Monday, April 4, 2016


Hi Everyone,

SO all is well with us here in Dublin just some Alert texts, sirens, and a crazy tornado spawning storm!  Friday we had just finished Comp. study and we got a text alert saying Tornado Warning! Then the harsh rain that was already falling picked up and the wind.  Our apartment inspector from the mission called us and told us, "Hey there are tornados touching down in a triangle of areas, but you guys should be fine, you are on a far corner of that triangle."  Then an hour later, with conditions getting worse, and our back porch flooding and the little pond for our apartment complex flooding too, some missionary sisters called us from Warner Robins.  They told us the inspector's phone died and had told them to call us and let us know the storm had moved and we were now in the center of the storm and to stay indoors. YAY(sarcasm)!  Most of the day it rained and howled.  Elder Wells the whole tornado thing flipped a switch in him and he was pacing and flipping out and checking the windows like every 5 min.  I just read and studied.  We did end up going out that evening, because we were tired of sitting around.  The next day, we found out a few tornadoes did touch down damaging store signs, ripping off a military base and homeowners roofs, and blowing over a few semi trucks! WE are all SAFE though!!!

Wells likes to make and think of ideas for movies.  And I would say he knows tons about it. He does seem to know a lot about making and the ones made.  Big in the Justice League and Avengers.

Well I had my first official Interview with President Cottle and it went well.  So the largest part of the interview was the 42 principles.  These are all of the principle in which we have to teach to an investigator before they are baptized.  They are all about the restoration, plan of salvation, Christ's Gospel, Commandments, and ordinances.  We had to find a scripture for every principle and have the reference memorized with the principle it belonged.  Pres. Cottle would randomly pick a principle and you had to give him a reference and tell him what that scripture was about.  Then you would go to that scripture and teach him as if you were teaching an investigator.  I was asked about the fruits of the Holy Ghost: Galatians 5: 22-23, and enduring to the end: 2 Nephi 31:19-20.  Both I was able to ace! I did not have all of them memorized and he didn't expect me too since I am newly out, but I had the majority and he picked 2 I did know!

This week I got to meet my new district and they are all great! Sisters Bradford and Blackburn(just out of MTC) in Perry.  Sisters Countryman and Lunt in Cochran. Sisters Lee and Mitchey in Dublin.  At the District Meeting Elder Wells thought it would be nice to give me a training so I gave my first training. It was on Obedience and the Blessings that come form being obedient.

Great things this week:  we had 2 people pull us over to talk to us this week!  Both were less active members from Iowa and Milledgeville(a city North of Dublin).  Both want to come back to church and want us to start talking with them to refresh their memories.  I also had my first Investigator attend Church for a Conference session!

Conference was very enjoyable! The time is 2 hours ahead here, so the schedule is 12-2, 4-6, and priesthood 8-10.  Saturday sessions I watched all at the church. Sunday sessions we watched morning at a members and afternoon in the church. A few things that stood out to me was the enormous emphasis on families and their Importance to God.  That trials are given to strengthen us. One of my favorite things said came from President Uchtdorf  "The refiner's fire is not to change us into something that we are not, but to see what we are truly made of."  I hope that you were all who participated in this able to listen to the words of President Eyring in the start of the first Saturday morning session and "Open your heart to be good soil where a seed may grow and prosper."  I know that if you did this, your questions and prayers were answered, because mine were!

Random fact:  In the West we have mostly honey based BBQ sauce, and here in the South they have mostly vinegar based BBQ sauces.

Mom:  Weather here is 80's and mostly sunny and 70's on a cloudy rainy day and 60's when the weather really wants to get cold!:p  I have no idea of when I will be calling for Mother's Day yet? That is great you are a super star at the middle school already!! Jake needs to come and spray bugs here there are Plenty of spiders, roaches, and who knows whats?!

G4: I am glad you did not DIE! and General Conference is Awesome!

Tay: where did this asking Halli Valencia come from? And I like your Idea! Keep having fun in tennis!

Trav: haha sweet man glad you are having fun I was just being talked to about that game this past week by a member! and yeah we got to watch all of it! so that was way nice!

Talia: Hope your ears feel better and that your glasses come fixed quickly.

I love you all,
Elder Legg

Letter written 3/27/16
Dear Family,
Holidays on a mission are weird!  Or maybe it is just part of getting older too??  Nothing feels like a holiday anymore. There are no family, no traditions, and no excitement.  I know today was Easter, but it just feels normal.  It was last night before I realized that the kids were out egg hunting that morning and probably dying eggs.  Dang I should have bought dye.  I don't know how or when I would have had time to hard boil them though.  Remember this kids.....Enjoy it while you can!  We weren't even invited to a dinner tonight until this morning.  So we thought we would be all alone today.  That would have been sad stuff.  We do have candy to pass out to kids in church today though.
Elder Legg

Letter written 4/1/16
Dear Mother & Family,
 Well did dad wake everyone up & try to pull a joke on them like no school it a snow day or something? Because that is something he would totally do!  I am pretty sure that it is one of his top favorite days of the year.  Whether it's because if falls in the same month as his birthday or it's a foods day I do not know? :)

So it's not an April Fool'd day joke, a tornado hit Dublin today and that was fun!  We got a warning text and then the town's sirens went off and yup fun stuff!  We are safe and secure no worries mom.
Love you guys,
Elder Legg

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