Monday, March 28, 2016

Letter From 3/17/16--I Got a Compliment Today (pic)

Dear Mother & fam,


I just need to say I have rotten luck with getting flat tires!  Good thing we have many willing people to give us rides & our own two feet to get to and from places.

We have found a few what seem to be solid people this last week.  So we are excited about that!

My first exchange went well and was nice because Elder Saurey is from Melba, ID.  So we had home in common and it was nice to talk of things someone understood.  We even found out we know a few of the same people and that we were at a few of the same events at the same time.

I got my first taste of leading an area and it's not too hard.

I got a compliment today that an investigator sees something within me by the way.  I listen, absorb, and hold to myself.  He sees that there is lots for me to be a part of and people to touch and that if I continue the way I am, I am being prepared for something in great works.  He just kept saying, "There is just something I can see in this one." when he was talking to Elder Weigle.  That was cool!  (I told him that's what we've always seen in him, good thing they can see it in GA too)
I love you all!
Elder Legg

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