will be put back in?  Cool thing:  it is a car share area so we get a car half of the week.  This will be nice because I experienced some fun winds this last week where you have to peddle to move when you are going down a hill. Plus While biking, the bugs are coming out and get squished by you running into them and through their swarms and they will give you bug spots on your white shirts  That is pretty annoying and gross. Also the animals are coming out and there is road kill all over that stinks! Mostly Possums and Armadillos.  I did not think I would see Armadillos here but here they are.  And I don't know If I told you guys about the ebonics here or not but something fun is that Street=Skreet, Stress=Skress, it's great=Skreat, Strong=Skrong.  Those are a few of the things that you must know in the south.  Oh My new address is 210 Southland Station dr. apt. 145 Warner Robins, GA 31088 It's a new town a lot larger!  It is north west of Dublin and basicly I think directly south of Macon?The ward is cool they feed us tons and are way more willing to help out!  and eh I miss knowing everything and everywhere, but oh well that is just going to happen. And people wise,  Bro Jones is going to come up and feed us still.  Warner Robins is not far from Dublin and he has a glass shop here and laundromat here also.  So he is going to come up 2 times this week and feed us and about once a week on other weeks too! He is so awesome!!

Mom:  Wow the animals are out of control!!! and sounds like dad must have been happy from the new toys he acquired!?  Ok sweet I'm glad they got there and thank you for taking care of those for me!! (letters to deliver)

Tali: I hear you are not just a babysitter but a puppy sitter to you crazy!

Tay: Haha that is a good way to answer! and yeah man it better be a good trained puppy when I get home you have 2 years!

G4: Of course you like the cat no one else does that is your thing girl you take in a care for the specials with your big heart. I am sorry to hear you puked!:/
gtg love you mom!

The boys are back together! 

And so happy about it! 

Monday, April 4, 2016


Hi Everyone,

SO all is well with us here in Dublin just some Alert texts, sirens, and a crazy tornado spawning storm!  Friday we had just finished Comp. study and we got a text alert saying Tornado Warning! Then the harsh rain that was already falling picked up and the wind.  Our apartment inspector from the mission called us and told us, "Hey there are tornados touching down in a triangle of areas, but you guys should be fine, you are on a far corner of that triangle."  Then an hour later, with conditions getting worse, and our back porch flooding and the little pond for our apartment complex flooding too, some missionary sisters called us from Warner Robins.  They told us the inspector's phone died and had told them to call us and let us know the storm had moved and we were now in the center of the storm and to stay indoors. YAY(sarcasm)!  Most of the day it rained and howled.  Elder Wells the whole tornado thing flipped a switch in him and he was pacing and flipping out and checking the windows like every 5 min.  I just read and studied.  We did end up going out that evening, because we were tired of sitting around.  The next day, we found out a few tornadoes did touch down damaging store signs, ripping off a military base and homeowners roofs, and blowing over a few semi trucks! WE are all SAFE though!!!

Wells likes to make and think of ideas for movies.  And I would say he knows tons about it. He does seem to know a lot about making and the ones made.  Big in the Justice League and Avengers.

Well I had my first official Interview with President Cottle and it went well.  So the largest part of the interview was the 42 principles.  These are all of the principle in which we have to teach to an investigator before they are baptized.  They are all about the restoration, plan of salvation, Christ's Gospel, Commandments, and ordinances.  We had to find a scripture for every principle and have the reference memorized with the principle it belonged.  Pres. Cottle would randomly pick a principle and you had to give him a reference and tell him what that scripture was about.  Then you would go to that scripture and teach him as if you were teaching an investigator.  I was asked about the fruits of the Holy Ghost: Galatians 5: 22-23, and enduring to the end: 2 Nephi 31:19-20.  Both I was able to ace! I did not have all of them memorized and he didn't expect me too since I am newly out, but I had the majority and he picked 2 I did know!

This week I got to meet my new district and they are all great! Sisters Bradford and Blackburn(just out of MTC) in Perry.  Sisters Countryman and Lunt in Cochran. Sisters Lee and Mitchey in Dublin.  At the District Meeting Elder Wells thought it would be nice to give me a training so I gave my first training. It was on Obedience and the Blessings that come form being obedient.

Great things this week:  we had 2 people pull us over to talk to us this week!  Both were less active members from Iowa and Milledgeville(a city North of Dublin).  Both want to come back to church and want us to start talking with them to refresh their memories.  I also had my first Investigator attend Church for a Conference session!

Conference was very enjoyable! The time is 2 hours ahead here, so the schedule is 12-2, 4-6, and priesthood 8-10.  Saturday sessions I watched all at the church. Sunday sessions we watched morning at a members and afternoon in the church. A few things that stood out to me was the enormous emphasis on families and their Importance to God.  That trials are given to strengthen us. One of my favorite things said came from President Uchtdorf  "The refiner's fire is not to change us into something that we are not, but to see what we are truly made of."  I hope that you were all who participated in this able to listen to the words of President Eyring in the start of the first Saturday morning session and "Open your heart to be good soil where a seed may grow and prosper."  I know that if you did this, your questions and prayers were answered, because mine were!

Random fact:  In the West we have mostly honey based BBQ sauce, and here in the South they have mostly vinegar based BBQ sauces.

Mom:  Weather here is 80's and mostly sunny and 70's on a cloudy rainy day and 60's when the weather really wants to get cold!:p  I have no idea of when I will be calling for Mother's Day yet? That is great you are a super star at the middle school already!! Jake needs to come and spray bugs here there are Plenty of spiders, roaches, and who knows whats?!

G4: I am glad you did not DIE! and General Conference is Awesome!

Tay: where did this asking Halli Valencia come from? And I like your Idea! Keep having fun in tennis!

Trav: haha sweet man glad you are having fun I was just being talked to about that game this past week by a member! and yeah we got to watch all of it! so that was way nice!

Talia: Hope your ears feel better and that your glasses come fixed quickly.

I love you all,
Elder Legg

Letter written 3/27/16
Dear Family,
Holidays on a mission are weird!  Or maybe it is just part of getting older too??  Nothing feels like a holiday anymore. There are no family, no traditions, and no excitement.  I know today was Easter, but it just feels normal.  It was last night before I realized that the kids were out egg hunting that morning and probably dying eggs.  Dang I should have bought dye.  I don't know how or when I would have had time to hard boil them though.  Remember this kids.....Enjoy it while you can!  We weren't even invited to a dinner tonight until this morning.  So we thought we would be all alone today.  That would have been sad stuff.  We do have candy to pass out to kids in church today though.
Elder Legg

Letter written 4/1/16
Dear Mother & Family,
 Well did dad wake everyone up & try to pull a joke on them like no school it a snow day or something? Because that is something he would totally do!  I am pretty sure that it is one of his top favorite days of the year.  Whether it's because if falls in the same month as his birthday or it's a foods day I do not know? :)

So it's not an April Fool'd day joke, a tornado hit Dublin today and that was fun!  We got a warning text and then the town's sirens went off and yup fun stuff!  We are safe and secure no worries mom.
Love you guys,
Elder Legg