Monday, August 14, 2017

New Companion -- Elder Hafen

Hey Everyone!

This week I got a new companion. His name is Elder Hafen.  He is from Huntington Beach, California.  He was the captain of his high school surf team.  He is tons of fun and I am excited to be serving with him.  We have had a lot of fun this past week.

One thing we have been trying to work on is increasing our use of The Book of Mormon in our teaching and contacting efforts.  Elder Hafen and I made it a goal to share a verse of scripture Testifying of Jesus being the Christ in all contacting situations that we had a conversation with someone.  Each morning in our studies we would find a new couple of verses that we felt the spirit reaffirm our witness that Jesus is the Christ, our savior and redeemer, and our advocate with our Heavenly Father above.  Every Morning I did this I felt the spirit in my entire day and my testimony strengthen.  I Know that Jesus is the only begotten of our Father in Heaven and has Atoned in Love for all of us, his Brothers and Sisters. I also know that The Book of Mormon is another Testament of our Lords divine son-ship and can draw us neared to God than any other book. In this I testify and challenge all who may be questioning their Faith or testimony to read form The Book of Mormon it contains the healing words of The Great Jehovah. If you read with a prayerful heart you will hear them!

This week we got a phone call from a random lady.  Turns out she was in the middle of a divorce after 38 years of marriage.  She was devastated and her life is being turned upside down.  She works with a member of the church who knew her situation and heard she was in need of help.  That her husband had already gotten out of the house and was refusing to help as she was trying to sell it.  The yard was a mess and she started to pick up extra hours at work when ever possible to help her financial situation.  This left no time to tend to the yard work and very little for the inside work.  Her parents were helping her out but in no shape to be doing yard work for hours out in the melting August sun.  The member co-worker found the number of missionaries in her area, us, and gave her our number, telling her we could help.  Well of course we more than happy to help.  We took care of her lawn most of Saturday and her parents just could not believe that we would do such a service especially for no money.  They told us it gave them hope to see that there are good people continuing on in this world.

Also we got to go fishing this morning.  Since I am training elder Hafen we have to get extra studies in during the morning.  Also Preparation Day starts earlier than other days so we had to get up way early, at like 4am.  we went fishing and it was a sorry trip to say the least. There were very few bites and even less fish reeled in.  Some were skunked and came away with a big goose egg, however, you just know I was not one of those!

Mom: Dang that is awesome! That is a really good job in your rankings and you shaved like 12 minutes off your last race time.  I have no idea what we did at Vision for math?  Sorry no help there. Hey tell the Schmidts to look out for a senior couple by the name of "Finlinson"  they were a senior couple in my mission and earlier this year finished their mission here but put in papers in to go right away on another and are in Nauvoo.  Elder Finlinson is a good Ol' ID farm boy and he is driving some of the wagons there. Dang Trent will be home this week? That is crazy! I love you Mom!

Tali: You got a bunny?  Please tell me it is outside?  And hey no way I say Illinois with an S on the end too:p sounds like a relaxing week for you.  Thanks for helping mom out in her class room.  I love you Tali!

G4: I am glad that Phat Boy is still cute to you and that you did so well in you selling chimes.  The OR coast is always a blast and I am glad you had fun. Take care sister I love you grace!

Travis: I miss the dinners at aunt T's so bad man!  Plus I miss some of Mommas and Aunt T's cooking man!  Haha I am glad that you and Hunter are having fit offs. That sounds like a good way to appeal to peoples competitive side to get them up and active.  and yeah man Happy one day late one year anniversary!  Did you do anything for it? Or get her something?  I love you Trav!

Taylor: Yeah man keep me updated on the soccer scene!  I wasn't to worried about you or hunter making Varsity.  I am more worried about y'all two setting a good example in working hard and listening to the coaches!  Can you do that for me!?:)  I love you Tay!

Dad: Yeah Elder Hafen and I get along pretty well. He is  a super nice kid and we have fun together.  As far as fishing this morning we got up early to get the fish and it didn't work.  I caught one right at the very end so I was ok.  It was the last worm I had and by golly I made it work!  haha yeah I feel like right now I probably wouldn't even be able to tell it was sketchy with the mission view.  I am glad that you guys are safe though.  Yea it sounds like there will be a lot of movies to watch when I get back.  we will see if it really happens!:p  Good luck with your scouting trip let me know how it goes!!:) Love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

We started our companionship with waffle house and ended it with some waffle house. Oh and we are going today too mom!
Mine & Campos last morning together

Hafen's first dinner in the mission Cheese Grits and Cereal!:p

Hafens first dinner in the mission Cheese Grits and Cereal!:pInline image 1

Monday, August 7, 2017

Staying in Stevens Creek

Hey Everyone!

Well I am staying here in the Stevens Creek ward.  Although I will be training a new missionary.  I am sad to see Elder Campos leave, but I should be in for a new adventure.

This week I went on an exchange with Elder K. Walker.  We have been emphasizing the use of the Book of Mormon more in our teaching and finding throughout my district and the entire mission.  Just for some background, there are some weeks where we may not get to pass out a single Book of Mormon.  A lot of the times if you can pass out two Book of Mormons in a week you are doing well.  This was not good enough for us on our exchange though.  We made a goal to pass out two that day but we felt prompted to bring more.  We ended up having 5 with us and in 3 hours we were able to pass all of them out. Plus we got to give another one out that night.  We were pumped.  The Book of Mormon is our sickle to harvest the wheat already to harvest, Doctrine & Covenants section 4.  If we use it we will find the Lords elect and bring them unto the flock of our shepherd and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  I know these things to be true and I know that The Book of Mormon can and will bring anyone closer to God who studies it prayerfully willing to act on the impressions of the spirit to our hearts.

Since I am training I had a meeting in Macon on Saturday for President Grayson to teach us his expectations and vision for the new missionaries coming in.  Well Elder Dunn and Elder Buckley from my zone are training too and so we three got to road trip to Macon as we left our companions together.  It was a blast.  (Here's the proof.  Buckley and Tyson were in the MTC together) 

"It was great we had the best of time! It has been far to long since we have been together for an extended amount of time."

Mom: I am glad you had a safe trip.   It sounds like things will get crazy with school starting and yeah you know it is soccer time when there are fires all around smoking up the valley.  Hmm freshman orientation?? (New this year) I am glad I did not have to do that.  And no I did not here about Tad getting married?  Any info?  Thanks mom we are going to have a Nerf war now! I love you mom have a great week!

Tali: What a tanning bed?  That is weird isn't it? Have you named the cat then if its eyes are open?  And you are a baby sitting fool!:) Love you Tali!

G4: Way to go at the farmers market.  And you want to dye your hair blue again?  Why?  It looks great just the way it is.  So does Lexi still not like Peter Pan? I hear you sister I get your pain!:p  haha and I am sure you will get your chance with a dog as soon as buddy is gone.  Which means you will have to wait a little while cause he is holding on till I get home.  I just got my water bottle from Walmart.  The missionary store!:p  I love you Grace!

Taylor: Oh heck  yeah tryouts man that is bomb!  I wish I got to go!  Man give it your best and be an example to your peers and underclassmen.  I miss and love you Tay!

Travis: Dude I hope all of your interviews go well.  So you already have the offer of the detail shop?  Dude you are growing up so fast man.  It is weird you are looking into buying a house.  Tanning bed? those give you cancer!  haha I love you Trav!

Audrey: I almost asked if Travis donates Plasma with you but than I remembered he can't he has malaria.  I hate needles though so that sounds gross especially if it leaves bruises.  Buying a house sounds so far off for me that is crazy.  I have never been a fan of tanning beds but I also don't like to tan really, partially because I can't.  Have a great week love yeah!

Dad:I am glad your new position is going well. It sounds like hunting will be a blast this year.  Are Trav a Tay going to go hunting this year?  I hope you get a beast.  That is so cool that all 3 of you drew.  I love you dad!!

Love you all

Elder Legg