Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Looking Kinda Hunky & Muscular

Hello! Yes ha they love their spaghetti here, and so does my comp. So I "love" it too. And ha my bike has problems. I got 3 flats this week and the gears are sticky, but I fixed the gears and hopefully will fix the tire for good today!  I have a few pictures, I'll try to send of my apartment.  It is a nicer one in the mission though apparently. It's a 2 bed, 2 bath, kitchen, living room, dining room, plenty of closet space, and 2 story. We are on the far left right before the roundabout. There are a lot of trees, but less than Seattle. It reminds me of Seattle here, just more sunny.

We get to take the car for a few hours on Pday to do shopping and emails and other stuff.  Emailing from church in family  history center.  Yes, Elder Buckley is hilarious. He is in my zone, so I  got to see him a few times this week because we had a zone training meeting and it was stake conference this weekend. And the self given haircut picture---Elder Weigle has a hair cut set and we gave each other haircuts, so our hair is easier to do and deal with for bikes and helmets.

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for all of the great stuff we both have enjoyed it thoroughly.  I got a package from you & Mama H/G/L. I love you too!
 And about St Patty's Day here in Dublin........it is a HUGE holiday that goes all month. And so idk if I told you about this is elder Weigle's last transfer, but it is.  He goes home March 21.  On the 19th there is a St. Patty 5k we are going to run! Because he is a cross country kid and love races.  There are events every day of March for St Patty's Day.  Their town mascot and logo is a shamrock. Yes, dublin is cool and fun but stay north side or you get deep ghetto with 3 shootings a day! Savannah and Macon are both on a list for  dangerous cities in the country.

I eat chicken alfredo, turkey sandwiches, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chilli, quesadillas, cheerios, rice, toast stuff like that. And actually I forgot to ask last week for ideas of cheap healthy filling foods?(email him your suggestions)

G4: Wow you're and old lady!!! I'm glad Vday was good and your birthday was too. Sounds like your party will be a blast and how was kung fu panda?

Tali: I want to be in Myers class! And ooo kindergarten tutoring fun! That sounds like a great week And I will have to see the movie when I get home---have it for me please.

Tay:  Haha well I feel you bro! Days in the mission are long and being in a bike area is way tiring too.  All of this play stuff will be good prep for the go go go of a mission.  Keep having fun and smiling.

Trav:  Man sound like quite the lady killer over there.  Hope you are having fun and i"m glad school is going well.
Thanks and ha you don't need to send protein powder...yet.  We work out hard and I have lost 5lbs and am looking kinda hunky and muscular.
Ill sent aptmnt pics next week
Yeah we are leaving now. I love you!!!!!!!

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