Monday, June 26, 2017

Birthday Shout Out!!

Hey everyone!

Well here is the promised Birthday shout out! I am sorry if I missed any body but know I am grateful for all who helped to make my birthday special!
The Phillips family, Schmidt's, Mama J, Erickson's, Rawlins family, Aunt Joan+Dick, Felisha, Groesbeck family, Dawkins, Aitkens, Uncle Mike+Donna, Ethan Barr, Daniel Ganir, Mack Easton, Lukner Myatt, Joseph Valencia, Jace Weber, Hunter Reese, Courtney, Aunt Theresa+Rick+Family, Uncle Lance, Aunt Pauline, Dakota, Tommy Cooper, MacLeod family,  Darseys, Rhett Hiatt, Wagoner family, Trent Ellsworth, Ashlyn Mills, Anna Harrell, Grammy+Grandpa, Travis+Audrey+Alec, Christopher Downs, Dad, Coons family, Barb Valencia, Lexi Jo, Josh Phillips, Uncle Pete+Linda, Liz+kids, Dominic Delatorre, Emily Black, Talia, Launa+Wally, Ellsworth family, Coach Myers+Soccer Team, Nancy Tillman, Teuscher/Soelburg family, Gracie, Riley Hone, Tyler Walters, Taylor, Tina+family, Jill, Elysia+David Luke, Carson, Maddie Marston, Skidmore family, Noelle Cosdon, Dylan Hutchings, Cindy Long, Brent+Tia+kids Andrews, Aunt Darlene+Gary, MOM!
Thank you for all listed above and any who are not I love you all!

Well my mom was talking to me on Mother's Day. She was telling me how she feels as though almost every kind if weather and natural disaster have happened in GA while I have been here.  Then one of my lovely sisters piped in that "No, that is not true he has not had an Earthquake!"  My mom was not too happy that she said that since she could jinx me.  Well she might just have. This last week we had an Earthquake here.  We were in a missionary meeting at the church and it sounded like thunder at first and then got a little shaky.  Then dust from the ceiling started to fall.  Then the noise got really loud and we hid under the table as our water bottles started to tremble and fall to the floor.  Then Just as we slid under the table to the clutches of safety the ceiling caved in! Now I know what you are thinking! Either one of two things is he okay? or he is full of crud??  Well The Earthquake really happened...... but nothing too serious happened other than loud noises.  But yup now I have made it through an Earthquake to so add it to the list mom!  Oh and thanks Talia!

We have been trying to teach more people that we see and that our on our way as we go places.  We have had some great experiences just yesterday we were early to dinner and we had some potentials  in the area so we went to try them as the food was being prepared.  No one we tried was home but there were two guys out in their yards. One we talked to was not interested, but the other was.  He was busy at the time though and we were needing to get back the dinner appointment so we set up to stop by this week.  This house the guy was at was just down the street from where we were eating.  As we walked back one of the family's little girls was out playing in the front yard and she ran over to us as we approached.  She told us how she did not want to go on a mission when she got older, but by seeing us go and talk to that man she does want to go now.  It was such a touching experience!

Mom:  Ok I was talking to a dental student here and he told me about a program called"WICHE" that I would love for you to look into.  It is for people who live in states without dental schools. That would be me, there are no dental schools in Idaho. What it is supposed to do is pay for dental school the only catch is you have to go back a practice in the state you are coming from.  And I do not even see that as a catch I would love to live and practice in Idaho.  I am way jelly of the SD trip!  And I am glad G Decided to go to camp!  I remember Reptile gardens and storybook park.   I am sure Tali is super excited too to see Harper.  I hope all of the trip prep and traveling goes well love you mom!

G4: YAY you went to girls camp!!!!! Love you Grace!

Tali: I am glad that you had fun at girls camp.  I would always hear great things from the young women  until Gracie went but she is the only one.  I have heard of the faith walk but didn't know what happened that sounds cool though!  I love you Tali!

Tay: Dude where are the videos and pictures of the wisdom teeth coming out?  And nice I wanted to play soccer the day I got mine out too but mom wouldn't let me either.  I got to go play some soccer this morning and I miss it man.   Love you Tay!

Dad: I am glad you got to kick back and relax some in the out doors this week.  Man I miss boating so bad.  And what they do knife throwing at girls camp?  Is that legal?  mmmm I bet the food was so good if Aunt T was in charge.  Was there any dutch oven cooking?  That is something I miss a lot also!  Have fun in the Black Hills with your new toy! Love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Thank YOU!! & Father's Day 6/18

Hey everyone!

I just want to say thank you to everyone that participated in making my birthday special!  I wrote a list down to give shout outs but I forgot it this morning in my rush so I will five a shout out next week.  All of the letters and pictures and presents were all much appreciated.  I love you all!

From Aunt Theresa

Elder King and Walker bought him a big birthday cookie

Showing off his Birthday Boy button


HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Thank you also for all of the Fathers out there!  I am so grateful for my father in my life.  The lessons he has taught me and the example he has been to me will forever be with me and I hope to show them in my countenance!  Just as I strengthen my relationship with my father in Heaven I hope to show some of his attribute through my countenance as well.  Fathers are needed and Mine is the best in the world!!!!! Thanks dad!

This week we got to go and do lots of yard work for a member who went into have a surgery done and his yard had gotten out of control.  I do not miss yard work but it is kinda nice to do after not having it to do for a while.

Early this morning a member came and took us fishing.  two of his grand kids both got small yellow perch.  Than Elder Campos caught small Cat fish.  Then as we were heading out I was fishing on the way back to the car.(something my daddy taught me you are never done fishing until you are in the car *especially when you are losing)  Well it done payed off.  on my last cast I got a bit and snagged it.  It turned out to be the biggest catch of the day.  I pulled in a 2 1/2 lbs cat fish and Campos was not happy, that I beat him!:p

Also we got to go and play soccer with some Vivint salesmen.  They are in our ward and out here in GA from UT doing summer sales.

Mom: That sounds cool about Jun 21st.  I am sure it will be hot and will be a great day to be the longest day of the year.  I have never seen he phantom of the opera but I have had a few companions who have loved it.  You are a running fool momma!  I hope Theresa is ready for the 10 mile in July.  For fathers day we had a Parmesan chicken Alfredo stuff that was good. as for my bday the sisters were dumb and did not put my bday down on the meal calendar and so no one signed up for it but we got a cal from some members asking us over anyways.  so I got Hawaiian hay stacks and banana splits for my bday meal!:)  and awesome thanks for looking into EFY for me.  love you mom!

Talia: did you like the opera though?  And oh man there is a member hear that has been o the melting pot and we were talking about it making our mouths water a couple weeks ago.  I like that place a lot.  Which dogs are taking classes?  and I can not believe you are going to girls camp this year. !! Love you Tali!

G4: Thanks sister.  I have never seen that play I am glad you loved it though!  and that does sound like a really cool experience.  that is way rude how long will her cousin be in town?  love you Grace!

Tay:  wait how did you get left by both parents?  was it just like you childhood when you were forgotten?  what is it with you.  what did you talk on?  I got to talk on mothers day and you got the job on fathers day look at you. such a boss.  are you getting pretty good at tennis?  and Yoga?  what the?  I want to see cars 3 so bad I am glad that it is a goo done.  Love you tay!

Dad:  what did you do with the stuff they had in storage?  and yeah I don't get sore from moving stuff anymore I do it so frequently. we moved people twice this week.  oh and I have a fathers day present for you but I have not sent it yet. I am going to try and get it out this week.  I hope girls camp is awesome this week.  you're the best dad ever I love you!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Almost My Birthday!! 6/12/17

Hey Everyone!

We in our area have been trying to boost member missionary work.  We want them to understand how much of a help they are and can be.  We want their spirits to be ignited and on fire for our Lords work.  We want and Need their help to truly progress the work.  To try and help this we have been focusing greatly on getting members to come out with us and be a part of missionary work.  We want them out doing and so we have to show them that we are also out there doing. That they are not alone and that we are not asking them to do something that we are not willing to do ourselves.  Something I have been inviting others here to do is to read and study Preach My Gospel.  This is a manual for missionaries and every member is a missionary.  In essence this is a manual for each and every one of us.  On a full time mission it helps us to know what to teach and how to teach and where/when to teach.  This can be done the same for all if you are not sharing the Gospel because you are scared and do not know where to start, look in Preach My Gospel.  It will direct and guide and help us all in our missionary duty!  Elder Packer testified of this in the April 2014 General Conference and I add my testimony to his that this manual is inspired and is for us all!

This week was great!  Let me share a couple scenarios of why.  First, last P-day was ruined due to the church buildings carpets getting cleaned and we had a Nerf war planned.  We ended up just going to our apartment's club house to shoot pool.   We were all kinda bummed and down at the end of the day.  The Lord knew where we needed to be though. As we left to go home and everyone was scattering, an elderly gentleman approached us and asked if we were LDS missionaries.  We told him yes and he was thrilled.  He asked if we liked to do service?  WE LOVE SERVICE!  Turns out he was moving the next day and had no idea how he was going to get his stuff packed.  He and one of his friends were all that showed up that next day and they lived in a 2nd story.  They could not have gotten it all done on their own.  If we would have had our Nerf war and been at the church that service would have gone by unnoticed.  I am grateful for the Lord and his knowledge of each one of our needs!

Second, we were actually back at the club house. Only this time we were teaching a lesson.  Another lady was there too and she was on the computer.  As we were teaching the lady kindly interrupted and asked if one of us could help her.  I offered my services.  Turns out that she was a teacher and was voted teacher of the year for her school and was working on an application to win teacher of the year for her school district. She was working on a Apple Mac computer though and was unfamiliar with its set up.  I am not technical genius either and know little about Mac's, but I was able to help her out.  We got all she needed finished and she was very appreciative.  Then at the end she asked for my name and told me that if she wins she is going to get up and give here thank you speech and give me a shout out!

Third, we went home teaching with a member and he took us for treats after we were done.  We ordered some hot fudge sundaes. When the order came out though a drive thru order went wrong or something and so they had 3 extra slushies.  They were going to just throw them out but then they saw our order coming out and just gave them to us for free.  Made for a nice night!

Mom:  We helped a new family move into the ward this week and they fed us after.  They got us some Panera Bread for dinner!  That is crazy you went to Craters of the Moon because I literally just talked about it last week with a member here.  Also thank you for the toilet Drop In.  I was just thinking we needed one of those, like exactly the day before I opened that one up. It was great!  Plus our toilet looks better.  I hope you had a great trip and I love you mom!!

Tay:  Youth conference!  Dude that sounds awesome.  The youth here are on a Palmyra trip right now doing a church history tour.  Dude I miss doing Camp Invention with you.  I can not see you Jedi braid in the pictures you will have to get one so I can see it.  You are looking good bro!  I love you!

Tali:  Wow it sounds like you had an amazing week sister!!!  I have never been to Bear World so look at you going to all these things mom and dad never took me to. That is not fair you are supposed to be the one that has never been places..... not me!!!!!!   Haha I am glad you had a great time and don't dis on Craters!!  Craters is a great place and a great name.  I am glad you did not get to scared I love you !!!!

G4: Tom Cruise is pretty great.  Bribing kids at Camp Invention was a good idea sister.  I am glad you could handle them.  I do not remember the atomic museum but I loved Craters of the Moon when I was little.  I think all of us boys had a similar thought, that it would really be the moon but it is cool and fun anyways.  I love you!

Dad: What you will have to send me some pictures of the new 4 wheeler.  Maybe a video of you tearing it up on it.  Wow I cannot believe we have had the green one for 16 years.  Tay is looking good I need to see the jedi braid though.  I bet young women's camp will be a blast!  And what is the plan for high adventure this year? I love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

I think they were happy to see each other! 
Some of the 20 days until turning 20 letters and treats
Not shown in numerical order :)

Thanks Phillips Family

I was cutting water melon for  dinner and just talking to Eli and Sophia and Sister Pitchford took a picture of it

Lady Antebellum & James Brown's Town 5/29/17

Hey everyone!

This area is just popping with opportunities to serve others and it is so awesome! First this week we got to go and serve in the rain.  We went over to a family's home and weeded their flower beds and cleaned them out.  Then we got to plant lots of pretty flowers and the grandma put me as head landscaping architect, so you just know those flower beds look great now!:p We also got to mulch them and since it was raining we were way soaked.  The family had a big hill on the side of  their house too so we pulled out a tarp and made a slip-n-slide, it was a blast.  Next we got to go and help a member clean off his yard.  He has a lot of Virginia Creeper, and that is not good to have around little children.  It is a vine that can make you itch like crazy.  So we went and helped him clear that out one morning.  Next we got to go and deal with more itchy stuff.  We went to another members who had a pond that had become over grown, majorly with Poison Ivy.  We got to go out with little clippers and to hack it all back and haul it in to the Forrest.  Luckily I did not get any on my skin.   One companionship was not so lucky though and have itchy wounds all up their arms.  Lastly we also got to go and help a moving family repaint their walls for resale.  

We also had interviews with President Grayson last week.  We got the privilege to drive him to go pick up his car that was being serviced.  It was super silent for a little bit and so awkward.   Once a conversation started though it was all good and we had a great ride with him.  

This week we enjoyed a wonderful amount of rain that we got drenched in, but also people were still very kind and picked us up to give us rides as they saw our "suffering". I enjoyed every minute of it.  

Fun Facts:  
There is a a famous singer from here.  Her name is Hillary Scott, from Lady Antebellum.  Heard of her?  Well she grew up right here in Evans, GA and went to high school right near where we live.  Also There is a park named after her with lots of concerts that happen.  Also James Brown is from here.  Oh and I was told by a 9 yr old that I am Prince Charming!:)   (So very true!!)

Mom:  Thanks for watching out for my teeth!:) I am glad yours are not grinded away yet!  I got the boxes and right on time too on the 26th to start my 20 days of birthday.  I email at the church in the family history center and yes I did find that out very quickly when I got out here that several country songs sing about Georgia!Wow I hope you have tons of fun with all of the visitor this weekend. (Trav, Audrey, Grammy, Gpa)  Love you!

Tay: Congrats on making it through another year of school Tay!  I hope you are having tons of fun with dad and Trav!  And swimming sounds so nice! Love you Tay!

TRav: Hey man!  I am so glad Tay survived! did you? (Softball, running, shooting) and dang dude I want to go on lots of sweet trips this summer!   A little kid was showing me some of the new Pokemon cards and stuff with it and it does look way more advanced than when we were little!  Love you Trav!

Audrey: Hey! You guys should totally move back to Treasure Valley then I will not have to drive nearly as long to visit y'all.  Yeah one family can be crazy,  I bet 2 just is wack! (to visit & split time between)  Look forward to meeting you too, Love ya!

G4:   Wow sis I got to play Volleyball this last week too!!  Only I did not punch any one!:p  (She went to punch the ball & accidentally punched her friend, which makes total sense if you know her!!)  I just had fun!:)  I am glad you had fun sis!   Love you Grace!

TAli:  Summer is a great time sis and you can still see your friends.  And you had better get mom to send me a pic of your rainbow outfit for the birthday party.  And I hope you are having fun with everyone coming over.  I love you Tali!

DAd: I am really glad you are such a good home teacher and that you were my mentor. So many people suck at that down here and it is awful.  It gets really annoying really fast .  I hope you had fun on the ride and with Trav in town.  I love you Dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

Check out that Georgia clay
"It was like paradise, but we melted in our suits!"

I LOVE this picture SO very much!

From the text I got from Razia with the yellow on her dress,
The baptism at the lake "needed special permission.
There was even a rainbow in the blue sky" 

Pumpkin the  cat and Joseph Fletcher
Pumpkin is a doppelganger for Gracie's cat Phat Boy

"Mountain of Mail"
3 were from you, and 1 from Carilyn, and 2 from the mission office,
and 1 for Campos, and it all came on the same day!

What the Spajita??? 6/5/17

Spajitas anyone???
"I would eat it again, no problem! I ended up eating 3, and yea I really liked them!"
Hey everyone!

I got to meet an investigator this week who is such an inspiration.  She has been wanting to join the church and be baptized for five years now.  Her parents have not wanted her to though and even threatened to kick her out at one point and so she had to kind of step back.  She never stopped reading the Book of Mormon though or doing more research on the church. She continued strengthen her faith and testimony on her own without any support.  She is now old enough to go into the work on her own and has reconnected with the missionaries.  She is moving out for college and is going to get baptized once she is on her own and does not have as much dependence on her parents.  She knows this church is Christ's restored church on the earth today and so do I.  I know there is once again a Prophet called of God to lead and guide us and show us the way back to live with Heavenly Father again. I know that he holds the priesthood authority to preform essential ordinances for salvation.

The Spanish missionaries had a baptism last week and we were invited to go!  It was pretty crazy since there was no English spoken, but it was awesome to still feel the same spirit I feel when English is spoken.  The greatest part for me was when we sang and we got to try and read/sing in Spanish and still the hymns pierced me through the soul.

This week was a week of weird foods, let me tell you.  Well it all started off when I went on exchanges over to the Martinez ward.  We worked hard and had a great day and then we went over to a member's for dinner.  As we walked in everything smelled great and looked normal.  I recognized the sweet sizzling sound of Fajitas, yum!  Then as we came to a closer inspection we noticed, dun... dun.... duh..... Spam on the counter! That is right, instead of the traditional chicken and other normal meats thrown in Fajitas we were fed Spam Fajitas. Other wise known as the legendary Spajitas.  I was apprehensive at first but then I had one and ended up having three and enjoyed every one.  Next we were invited over for a breakfast dinner.  They told us they were going to do waffles.  When we got there everything look and smelled great as well until I look over and the daughter is  shaking something into the waffle iron.  I said, "Excuse me but what poison are you throwing in my waffle?".  They told me "Don't worry about it, sit back, and relax, and enjoy their special ingredient." I went along with it and when my meal came I received a bacon waffle.  They had sprinkled in bacon bits into my waffle mix right before they cooked it.  Also not bad. Then yet another fun encounter.  On Sunday we had Mac-n-cheese.  This was no normal either.  They made a Macaroni and cheese Lasagna.  Basically Lots of different foods and all successes.

Mom: Yeah it has been 90's here too.  It was about 93 yesterday and we were out in suits.  That sounds like a crazy storm though where did that come from?  Basil Lemonade sounds great and definitely let me know how it goes and you will have to take me when I get back.  I have heard about both of those movies coming out and am way jelly.  I can not believe Hunter had not heard of Ferdinand.  There was a baby at dinner last night who practically told me she liked me too.  She would just stare at me and smile super big all night. Others tried to get her attention and she was not having it.  I hope camp goes well and that Tali can handle it all on her own some of those days.  I liked the Spajita but no I have not been to Red Robins yet.  Love you mom!

Tay: Dude we play volley ball here once a week and I slay bro!  Is Joseph still good at tennis?  And hey Joseph and I used to watch Rocky's at his house all of the time that is where I first saw them.  Cpt Underpants is a thumbs up for when I get home huh?  Enjoy that pool man we have one in out apt complex and it is torture every day!:p  Good luck at camp you will love it! Love you Tay!

G4: Wow you basically own camp sis!  And I can not believe it is hailing in June!  Where does Phat Boy live?  Hope the camping trip was still fun! Love you Grace!

Tali: Wow that sounds like an eventful trip sister. I am really just surprised the RV still works at all, It has sat for awhile.  That is a good song too. Did you have a blast.  Things almost always go wrong when the Leggs go camping but I will tell you it always makes for a great memory that you will cherish.  I am glad you made it to a toilet before you threw up.  I cannot say I have always done that.  I love you Tali!

Dad: that RV has been sitting for a while and I wasn't sure it even moved anymore so I am impressed it made it to the cabin.  It sounds like everyone had a blast though.  I am glad everyone was safe though and that everything made it home in one piece.  Love you dad!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

"Model Status"


Memorial Day Fireworks

Figure 8


Friday, May 26, 2017

New! Evans, GA

Hey everyone!

I have been transferred now. My new area is the Stevens Creek ward in Evans, GA. Which is a super rich area and also one of the smallest in the mission. It is a bike area full time.  I have a way nice apartment, it is pretty small though.  There are a lot of hills but none are to huge.  My new companion is Elder Campos.  He is 6'6" and wears a size 15 shoe.  He is a monster of a man.  He has been out for about 9 months now and likes to work out.  We just got a new ward mission leader here and a lot of excited ward missionaries.  This area is going to be the bomb!

This last week we did tons of service! We moved 4 people and it was way fun.  We got the Martinez elders to come help us out and we went and helped them out with some stuff also.  With the 8 of us we were able to make a lot of people's loads way lighter.   We got lots pizza for helping with the moves which is never a hurtful thing.

At one of our dinners there was a super sassy little girl and all of us missionaries were arguing to be her favorite.  Well she came up with a genius idea on how to decide.  She came up with a chalk war.  We all had to draw pictures of what she asked us to in chalk and who ever was the best artist won.  Then she could still not decide, so she decided we were all her favorites.  :)

Every Saturday morning we go to a  park and play Ultimate Frisbee with non-member military guys  (we are near Fort Gordon, but we do not cover it in our area).  It is so much fun and gets brutal.  I came away all scraped up since the park has grass but right on clay and it is solid ground.   I had a lot of ninja catch attempts, but just ended up with nice raspberries all over my knees and elbows! My team won though and it was a blast!

There is a Firework show here called Thunder over Evans.  We had no Idea about it but it happened right behind our apartment complex.  We did not hear it  or see it too much while the whole show was going on but we sure did during the finale!  It was so loud and bright. We were inside and I thought and massive deathly storm had just rushed in.  Elder Campos was in the bathroom though and thought a truck had just ran through our apartment and came running out as fast as he could.  The blasts were so big it looked like continuous lightning streaking through the sky and set car alarms off all around our apartment it was crazy!

There are some Vivint Alarm salesmen out here from BYU.  About 10 of the 14 are members and they are all way awesome guys.  One of them is actually from Star, ID. A town about 6 miles away from Middleton.

Mom: Wow you are a super mom and teacher who knew? I DID!  Good job on your ISAT scores.  That is a lot of miles that is way cool.  We have a treadmill here and so I get to run every morning still now too.  I am pretty sure I have already gone home and back with all of my miles and am working on my way back again now!:p  With the biking and walking I have done. That is crazy that school is already out and that graduations are here.  We got to go to the seminary graduation here last night.  Have fun at all of the appointments! love you mom!

G4: Did you do well in the play? Wow that sounds like a pretty crazy weekend sister and don't you know it is not nice to hit with sticks!

TAli: Wow that is a lot of puking and that is gross!  Why would you have gone back for more?  I have to be careful when riding with people not to get car sick and throw up here.  I can not take Dramamine since it makes me pass out.  You 3 sound like quite the crazy crew though!   I love you anyway though! Love you tali!

Tay:   Sounds like a pretty great week bro did you tear it up at volley ball?  And finals is always a rough week hope you did well though and that you had tons of fun on the campout!! The youth here just got back from a rafting trip! Love you tay!

Dad:  I am glad they are doing the Fathers and sons again.  who are the Kenningtons?  yeah my area is nice and so far seems like it will be amazing and my comp and I get along pretty well plus we are around some pretty good missionaries too!  Love you dad!!

Love you all!!

Elder Legg

Jenny Phillips found this on FB :)
Thanks Jen! 

This is something super sweet I found in my emails this week as I was reading through them!
Elder Legg,
   This is going to sound kinda weird and you probably won't remember me, but this is * from your BYS group from 2015 when you were a counselor! In case you need a refresher, I was the one who wanted to leave the second night, but ended up staying:) This is a really hard email to write because I have been wanting to write you and explain the impact you have really made on my life. Well, almost two years ago, I can pretty safely say I was having the hardest time of my life so far. I was struggling with so much and then Kaylynn texted me saying she had a spot open up for one of her sessions. I wanted to say yes, but immediately I had this feeling that I couldn't do it. That I just wasn't good enough to even go to something like this. A couple weeks pass and the night before, I get this thought in my head that I should go, even just to prove to myself that I could do something, because I could always come home and try to forget what happened if it was too hard. So, it was maybe the hardest thing to do when my dad literally had to drag me out of his car and take me to the sign-in spot. But, I did it. But that was only the beginning.
  The second day, I had this rush of negativity and doubt and even fear come over me. It lasted all afternoon until we were about to go to the concert. I felt so alone and in this dark place and so I thought there was something wrong with me, that I was messed up in some way, that I couldn't do the easiest thing, sit through a concert. At first, I was so mad, because I just wanted to go home, to hide, but nobody was about to willingly let me go. They really wanted me to stay. But, part of it was I felt like I was such a burden, that I didn't want to stay and mess up everybody's good experience.
  You came back and asked me to sit by you in the concert. I was unsure at first, but then you made me smile with a joke or something and I decided to just go sit with you. Then, you just talked to me. You didn't treat me like I was damaged or different or difficult, you just talked. In that moment, I had such a peace and comfort come over me. You reminded me so much of my brother who had left on his mission a couple months prior. A brother I really needed to talk to. And you just talked.
 The next day in the goodbye note you and Kaylynn wrote, you told me you had left the concert to pray for me, that I would stay.
  That note. That note has been in my journal ever since, because for the first time in a long time, I really felt the love of Christ. I felt like I mattered, I felt like I was worth someone's prayer outside of my family. And that really helped. I started healing and praying and studying and really looking to fix myself. I started to change my life.

Now, a couple years (and tears:) later, I will just say thank you. Thank you for being so in tune with the spirit that you thought to pray. That you thought enough of me and of your job as counselor and mentor to pray to God. My testimony might not be the most eloquent and I still may not believe a lot of the principles of the gospel yet, but I can't deny that your prayer and your thought to prayer really made me feel the love that allowed me to heal. Never underestimate your influence on others Tyson!

P.S. How are you? I probably should have started with something a little less deep at the beginning, haha.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone!

Warning!!!!- I am being transferred tomorrow. I will have more details for you on where and with whom next week!

Happy Mothers Day! - I hope all of you mothers out there had a wonderful day of appreciation.  I know that I marvel at the love and sacrifice y'all convey!  I was actually lucky enough to be asked to speak at church for Mothers Day.  As I took the time to reflect on my own mother and her great qualities it truly sunk in what a treasure mothers are-Psalms 31:10.  In Luke 19:25-30 it speaks of Christs crucifixion. In verse 25 it shows the love of mothers and their dedication to support and stand by their children till the end, through anything.  It must have been excruciating for Christ on the cross, but also for a mother to have to watch him go through that.  In 26-30 it is Christ's last moments.  In these he takes the time and one of his last actions before his death is he makes sure his mother is taken care of.  This to me shows the importance of women, and specifically our precious mothers.  My mother's love is the closest I have felt to Christ's in my life and I am eternally grateful for her! I love you mom! (Aww that kid!)

Not only did I get to speak this past week in church but so did my companion Elder Davis and a recent convert Joseph.  It was Joseph's first talk in sacrament meeting and he was stressing out a lot.  we went over and helped him to gather his thoughts though and get it written up.  He must have practiced on us a hundred times but it was all worth it because he did great!

There is a senior couple, set of missionaries, here in Gray.  They recently reached 50 years of being married and did not tell anyone about it until after it had passed.  Well the ward got together with us and we put a surprise party together for them.  Our job was to get them to the church without them knowing what was going on.  It took some haggling to get them there.  The day of the party they went on an apartment inspection loop. To make sure other missionaries are keeping their living quarters clean.  It was a nice sized 300+ mile road trip and they were debating on staying the night in Columbus, GA.  Well we could not allow that so we worked with our ward mission leader on setting up a fake meeting they needed to be back for.  They decided to come back for that night. Then one of their families they visit cancelled their Thursday appointment and tried to reschedule it for Friday at 7. The same time as the party. Well then we had to go and get the family to call and cancel their appointment and come to the party to help in the surprise.  Then we had to get them to go into the gym they didn't want to but they finally did it.  In the end it was all worth it though the party was great and everyone had a blast! The McOmbers were very surprised and extremely thrilled.  It was an awesome thing to have been apart of!

A member's daughter finished all of her doctrinal mastery for seminary this year and to celebrate took her to Dairy Queen for Breakfast.  Well he called us up and asked if we would like to join them.  So we went to DQ for breakfast with them.  While we were ordering I was the last one to place mine and low and behold I was the lucky winner!  I was the lucky order number for that morning or day or something and I got my breakfast free! It was sweet!!

Not only was I a lucky winner but I got lucky on the ball field too. We played a few softball games this week and in one of them I hit and home run! It was an in field home run, but a home run nonetheless!! My first one ever!

Mom: It was great to see  and talk to you yesterday!! I don't know who or where I am going until tomorrow?  I love it here in Gray but I am ready for a change too. It is a bittersweet transfer.  yeah get paid to go to school is always a great thing! I hope you get it! Wow you are a running fool! That is awesome you are closer to GA than you have ever been! and wow yeah that is a really high heart beat for aunt T! Happy Mothers Day again and I love you mom!!!

Tay:  That is crazy man! you will not believe how fast school goes by when you are not in it.  Good luck on any finals you might have this week! dude I feel like there has not been a fathers and sons in a long time it is awesome they are bringing them back!!  feel better soon bud! I love you Tay!

Tali: I have ran the Iley lap before and it is not that bad sis!:p  but if you think pollen is bad out there sister never come to GA.  This place is allergies worst enemy!  People who do not even think they have allergies move here and find out they do!  and there is pollen year round just about! It is bad you can see clouds of it float through the air.   I am glad you are still alive though and thanks for all of the hearts! I love you Tali!

G4: I watched your speech and it was really good! I would vote for you! So definitely let me know how it goes!  Wow my sister the farmer/director huh!? That sounds pretty sweet good luck with it! I am sure Phat Boy is cuter than pumpkin and also he probably doesn't bite like pumpkin either!  and oh yes the annual grandparent cleaning it is good! It helps keep the house nice sister!:) Love you Grace!

Dad: It was great to see you too!  I do not think I have much of one either?  I can catch myself going into one sometimes when I talk with southerners but it hasn't really worn off on me. 98 years is a pretty long time! I want to live until 104!  hopefully I can get there if there are some of his long living genes in me!:p  Yeah I hope I go somewhere good too.  Davis and I are both worried about our comps more so than areas.  I can handle areas way better then comps.  Ahhhh that is awesome you got the job!!!!!  what is the new position again?  wow yes that is a great something blue for mother's day I think!!!  it is way cute and can't wait to see it when I get back!  what did gpa think about it after he got back from his drive?  I love you dad!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

A little baseball on Mother's Day

Sister Tillman with Tyson on Mother's Day
Text from Sister Tillman:
I'm sad to see your son leave Gray.  Thank
you for sharing him with us.
She has a son serving a mission in St George, UT