Friday, May 26, 2017

New! Evans, GA

Hey everyone!
3010 English Lane Apt. 714
Evans, GA  30809
As of May 16, 2017

I have been transferred now. My new area is the Stevens Creek ward in Evans, GA. Which is a super rich area and also one of the smallest in the mission. It is a bike area full time.  I have a way nice apartment, it is pretty small though.  There are a lot of hills but none are to huge.  My new companion is Elder Campos.  He is 6'6" and wears a size 15 shoe.  He is a monster of a man.  He has been out for about 9 months now and likes to work out.  We just got a new ward mission leader here and a lot of excited ward missionaries.  This area is going to be the bomb!

This last week we did tons of service! We moved 4 people and it was way fun.  We got the Martinez elders to come help us out and we went and helped them out with some stuff also.  With the 8 of us we were able to make a lot of people's loads way lighter.   We got lots pizza for helping with the moves which is never a hurtful thing.

At one of our dinners there was a super sassy little girl and all of us missionaries were arguing to be her favorite.  Well she came up with a genius idea on how to decide.  She came up with a chalk war.  We all had to draw pictures of what she asked us to in chalk and who ever was the best artist won.  Then she could still not decide, so she decided we were all her favorites.  :)

Every Saturday morning we go to a  park and play Ultimate Frisbee with non-member military guys  (we are near Fort Gordon, but we do not cover it in our area).  It is so much fun and gets brutal.  I came away all scraped up since the park has grass but right on clay and it is solid ground.   I had a lot of ninja catch attempts, but just ended up with nice raspberries all over my knees and elbows! My team won though and it was a blast!

There is a Firework show here called Thunder over Evans.  We had no Idea about it but it happened right behind our apartment complex.  We did not hear it  or see it too much while the whole show was going on but we sure did during the finale!  It was so loud and bright. We were inside and I thought and massive deathly storm had just rushed in.  Elder Campos was in the bathroom though and thought a truck had just ran through our apartment and came running out as fast as he could.  The blasts were so big it looked like continuous lightning streaking through the sky and set car alarms off all around our apartment it was crazy!

There are some Vivint Alarm salesmen out here from BYU.  About 10 of the 14 are members and they are all way awesome guys.  One of them is actually from Star, ID. A town about 6 miles away from Middleton.

Mom: Wow you are a super mom and teacher who knew? I DID!  Good job on your ISAT scores.  That is a lot of miles that is way cool.  We have a treadmill here and so I get to run every morning still now too.  I am pretty sure I have already gone home and back with all of my miles and am working on my way back again now!:p  With the biking and walking I have done. That is crazy that school is already out and that graduations are here.  We got to go to the seminary graduation here last night.  Have fun at all of the appointments! love you mom!

G4: Did you do well in the play? Wow that sounds like a pretty crazy weekend sister and don't you know it is not nice to hit with sticks!

TAli: Wow that is a lot of puking and that is gross!  Why would you have gone back for more?  I have to be careful when riding with people not to get car sick and throw up here.  I can not take Dramamine since it makes me pass out.  You 3 sound like quite the crazy crew though!   I love you anyway though! Love you tali!

Tay:   Sounds like a pretty great week bro did you tear it up at volley ball?  And finals is always a rough week hope you did well though and that you had tons of fun on the campout!! The youth here just got back from a rafting trip! Love you tay!

Dad:  I am glad they are doing the Fathers and sons again.  who are the Kenningtons?  yeah my area is nice and so far seems like it will be amazing and my comp and I get along pretty well plus we are around some pretty good missionaries too!  Love you dad!!

Love you all!!

Elder Legg

Jenny Phillips found this on FB :)
Thanks Jen! 

This is something super sweet I found in my emails this week as I was reading through them!
Elder Legg,
   This is going to sound kinda weird and you probably won't remember me, but this is * from your BYS group from 2015 when you were a counselor! In case you need a refresher, I was the one who wanted to leave the second night, but ended up staying:) This is a really hard email to write because I have been wanting to write you and explain the impact you have really made on my life. Well, almost two years ago, I can pretty safely say I was having the hardest time of my life so far. I was struggling with so much and then Kaylynn texted me saying she had a spot open up for one of her sessions. I wanted to say yes, but immediately I had this feeling that I couldn't do it. That I just wasn't good enough to even go to something like this. A couple weeks pass and the night before, I get this thought in my head that I should go, even just to prove to myself that I could do something, because I could always come home and try to forget what happened if it was too hard. So, it was maybe the hardest thing to do when my dad literally had to drag me out of his car and take me to the sign-in spot. But, I did it. But that was only the beginning.
  The second day, I had this rush of negativity and doubt and even fear come over me. It lasted all afternoon until we were about to go to the concert. I felt so alone and in this dark place and so I thought there was something wrong with me, that I was messed up in some way, that I couldn't do the easiest thing, sit through a concert. At first, I was so mad, because I just wanted to go home, to hide, but nobody was about to willingly let me go. They really wanted me to stay. But, part of it was I felt like I was such a burden, that I didn't want to stay and mess up everybody's good experience.
  You came back and asked me to sit by you in the concert. I was unsure at first, but then you made me smile with a joke or something and I decided to just go sit with you. Then, you just talked to me. You didn't treat me like I was damaged or different or difficult, you just talked. In that moment, I had such a peace and comfort come over me. You reminded me so much of my brother who had left on his mission a couple months prior. A brother I really needed to talk to. And you just talked.
 The next day in the goodbye note you and Kaylynn wrote, you told me you had left the concert to pray for me, that I would stay.
  That note. That note has been in my journal ever since, because for the first time in a long time, I really felt the love of Christ. I felt like I mattered, I felt like I was worth someone's prayer outside of my family. And that really helped. I started healing and praying and studying and really looking to fix myself. I started to change my life.

Now, a couple years (and tears:) later, I will just say thank you. Thank you for being so in tune with the spirit that you thought to pray. That you thought enough of me and of your job as counselor and mentor to pray to God. My testimony might not be the most eloquent and I still may not believe a lot of the principles of the gospel yet, but I can't deny that your prayer and your thought to prayer really made me feel the love that allowed me to heal. Never underestimate your influence on others Tyson!

P.S. How are you? I probably should have started with something a little less deep at the beginning, haha.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone!

Warning!!!!- I am being transferred tomorrow. I will have more details for you on where and with whom next week!

Happy Mothers Day! - I hope all of you mothers out there had a wonderful day of appreciation.  I know that I marvel at the love and sacrifice y'all convey!  I was actually lucky enough to be asked to speak at church for Mothers Day.  As I took the time to reflect on my own mother and her great qualities it truly sunk in what a treasure mothers are-Psalms 31:10.  In Luke 19:25-30 it speaks of Christs crucifixion. In verse 25 it shows the love of mothers and their dedication to support and stand by their children till the end, through anything.  It must have been excruciating for Christ on the cross, but also for a mother to have to watch him go through that.  In 26-30 it is Christ's last moments.  In these he takes the time and one of his last actions before his death is he makes sure his mother is taken care of.  This to me shows the importance of women, and specifically our precious mothers.  My mother's love is the closest I have felt to Christ's in my life and I am eternally grateful for her! I love you mom! (Aww that kid!)

Not only did I get to speak this past week in church but so did my companion Elder Davis and a recent convert Joseph.  It was Joseph's first talk in sacrament meeting and he was stressing out a lot.  we went over and helped him to gather his thoughts though and get it written up.  He must have practiced on us a hundred times but it was all worth it because he did great!

There is a senior couple, set of missionaries, here in Gray.  They recently reached 50 years of being married and did not tell anyone about it until after it had passed.  Well the ward got together with us and we put a surprise party together for them.  Our job was to get them to the church without them knowing what was going on.  It took some haggling to get them there.  The day of the party they went on an apartment inspection loop. To make sure other missionaries are keeping their living quarters clean.  It was a nice sized 300+ mile road trip and they were debating on staying the night in Columbus, GA.  Well we could not allow that so we worked with our ward mission leader on setting up a fake meeting they needed to be back for.  They decided to come back for that night. Then one of their families they visit cancelled their Thursday appointment and tried to reschedule it for Friday at 7. The same time as the party. Well then we had to go and get the family to call and cancel their appointment and come to the party to help in the surprise.  Then we had to get them to go into the gym they didn't want to but they finally did it.  In the end it was all worth it though the party was great and everyone had a blast! The McOmbers were very surprised and extremely thrilled.  It was an awesome thing to have been apart of!

A member's daughter finished all of her doctrinal mastery for seminary this year and to celebrate took her to Dairy Queen for Breakfast.  Well he called us up and asked if we would like to join them.  So we went to DQ for breakfast with them.  While we were ordering I was the last one to place mine and low and behold I was the lucky winner!  I was the lucky order number for that morning or day or something and I got my breakfast free! It was sweet!!

Not only was I a lucky winner but I got lucky on the ball field too. We played a few softball games this week and in one of them I hit and home run! It was an in field home run, but a home run nonetheless!! My first one ever!

Mom: It was great to see  and talk to you yesterday!! I don't know who or where I am going until tomorrow?  I love it here in Gray but I am ready for a change too. It is a bittersweet transfer.  yeah get paid to go to school is always a great thing! I hope you get it! Wow you are a running fool! That is awesome you are closer to GA than you have ever been! and wow yeah that is a really high heart beat for aunt T! Happy Mothers Day again and I love you mom!!!

Tay:  That is crazy man! you will not believe how fast school goes by when you are not in it.  Good luck on any finals you might have this week! dude I feel like there has not been a fathers and sons in a long time it is awesome they are bringing them back!!  feel better soon bud! I love you Tay!

Tali: I have ran the Iley lap before and it is not that bad sis!:p  but if you think pollen is bad out there sister never come to GA.  This place is allergies worst enemy!  People who do not even think they have allergies move here and find out they do!  and there is pollen year round just about! It is bad you can see clouds of it float through the air.   I am glad you are still alive though and thanks for all of the hearts! I love you Tali!

G4: I watched your speech and it was really good! I would vote for you! So definitely let me know how it goes!  Wow my sister the farmer/director huh!? That sounds pretty sweet good luck with it! I am sure Phat Boy is cuter than pumpkin and also he probably doesn't bite like pumpkin either!  and oh yes the annual grandparent cleaning it is good! It helps keep the house nice sister!:) Love you Grace!

Dad: It was great to see you too!  I do not think I have much of one either?  I can catch myself going into one sometimes when I talk with southerners but it hasn't really worn off on me. 98 years is a pretty long time! I want to live until 104!  hopefully I can get there if there are some of his long living genes in me!:p  Yeah I hope I go somewhere good too.  Davis and I are both worried about our comps more so than areas.  I can handle areas way better then comps.  Ahhhh that is awesome you got the job!!!!!  what is the new position again?  wow yes that is a great something blue for mother's day I think!!!  it is way cute and can't wait to see it when I get back!  what did gpa think about it after he got back from his drive?  I love you dad!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

A little baseball on Mother's Day

Sister Tillman with Tyson on Mother's Day
Text from Sister Tillman:
I'm sad to see your son leave Gray.  Thank
you for sharing him with us.
She has a son serving a mission in St George, UT

Civil War, Fish Fry, Fincher's BBQ 5/8

Hey everyone!

WARNING-Transfers are coming up.  I  you are going to send anything my way, send it before Wednesday the 10th or wait until I know more next week.

Why is the Word of God compared to a Two-Edged Sword?  Did you know in Greek the words two edged mean two mouthed?  Because a two edged sword consumes all it touches.  The scriptures when testified of my two or three witnesses consumes all around with the spirit.  Also a two edged sword divides asunder.  Well the Scriptures divide false teachings from the truth.  A two edged sword cuts in any direction.  The scriptures are a versatile tool that can help us in any aspect of our lives.  The two edged sword is piercing.  So are the scriptures, they pierce to the soul and speak to our spirits.  I know that the scriptures are powerful!  I know that they are here to help and guide us. I know they teach us and will help us grow closer to our Heavenly Father.

Crazy story time!
Once upon a time there was a family, the Bolands, who lived in Gray, GA.  Their oldest daughter Sam(name has been changed)  finally reached the ripe old age to attend college.  She applied and decided to go to BYUI.  Well she is off track for the summer and so she decided to come home and spend the summer with her family.  While she was at college though she was a social butterfly and made many new friends.  Many friends who would text and snapchat her.  One day while home she receives a snapchat from and friend of a random missionary's plaque. She thought nothing of it at first.  Then she spotted the mission call though to the Georgia Macon Mission. Just as the image timed out she glanced at the missionaries name: Elder Legg.  She knew an Elder Legg! He was serving not only in her mission but in her ward.  The friend is engaged to a girl from Middleton, ID and was visiting her family.  He went to church with her and he saw my plaque on the wall and sent a picture to her since he knew she lived in the mission.  Who knew I would be here!?   Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Civil War!
This week we got to go and experience a mach Civil War battle.  One that happened right here in Gray.  Or the historic district of Gray, known as Old Clinton.  There were about 200 re-enactors playing as soldiers for the Union and Confederacy.  The southerners around these parts love this battle because they won.  It was a complete ambush of a smaller Union Army that fought valiantly but the majority surrendered.  Fatalities were not to high.  A small unit escaped.  They had 4 cannons firing off, a medium and small for each side.  When the medium ones went off it was soooooo loud and shook everything for a couple miles. It is near a main highway and the drivers going by can feel it. It is pretty intense!  There were lots of people dressed in period appropriate attire and tents selling all kinds of Civil War and Confederate merchandise. It was a really cool piece of history.  Then we got a tour of an old cemetery where one of the richest women in the southern USA for her time was buried.
A member showed us a cannon ball he found while he was digging in his yard, that is still active.  Plus he had an old, still loaded, Colt revolver and saber that was used in the Civil War.

Fish Fry!
There was a fish fry and cake auction fundraiser for the scouts on Friday. Elder Davis and I made a missionary cake for the auction and is made $40.  We ended up trying to bid on stuff since a member gave us $50 to bid with and donate but we got out bid on everything we went for.  It did not matter though because everyone gave us chunks of theirs. Plus they had three of the large igloo coolers full of left overs so we got to fill our fridge up with that too! We will be eating fried fish and chicken for a while!!!

Out of This World BBQ!
We were fed Fincher's BBQ this week.  This is a BBQ place in Macon that has been around since the 30's.  All of the locals talk very highly of it.  As they should since it is out of this world.  This statement is literal.  There was an astronaut from Macon who went into space and requested to have Fincher's sent to him while he was up there. They did tests and made it happen.  This Astronaut died a little while back and in honor of his memory they sent more of Fincher's into space.  So now I have had Out of This World BBQ!  If there is any where to find it, it is here in the south.

Mom: Good luck on the ISAT testing. And what Jaunitzios was closed for Cinco De Mayo? Don't they know they could have made bank that night!? I might just steal that from you when I get back! (Patriots phone case) Watch out! and ahhh that is so weird that people my age have babies! yeah you used to be the yard sale maniac! for Mother's Day I think we are going to try and Skype around 3:30 our time and 1:30 your time. Our time is flexible for the Call though so whatever works best for you we can make happen! Gpa does like to be a protagonist huh!:p (Teasing he'll be in GA next Nov) Thanks for the Ortho help & I Have an appointment set up at the Ortho on Wednesday to do retainer stuff.  They estimate it will cost about $520 for the set.  They sent me a packet to fill out with info and I am unsure on some of it I am going to send pictures and could you get the blank info back to me or the info you think I will need? Please
I have Transfers on the 16th so I will find out on the 13th if I am moving. I most likely am. but if you send anything before Wednesday it should get here in plenty of time Love you mom!!!! See you soon!

Talia: What yard saling sucked?  and That will be fun I like golfing!  Good luck on your ISAT sis! Finish strong!  What kind of cupckaes were they? and haha yeah I heard all about "May the 4th be with you" day!:p  Love you Tali! see you soon!

Tay: What mom and dad let you get a Xbox 360?  That is a pretty good deal though!  and how is the new skate park by the way?  you should get some pics of it to send to me?  and is Bro Black driving you like a slave?  What do you do for him?  Love you Tay! see you soon!

G4: Happy bday Phat boy!! I hope G took good care of you!  and wow sis best of wishes and good luck on your vp campaign.  hey what do you know maybe you do have a little bit of the Legg's competitive gene! Wow you are pretty good at this yard saling thing huh? who knew?  Love you Grace! see you soon!

Dad:  How do you feel about the interviews? Definitely let me know what happens!:)  That gift sounds pretty awesome!  I look forward to seeing it next week! I am excited to see everyone next week! have a great week! I love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg



Slave graves- look like little sinkhole all round the family plots.
The families are inside the wall and their slaves are buried around them 


The tall pillar is arguably the richest woman in the South for her time 

Old headstones! Around Joseph Smith's time!
This is an area that Jackson's Army
strolled through and he would have passed by and seen this cemetery
almost exactly the way it is today!

Missionary Cake for auction

Quarry and huge quarry equipment 

The quarry looks like paradise

This home was built in 1830

Civil War Battle 

Did the Ortho appointment today.  Forgot to mention on Monday it was pay at time of.  
I luckily had money saved up. I was able to pay $320 in cash. and $100 on my card.  My card would not allow any more?I do not know if it was because it was a strange large purchase or there is not enough money left?  They let me have my retainers but need to get them rest of money!
Can you please check on my account and get it all taken care of? More money? or unlocked? or whatever needs to be done? The faster the better if possible because I would love to get them there money quickly!  

A Lot of Bushwhacking 5/1

Hey everyone!

Well recently we have gotten a new ward mission leader called.  He is awesome and super excited and engaged in helping the work here in Gray, GA.  He has started back up regular correlation meetings with the ward presidencies.  We have been working on a new ward mission plan to help inspire and urge the mobilization of the entire ward in missionary work. Since every member is a missionary.

This week we found a new investigator through a self referral who wanted a free large print Bible. We delivered it and gave her a Book of Mormon too.  She invited us in and we taught her about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She was very intrigued and invited us to come back yesterday.  We took a young man who served a mission and got home about a year ago with us that time.  She had not read what we asked her too, so we read with her.  We also reviewed and stressed the importance of keeping the commitments we extend.  The commitments extended by missionaries are invitations to act.  To strengthen people's faith in Jesus Christ and help them receive a spiritual witness for themselves that the messages we share with them are true.  To know from God if the Book of Mormon is holy scripture and if Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  I have acted!  I do know for myself with a surety from God that the Book of Mormon was written by holy prophets called of God.  That Joseph Smith was another holy prophet called of God to restore his church in these latter-days. That my faith in God's beloved son, our savior Jesus Christ, is strengthened when I read from the pages of the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon.  That these are complimenting testaments of God's reality and love for each of us!

 While we were with her she also asked us to please send missionaries over to her moms house.  This was awesome because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so strongly about the eternal family.  To see someone hear our message and want it shared with their family brings such extensive joy.  Joy to know that I can be with my family forever and that I get to help others be that way too!

This last week we ended up having to do a lot of bushwhacking.  We went out to boonies areas and were trying to find in new or more remote spots where other missionaries might not have been before.  While out there we came across a stream where there were these two huge common snapping turtles.  Also we got lots of ticks, on us, not in us.  There are so many here in the Jones County it is unreal.  There are lots of different types of them to and some are hard to spot because they are a teeny tiny kind.  We have to do thorough checks each night before we go in not to track any into our apartment.

Mom: Yeah there have been lots of Tornado warnings and watches the last couple weeks but they are nothing to worry about. It is tornado season and so there will be lots more too probably.  What when is she due? Where is the Show choir concert pics and videos?  aAd I am sorry you had such a bad sub in your class.  Especially getting so close and during testing time.  That Micron thing sounds like a really cool trip though.  That is crazy that you have broken another night guard.  The night guard I bought about 6 months ago now though I have almost completely chomped through but that is not a lab made one! Oh my goodness I will send some prayers Aunt T's way thanks for letting me know! Ahh more marriages!  That is all so crazy!  Has Idaho been good for Courtney? Oh and did you ever get a hold of the scripture case lady?  When it is 2 here you will be out of church right?  That will work!  We will call somettime in the afternoon.  We have two families that are more than willing to let us call fromm their houses and so we will try to have more details next week on exactly when but I would estimate 2:30- 3:00 our time? so 12;30-1:00 your time? Love you Mom!

G4: Did you thank tay for taking you to the stake dance?  And I am glad you had a great time in the Fx Concert and on the field trip.  You went in the Blue truck?  and yeah stupid nerd!  and yes my favorite color is still green! Love you Grace!

Tay: I am glad you nailed the Concert man and who is your partner for the Blue legacy dance?  Oh and you had better watch out Bro Black emailed me this week and told me you were wanting to come do some work and he told me he was going to make you WORK for any money you earn.  More money is always a good thing.  Dude you better have nailed that interview man.  We as Leggs kill those things and always get hired!  and Hey man thanks for taking Gracie to the stake dance that was really nice of you I bet she really appreciated it!

Tali: You have always been great at organizational skills sis. I bet the baskets look awesome!  and what is a daliah?  Was the dance and performance fun though and did you rock it?  That is super nice of Mrs. Butler to come have watched you and to let you help her out by helping you out!  Love you Tali!

Dad: Holy cow that now job opportunity sounds awesome! Plus you will be working with Sarah again?   It sounds like you have been doing crazy good at work and being recognized for it!  I am really proud of you dad!  I hope you get the position and will be praying for you!  That sounds like a pretty big deal to have gotten a new and good CEO and president.  I would not have guessed that Zion Nichols was into horses but that is cool! and paying off Hay is always great!  I am glad Maximus turned out to be a good horse!  Having the horses farmed out in pastures should help the hay bill this year too and allow our pasture to grow nicely!  I understand grass growing like crazy everything got green here and filled out in about a week and it was crazy to see.  There are lots of lawn service companies down here and they are always working!  everything grows so fast and it is Crazy!  Love you Dad!!!

Love you all!
Elder Legg
Big Snapper Back Turtle we couldn't catch 

Backwoods shack that has been covered in the last few weeks!  

Tyson with Elder Davis from Park City, UT 

Turtles & Daylilies 4/24

Hey everyone! 

Alright so this last week we went out with the McOmbers to Eatonton.  Out there in the GA backwoods is a rock effigy of an eagle.  It is called rock eagle.  It is a huge eight foot tall mount of rocks placed in the silhouette of an eagle built by the native americans hundreds of years ago.  There are only two effigies known like this. The other is rock hawk and both of these are in Putnam County, GA.  Both of theses are also placed on two of the highest elevations in Putnam County. I have no idea how they were able to figure that out because you can not see any farther the 30 or so feet.  All of the stone used in these are milky white quartz.  Some of the stones in these are really big and were all dragged from river beds to where they now lie.

This week we also killed some turtles that Elder Davis found on exchanges so that he could have the shells and make turtle claw key chains.  It was a pretty messy procedure but he got some pretty shells and we are going to try and find some for me soon too!  We had Eastern box turtles. There is an endangered alligator snapper though that you can be fined and do jail time for killing. We won't do that one!  And no soup we did not gut them pretty so the meat was spoiled

In Gray we had a Daylily festival  on Saturday.  There were tons of booths of every church in the county and all kinds of arts.  There were some really cool chainsaw art.  Most of the other churches were really nice to us.  We have become pretty good friends with the librarian and so she chatted it up with us.  She goes to the First Baptist in town and we beat them this last week in softball and so we talked about  that. Our last two games have been squeakers, as we barely won both. They are both wins though, and so we seem to be figuring things out now, and are doing well!  We went into extra innings in one game this last week and the other one we one by one point in the last inning.  They were intense games and tons of fun!

Mom: That is so cool Wagoners are going on a mission and that they are going over to be with the Evans.  Kylie goes home or to NY on the 16th of May!  So the Evans have to be super excited! All that running is helping your heart rate!  And that is cool they do a Micron engineer day thing for the 8th grade girls!  That is good Brandi found a place to be!  Sounds like school stuff is getting ready to wrap up and start the end of the year hustle!  Good luck!  I love you mom!  

Tali: Good luck at Fx Love you sis make me proud!!!

Tay: Yeah man definitely good luck bro! Make sure mom gets the videos for me to see!  And I am glad you went to a part of the camp at least!  I love you bro!

G4: That is way rotten sis you got gypped with the Easter egg hunt, but I am sure you made the other girls feel very good by sharing with them !  Not everyone can be such a good Egg finder as the Leggs are!  The egg hunt I was at I had to go find all of the stray eggs for the kids when it was done. We are just too good!  Love you sis!  

Dad:They just know you have a great way with the young men and if anyone can keep scouting fun and push the boys along it is you!  That camp sounds like it was a blast though!  and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  When will Jiffy ever grow up!  I love you dad and hope you are having a great Bday!!!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Monday, May 8, 2017

Hold the Mail

Tyson will find out about transfers on the 13th.  If you are going to send something mail it by May 10th please!