Monday, March 28, 2016

Have You Had Your Tyson Today??

Hey everyone,

My new second half trainer and companion is Elder Wells.  He is from Provo, Utah.  He has 3 sisters.  He likes to make movies, shoot Nerf guns, and wants to go into the Air Force after his mission.  He has been out for almost 19 months now.

Happy Easter everyone!! Well I thought it was going to be a lonely, just me and my comp, Easter dinner because no one signed up to feed us.  On Saturday night though a member called us and invited us to their family get together.  Yippee! for not being alone!

Something sweet that happened on Easter too is that I am going through and reading the Book of Mormon in my personal study, and it just so happened that on Easter I just got to when Christ appears in 3 Nephi.  I did not even plan it!

So Funny story I had extra Carolina Reapers, and so I offered some to my Zone leaders, and one agreed to eat one.  I was able to be there when he partook of it, and man was that funny stuff!! He did not have the throwing up problem I did BUT... he did end up defecating out some blood the next day and he still had that flaming demon tummy I had too.

Some other fun stuff that happened this week was that I saw some ads on a billboard for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. (His aunt lives there) The young men and woman's had a Boston Butt and Bake sale.  We were able to join a help with the cooking of the Butts (and then they gave us one too).  It was a fundraiser for their camps this summer.  We only were able to help Friday night for a few hours because we have a curfew and they had to be cooked for 8-10 hours! So the volunteers cooked them all night long! The Butts are massive and they needed to cook 112 of them so they had 7 250 Gallon redneck made propane tank grills to cook them all at once (BIG grills).

Mom: So you know that beautiful Spanish moss you love oh so much to see?? It is just for that see!! If you touch it you could get chiggers and those are nasty little red bugs that crawl to the warmest areas of your body and embed themselves there and cause severe itchiness!!! The only way to get them out is to suffocate them by using nail polish to paint over the irritated areas and let them die! So I will not be touching or sending any home to Idaho that can stay here in Georgia!!!!!

Tay: Dude heck yeah hurry up and get that Eagle man!!! And have fun with prom let me know if you ask how you asked!!

Tali: That is awful about lynn's face. Poor lynniepoo!  Class pres. WOW girl well that speech sounds like a winner let me know how it goes!!!? (She won! Landslide vote)

G4:  Sweet campin out fun stuff!!!
Buckley says HI!!
Love you mom got to go!
This is the best picture ever!! 
(I'm totally making it into a poster!)

Fun sign I found
"It was just outside some projects" 

Elder Wells and his hobby

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