Friday, March 25, 2016

Letter From 3/14/16...Feels Like I'm on Safari

Dear Mom & Fam,

I got your package today.  Than you so much everything was great!  This last week and this coming week are full.  We are and have been kept way busy.  We did some service for an old lady of cleaning out one of her coy ponds.  Thank goodness it was the smaller of them.  We also helped a man in a wheelchair get mulch and fertilizer around his fruit trees.  Then he took us to go check his wild pig trap.  It was empty, but we still got a sweet ride through the swamps on a 4 wheeler.

Hunting is pretty big down here, but not so much deer.  They do hunt deer, but they are crazy about turkey hunting.  They also stuff and mount just about everything they get.  So some houses I walk in and it feels like I am on a safari.  There are also no mountain lions, but they have bobcats, so everyone has one of those mounted. Also wild hogs are fairly common, so swine is eaten a lot as meat here.  They do not have many quail here.  But a member owns a quail farm where people pay to go and have quail shoved out a tower as you shoot them. (We have quail everywhere at our house)

Something kind of funny.  My Bishop's name here is Rex Boland.  So I still have a Rex as my Bishop.  I thought that was cool!

Everybody is related to everybody in the ward.  That is just the south.  Some food is good, some is not so good and you can mostly tell by the way they look if they can cook!!  Tonight a guy chef is having us over and grilling us $180 2 lb steaks!! Looking forward to that! (He wrote in his email that it turned out delicious)
Love you All!
Elder Legg

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