Monday, March 28, 2016

Have You Had Your Tyson Today??

Hey everyone,

My new second half trainer and companion is Elder Wells.  He is from Provo, Utah.  He has 3 sisters.  He likes to make movies, shoot Nerf guns, and wants to go into the Air Force after his mission.  He has been out for almost 19 months now.

Happy Easter everyone!! Well I thought it was going to be a lonely, just me and my comp, Easter dinner because no one signed up to feed us.  On Saturday night though a member called us and invited us to their family get together.  Yippee! for not being alone!

Something sweet that happened on Easter too is that I am going through and reading the Book of Mormon in my personal study, and it just so happened that on Easter I just got to when Christ appears in 3 Nephi.  I did not even plan it!

So Funny story I had extra Carolina Reapers, and so I offered some to my Zone leaders, and one agreed to eat one.  I was able to be there when he partook of it, and man was that funny stuff!! He did not have the throwing up problem I did BUT... he did end up defecating out some blood the next day and he still had that flaming demon tummy I had too.

Some other fun stuff that happened this week was that I saw some ads on a billboard for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. (His aunt lives there) The young men and woman's had a Boston Butt and Bake sale.  We were able to join a help with the cooking of the Butts (and then they gave us one too).  It was a fundraiser for their camps this summer.  We only were able to help Friday night for a few hours because we have a curfew and they had to be cooked for 8-10 hours! So the volunteers cooked them all night long! The Butts are massive and they needed to cook 112 of them so they had 7 250 Gallon redneck made propane tank grills to cook them all at once (BIG grills).

Mom: So you know that beautiful Spanish moss you love oh so much to see?? It is just for that see!! If you touch it you could get chiggers and those are nasty little red bugs that crawl to the warmest areas of your body and embed themselves there and cause severe itchiness!!! The only way to get them out is to suffocate them by using nail polish to paint over the irritated areas and let them die! So I will not be touching or sending any home to Idaho that can stay here in Georgia!!!!!

Tay: Dude heck yeah hurry up and get that Eagle man!!! And have fun with prom let me know if you ask how you asked!!

Tali: That is awful about lynn's face. Poor lynniepoo!  Class pres. WOW girl well that speech sounds like a winner let me know how it goes!!!? (She won! Landslide vote)

G4:  Sweet campin out fun stuff!!!
Buckley says HI!!
Love you mom got to go!
This is the best picture ever!! 
(I'm totally making it into a poster!)

Fun sign I found
"It was just outside some projects" 

Elder Wells and his hobby

Letter From 3/17/16--I Got a Compliment Today (pic)

Dear Mother & fam,


I just need to say I have rotten luck with getting flat tires!  Good thing we have many willing people to give us rides & our own two feet to get to and from places.

We have found a few what seem to be solid people this last week.  So we are excited about that!

My first exchange went well and was nice because Elder Saurey is from Melba, ID.  So we had home in common and it was nice to talk of things someone understood.  We even found out we know a few of the same people and that we were at a few of the same events at the same time.

I got my first taste of leading an area and it's not too hard.

I got a compliment today that an investigator sees something within me by the way.  I listen, absorb, and hold to myself.  He sees that there is lots for me to be a part of and people to touch and that if I continue the way I am, I am being prepared for something in great works.  He just kept saying, "There is just something I can see in this one." when he was talking to Elder Weigle.  That was cool!  (I told him that's what we've always seen in him, good thing they can see it in GA too)
I love you all!
Elder Legg

Friday, March 25, 2016

Letter From 3/14/16...Feels Like I'm on Safari

Dear Mom & Fam,

I got your package today.  Than you so much everything was great!  This last week and this coming week are full.  We are and have been kept way busy.  We did some service for an old lady of cleaning out one of her coy ponds.  Thank goodness it was the smaller of them.  We also helped a man in a wheelchair get mulch and fertilizer around his fruit trees.  Then he took us to go check his wild pig trap.  It was empty, but we still got a sweet ride through the swamps on a 4 wheeler.

Hunting is pretty big down here, but not so much deer.  They do hunt deer, but they are crazy about turkey hunting.  They also stuff and mount just about everything they get.  So some houses I walk in and it feels like I am on a safari.  There are also no mountain lions, but they have bobcats, so everyone has one of those mounted. Also wild hogs are fairly common, so swine is eaten a lot as meat here.  They do not have many quail here.  But a member owns a quail farm where people pay to go and have quail shoved out a tower as you shoot them. (We have quail everywhere at our house)

Something kind of funny.  My Bishop's name here is Rex Boland.  So I still have a Rex as my Bishop.  I thought that was cool!

Everybody is related to everybody in the ward.  That is just the south.  Some food is good, some is not so good and you can mostly tell by the way they look if they can cook!!  Tonight a guy chef is having us over and grilling us $180 2 lb steaks!! Looking forward to that! (He wrote in his email that it turned out delicious)
Love you All!
Elder Legg

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Reaper's REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!

So this Last week started off pretty well! For our P-day dinner we were invited over to a professional cook's house, who is a member, and he fed us easily the largest steak I have ever had! It was a Red Tag (high quality) $180 prime rib that he slice into around 2lbs slabs of deliciousness.  It took 80 cloves of garlic to help season it.  It was crazy good!!!!!

Sorry I do not have my camera.  It is with a member for the weekend, so no pics.  We were taking pics at their shop and I forgot it, but they have it and I wasn't able to get it back yet before now. But St. Patty's Day was fun for Elder Weigle and I!  We got dressed up in all of the fun stuff mom sent us and had a fashion show.  We look good in green.  We did not end up making it to many events that have gone on, but they had a parade, festival, community dinner, races, and other stuff. Love you too Mom you're amazing thank you for being my mom!!!

District meeting on Tuesday I was put in charge of throwing Elder Weigle a funeral.  It was a blast and our district made it awesome! We did an open casket mourning session, there were treats, and we burnt one of his suits.  Unfortunately this means I get a new comp. to finish my training and I find out who that is tomorrow morning.  I was dropped with the ZL's last night as Weigle was taken to the mission home and is getting on the plane in a few hours.  He will be home at 4 your time today.
Last picture of Weigle & Legg together before Weigle headed home
In Cochran at the Zone Leader's House

Photo courtesy of Terry Jones. He drove us there to drop me off on the way to taking Weigle to the mission home and he took it on his phone to send to you!!! He will help drive for transfer stuff tomorrow too!  Maybe I will have him send a pic of my new comp when we get him?  I will tell him thanks!  And I think I have narrowed it down to an Elder Wells but it is fifty fifty between him and another Elder Higgins but I will not know till I get to Macon Tomorrow!  
I went on my first exchange and feel like I am on another one because I am at the ZL's in Cochran now.  They are tons of fun though and great examples to learn from for teaching.  They helped to show me a few new potentials that they knew about and one of them is starting to progress really well.  Her name is Ada(like the county from home). Cochran is about 40 min from Dublin to the west.  Its a cute older town.  I am going to stay in Dublin!

Well as promised I ate the Hottest Pepper in the world this week!!!!!! The peppers were grown in Tennessee.  Yeah the South is crazy for sure,  they put you to shame!;) (I like spicy, but not that spicy!!) Many think the Ghost pepper is the hottest but in fact it is only the 7th or 8th hottest.  Super awesome thing and also not advised for anyone thinking of doing it!  Here is my experience.  I ate it and the hotness made the inside of my mouth raw from the heat.  The heat was not the bad part though, the worst part is what it does to your stomach.  I was woken up at 3:30 in the morning with the worst pain of my life swelling within my stomach! I wanted to cut it open and release everything in there I felt as though there was a demon with in on fire trying to scrape its way out of me. I rolled off of my bed and crawled to the bathroom were I spent the next 3 1/2 hours puking my innards out!!  I could not move, I was shaking uncontrollably from the pain!  It caused me to sweat fiercely and cry rivers.  The tears were like acid to my eyes burning them as I sat there continuing to dry heave.  Nothing helped and any time I was able to move a limb it worsened the pain.  I lost 8lbs over night from all of my loss and my abs have been sore for two days! My stomach is still not settled and I still have to take things easy! I only ate one, the hotness at first I could have handled from the second pepper, but the aftermath----no way! The Spirit was guiding me there, even in my stupidity!  Worst experience of my Life!!!!! But now I have bragging rights.........So Worth it to me(I am not competitive at all).

We did not have a baptism, but we attended one that was very nice for some sisters in our district.  After the baptism we went shopping to make Weigle look good for when he goes home.  Our less active forever amazing and overly generous friend also bought me a few short sleeve shirts to help me in the summer months. Terry Jones, the one who sent you that video, is our  friend that helps us all of the time and bought us our shirts.  He got me 2 more Van Heusen short sleeves and a Geoffrey Beene fitted long sleeve. And I wasn't planning on getting a thing, we were going for Weigle.  He is a great guy he has a huge heart and is just amazing to everyone. I told him to come visit and we can do horses and hunting and stuff he is into those!
 It is pretty crazy to me when I am already getting tan and burnt in March.  Most of this last week was mid 80's it is a little cooler this week or it is supposed to be!

Tali: Wow lots of friends this week huh? Me too! I am in Cochran with the ZL's kinda like a sleepover and the whole district is coming for P-day because there are quite a few changes being made!

G4: What a huskie and cats??? What is this world coming too???? And mom liked the huskie??? and Dang girl I am so proud of you too way to go on beating your goal sister!!!! (reading wpm goal)

Tay:  Clean space is good man!  It helps to invite the Spirit! My apartment is the most clean and I take pride in that and I helps me feel good at the end of the day! Don't party too hard and sweet about the dog man that will be fun!

Trav:  Dude I am so happy your group was back together this week!! (His friend who went to Fiji just got home and his friend who served in Spain was visiting) There has been tons of going home excitement here, and it's so awesome!  Group dates with parents man ha you're old!!! And yeah lucky for you being fast man!!
Love you all,
Elder Legg

Elder Buckley emailed these pictures and this is what Tyson said about him......  Elder Buckley is my man If we get to serve as comps that would be killer!!!!!  I see him now since we are in Macon Zone, so zone meetings once a month we see each other and we have definitely a chance of serving together or at least around each other again!
That first pic is at the mission home! The second is at the back side of the Provo Temple!
This was Buckley's email to Tyson
"It brings me joy to see these pictures!! :)"
(me too)

Carolina Reaper's Got Nothin' On Elder Legg (VIDEO)

This is a video of your son eating the hottest pepper in the world it was to big to just email the video so here is the link to it in my Dropbox box for you to see and he says hi!!!!
Click the link to enjoy the video courtesy of Terry Jones in Dublin, GA.

Here are some pictures of the video in case it doesn't play. They tell the story, but not nearly as well as the video. Plus you get to see and hear him.  He looks and sounds fantastic!!  They are taking good care of him in GA!!

My email to Terry Jones.....
Oh my goodness!!  Thank you so much!!  That is priceless!! He told us he was going to be doing that.  He looks wonderful!  Thank you for taking good care of him.  We loved listening to your accent too. :) I miss that kid's guts, so it was so nice to see him and hear him.  I really appreciate it.  Thank you for creating a fantastic memory for him.  I'm going to watch that a few more times tonight.  Do you mind if I try to copy it or download it & add the video to his blog?  Thank you again!
His reply......
Hey Sister Legg.  Lol. Never noticed I had an accent. We are so blessed to have Elder Legg here. I can't believe he already has 2 months behind him. He is an awesome missionary
He takes his calling very serious but has a loving spirit.  It shows how close you are and the loving home he was raised in. Thank you for your sacrifice to let him serve. Hope I get to meet yall one day.

The Carolina Reaper
Chilli Scoville rating
Peperoncini 100–500
JalapeƱo 2,500–5,000
Cayenne 30,000–50,000 Tabasco
Scotch bonnet 80,000–300,000
Bhut Jolokia 800,000–1.04 million
Naga viper 1.38 million
Carolina reaper 1.56 million (the hottest chilli)

It has been rated as the world's hottest chili pepper by Guinness World Records since August 7, 2013.  The original crossbreed was between a ghost pepper (a former world record holder) and a red habanero. The official Guinness World Record heat level is 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), according to tests conducted by Winthrop University in South Carolina; however, some claim it is 2,200,000 SHU.
Image result for carolina reaper

Monday, March 14, 2016

I Was Not the Only One to Catch on Fire This Week Though....

Hey Everyone!

First off DANGER WARNING!!! If I do not email next week it is because I have died from eating the hottest pepper in the world-the Carolina Reaper.  I will be partaking of one on the 19th to one up my trainer right before he goes home. He ate the second hottest pepper in the world on his mission-the Trinidad scorpion.   

Well not only are the peppers hot here, but so is the weather!! It has been nice and sunny all week.  With the early heat an early pollen season has come as well, and the pollen here is crazy!!! There are so many plants and trees here that it turns everything green here when it falls and you can see it in a cloud as it travels.  Anyone with allergies.....GA is not for you in the spring! After a nice hard rain there are rivers of pollen floating down the streets.

A couple fun things that happened this week were that I had a very yummy, genuine Southern Fish fry.  I got to hang out with some really mean looking American bulldogs. They look like they will tear your face off, but will just lick you to death, and they sell for like 6 grand!  Two of my ties hit the dust this last week.  One got caught on Velcro and unraveled, and the other caught on fire from a candle.  I was not the only one to catch on fire this week though, Elder Weigle's sock caught on fire and that was FUNNY!  We also went out with a less active for lunch.  Elder Weigle ordered honey chicken and while he was eating it he says, "This is the spiciest honey chicken I have ever had!"   And I look over, he is only halfway finished with his meal, and he is sweating as if had just gotten back from our morning four mile run!!!! 

Daylight savings is a killer!!!  We were reminded probably 4 times on Saturday to set our clocks right...and we still forgot to!  We woke up, and Sundays we don't workout/ so we moseyed around without a care in the world.  Our ride texted he was going to be late.  That was fine with us.  We get ready, our ride shows up and he is apologizing for  making us so late, like it was a big deal we were a few minutes late to our PEC meeting.  We said its fine you're only 5 min late and he was like NO!  I am 1 hr and 5 min late!!!!! (he forgot to set his alarm right too)  Best part........Elder Weigle was speaking, so we came in way late, but pulled it off great!! 

There was a YSA broadcast we were able to see on Tuesday.  A face to face with Elder Holland. You can look it up on (it's 2 hours, but worth it).  Elder Weilge decided to try a new way of praying while we tract. It was suggested to us on the district.  And it brought an awesome tender mercy of a guy pulling us over and asking us to come and see him.  Turned out he is a member that has been lost for some time and was praying to get on the right path again and he saw us!  Two prayers answered by the Lord in one.  This man Oscar didn't even know there was a church in Dublin and was so excited to learn of it! 

 Also THANK YOU for your prayers of safety for me!  There is a road that has hedges blocking the view from the side walk and there is a stop sign.  On a usual day I ride right through the intersection and give it no second thought.  This last week as I approached this place from the hedge side I got a feeling I should slow down and check the road.  Thank goodness I listened!  I stopped and as soon as I stopped at the edge of the hedge a SUV came speeding, blowing through the stop sign at the exact moment I would have been there.  Without the Spirit prompting me to safety I may not be here today!

Mother: Congrats On your greatness and getting the job!!!

Tali: Yeah excited for this week! Should be good.  I am doing my first transfer and throwing a funeral for Weigle and it is St. Patty's Day! And yuck trav getting married gross!;)

G4: CATS!? Did mom say ok to that?  I saw a family on Saturday that had two tailless cats.  And 1 was a wide as it was long.  Good luck at Tennis girl! And yeah some hype has picked up about St. Patty's Day!

Tay: I'm glad you did it man (the school musical) congrats sounds like it was awesome! And go kill it at tennis-no Skyview this year;) 

Trav: Dude that is sick I hope you guys rock out this week!! and ok.

Love you all,
Elder Legg

Letter from 3/3/16: The Work Here is Slow and Rejection is High

Dear Mother & Fam,

              I got 3 letters this week from you guys and I got my March package! Thank you so much for all of them!!!!  Thank you for my ring, turtle, the decorations, the snacks, and clothes.  Elder Weigle especially liked the socks and shirt. (I found them St. Pat's Day shirts that say Dublin on them) He also already scarfed down his snacks.

For everyone who keeps asking things are still good here just going slow. There was a trainer/trainee meeting yesterday so I got to see all my MTC district. I also found out that lots of companionships are not getting along......suckers.  The whole meeting was just missionaries complaining about the adjustment to mission life and how much their comp gets on their nerves.  Lot of others are having a hard time waking up, and most do not exercise, which is crazy to me.  Lots think their area is hard, and that they have it hard, and they are not converting as many as they thought they would.  Needless to say, I didn't say a word the whole meeting.  All I was thinking is that I know why I am the one in Dublin, because they work here is the slowest and rejection is high.  I had no clue till someone complained they only had 3 of 4 of their investigators to church this last Sunday.  I laughed to myself, because we only have 1 investigator, and have had no one come to church this whole time.  So basically I'm the only one that could handle Dublin I think.  One sister has only tracked for 15 minutes and another was sad that they had too many investigators they had to drop some.  Oh well, if they only knew! :) It doesn't bother me that results don't match others because I know we are working HARD.
Love you All! Thanks again!
Elder Legg

Send me more stamps and envelopes please!!??  Love you!
One of the 18 missionaries I came out with that was not in my district already went home.
Actually just need more stamps please and thank you and love you lots! :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Walking Dead.......Alive in Georgia

Hi everyone!

So you know how the series Walking Dead is placed in GA...... well I know why!!! I have been riding my bike around and have wondered if that was a person I just passed or a walking dead!!?? The way some people are dressed, walk, and sound is seriously the same!! It can be a little creepy at times!

Elder Weigle and I each gave a blessing this last week and they both went very well.  I love my zone leaders and the Assistants to the President.  Both zone leaders are actually from ID.  One from Melba and the other from bear Lake.  We did some service on Saturday. We planted some fruit trees for a less active!

I have realized that being tough skinned is why I was sent to Dublin.  I get lots of rejection here, which is fine to me! I found out at a new missionary meeting though that others have not had much rejection and have not handled it well.  So I have been blessed coming from my amazing, picking on one another family, and having a great trainer!!  One of our investigators was Drunk when we went over and was breaking it down to some groovy music-that was some funny stuff.

There was some tornado warning stuff that went on and canceled some meetings for us. But we had no tornado, just really harsh winds that spread debris everywhere. That had people spending all week to clean their yards.  It has now rained really hard twice within the last week, but one time it was only throughout the night and the other a Member was kind enough to drive us around.  Yippee!

Mother: Yes WE got your package and it was awesome!! Thank you soooo much!!!! Elder Weigle loves the shirt and says thank you!  Everything is great we will put the stuff on and take a pic  on St Patty's Day and send it.  Decorations are going up some but, it's not as big as people made it out to be so far for St Pday.

Thats awesome about Felicia's baby!!  Grammy and the sisters look like they are having fun!!!  Hmmm sounds like an interesting presidency (new stake presidency). Those girls are falling apart! (sisters are sick)

tay:ha yeah stress can kind of get to mr child and yuck to becca.:p and yes keep having fun with all that work of yours.  haha and thats awesome with the eyeliner.

Audrey: Sorry about the promotion.  And are you doing any school right now? Haha yeah I'm working on being really in shape right now so I know the sore feeling.  Thanks for the prayers and don't ware yourself out to much by being a celeb.

trav:  Wow a telethon master huh? (he & Audrey worked at the PBS telethon & were on TV & collected donations) That's a cool new skill!  And yeah man that's so awesome Connor comes home soon!!!!  I come home not soon :p

G4: Woohoo tennis you go get 'em girl! And ok you'll have to get it and have it for me then!(Zootopia movie)

Tali: Yes I still have the rock and it comes everywhere with me.  No wonder you're sick you have been go go go and your immune system can't keep up....... I NEVER got to do all of that!!!!;)
Oh and send me more stamps please and what's Jake's email?  And yes, our less active member fed us three times this week!  I love you TOO!!!!!!!!!
Love ya'll lots
Elder Legg

To Scott:
Yeah blending in is hard to do.  I get asked to say like EVERY prayer it's kinda funny now to Elder Weigle and I.  And you would be proud I have got up in both fast Sunday meetings I have been here and born testimonies.  I will thank GMA and GPA Legg.  good luck with the priest don't take any flack from them!!! And eh homesickness comes and goes?  Yeah we stay busy and working out helps too.  and ha yes I keep my mind off bekah too. New pres:  Pres Grason  from louisiana I think?

Love you too dad!! thanks for the email!

Elder Legg

Friday, March 4, 2016

Letters from 2/24, 2/26, & 2/28

Dear Mother,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I LOVE YOU!!!  Hope everyone took good care of you today!  I am so glad you are my mom!  Sorry I didn't get you a gift!  I hope your special day is grand and everyone made it easy on you!  Let me know if anyone wasn't good to you and I'll whoop on them in 2 years!
Elder Legg

No matter how old you get, you are still my young mom! ;)

Dear Family,
Hey everybody!  Hope all is still good in your neck of the woods.  Things are starting to pick up which is nice.  The members are starting to get to know us and wanting to sign up to feed us.  We have found a few new people, but the work is slow and whitewashing is taking a bit to get the ball rolling here.  The members trust us enough to give us food, bot not referrals.  Oh well, we just keep trying to work hard and give service and gain trust.  We bike lots and the Mission President even noticed and called it out in a zone conference this last week.  That was kind of cool!  We work a lot more with less actives and recent converts (larc) than investigators, because the Bishop wants the ward stronger before there are more.  He wants good examples!
Love you all!
Elder Legg

Dear Taylor,
We'll go on a date when I get home I promise!  Love you bud.  Be good and make sure you are always being an example of Christ for others to see and admire.  Always remember!! "It's nice to be cool (important) BUT it's cooler (more important) to be nice!"