Monday, March 21, 2016

The Reaper's REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!

So this Last week started off pretty well! For our P-day dinner we were invited over to a professional cook's house, who is a member, and he fed us easily the largest steak I have ever had! It was a Red Tag (high quality) $180 prime rib that he slice into around 2lbs slabs of deliciousness.  It took 80 cloves of garlic to help season it.  It was crazy good!!!!!

Sorry I do not have my camera.  It is with a member for the weekend, so no pics.  We were taking pics at their shop and I forgot it, but they have it and I wasn't able to get it back yet before now. But St. Patty's Day was fun for Elder Weigle and I!  We got dressed up in all of the fun stuff mom sent us and had a fashion show.  We look good in green.  We did not end up making it to many events that have gone on, but they had a parade, festival, community dinner, races, and other stuff. Love you too Mom you're amazing thank you for being my mom!!!

District meeting on Tuesday I was put in charge of throwing Elder Weigle a funeral.  It was a blast and our district made it awesome! We did an open casket mourning session, there were treats, and we burnt one of his suits.  Unfortunately this means I get a new comp. to finish my training and I find out who that is tomorrow morning.  I was dropped with the ZL's last night as Weigle was taken to the mission home and is getting on the plane in a few hours.  He will be home at 4 your time today.
Last picture of Weigle & Legg together before Weigle headed home
In Cochran at the Zone Leader's House

Photo courtesy of Terry Jones. He drove us there to drop me off on the way to taking Weigle to the mission home and he took it on his phone to send to you!!! He will help drive for transfer stuff tomorrow too!  Maybe I will have him send a pic of my new comp when we get him?  I will tell him thanks!  And I think I have narrowed it down to an Elder Wells but it is fifty fifty between him and another Elder Higgins but I will not know till I get to Macon Tomorrow!  
I went on my first exchange and feel like I am on another one because I am at the ZL's in Cochran now.  They are tons of fun though and great examples to learn from for teaching.  They helped to show me a few new potentials that they knew about and one of them is starting to progress really well.  Her name is Ada(like the county from home). Cochran is about 40 min from Dublin to the west.  Its a cute older town.  I am going to stay in Dublin!

Well as promised I ate the Hottest Pepper in the world this week!!!!!! The peppers were grown in Tennessee.  Yeah the South is crazy for sure,  they put you to shame!;) (I like spicy, but not that spicy!!) Many think the Ghost pepper is the hottest but in fact it is only the 7th or 8th hottest.  Super awesome thing and also not advised for anyone thinking of doing it!  Here is my experience.  I ate it and the hotness made the inside of my mouth raw from the heat.  The heat was not the bad part though, the worst part is what it does to your stomach.  I was woken up at 3:30 in the morning with the worst pain of my life swelling within my stomach! I wanted to cut it open and release everything in there I felt as though there was a demon with in on fire trying to scrape its way out of me. I rolled off of my bed and crawled to the bathroom were I spent the next 3 1/2 hours puking my innards out!!  I could not move, I was shaking uncontrollably from the pain!  It caused me to sweat fiercely and cry rivers.  The tears were like acid to my eyes burning them as I sat there continuing to dry heave.  Nothing helped and any time I was able to move a limb it worsened the pain.  I lost 8lbs over night from all of my loss and my abs have been sore for two days! My stomach is still not settled and I still have to take things easy! I only ate one, the hotness at first I could have handled from the second pepper, but the aftermath----no way! The Spirit was guiding me there, even in my stupidity!  Worst experience of my Life!!!!! But now I have bragging rights.........So Worth it to me(I am not competitive at all).

We did not have a baptism, but we attended one that was very nice for some sisters in our district.  After the baptism we went shopping to make Weigle look good for when he goes home.  Our less active forever amazing and overly generous friend also bought me a few short sleeve shirts to help me in the summer months. Terry Jones, the one who sent you that video, is our  friend that helps us all of the time and bought us our shirts.  He got me 2 more Van Heusen short sleeves and a Geoffrey Beene fitted long sleeve. And I wasn't planning on getting a thing, we were going for Weigle.  He is a great guy he has a huge heart and is just amazing to everyone. I told him to come visit and we can do horses and hunting and stuff he is into those!
 It is pretty crazy to me when I am already getting tan and burnt in March.  Most of this last week was mid 80's it is a little cooler this week or it is supposed to be!

Tali: Wow lots of friends this week huh? Me too! I am in Cochran with the ZL's kinda like a sleepover and the whole district is coming for P-day because there are quite a few changes being made!

G4: What a huskie and cats??? What is this world coming too???? And mom liked the huskie??? and Dang girl I am so proud of you too way to go on beating your goal sister!!!! (reading wpm goal)

Tay:  Clean space is good man!  It helps to invite the Spirit! My apartment is the most clean and I take pride in that and I helps me feel good at the end of the day! Don't party too hard and sweet about the dog man that will be fun!

Trav:  Dude I am so happy your group was back together this week!! (His friend who went to Fiji just got home and his friend who served in Spain was visiting) There has been tons of going home excitement here, and it's so awesome!  Group dates with parents man ha you're old!!! And yeah lucky for you being fast man!!
Love you all,
Elder Legg

Elder Buckley emailed these pictures and this is what Tyson said about him......  Elder Buckley is my man If we get to serve as comps that would be killer!!!!!  I see him now since we are in Macon Zone, so zone meetings once a month we see each other and we have definitely a chance of serving together or at least around each other again!
That first pic is at the mission home! The second is at the back side of the Provo Temple!
This was Buckley's email to Tyson
"It brings me joy to see these pictures!! :)"
(me too)

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