Monday, February 29, 2016

Winter Is Gone And Here Comes The Sun

I have not forgot your bdays.  They were written down everywhere and I had reminders on our phone.  I sent out a letter for each of you today in the mail!!! Happy birthday to both of you, you old farts!!;)

Thank you for the money! The church money is fine for food and some cleaning and hygiene supplies. The member just gave it to us out of his pocket so we are pretty well set on food right now!!:) Yeah the member who gave us $200 feeds us every Wednesday too, AND paid for tickets for us to go to a fundraiser dinner that were $10 each ticket, AND might pay our fee for the 5k, AND drives us to a lot of meetings and is less active right now but loves the missionaries!!!!!!  He is single and owns a glass company so he has money and I think the bishop does ok and like 2 other members then the rest of the town are more poor or not as good with their money?? I have never seen so many tiny houses in my life!!! I have seen I think three good sized houses and 2 big houses!!! There are houses smaller than our garage, but they will have a new Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang GT sitting out front????? What the  what??????? And they all have gold teeth!

And my money not used will roll over to next month.  I get $130 a month.  I still have $50 or so left for this month, but I still need to go shopping today, so we will see what I get to roll over!!
haha missionaries are flexible you could change the night? feed them good food though it is much appreciated because some people can not cook! (It's a play night the night I signed up to feed them)
Haha ok and yeah something weird is that if you ask where someone is from they will give you the county not the town.  It's strange!

My shirts are doing fine, but yes more short sleeve would be nice. The cold is done here already!:p Winter is gone and here comes the do do do!

Yeah I have never been to a Cheesecake Factory either! And yeah that would be awesome if Tay got his Duty to God!! And sounds like a good choice of ring! (Taylor took me for his 1st date to The Cheesecake Factory)

Ashlyn is silly and thank you for the letter this week from you and the one from her! (My teacher assistant)

G4:  Hope you feel better sis!

Tali:  Glad you had a fun vacation!

Taylor: HAPPY B-DAY MAN!!!!!!!! You're 16 that's crazy!!! I have a letter on its way for you! Dude that is awesome about the piano! And I'm glad your bday was fun!!!! Have fun and be smart with the girls!!

Audrey: I will make sure to get the scoop from Trav on you.  And 911 that is exciting! Good luck with the promotion and my brother!

Travis: I will try to take lots of pics for you! I have found out I'm not good at remembering to take pics.  Audrey sounds cool! Yeah man I'm working on my abs too and my chest and arms are looking nice and my legs as well! I'm glad chemistry is getting better and yes go hard and I promise to as well!!! and yes please make him more than all talk with all of his dates!

And funny story I had that scripture all picked the first night of the MTC I just kept forgetting to tell you which one I wanted!:p  Doctrine and Covenants 11:21 (for his missionary plaque)
"21 Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men."

Love you too have fun and a great week!!:)
 Elder Legg

"Weekly me another new hair cut it helps to have SHORT hair wearing a helmet all the time!"

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