Monday, March 14, 2016

I Was Not the Only One to Catch on Fire This Week Though....

Hey Everyone!

First off DANGER WARNING!!! If I do not email next week it is because I have died from eating the hottest pepper in the world-the Carolina Reaper.  I will be partaking of one on the 19th to one up my trainer right before he goes home. He ate the second hottest pepper in the world on his mission-the Trinidad scorpion.   

Well not only are the peppers hot here, but so is the weather!! It has been nice and sunny all week.  With the early heat an early pollen season has come as well, and the pollen here is crazy!!! There are so many plants and trees here that it turns everything green here when it falls and you can see it in a cloud as it travels.  Anyone with allergies.....GA is not for you in the spring! After a nice hard rain there are rivers of pollen floating down the streets.

A couple fun things that happened this week were that I had a very yummy, genuine Southern Fish fry.  I got to hang out with some really mean looking American bulldogs. They look like they will tear your face off, but will just lick you to death, and they sell for like 6 grand!  Two of my ties hit the dust this last week.  One got caught on Velcro and unraveled, and the other caught on fire from a candle.  I was not the only one to catch on fire this week though, Elder Weigle's sock caught on fire and that was FUNNY!  We also went out with a less active for lunch.  Elder Weigle ordered honey chicken and while he was eating it he says, "This is the spiciest honey chicken I have ever had!"   And I look over, he is only halfway finished with his meal, and he is sweating as if had just gotten back from our morning four mile run!!!! 

Daylight savings is a killer!!!  We were reminded probably 4 times on Saturday to set our clocks right...and we still forgot to!  We woke up, and Sundays we don't workout/ so we moseyed around without a care in the world.  Our ride texted he was going to be late.  That was fine with us.  We get ready, our ride shows up and he is apologizing for  making us so late, like it was a big deal we were a few minutes late to our PEC meeting.  We said its fine you're only 5 min late and he was like NO!  I am 1 hr and 5 min late!!!!! (he forgot to set his alarm right too)  Best part........Elder Weigle was speaking, so we came in way late, but pulled it off great!! 

There was a YSA broadcast we were able to see on Tuesday.  A face to face with Elder Holland. You can look it up on (it's 2 hours, but worth it).  Elder Weilge decided to try a new way of praying while we tract. It was suggested to us on the district.  And it brought an awesome tender mercy of a guy pulling us over and asking us to come and see him.  Turned out he is a member that has been lost for some time and was praying to get on the right path again and he saw us!  Two prayers answered by the Lord in one.  This man Oscar didn't even know there was a church in Dublin and was so excited to learn of it! 

 Also THANK YOU for your prayers of safety for me!  There is a road that has hedges blocking the view from the side walk and there is a stop sign.  On a usual day I ride right through the intersection and give it no second thought.  This last week as I approached this place from the hedge side I got a feeling I should slow down and check the road.  Thank goodness I listened!  I stopped and as soon as I stopped at the edge of the hedge a SUV came speeding, blowing through the stop sign at the exact moment I would have been there.  Without the Spirit prompting me to safety I may not be here today!

Mother: Congrats On your greatness and getting the job!!!

Tali: Yeah excited for this week! Should be good.  I am doing my first transfer and throwing a funeral for Weigle and it is St. Patty's Day! And yuck trav getting married gross!;)

G4: CATS!? Did mom say ok to that?  I saw a family on Saturday that had two tailless cats.  And 1 was a wide as it was long.  Good luck at Tennis girl! And yeah some hype has picked up about St. Patty's Day!

Tay: I'm glad you did it man (the school musical) congrats sounds like it was awesome! And go kill it at tennis-no Skyview this year;) 

Trav: Dude that is sick I hope you guys rock out this week!! and ok.

Love you all,
Elder Legg

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