Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Preparation Days on Tuesdays From Now On 10/10/18

Hey everyone!

Every Preparation day from now on will be on Tuesdays for me. This is when I will email.

Alright this week was great!  We had a lot of things happen to bless our efforts and also had a good time while doing it!  First off this past week was great. We had two investigators come to the Sunday session of Stake conference and they really loved it. One is pregnant and due in Nov. Also she lost a baby just less than a year ago. She really connected with some stories about a set of foster parents. They spoke on how living the gospel brings blessings that God will and wants to give us when we live the Gospel! Theirs was that they had a baby boy they were fostering and hoping to adopt. They got attached and things for adoption did not work out.  There was a hole in their life but in less than 24 hours they got a call about a baby they could adopt immediately and that hole was filled. The Lord looks out for those who live in Faith and heed His commandments!

Every week we do a community bible study and this past week we had a crazy lady come in.  She was very aggressive with her comments and was yelling at the top of her lungs.  she was telling us that she was speaking for God and that he was angry with us all. That we did not know what he wanted us to do and that by reading the scriptures we will never know what he wants.  Well I just want everyone to know she was wrong.  If you need an answer from God or even just direction in your life from him Go to the Scriptures they were written for our day! They will help you and answer your questions. They were are and always will be the word of God!

Oh also Elder Hafen is RUDE! We were biking along and there is a place with lots of road construction.  Well I came up to it and they were finishing some sidewalks.  It was still wet and so I hopped off the sidewalk. He was behind me and rode  right through it!!!!!! Now there is a nice gouge right in that part of the sidewalk from bike tires.  I felt bad for the workers!  Elder Hafen in his defense though is color blind and could not tell the difference between the light dry grey and the dark wet grey cement.  It is a great moral story though.  Trust in God even when we do not always know why he guides us this way or that. It may even be the more inconvenient path for us personally but I promise it will be for a greater benefit because he sees better than we do the slightness in colors or slightness in happiness that can be provided for us and those around us.

 Mom:  Man teaching and missionary work sounds very similar with all of the new "curriculums"  we get to be trained on.  That sounds like an eventful game to have been at for senior night.  Also that is messed up with G4 you definitely need to get that changed! I love you mom!

Tay: Dude your poster looks sweet and glad that Skyview was beaten!  Man I hope you are doing well! If you ever need anything  I hope you know you can send me a letter any time and that I love you!

Travis: Dang that sounds like quite the mess at work.  None of the diseases are contagious to humans though right?  And that sounds like quite the hassle but also like a pretty great job!  Bro I love you Trav!

Audrey: That is good you things are protected from the elements now.  What shed of theirs are you storing your stuff in? I am sorry to hear you are sick though that is never any fun!  I am not getting a flu shot this year and hope I do not have to get sick!  have a great week!

Tali: Wow that is a lot of people that came over on Friday! And that is a lot of people you babysat you are qualified for that?  And oh no sister September is too early for Halloween!;)  haha I love you Tali!

G4: Make sure to send me some pictures of your final product with you and phat boy? I am excited to see what your creative mind comes up with!  I love you Grace!

Dad: That friday sounds great! I love how you can take off work along with your boss and just hang out with the kids together. That is a great boss!  How are the horses doing? Have they been out a lot this summer?  And what tali doesn't like the rowdiness?  she likes the more slow pace since when? I look forward to the pictures of Rick's hunt and to hearing about yours I am excited to see what you get!  I love you dad!!

Love yall!

Elder Legg 

Travel Info!!  He's coming home January 22!!
Monday 22 January 2018
Delta Air Lines DL 1820
22 January 02:00 PM
Atlanta, (Hartsfield-Jackson Int) (+)
Terminal: S - Terminal South
22 January 03:59 PM
Salt Lake City, (Salt Lake City Intl) (+)
Terminal: 2 - Terminal Unit 2
Duration03:59 (Non stop)
Check-inDistance1,586 Miles
Booking statusConfirmed
ClassEconomy (L)
Baggage allowance2 Piece(s) for Tyson Eddie Legg
Seat23C (No smoking seat) confirmed for Tyson Eddie Legg
Flight mealFood for purchase
Monday 22 January 2018
Delta Air Lines DL 4509 (Operated by Skywest Dba Delta Connection)
22 January 05:20 PM
Salt Lake City, (Salt Lake City Intl) (+)
Terminal: 2 - Terminal Unit 2
22 January 06:35 PM
Boise, (Air Term Gowen Fld) (+)
Duration01:15 (Non stop)
Distance289 Miles
Booking statusConfirmed
ClassEconomy (L)
Baggage allowance2 Piece(s) for Tyson Eddie Legg
Seat16C (No smoking seat) confirmed for Tyson Eddie Legg
Flight mealNo meal service

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Conference & Cops Called

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome!

Well we did not get a lot of time to work this week because of General Conference.  We did however get to bike up and down River watch parkway 60 million times.  Not really that many times but most of our week was spent down that road.  This road is great for exercising.  You go up and then down and back up again.  It is more of a Hill than a road.  I have a love hate relationship with it especially by the end of the week when my legs are tired.  It was great!

Also we got to do some service.  It was to help out with some of the damage form Hurricane Irma.  There were some trees knocked over from the heavy gusts we had.  As part of the Mormon Helping Hands w e went and helped to drag the logs and branches that were being chain sawed off.  We could have had a huge bonfire by the end.

Well first off how did you like the shout out that President Eyring gave to that GA stake that helped out in FL for Hurricane relief??  Yeah that was the August, GA stake in which I am serving right now.  I was not able to go down with them but many went and served where they could.  
"Perfection in this moment is out of reach but reaching for perfection in every moment is always in our grasp"~ Elder Holland
"Small and simple things bring great things to pass and can also prevent us from feeling the light and warmth of Christ"~ Elder Stevens
"Comparison is Debilitating"~Elder Stevens
"Repentance is uplifting and ennobling. It is progression in life."~Stephen W. Owens
"The Book of Mormon touches every aspect of life...As you study it everyday you will make better daily decisions"~President Nelson
"Once you compromise your integrity it is very hard to get it back. Never do it, Not even once!"~Richard J Maynes
"Do not be acted upon by the doubts of others"~David F Evans
"Darkness is not a sign that there is no light only that you are not in the right place to receive the light"~President Uchtdorf 
"Take the Lords hand in your life as Encouragement"~Elder Rasband
"Faith always defeats fear"~President Eyring
"You can learn your greatest lessons in the hardest of times...struggles are to strengthen."~Stanley G Ellis
"When we choose to have Faith we prepare to stand in the presence of God"~Elder Hales 
These are just a few of the quotes I loved! I hope everyone who watched was inspired Like me!

This week we also had a wild game dinner put on by the stake.  There are some hunters that bring all of the meets.  They cook it all up and they feed 700+ people off of their year's worth of hunting.  It was great.  They would not tell us what all of the meats were though since they wanted everyone to be comfortable.  That is what they told me.   I loved it all!

Oh and we had the cops called on us!  We stay out until 9PM every night and so one night we were just walking around a neighborhood since we know people do not like to have their doors knocked on past dark.  Well someone thought we looked suspicious in our white shirts and ties and so they called the cops on us.  A cop rolled up and just asked who we were.  We told him and he said ok thanks have a great night gentlemen sorry to bother you!:p  

Mom: That is crazy about skyview! Dagum!  I watched Conference at a mixture of The Martins, the Smiths, and the church.  It was tons of fun and we get fed very well.  Yeah once again we have been strongly encouraged to get the flu shot, but I can not bring myself to do it!  So here comes another year without one.  Send me a picture of Tay's poster!  And  I love Chicken chili!  Yeah I figured I was going to miss that first bit of school right when I got back.  And ok that sounds fine. Yes I got the Oct package! Thank you! I love you mom!

Audrey:  Where are the pictures of Blue?  Do you know what kind of dog it is?  I had a pretty good week.  I hope you have a good one too! 

Tay:  It is always great when a homecoming game is spoiled by the away team! What makes this new place better than jump time?  Also I have never been to jump time so I wouldn't really know the difference?  I love you Tay!

Talia:  You sound like a little obsessed with Halloween!  Have you made them get the boxes down already? That sounds like a great costume.  a hammock?  Who got that?  Also do you have a phone?  

G4:  A border collie that is cool you will have to send me pictures!  And good job on finding the creative way to do your self portrait!  haha I love you Gracie!

Trav: haha bro your own leash that is sweet!   bro your job sounds pretty cool.  is it hard to get not get attached?  are you working at the same place we adopted Hershey?  bro I love you Travis!

Dad: That is so cool about Elder Pingree. And yes I loved all of conference!  I know I had my questions answered and felt the spirit of Gods love for me! That sounds like a sweet dog yall are looking into getting.  haha you will have to send me some pictures!  I love you Dad!

Love yall!
Elder Legg

Jenny Phillips sent these to me from the GMM Facebook page

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Talkin--Poppin---and Waddlin

Hey everyone!

Happy Birthday this week to: Kayla Kunz and Travis Legg!!  (The cousins turned 23 on the 21st)

First off the Talkin.  Well this week the Augusta stake was asked to provide some laborers to assist in the clean up that is happening in Jacksonville, FL.  They were struck pretty hard with the Hurricane that came through.  This left our ward a little short handed for Sunday at church.  Including positions to fill of who was going to talk in Sacrament meeting.  They asked Elder Hafen and I both to fill in and give talks.  He spoke on "How can I develop faith in Jesus Christ on a daily basis?" and I spoke on "How can Repentance help me every day?"  I talked about how each day is another section of our path back to God.  How the one true path has been set forth and highlighted by the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.  There will be times that we get off the path and make wrong turns.  Through Repentance we turn around and make changes or corrections in our daily lives.  We are able to get back onto the path we need to be on to reach our goal of Living with our loving Heavenly Father.  This can and does bring great Joy into our live. I know this to be true because I have felt it in my life.

Also this week for Poppin there is a story.  Well each week we play Ultimate Frisbee on Saturday mornings with other missionaries and military guys.  Well sometimes it gets pretty intense even though it is meant to just have fun and get some exercise.  This week during the first play of the day I was being guarded by a military guy.  I made a mean cut across the center of the field though and had the disc thrown my way.  It was a bullet and it made the defenders closing in on me speed boost to try and intercept.  Well they miss the disc and Nailed one another.  My defender ended up getting a knee to the face.  His eye blew up to the size of a golf ball and was looking like Rocky Balboa or Travis after his staff/allergic reaction.  It was awful.  He ended up going to the hospital immediately.

Elder Hafen was the one Waddlin.  There is a workout where you start with 20 jump squats and do 1 push up.  Then you do 19 jump squats and 2 push ups.  Tha\en so on and so forth until you are doing 1 jump squat and 20 push ups.  In the end you do 210 jump squats and push ups and you are sore for days.  Well I talked elder Hafen into doing this and he has been waddling around.  It is awesome!  Y'all reading this should try it!  Oh and the challenge too is that you try to do it in 15 minutes.   Ready set go!

Mom:   Let Kayla know I say happy birthday!  That is crazy about the game though and I am glad you did your research before you went, very smart!:p  What? Tay got to go senior picture clothes shopping.  I love shopping, well getting new clothes.    I just stink at knowing what will look good!:p  Definitely get me some of Tay pics.  Those are some crazy runners. And yeah you kinda sound like a crazy runner person now!:p  It is awesome! We are cooling down here and it is great!  I love you mom!

Tay: Dude I miss horse riding!  We will have to go when I get back!  Dude wrap that ankle and keep playing hard!  I love you Tay!

G4: Wow it sounds like Jo knows how to throw a party!! I hope you had fun and I love you sister!

Tali:  The Weber's cabin is great!  and Hot springs are divine!  What you get laptops in middle school now too?  Crazy! I love you sister!

Travis and Audrey: Love yall!

Dad: Haha that is way funny!  Yeah I think I have had that happen with Tali before. When she has fallen asleep on a couch and I need to take her to bed I wonder sometimes:p  that sounds like a great trip to the cabin.  I love you dad!

I love y'all!

Elder Legg

Here's our final district picture!! It's been real, honestly. Imma hate saying goodbye to these jokers.

Transfer Call Shenanigans. We didn't have time to drive to the church so we did it at like some random table. Snacks were had.  I was awesome!

I Am Safe

Hey everyone!

Well as many might know there was a Hurricane(Irma) that blew through GA this last week. It is the largest Hurricane on record to have come out of the Atlantic ocean.  Well sadly, or happily, depending on your view I do not have too much to report from it.  Much of the hurricane that was a category 5 was dissipated to a category 1 or tropical storm level by the time it reached middle GA.  Plus it turned away from where I am at.  It hit more directly in central GA. I am in eastern GA.  I got to stay right were I already was and we were just asked to stay inside all day on Monday as the storm struck.  It was not much of a storm where I am.  I have worked in worse.  We used the time to plan for our week since our plans were shredded to pieces.

First we found out on Sunday morning less than an hour before 9 that we were being switched back to the Stevens Creek Elders.  It was fun for the week we got to be Martinez Elders.  We thought we had church at 11 and then we were called and told to go at 9 instead.  Also we had planned for a week in Martinez area and so we had to transfer plans.  Plus we were supposed to have a big 6 hour meeting on Tuesday that got cancelled due to the Hurricane.  There was a lot of changes that occurred after we had already planned so we got to plan again.  It was pretty boring alone in the apartment for a full day.  We made the best of it though plus the members we were going to have dinner with ended up dropping something off.  It was chicken Alfredo which is Elder Hafen's favorite dish.  That brightened his day!  Here I am though  with the adventures in Stevens Creek continued...!

This past week we went out with Bishop Hohneke.  Elder Hafen and I had been praying and preparing and were pumped to go and open the Windows of Heaven with Bishop.  One of the things you do is promise to talk to everyone that you see to show your Faith that you know God can place one of his Elect in your path or lead you to them.  Elder Hafen and I had been praying to find someone with specific qualities.  1)that they were looking for truth 2)that they were searching but they knew not where to find it 3)that they were open to us 4)they were accepting of the gospel 5)that they would be touched by the spirit.  We had 2 hours set apart for this great task.  In the first hour and a half nothing had happened.  I stared to pray in my heart as we walked for the Lord's help.  As I closed my prayer I looked over and saw a door open to a house.  We went over to see who was home. It turned out that it was actually a lost less active member who nothing of the new boundary changes and had not been to church in a very long time.  It was awesome to have here new Bishop with us and to reach out in fellowship to her.  Then later we with about ten minutes left(fourth floor last door, it's a really good talk) we found Marian.  We shared with her the Restoration and as we testified of truth we could see each of the qualities we had been praying for were being exemplified by this sweet and precious soul in front of us.  I know that prayers are answered! I know God cares about our righteous desires and knows each of his children and their needs.  Not only were our prayers answered that afternoon but Marian told us we were an answer to her prayers as well.

There was a worldwide broadcast Devotional this last week by Elder Bednar of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  He spoke of the importance Doctrine and Covenants 128:18.  In being a strong and faithful welding link in your chain of generations.  Doing you genealogy and temple work for you ancestors. To teach you children and be the example to them to connect us all as brothers and sisters in Christ.  That there is healing in families that comes through this!  He gave his Apostolic blessing that by the power of the Holy Ghost we can know how to become strong welding links!  I pray you take this promise and build you chain of generations through your own personal strength!

Mom: Thanks for the shirts mom!   It has been a while since I have had white ones! Yeah our area was actually one that some of the evacuees came too.  None stayed with us.  We were fine though there was a lot more hype than what actually struck down where I am.  We stayed in our same apartment and we had power the whole time.  I got both packages and both were safe and sound!  It was a really boring storm to tell the truth.  I love you mom!

Tay: Dude I saw those sick lip syncing videos!  you were a stud!  Plus you looked great for homecoming!  Dude you won dodge ball!  Who was on your team?  Did you go on any date before the dance?   love you Tay!

G4:  Oh yes your life just sounds totally awful!  You got some cute new dresses and got to spend some time with mom.  Your life sounds horrible!:p  haha I love you Grace!

Tali:  Did you do any fishing while you were at the Owyhee Reservoir?  Oh I totally forgot about the Nut Job was the 2nd one any good?  It is cool that you like to go camping!  I love you Tali!

Audrey:   That is so cool that Travis got a job!  How is work going for you?  Is it weird when you hit some of these limbo transitions of life?  Love yeah!

Travis: Dude that sounds like a pretty rad job!  So are they going to bump you up with some more hours after you stay for longer than a week.  Are there any crazy animals you are dealing with right now?  Man having to work on Sundays would stink but lots of people have to do it now a days.  I hope you can get out of it most of the time.  haha and mom told me about your interview that is hilarious man! I love you Trav!

Dad:  Who is the quarter back and some of the star players for BSU now?  that sounds like a fun camping trip.  Moth infestations are the worst though.  I will forever be scarred from SD.  Haha and there are some nasty bugs here too.  How many horses have you been working with?  What type of horses are they?  Does the guy plan on riding or using them?  That is super cool that you have been able to help him out though!  haha I do like a clean garage!  It does take a lot of work to get there though! Have another great week I love you dad!

I love yall!

Elder Legg

This is some orange spice cider we made

This is how I entertained myself on Monday

A little bigger tower I was able to do but I could not get past here!

This is a huge house we found at the end of like a quarter mile long drive way 

Our District

Thursday, September 28, 2017

NEW! Spamasubi & Pickle-ball & Ward 9/4/17

Hey Everyone!

Well as far as missionary work went this past week Elder Hafen and I got skunked.  Nothing really progressed from where we were.  Lots of appointments fell through and people were not keeping commitments.  However, we still were out and having a blast while doing it!

Last Monday for P-day we got to go and play disc golf with the district.  I started out a little shaky, but by the end I was bring home the bacon.  I was hitting most pars and we were not able to finish the course but I nailed my last shot.  I actually hit under par on our last hole.  I drove well on my first throw.  I still had near 35 yards to go till the basket though and was just going to place it near so I could have an easy putt.  Well my attempt to put it close was on point.  In fact, so on point that it decided to just glide right into the basket.  It looked so pretty. I was surrounded in a grove of trees and it had to curve through a naturally made goal post.  It was a great way to end the day! (I asked him if there were birds chirping & movie music playing in the background and he said pretty much!)

If anyone thought my Spam adventures were over.....You were wrong!  This week I got to try a little something called Spamasubi.  This is Spam sushi.  I was once again a little weary about the trying it out.  However, just as my past experience, I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted good and would also have it again.

We ate some regular Thai  this week too. It was really good.  Well as we were eating, some flies were buzzing around.  Then this 12 year old kid started to ask his parents where his Rubber band gun  was so he could shoot some flies.  His dad told him that he should just use his fingers.  I thought that it was all just a joke.  That is until I saw a rubber band whiz past my head. Followed by a shout of "Eureka!"  I turn behind me a there she blew.  Sitting on the window sill, before my eyes, was a dead fly.  This was not just a lucky shot because that fly was soon joined my his friends. There were a few missed attempts, one of them hitting Elder Hafen and landing in his food.  We were in the presence of a rubber band marksman.  A Fly Sniper.

This past Saturday we we had a meeting for trainers and trainees to follow up on how things are going.  It was held down in Macon and we got permission to take the minivan from the other elders.  We got to road trip down to Macon with Elders Buckley, Dunn, Evans, and Mortensen.  We had a blast with the 5 hours we spent in the car together. Plus we got to introduce the new elders to Steak n' Shake.

This morning I also played a new game I had not ever tried before.  It is called Pickle-ball.  It is like a mixture of Ping Pong, Tennis, and Volleyball.  You use small wooden paddles with whiffle balls.  You play it on a tennis court and only use the service squares.  Then some of the rules are similar to Volleyball and the other to sports too.  It is a blast!  If you ever have the chance offered to you to play pickle-ball try it!

The big event for the week though has been the rumors of ward boundary changes.  Just last night a new ward was created out of our area.  They took 3 wards and made a 4th.  Elder Hafen and I are, as of now and for right now, going to be in the Martinez ward as their Elders and have received a new area.  It is going to be exciting to see all of the new changes and the new work that it brings.

Mom: Thanks for helping take care of my shirt stuff.  I am glad that all of the kids are behaving well for your classes.  All of that food for Aunt Theresa's birthday sounds way awesome right now.  We will not get fed well this week because of the ward change and so no one signed up to feed the missionaries.  I love you mom!

Tali:   You have seen Hocus Pocus?  I have never even seen that movie! I never get to see any of the movies you get to!:p  And an infection what kind of infection?  That is some good babysitting money though good job.  Hope school goes well. I love you Tali!

G4:  Oh homecoming is no big deal and your friends do not need to be thinking about that for at least another 3 years.  Plus what do you wear?  Girls wear nice modest dresses!  I love you Grace!

Trav:  Wait Audrey is related to Colton miller?  And dude hiking lots of stairs for moves is awful.  I am glad that it all worked out though and that is not too bad to fit your life in a horse trailer.  I am glad that the move went smooth though and that the travel was safe.  Awe man I can not wait to chill with friends again!  That sounds like a good show! I love you Trav!

Audrey: Haha 8 hours to get to Rexburg sounds like no fun.  I am glad everything fit that y'all needed to though and that the apartment passed inspection.  I love Mexican food!  I am glad God was watching out for y'all in you travel and inspection!  Sorry I scare you every once in a while. I am a pretty scary guy. (Our life sized Tyson in the living room scares her in the dark)  Have a good week. Love yeah!

Taylor: Dang those sound like some good games to have watched (they won one 12-0).  And dang well I am glad Skyview can eat some humble pie!  Where is Halli going to school? I love you Tay!

dad: Haha I miss mowing the lawn.  I get to do it every once in a while and it is great.  Haha yeah we do not go camping as a family like ever.  Se still went as like scouts before I  left but that was mostly it.  That is sweet you are taking them.  That is cool BSU came out strong I hope they keep it up. Why will it be hard to get in a bowl game?   I love you dad!

Love yall!
Talk to you next week!

P-day will be on Wednesday the 13th!  That is when I will email!
Elder Legg

My area is right on the GA SC border and we went once before for that cool lake baptism but this time we stopped for pictures.  Now on my mission I have made it to 4 states!!  GA, AL, SC, and FL.  The last one was an accident.  We left the mission on when I was in Valdosta.  We were going to contact a referral near the boarder and the senior couple who was driving us got lost and we did not know where we were until we pasted by and sign saying Welcome to Florida.  It was pretty funny.   He asked did I read that right?  Did that say Welcome to Florida?  We told him yes and he was just like oops sorry guys I turned y'all into rebels!:p

When elder Hafen forgets he has a restoration pamphlet in his back pocket during August in GA
The sweat got to it!

Small cicada

Our home made dinners have improved sense Elder Hafen's first one in the mission

Fried up some spamasubi in an Indian simmer sauce that Aunt Theresa sent 

This one is better

Pickle-ball Masters

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irma Updates from GMM

Dear GMM family members,

We are keeping abreast of the developing trajectory of Hurricane Irma. We are preparing contingency plans for needed relocations of missionaries as conditions develop.  Many have already been instructed to prepare 72 hour kits, including important documents, medications and having a full tank of gas. Sister Grayson and I will be keeping you updated as things change and as we have more information.  The facebook page will be the most current "Georgia Macon Mission 2016-2019 President Roger and Sister Denise Grayson".

Sister Jensen
Georgia Macon Mission

Dear GMM family members,

This is from Sister Grayson's Facebook post this morning, Sept 6, 2017.

As we wait to see the true course of hurricane Irma, our missionaries in the coastal parts of the mission (Savannah, Hilton Head area), remain on high alert. Just like you, we are prayerful these fronts moving through our country will push her eastward and away from GA and the Carolinas.  As Joshua 1:9 says-"Be strong and of a good courage..." families.  As we make any relocation movements we will share with you.  Presently, we are not answering questions about "who and where". We wait...

Sister Jensen
Georgia Macon Mission

Dear GMM family members,

More from Sister Grayson's facebook post just in case you are not following her.

Here we are Friday morning, as with the world, we are waiting for the arrival of Irma. All of our missionaries in the Savannah zones have left and are safely nearing Macon, the surrounding and even westward mission locations. The Savannah locations are Beaufort, Evans, Georgetown, Hinesville, Hilton Head, Paris Island, Martinez, Pooler, Richmond Hills, Rincon, Ridgeland, Stevens Creek, Savannah, Statesboro,Vidalia. Since the hurricane is forcast to affect our entire state, other precautions are being taken for all of us. Wonderful Stake Presidents, bishops, branch presidents, and all members are keeping eyes out and offering shelter, etc. for all of missionaries. Let us pray for safety of those missions and members and others in Florida, who dealing with the initial blows for the continental US. Joshua 1:9 one of our missions motto scriptures comes to mind again "Be strong and of a good courage."

Sister Jensen
Georgia Macon Mission


Dear GMM family members,

More from Sister Grayson's facebook post on Friday Evening.

All of our missionaries that were moved today are secure. We will bring in more from Valdosta/ Moultrie/ Hinesville/Tifton Zone areas tomorrow. All missionaries being watched by wonderful members, even landlords, apt neighbors are offering assistance. Called to serve !

This is her post from today, Saturday: 

GMM family as we continue to await, we adjust our plans as needed. As informed yesterday, the missionaries in the lower areas near the ascending storms are on the way north( see the previous update. Albany will be going northwestwardly. Pearson and Alma for example, will move into a more northerly and secure area. As you can see by the photo, our sisters from Valdosta have arrived! Elders on their way. Please note: Prep day will WEDNESDAY since they are displaced, their email time will be shorter, as some usual facilities may be closed. If you do not hear from your missionary, do not be alarmed or worried, we will keep abreast as possible. Since we may lose power, don't be surprised if communication is limited.We are grateful for these young and senior missionaries, they are eager to serve our Heavenly Father and our Savior. We will do our best to cover as many bases as possible for their care. Proverbs 3:5-6 says "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding..." This is one of my favorite scripture and guide, let's follow it.

Sister Jensen
Georgia Macon Mission