Monday, January 22, 2018

Headed Home!! For REAL!!

Anna sent these to me that Sister Grayson posted  

I got text "Ran into your boys at the airport. My favorite thing of all  is when other random people send me photos of my missionary. So--Enjoy!!
(No idea who this person is but I love them!)

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Last Day in Georgia....

"Love you mom see you soon"
Came with this picture today from Terry Jones when he dropped Tyson off at the mission home
Thanks so much for relaying that message! 

Anna & Jenny Phillips found this on FB & forward it to me

Then Anna found these 

Elder Buckley & Legg started at the MTC together and finished together today

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I love you GA but I miss HOME!

Hello Everyone!

I just want to first say thank you to anyone who has followed my journey in GA for the last two years.  I hope you have been able to enjoy a taste of it as much as I have.  For anyone who may not be aware, I am going home, next Monday is the finish of my full time service as a missionary  to the Lord I love.

To anyone whom it may interest I will be flying into the Boise Airport at 6:33pm on Monday the 22nd. Close friends and family are all invited.

Well the time has come and Home is calling through every whisper of the wind.  I will never forget the fatigue, heart wrenching experiences, yet wonderful time I have spent here in GA.  It has been the best of times and the worst of times.  It has been the hardest two years of my life and every second has been worth it for the relationship it has helped me to build with my Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ!  I know that no one is without a friend or love in this life! I want everyone to know that if they ever feel like something is missing in their life please look into the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today in His church of Latter-day Saints.  I can promise from my own experience that there is more peace and Joy offered than you will find anywhere else.  It is peace and Comfort reaching into the eternities with our families.  It will help you to know who you are and your divine worth.  If there is anything to come out of my two years away from home, it would be for everyone within the sound of my voice to read the Book of Mormon with a real intent to act upon the witness of the Holy Ghost that you will surely receive.  Read it with a prayer in your heart of wanting to know truth.  You will find the truth of this Holy Book of Scripture as I have only through its fruits, only through living what it teaches and seeing the Lords hand of guidance increase in your life.  I know families are ordained of God.  Do all you can to lift, inspire, and love those whom we are closest to in the mortal journey.  Seek after the Kingdom of God and you will accomplish more than you could ever in our own vain ambitions.  Serve others for it is the will of God to take care of his fold and what a sacred privilege we have to be trusted by the Great Shepard to help in succoring His fold!  I appreciate the atonement of Jesus Christ beyond words can express for without it I am nothing.  It is my prayer that all of us as Children of a Loving Heavenly Father will walk with faith till the end.

mom: Last week I was in a Car accident. But I am not injured, and I was not driving, and it is all ok, but I thought you might want to know that!:p The Lord is watching out for me and going to let me make it home in one whole piece! Yeah it was frosty here this morning but last week we had two days in the 70's it was weird! Cheesecake factory for dinner?? If not my backup would just be Red Robins. I do not think you will hear from me?  Brother Jones will send you a picture of me being dropped off at the mission home next Sunday.  It is crazy Dylan is done!  Oh man I am so happy and proud of that kid!  Foods I want: Theresa Fried Chicken! Jambalaya, Haystacks, chicken cheese broccoli rice casserole, rolls yeah!! Sweet the more job options the better.   I bought milk today that expires after I am home that was exciting!  Everything sounds perfect mom! thank you!I love you mom and will see you soon!

Tay: Good luck with the play practice. I will get to see it so I am excited!  I love you Tay and will see you soon be a stud and helpful this week please!

Tali: Hey I love Zac Efron's singing too!  He is a stud.  And you had better talk to me next week sister!:p  Haha I love you Tali see you soon!

G: Thank you for cleaning out the fridge!  haha I have had to do that many atimes on the mission.  haha Grace I can not tell you how much missionaries appreciate you emailing them!  It can make an entire week sometimes!  Thank you for enduring the torture!  I love you and will see you soon!

Dad: I don't want it warm I want it snowy there! I haven't had snow in two years!:p  I am excited for the horses too. We pass them while driving places and I just miss it a lot! Thanks for being on the job hunt I will for sure look into it!  I love you Dad and will see you soon!

Love y'all! see most of you soon!
Elder Tyson Legg

Look at them scraping the window with kitchen utensils 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

He's Home in 13 DAYS!! But Who's Counting?? I Totally AM!!!

Hey Y'all!

Sorry I missed last week, we had some crazy scheduling going on and the Library where we email from was packed and we barely got on to email our mission president a weekly letter and a few personal emails.

I know a ton has happened since last I emailed, and sadly I will not be able to share it all.  However, there are some highlights in particular that I do want to share.

Okay so thinking of way back around Christmas time is where I will take us first.  There is a family here who are very close with the missionaries. Some of them are members of the church and some are not.  We love them though and they love us. Unfortunately, they struggle financially.  With taxes and bills to be paid their Christmas was going to be very slim. In fact, one day we were talking to them and they expressed to us they as the parents felt like failures because they were not able to provide presents for any of their children this year. Well we talked to them and came up with a plan to come over Christmas Eve caroling with the other missionaries. Then we would teach all of the children about Jesus Christ the greatest gift of all to help lift all of their spirits from having no tree and a house vacant of commercial gifts. As we left we wanted to do more though.  What a blessing though, that a sweet elderly lady in our ward had given each of us missionaries serving in the ward, a gifted allotment of money.  One for us to use as we wished.  All together we counseled and agreed that our friends, the ones without a Christmas tree, were the ones in need.  Off to Santa's workshop (Goodwill) we fled, with cash in our pockets to spend.  We all pitched in and were able to find a plethora of fine items, or so I've said.  We cleaned them up and made our plans.  The night then came where we caroled and sang.  After the festivities were over, six smiling figures could be found prancing away form a doorbell sound.  This impoverished family had Christmas of the purest sort in their hearts.  The greatest gift given had struck again.  The example of Christ inspired many that night who gave and received.  I hope for all each season of joy may  increase and spread throughout the years! Christ is our gift to celebrate on Christmas, and everyday!

Okay and for anyone who has ever struggled to feel the spirit here is a story for you.  There is a recent convert to the church here.  He loves the Gospel and never doubted it, but at the same time he just had never felt a confirmation inside of his soul tell him it was true, but all of the good he had seen from it he just had figured it must be true. Well we as the missionaries or guides provided some tools for him to use to invite the feelings of the spirit.  One thing you must know to anyone who is seeking the spirit.  It can be loud, but mostly is a still small voice none the less he is always powerful.  Well this man also had a heavenly virtue of patience and diligence. He continued to pray even when he felt there was silence as a response. He continued to read, and he was taught, but he never realized or recognized the spirit there.  One day though after a test of time he got it.  He knew very little of who or what the Holy Ghost was but he knew it when he came.  Everyone always talked to him about a burning of his heart as it had happened to them. Now this is not always how it works to everyone and it is not how it had worked in him.  However, one day it hit him.  His wife had recently passed away and he also had been laid off at work.  This provided an opportunity to create an environment where the spirit could dwell as he turned harder than ever to the Lord.  The Spirit ignited within him!  He had no words to describe it but a simple testimony that God lives, Jesus Christ is real, and The Holy Ghost is AWESOME!  This is a testimony of mine too and it is my prayer everyone my seek this testimony for themselves!

Mom: Yeah I was worried about the ctr ring. One of the missionaries had said they might be discontinuing it! Yikes! I can't lose this one then! I can not believe Poopy is that old now. I remember going to the hospital when he was born and seeing his monkey hands. He had very long and skinny fingers.  Geez how long is your get done before Tyson get home list? (Oh it is super long!) I love you mom!

Tay: Yeah fruitland is a weird place of farming with money. But honestly Middleton has some of that too. I am not to good a ping pong so I am glad you are!:p sounds like fun I hope you don't mind spending some of that time with you big bro! I love you!

Tali: I love fondue!  And what are the cry faces for you are the one who is supposed to like school!  Oh yes the yearly ward time change. I have not had to deal with that once over the last two years. Most buildings only have one ward in them. I love you!

G: There is no way for a Chinese buffet to be better than our old one that has lasted through the ages. Have fun and work hard in school! I am emailing hungry and Texas Road House sounds so good!  I love you!

Dad:Oh man I am way excited to see the new car and truck!  I see trucks similar to yours all around now and I just day dream!:p  yeah ATV's in the desert sounds like fun. I am glad that you had a good vacation! I love you Dad!

Love yall!

Elder Legg

Seriously!! Is Elder Dunn TALLER than Elder Campos who is a giant!!??

Josh Phillips sent this to him for Christmas
How cool is that??

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

1/2/18 Happy New Year!

Safety Tip:  Ceiling Fans & Balloons don't play well together

Did Elder Campos get even taller? 

His sister likes to send him Potato Art since he's from Idaho

I Just Want to Wish Y'all a Very Merry Christmas 12/19/17

Hey Everyone!

I will not get to email next week so I just want to wish yall a very Merry Christmas!  I love you and I know our Savior does too!  He is a gift so enjoy his spirit this season as you express your love for those around you in the best way possible T-I-M-E.  That is my favorite way to spell love and I know if you spend time with your loved ones this season, even Jesus Christ, you will receive blessings beyond comprehension.

Okay this week was a great time in a new ward and with a new comp. Elder Barzee and I love each other.  The ward loves us too.  We are working hard and having a spiritual time.  Here is a small thing. I never take my wallet places. I hate it in my pocket. Well one day I was about to leave without it, as usual. Then I heard a whisper telling me to take it with. I ignored it, and then I heard it again and so I turned around and grabbed it. Turns out I needed it to fill out paper work to volunteer at a humane society that we do service at. Thank you Holy Ghost!  Then also we were going over to  a recent convert's to share an uplifting message along with a blessing.  We were contemplating what to share.  We both felt very strongly about a general conference message we had both recently read.  It was "Value beyond Measure". When we got to her house everything she told us about how she felt was about how she could not understand how God could love a worthless person like her.  When we shared the article we did with her. She fell apart. She asked how we knew she needed that today?  The only way we knew how is through the spirit.  It is a wonderful gift. Take the time to listen to it. make the time every day to listen for it.  I promise you will hear him.  I also promise and know that who ever you are. You are worth worlds because you are a son or daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves you!

Mom: We got our packages here and we are getting ready to skype only we have not figured out where yet.  We will have a member text you or something?  And also I will not be sending presents I will just bring them when I come.  I still have not been to the Cheesecake Factory. & yeah Barzee loves the Rawlins!  Keeping busy like always I love you mom.

Trav: I volunteer at a Humane society in my new area!  It is so sweet!

Tali:  Did you know that Where are you Christmas is my favorite Christmas song?  I love it so much! You will definitely have to play it for me when I get back and if you can you should learn more of it! My favorite color is a dark green. Kind of a forest green. I hope you got my card for your Bday too!

 Tay: You are already done with you senior portfolio?  Oh man that is so crazy!  How was the play? Yeah the blue truck is always fun to drive in the snow!:p

G4:   Is that like the big musical they are doing this year?  Is Tay going to try out for it?

Dad: I got the picture it looks sweet! That sounds like a sweet lan for the AZ trip.  And I hope you are feeling better now.  Yikes  8 cords of wood is a lot! We had our ward Christmas party this week too.  And I was so happy because last year due to transfers I missed having one. I did not know they made those scales and thanks for the number!  Be safe driving!

Aunt T:  I love you too! And yes I am very excited too be coming home soon too.  My mission president always says it is natural to miss and be excited to go home as you come to the close of your mission and, in fact, he would prefer that. He wants us to keep working hard, of course, but he says that if we are not excited about going home then there might be regrets and he does not want anyone to regret their missions. That sounds like a great trip. Going to Nauvoo is definitely on my bucket list!

Hunter: Where are you working at bud?  And oh my goodness I cannot believe you are 18 and I will be there for when Tay gets there.  yee yee.

Timby: Hey!  Dang it I am going to miss yall singing in sacrament?  Oh man.  I will see if I can find that song on any approved ways possible!  If not you will just have to show it to me when I get back!

Uncle Rick: Thank you for the encouragement!  My mission has definitely given me the springboard effect.  I can see so many ways it will touch the rest of my life if I let it. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve and would never change it!  I love you too!

Love yall!


Thanks for the nativity!
(I sent it in their 12 Days of Christmas package)

That is our home and it is a little green with tan trim

Phenix City, AL (Yep, it's spelled correctly) 12/12/17

Hey everyone!

TRANSFERS! I am now in Phenix City, AL.  Also yes I spelled Phenix the right way. We are here in the south and do things a little different. Even if they don't make sense sometimes. My New companion is Elder Barzee.  He is from Rexburg, ID.  He has only been out for 2 Transfers now. He is very excited to be serving and I am excited to be with him! Yeah we will check into it!
I do remember Barzees on the family tree now!
New address:
3A Autumn Way
Phenix City, AL 36869

Okay so this actually happened last week but I forgot about it.  I was on exchanges with Elder Buckley.  The apartment I was living in was behind a Lowes.  We would cut through the parking lot all of the time.  In the parking lot there are signs for the handicap parking.  These signs I ride through all of the time, with no hands on my handlebars.  Well this time as I approached I could tell I was not going to make it, but I was already committed.  As I went I had to slam my hands down and swerve left.  My back tire ended up hitting the pole and I went flipping over my bike. With my puma like reflexes though, I sprung into action.  I caught my self on my hands and rolled to safety. During the roll I smacked my head, but thank goodness for helmets.  It saved any damage from happening there. The next part to hit was my back, but my bag was there an very cushioned.  Then I was back on my feet.  It was a miraculously comfy tumble.   I thought no one saw but the ladies working in the garden center did and were very concerned.

Sorry I do not have much time!

Mom: Okay so total bummer. Nothing to exciting happened on the 9th.  We were supposed to have Elder Stevenson visit our mission.  However, it snowed in Atlanta the night he was supposed to come in and the airport shut down.  He couldn't fly in and so no apostle.  I did still get to visit Gray though and I saw the Griswold family.  It was a good time. Elder Barzee says he knows the Rawlins.  I think he did some musical stuff with Jackie. Love you mom!

Love yall!

Elder Legg