Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irma Updates from GMM

Dear GMM family members,

We are keeping abreast of the developing trajectory of Hurricane Irma. We are preparing contingency plans for needed relocations of missionaries as conditions develop.  Many have already been instructed to prepare 72 hour kits, including important documents, medications and having a full tank of gas. Sister Grayson and I will be keeping you updated as things change and as we have more information.  The facebook page will be the most current "Georgia Macon Mission 2016-2019 President Roger and Sister Denise Grayson".

Sister Jensen
Georgia Macon Mission

Dear GMM family members,

This is from Sister Grayson's Facebook post this morning, Sept 6, 2017.

As we wait to see the true course of hurricane Irma, our missionaries in the coastal parts of the mission (Savannah, Hilton Head area), remain on high alert. Just like you, we are prayerful these fronts moving through our country will push her eastward and away from GA and the Carolinas.  As Joshua 1:9 says-"Be strong and of a good courage..." families.  As we make any relocation movements we will share with you.  Presently, we are not answering questions about "who and where". We wait...

Sister Jensen
Georgia Macon Mission

Dear GMM family members,

More from Sister Grayson's facebook post just in case you are not following her.

Here we are Friday morning, as with the world, we are waiting for the arrival of Irma. All of our missionaries in the Savannah zones have left and are safely nearing Macon, the surrounding and even westward mission locations. The Savannah locations are Beaufort, Evans, Georgetown, Hinesville, Hilton Head, Paris Island, Martinez, Pooler, Richmond Hills, Rincon, Ridgeland, Stevens Creek, Savannah, Statesboro,Vidalia. Since the hurricane is forcast to affect our entire state, other precautions are being taken for all of us. Wonderful Stake Presidents, bishops, branch presidents, and all members are keeping eyes out and offering shelter, etc. for all of missionaries. Let us pray for safety of those missions and members and others in Florida, who dealing with the initial blows for the continental US. Joshua 1:9 one of our missions motto scriptures comes to mind again "Be strong and of a good courage."

Sister Jensen
Georgia Macon Mission


Dear GMM family members,

More from Sister Grayson's facebook post on Friday Evening.

All of our missionaries that were moved today are secure. We will bring in more from Valdosta/ Moultrie/ Hinesville/Tifton Zone areas tomorrow. All missionaries being watched by wonderful members, even landlords, apt neighbors are offering assistance. Called to serve !

This is her post from today, Saturday: 

GMM family as we continue to await, we adjust our plans as needed. As informed yesterday, the missionaries in the lower areas near the ascending storms are on the way north( see the previous update. Albany will be going northwestwardly. Pearson and Alma for example, will move into a more northerly and secure area. As you can see by the photo, our sisters from Valdosta have arrived! Elders on their way. Please note: Prep day will WEDNESDAY since they are displaced, their email time will be shorter, as some usual facilities may be closed. If you do not hear from your missionary, do not be alarmed or worried, we will keep abreast as possible. Since we may lose power, don't be surprised if communication is limited.We are grateful for these young and senior missionaries, they are eager to serve our Heavenly Father and our Savior. We will do our best to cover as many bases as possible for their care. Proverbs 3:5-6 says "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding..." This is one of my favorite scripture and guide, let's follow it.

Sister Jensen
Georgia Macon Mission

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Totality in SC!!

Hey Everyone!

Challenge to everyone: hold Family Home Evenings and study from Preach My Gospel.  It will help each person to have the preparedness to share the gospel at all times and in all places.  Also a great talk to listen to or read to help our understanding of Christ's Grace is called "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox.

Well I hope everyone's eyes survived the Eclipse.  Mine did.  The area of the total eclipse fell somewhat in our mission boundaries. My area was not in it, but my zone was part of it.  Turns out that the car elders in Martinez were saving some miles so that we could take the car to Macon for a meeting.  Well, we ended up having the meeting changed to next month, so we had lots of extra mile this month.  We got approval from the zone leaders and so since the eclipse was on our preparation day we got to travel near the top of our mission and zone.  We took a Road trip last Monday to Edgefield, SC.  We were able to see the totality of the eclipse! It was  a blast and an amazing sight to see.  The bugs started to come out along with the bats.  It was dark and cool with a ring of light all around the horizon. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to view it.

Elder Hafen had a Challenge given to him to extend the invitation of being baptized to someone.  He has had the same challenge for the past two weeks and has not really had the opportunity arise.  Well this past week we went out with our ward mission leader to go and visit a struggling family in the ward.  They were not home and so I told him there was a lady who we would like to try before we went home.  We got there and she had just gotten back from work and was laying down to get some rest.  She gave us the time we needed to share our unique message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As we were sharing our testimonies I felt prompted to invite her to be baptized.  I looked at Elder Hafen and mouthed to him to do it.  He had 3 chances and pasted all of them up. Finally right before we left I knew I felt prompted and so I invited her. As we walked away Elder Hafen was beating himself up a little because he knew he should have and wanted to but was just unsure.  Well the Lord knew of his true desire to repent and change.  He provided another chance through a referral we received.  We went and taught a lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. In the end Elder Hafen fulfilled his challenge and was set at peace in his heart and mind as to his ability to Fulfill his purpose in inviting others to come unto Christ by helping them to receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

On Saturday we were supposed to help two new families move into the ward, but both moves went faster then were expected and were completed before we got there.  However, a youth was working on his eagle project. This young man had helped us earlier in the week by going out with us and taking us to lunch at Chik-fil-a.  We went to go and help him out. He was building a play set at Camp Helaman. A place that the stake president owns that is used frequently by wards, the stake, and especially the scouts.  There was a tube slide there that turned out to be my nemesis.  I had to take that thing apart 4 times because others were putting it together wrong.  Just when we thought we were done too. We found out the roof was messed up and it would have to be finished another day.  That was some sad news after a long day of working on it and hoping to finish it.

We never found anything out about he crime scene house? It looked like a big drug house though. And yeah Hafen was a little rattled.  As far as that creature on the wall in the picture  a couple weeks ago, if I am thinking of the right picture.  It was just this moth thing.  There are those which are like giant thick moths beasts. Also there are these like bee/dragonfly/I don't even know things that are pretty creepy.  Yeah there are just a bunch of weird bugs here. Jace sent me a picture from where he is in Mexico and it was of a spider and we have them here too.

Mom: Sounds like the makings of a great year!  That is cool that you get to work with deaf kids. I am sure that will be a new experience.  Tali looks like Grammy to me in her back to school pictures!That is sad to hear about in soccer.  Trav is probably right they need to run and do the basics.  That is so cool the Schmidts are on a mission they will make a great senior couple!  I was wondering how Jake was.  I heard it hit Galveston.  Dang 11 miles with no hills is a little easier for you huh?  That is a lot of running!  That is so crazy to think that Dakota, Trent, and Trey are all home now.  I love you mom!

Tay: What are some of the songs you are doing in FX?  What does your schedule look like for school?  Do you only play mt home this week?  I am tired too man.  Like all the time!  If you think High school is tiring wait till the mission man it is crazy! Love you Tay!

Audrey: Do you still have that kid that kicks or bites you? Man Thomas the train seems to be a very big deal with all of the kids now a days.  I barely even watched it when I was little.  Cracker Barrel is  very good. The time we went the other week here was Elder Hafen's first time and he loved it. Love yeah!

Travis: That is sad to hear about the team man.  It is hard to watch when there is potential and the effort to reach that is either not there or ignored.  I am sure you understand that a lot from teaching people on your mission.  haha yes the rides of the little siblings!  I love you Trav!

G: Sister you know what it means when you do not have any classes with friends?  It means you can focus on your work and do well. Also maybe you should look into making some new friends too?  Maybe some one will need or want your help? Love you Grace!

Tali: When did you go and get so old to be in the 7th grade?  And also don't like school anymore?  But are more into a boy?  Those need to swap sis or when I get back you and that boy are getting a swat!:p  mmmm food sounds so good right now it is almost lunch time here and I am hungry! I love you Tali!

Dad: I love you dad!

I love you all!

Elder Legg

Sunday, August 27, 2017

CAUTION: Beyond This Point You Are At Your Own Risk

Hey everyone!

Real Quick I want to make a shout out to my main Normal missionary bud Elder Buckley!

Alright so this week there is some sketchy material and so if you do not want to know than you do not want to read.  CAUTION: Beyond this point you are at your own risk.

Well Elder Hafen and I were out knocking some doors and trying to contact some people whom we had already met.  Well there was this one guy William(name has been changed) and his roommate Ruel(name has also been changed) whom we had given Books of Mormon to.  We had missed them being home a time or two and we wanted to try again since we were in the area.  We parked our bikes, all was normal, and as I ascended the steps to the porch...DUN DUN DUHHH.  No, but in all seriousness, we do not know if our investigators are still alive?  Once I was at the top of the steps I could see the unsettling scene of blood covering the porch.  It was spewed from one side of the porch to the other covering it almost in its entirety.  As I examined the scene I saw the windows shattered, pools of still wet blood, and blood also scraped along the screen door.  We are not going to attempt to contact them again. Innocence is bliss.

Oh and one more sketchy thing for this past week.  As if the porch scene was not enough.  Elder Hafen and I went to a potential investigators house to try and teach him.  Well everything was fine at first.  Then as we started to teach, things went out of hand to say the least.  He kept telling me to shut up and making Elder Hafen answer wonky questions that apply to nothing.  Elder Hafen did not have all of the answers he was looking for since 1) We as missionaries do not know everything and 2) Elder Hafen could not understand the way he talked.  Also his heart was set on his way.  Well I started to try and help translate with what understanding I had to offer.  The guy did not like that, especially when I was able to answer one question beyond his ability to argue.  Umm so yeah I do not know how to say this next part other than to just say it.  No one freak out though (he means ME!!), because it is all fine and I am safe now.  Yeah but the guy threatened to shoot me.  We were able to talk him down into a calm state and leave in good graces.

On good notes though we were able to do a lot of service.  We were able to paint a members den.  We helped some members move a massive dresser to their house and up into their bedroom.  Their thanks was repaid by attempting to give us clogged arteries. They took us to Little Caesars for a pizza.  Well if any one is adventurous you might want to try this?  If you are a health nut you will most likely cringe at the mentioning of this.   Well they ordered an Extra Most Bestest and asked for the butter/garlic sauce on the crust. The window lady than asked if they just wanted it on the crust or all over the pizzas?  The members told them the whole thing!  Try it I dare you!  Also we got to go to a mansion and move probably the heaviest couch I have ever moved.  It was a 3 seat couch where each seat had an electric recliner in it.

Mom:  Sounds like this year will have lots of surprises and tons of fun. I wish you the best of luck and hope you are having a great day!   Take care of your self in the Eclipse.  I sure do have glasses and later we are going to drive into the total eclipse path.  We are in about 99.7%  But we are going to head north and get 100%.  (We were almost identical to him at 99.5% here)
 I love you mom!

Tay: Dude good job on the soccer scene!  Despicable me 3 what?  That sounds awesome! It is crazy you are a senior now and G is a Freshman!  They upgraded the laptops?  You will have to send me a pic of what the new ones look like.  Bro good luck at school!  Do well and have fun ok! I love you Tay!

Audrey: It is going good.  The heat is coming now but it has been nice compared to last summer so I can't complain too bad.  Te members here are way nice and love us, so yeah we get taken care of.  That child sounds like a handful. I hope he gets used to you soon or you get changed so you can stop bleeding.  haha yeah scouting for deer, I wish I was with them!  Do you have a stick shift too or are you using Trav's?  The struggles of early marriage sound wonderful!:p  haha it is crazy To think Trav is trying to buy a house!  Good luck this week Love yeah!

Tali: Send me a picture of your new hair!  Where is your first day of school pictures!?  Your toenails sound cute though. I love you Talia!

JO:  Oh I will preach it!  And I like the "dawg". That is how you spell it down here in GA.

Travis: dude going scouting sounds like a blast man!  How did you get so dirty were you in the back the whole time?  Are you showering on a regular bases yet?  Yeah man I will get the full eclipse so I will enjoy it. I love you Trav!

G4: Ahh blue hair gain!!!  Forget about the hair what about those hammer pants?  haha sister I love you and I hope your English teacher is about content and not spelling!:)  I love you Grace!

Dad: Yeah this week did go by pretty fast.  That sounds like a way fun and pretty 4wheeler ride.  haha Biff and his billy goats. Sometimes I feel that way about a few of the hills we have to bike!:p  haha yeah Audrey was telling me she might be a little confused on that.  I love you dad!

Love you all!

Picture from Interviews.  I already had glasses, but did not have them on me but sister Grayson provided some for the other companionships without.  Yes, my eyes are closed!
Lots of drink mix from Cindy Long
Cool car in a carport

This was a magic trick that was played on me.  
I mixed my card I picked into the stack and then I was given the stack to hold and the magician took a picture of me holding it but the only card facing him was my card but when I was looking from my side the cards were mixed his way and my way??

From Sister Boyd and our meal at Craker Barrel, see more pics below

Ready for the eclipse

My friend Jenny found these on the mission facebook page

Monday, August 14, 2017

New Companion -- Elder Hafen

Hey Everyone!

This week I got a new companion. His name is Elder Hafen.  He is from Huntington Beach, California.  He was the captain of his high school surf team.  He is tons of fun and I am excited to be serving with him.  We have had a lot of fun this past week.

One thing we have been trying to work on is increasing our use of The Book of Mormon in our teaching and contacting efforts.  Elder Hafen and I made it a goal to share a verse of scripture Testifying of Jesus being the Christ in all contacting situations that we had a conversation with someone.  Each morning in our studies we would find a new couple of verses that we felt the spirit reaffirm our witness that Jesus is the Christ, our savior and redeemer, and our advocate with our Heavenly Father above.  Every Morning I did this I felt the spirit in my entire day and my testimony strengthen.  I Know that Jesus is the only begotten of our Father in Heaven and has Atoned in Love for all of us, his Brothers and Sisters. I also know that The Book of Mormon is another Testament of our Lords divine son-ship and can draw us neared to God than any other book. In this I testify and challenge all who may be questioning their Faith or testimony to read form The Book of Mormon it contains the healing words of The Great Jehovah. If you read with a prayerful heart you will hear them!

This week we got a phone call from a random lady.  Turns out she was in the middle of a divorce after 38 years of marriage.  She was devastated and her life is being turned upside down.  She works with a member of the church who knew her situation and heard she was in need of help.  That her husband had already gotten out of the house and was refusing to help as she was trying to sell it.  The yard was a mess and she started to pick up extra hours at work when ever possible to help her financial situation.  This left no time to tend to the yard work and very little for the inside work.  Her parents were helping her out but in no shape to be doing yard work for hours out in the melting August sun.  The member co-worker found the number of missionaries in her area, us, and gave her our number, telling her we could help.  Well of course we more than happy to help.  We took care of her lawn most of Saturday and her parents just could not believe that we would do such a service especially for no money.  They told us it gave them hope to see that there are good people continuing on in this world.

Also we got to go fishing this morning.  Since I am training elder Hafen we have to get extra studies in during the morning.  Also Preparation Day starts earlier than other days so we had to get up way early, at like 4am.  we went fishing and it was a sorry trip to say the least. There were very few bites and even less fish reeled in.  Some were skunked and came away with a big goose egg, however, you just know I was not one of those!

Mom: Dang that is awesome! That is a really good job in your rankings and you shaved like 12 minutes off your last race time.  I have no idea what we did at Vision for math?  Sorry no help there. Hey tell the Schmidts to look out for a senior couple by the name of "Finlinson"  they were a senior couple in my mission and earlier this year finished their mission here but put in papers in to go right away on another and are in Nauvoo.  Elder Finlinson is a good Ol' ID farm boy and he is driving some of the wagons there. Dang Trent will be home this week? That is crazy! I love you Mom!

Tali: You got a bunny?  Please tell me it is outside?  And hey no way I say Illinois with an S on the end too:p sounds like a relaxing week for you.  Thanks for helping mom out in her class room.  I love you Tali!

G4: I am glad that Phat Boy is still cute to you and that you did so well in you selling chimes.  The OR coast is always a blast and I am glad you had fun. Take care sister I love you grace!

Travis: I miss the dinners at aunt T's so bad man!  Plus I miss some of Mommas and Aunt T's cooking man!  Haha I am glad that you and Hunter are having fit offs. That sounds like a good way to appeal to peoples competitive side to get them up and active.  and yeah man Happy one day late one year anniversary!  Did you do anything for it? Or get her something?  I love you Trav!

Taylor: Yeah man keep me updated on the soccer scene!  I wasn't to worried about you or hunter making Varsity.  I am more worried about y'all two setting a good example in working hard and listening to the coaches!  Can you do that for me!?:)  I love you Tay!

Dad: Yeah Elder Hafen and I get along pretty well. He is  a super nice kid and we have fun together.  As far as fishing this morning we got up early to get the fish and it didn't work.  I caught one right at the very end so I was ok.  It was the last worm I had and by golly I made it work!  haha yeah I feel like right now I probably wouldn't even be able to tell it was sketchy with the mission view.  I am glad that you guys are safe though.  Yea it sounds like there will be a lot of movies to watch when I get back.  we will see if it really happens!:p  Good luck with your scouting trip let me know how it goes!!:) Love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

We started our companionship with waffle house and ended it with some waffle house. Oh and we are going today too mom!
Mine & Campos last morning together

Hafen's first dinner in the mission Cheese Grits and Cereal!:p

Hafens first dinner in the mission Cheese Grits and Cereal!:pInline image 1

Monday, August 7, 2017

Staying in Stevens Creek

Hey Everyone!

Well I am staying here in the Stevens Creek ward.  Although I will be training a new missionary.  I am sad to see Elder Campos leave, but I should be in for a new adventure.

This week I went on an exchange with Elder K. Walker.  We have been emphasizing the use of the Book of Mormon more in our teaching and finding throughout my district and the entire mission.  Just for some background, there are some weeks where we may not get to pass out a single Book of Mormon.  A lot of the times if you can pass out two Book of Mormons in a week you are doing well.  This was not good enough for us on our exchange though.  We made a goal to pass out two that day but we felt prompted to bring more.  We ended up having 5 with us and in 3 hours we were able to pass all of them out. Plus we got to give another one out that night.  We were pumped.  The Book of Mormon is our sickle to harvest the wheat already to harvest, Doctrine & Covenants section 4.  If we use it we will find the Lords elect and bring them unto the flock of our shepherd and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  I know these things to be true and I know that The Book of Mormon can and will bring anyone closer to God who studies it prayerfully willing to act on the impressions of the spirit to our hearts.

Since I am training I had a meeting in Macon on Saturday for President Grayson to teach us his expectations and vision for the new missionaries coming in.  Well Elder Dunn and Elder Buckley from my zone are training too and so we three got to road trip to Macon as we left our companions together.  It was a blast.  (Here's the proof.  Buckley and Tyson were in the MTC together) 

"It was great we had the best of time! It has been far to long since we have been together for an extended amount of time."

Mom: I am glad you had a safe trip.   It sounds like things will get crazy with school starting and yeah you know it is soccer time when there are fires all around smoking up the valley.  Hmm freshman orientation?? (New this year) I am glad I did not have to do that.  And no I did not here about Tad getting married?  Any info?  Thanks mom we are going to have a Nerf war now! I love you mom have a great week!

Tali: What a tanning bed?  That is weird isn't it? Have you named the cat then if its eyes are open?  And you are a baby sitting fool!:) Love you Tali!

G4: Way to go at the farmers market.  And you want to dye your hair blue again?  Why?  It looks great just the way it is.  So does Lexi still not like Peter Pan? I hear you sister I get your pain!:p  haha and I am sure you will get your chance with a dog as soon as buddy is gone.  Which means you will have to wait a little while cause he is holding on till I get home.  I just got my water bottle from Walmart.  The missionary store!:p  I love you Grace!

Taylor: Oh heck  yeah tryouts man that is bomb!  I wish I got to go!  Man give it your best and be an example to your peers and underclassmen.  I miss and love you Tay!

Travis: Dude I hope all of your interviews go well.  So you already have the offer of the detail shop?  Dude you are growing up so fast man.  It is weird you are looking into buying a house.  Tanning bed? those give you cancer!  haha I love you Trav!

Audrey: I almost asked if Travis donates Plasma with you but than I remembered he can't he has malaria.  I hate needles though so that sounds gross especially if it leaves bruises.  Buying a house sounds so far off for me that is crazy.  I have never been a fan of tanning beds but I also don't like to tan really, partially because I can't.  Have a great week love yeah!

Dad:I am glad your new position is going well. It sounds like hunting will be a blast this year.  Are Trav a Tay going to go hunting this year?  I hope you get a beast.  That is so cool that all 3 of you drew.  I love you dad!!

Love you all

Elder Legg

Monday, July 31, 2017

Sneaky Service & Sweet Surprises 7/24

Hey Everyone!

First off Happy Parents day!  (that was Sunday the 23rd)
Let Grammy and Grandpa know I say Happy birthday to the both of them!!!!!

There is a couple who kind of lost their way.  They have gone to church some here and there but they did not see the full need to come all of the time.  Their Grand daughter went on a mission and has been trying to work on them since she has gotten back without any progress.  She invited us to try and start working on them too.  We have come pretty close with them through service. Also we have been sharing the gospel more and more with them to help have it in their home.  Well this week was their 3rd week in a row of coming to church.  Plus in weeks past their granddaughter has texted and invited them the morning of and this week she did not.  They still came and all on their own. We are so happy to see them and  a lot of the ward members are too.

This week we were also given a great surprise.  Every Saturday morning we go as a district and play Ultimate Frisbee with some members and Military guys. This week we were getting out of the car and another familiar car pulled up.  It was the car of a former Investigator who moved to Utah to go to school.  We were very confused for a second, knowing that her brother could not drive yet and her mom would not be coming to Frisbee.  Then Karen stepped out of the car!  She had come back for a quick trip home.  Also she told us that while she was out in Utah that she had gotten baptized!  She has been Investigating the church for 5 years now and finally got to where she wanted to be!

This week we also had some fun service opportunities. First, a lady in the ward whose husband is deployed and children have things to do 24/7. Oh plus she just had her Gall Bladder taken out.  Well needless to say she needed some help.  Her yard was out of control and so we went over to help her out.  She just asked us to do her front yard but we were sneaky, and before she knew it we were already half way done with her back yard too!  Of course we could not just stop halfway and so we talked her into letting us finish.  She was very Grateful and we were very happy to help. Also one night we were coming home in a massive rain/thunder/lightning storm.  Along our way we passed a guy who had come around a corner and hit a deep puddle that ended up swamping his engine.  We knew what the right thing was to do.  We were trying to get back to our apartment because it was safer and almost curfew but we decided to turn back.  As we got to this man, he was sitting in his car crying in despair not know what to do.  We knocked on his window and told him we were going to push him to the nearest parking lot, out of the middle of the road and the puddle.  As we were doing this, a member saw our white shirts and stopped to ask if all was alright. We told him we were safe and okay, but this man  was stranded.  That member kindly accepted our invitation to help this man out and drive him where he needed to go.  I am very grateful for the opportunities of service I have to render everywhere I go and know that is blesses those around us showing that God is watching out for our needs!

Well we were in a Family Home Evening this week and for the activity we played "poor puppy".  This is a game where once in a circle the one in the middle acts like a puppy and approaches someone.  The puppy's objective is to get the person they are approaching to smile or laugh.  While the person being approached has to say "poor puppy"  three times while petting the puppy's head.  If they smile they are in the middle. If they do not crack then the person in the middle has to move on to another victim.  Well My family has played this in our home and has conditioned me to the ways of "poor puppy".  I smashed all vices used against me and not once had to go into the middle.  I was a stone cold dream crusher! (He can always make me  crack a smile though!)

Mom: Yeah last week it hit up to 113 with the index and there were heat advisories out.  It does not feel as hot as Valdosta though,so I am doing pretty good.  Do girls get the menigicockle shot?  That sounds like a pretty good week!  And tons of fun for Poopy when he gets back. How did he get to go to high adventure?  Lucky!  I am glad you have a doctor now too so I know you are safe.  Yeah let's just hope Caden does not give Preslee pink eye! (Travis gave it to him when he was just a newborn baby--gotta love big 2 year old brothers!!) I was talking to someone about that the other day.  Our ward mission leader is from Eugene, OR and I was talking about our Oregon trek each summer and how we have our McDonalds and DQ stops memorized!:p  I love you mom!

Tali: Awe cute baby kittens.  Is ash one of the evil Siamese  cats Trav gave you?  Are you going to get to keep the kitty or give it away?  And you are lucky you are all up to date on shots for the next 2 and 1/2 years.  I hope I am good that long too!  I love you Tali!

Tay:  Did you catch any monster fish on high adventure?  And how was the new Spiderman movie?  I have heard mixed reviews?  That is so weird some of your friends are turning 18 because that means you are next! Oh hey do you have Joseph's number?  It was his bday on the 19th of July and I was wondering if you could help a brother out by sending him a text wishing him a late happy bday from me!?  Thanks bro!  I love you Tay!

Audrey: I am just over one ward.  There are not any areas in our mission with missionaries over multiple wards.  Most wards  down here actually have multiple sets of missionaries in each ward. Like right now there are sisters and elders in my ward. In the other ward in our district it is all elders but there are 3 sets in that ward.  It makes it fun and sometimes frustrating when others start to step on toes. So no stress for me on Sundays.  The sisters here only have one ward and are still late so I am glad you at least had a valid excuse with extra wards to get to! Congrats on the job!  And glad y'all are getting settled back.  Hope you have a great week!

Travis:  Dude things are good!  Ok so my comp told me about some games I wanted to ask you about?  Have you ever played Mass Effect orS Dishonored?  He said they are two of his favorite games and that I should try them when I get back?  o I thought I would let you know about them or see if you knew about them?  Yeah dude here is something you can do for me you should take a picture of the skate park or at the skate park and send it to me!:)  Dude have fun and be safe on the boys trip!   Are they widening 44 or just making it new?  Good luck on the job hunt bro I will be praying for you!  I miss and Love you to Trav!!!

G4: I want to see both of those movies way bad!!!!!  And yeah that is pretty sad about the kittens sister.  Also you got a free what???? Like a toilet drop in?  I love you Grace!

Dad:dang that High adventure sounds like a blast.  I am sorry to hear that you got popped in the head but glad to know it wasn't too bad.  Also that nothing to outrageous happened.  A couple injured packs is much better than a couple injured boys.  I hope Bishop is ok.  There was an elder here that while we were playing volley ball tweaked his neck.  He called the mission nurse over it and she told him to just take 2 Ibuprophin.  Well let's just say the mission is a big step for him.  He asked her if that was a prescription drug:p  I was rolling laughing.  He has grown a lot in the few months he has been out.  Good luck at your job I am always praying for You!  I love you dad!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Flash Flood & Miracles 7/31

Hey Everyone!

Warning Transfers are next week, Tuesday the 8th.  DO NOT send mail passed Wednesday the 2nd.

This week was awesome and crazy!  It all started when Elder Campos and I were out contacting people.  It rained for the most part of the first half of the week.  Nothing to out of the normal though.  Then Wednesday came and while we were out a mother of all storms rolls out of no where.  We are walking and we feel a light sprinkle and just both think oh no.  Little sprinkles in GA never stay little or sprinkles.  With in a minute large drops were tumbling down.  We were soaked and then the thunder and lightning struck.  It was all around and very close.  The streets started to turn into rivers and the rivers turned to flood plains.  It brought in flash floods and we were traipsing in water above our ankles.  We got 6 inches of water in one hour.  It was a fun storm, but slightly unnerving.  A member lived nearby, but was not home so we stood under their porch for about 10 minutes then decided to keep going.  It was a wild ride!

As I mentioned already this storm caused some flash flooding.  Saturday we got to go and help out the community for those whose houses were flooded.  One particularly that we helped out with has to get destroyed.  The flooding hit in less than 5 minutes and the water's power was too much that it pushed a Chevy 2500 from the front to backyard and moved the house off of its foundation.  The house was a few feet off the ground and the water level was still a foot and a half along the inside.  The lady living there jumped out her front door and had to swim to the street before she could touch the ground to walk. All 3 of their cars are totaled only the the truck could be seen out of the water.  It was truly a sad sight to see their lives turn upside down in minutes. I am super glad we were able to go and help them.

This week there was a 5th Sunday discussion by the Bishopric. They wanted all of the teachers to be there too so we, as the missionaries, took over Primary.  The sisters had singing time and we had sharing time.  We stole our sharing time Idea out of the Aug 2017 Ensign.  We did an object lesson. There were two kids each holding a box.  The one we filled with cans that had negative words and phrases written on them. In the other we placed balloons with positive words and phrases on them.  The boxes were our loads or burdens that we all carry.  If we put cans or negative things piled on top of our burdens they get heavier and harder to carry.  When we put balloons or positive things piled on out burdens they  are still there, but are easily carried.  We need to look for positive things to surround ourselves with and give positive feed back to others so their burdens can be easily managed also.

There is this lady whom we have been trying to teach for a little bit but she is having a rough time recognizing the spirit. We know she feels it from the change of demeanor she has, from the time we get there to the time we leave.  The amount of stress and anxiety that are wearing her down seem to melt away, example of our sharing time lesson, I think so! A really cool miracle happened for her this week though. We went and visited her. She is a single mom of 2, out of a job, and has hospital bills to pay thanks to a car accident.  Also a dealership bill to pay for the car damage.  Well she expressed to us her rope of faith looked like it was coming to an end and the light at the end of the tunnel was fading away.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and shared our Testimony of the added strength to Faith in Jesus Christ and Hope that can come and has blessed our lives from reading it.  She took it and we left.  About a hour later she sent us a text.  She told us the light at the end of tunnel was coming back a little and faith was still to be seen.  She had received a call from the car dealership telling her an anonymous person came and paid her bill. Miracle!!

Also another lady we are trying to teach wowed us.  We have not been able to meet with her for a month and a half since she has been having eye surgeries.  She did not want us coming over and to not be able to keep commitments for reading.  We left her with a Book of Mormon though.  We saw her for the second time last week and she had had two of the three surgeries.  She told us she had to use three magnifiers and could still only read three words at a time but that she is half way through the Book of Mormon!

Mom:  Well mom you can notch off another weather disaster I have gone through.  Was Tali praying for me to have Floods?  Haha because I had some Flash ones here.  It looks and sounds like you are having a blast at the coast I wish I could be there with y'all.  And wow we are just about as far away as we can be with you at Cape Blanco and me here. I guess we took all of the rain for this last week on this side of the states! It has been dumping down. (Totally dry on the OR coast) My insect bites are mostly healed now still some little things to be completely gone but no more itching thank goodness!!  Did you talk to the missionaries in Burns? Or offer to buy them a drink?  I can tell you that would probably make their day!!!  Only the AP's in our mission have a truck. (They drove a truck in Burns, OR) We ride in a mini van with the Martinez elders
I  love you mom!

G4: Hey I bought a new water bottle last week too. Look at us twinners go!  Sister why are all of your emails now about boys? Are you a 14 year old girl or something?  The Rouge River boat trip is way fun though huh!  Good job at the farmers market sister keep it up! Love you Grace!

Tali: You didn't throw up from any of your car or boat sickness did you?  That is really sad you were too big to float in the little river stream thing at the end of Grammy's walk.  Digging for agates does sound like a good idea.  I hope you have fun and let me know what you name the kitten! Love you Tali!

Travis: Packing man I am like a pro mover now.  We do a lot of moving with lot of colleges and military people in like every area of our mission.  The turn over is ridiculous.  Hey man good luck with your job hunt and I love you too!!

Hunter: Hey thanks for helping Trav out man.  Also I hope soccer goes well this year.  I will miss that but I will be back by second semester to see some FX stuff so have fun and make it great ok!  I love you man!!

Tay:  How often do you have softball games with dad?  And man thanks for helping trav out I hope they are taking care of you.  Are you getting fed?  I know you are probably not getting sleep.  haha.  Love you tay!

Audrey: Yeah it has been hot here too but not as hot as it was last summer and I am ok with that.  Lately it has been cooler though since we have got lots of rain.  We got floods last week and it made it way humid.  And yes packing and unpacking are way tedious and annoying.  Have a great week.  Love ya!
Dad: Love you dad!

Love you all!!!


       House off of its foundation

Look at that little face....awwww

I got a disc given to me for Frisbee!