Friday, March 4, 2016

Letters from 2/24, 2/26, & 2/28

Dear Mother,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I LOVE YOU!!!  Hope everyone took good care of you today!  I am so glad you are my mom!  Sorry I didn't get you a gift!  I hope your special day is grand and everyone made it easy on you!  Let me know if anyone wasn't good to you and I'll whoop on them in 2 years!
Elder Legg

No matter how old you get, you are still my young mom! ;)

Dear Family,
Hey everybody!  Hope all is still good in your neck of the woods.  Things are starting to pick up which is nice.  The members are starting to get to know us and wanting to sign up to feed us.  We have found a few new people, but the work is slow and whitewashing is taking a bit to get the ball rolling here.  The members trust us enough to give us food, bot not referrals.  Oh well, we just keep trying to work hard and give service and gain trust.  We bike lots and the Mission President even noticed and called it out in a zone conference this last week.  That was kind of cool!  We work a lot more with less actives and recent converts (larc) than investigators, because the Bishop wants the ward stronger before there are more.  He wants good examples!
Love you all!
Elder Legg

Dear Taylor,
We'll go on a date when I get home I promise!  Love you bud.  Be good and make sure you are always being an example of Christ for others to see and admire.  Always remember!! "It's nice to be cool (important) BUT it's cooler (more important) to be nice!"

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