Monday, February 22, 2016

I Had True Southern Jambalaya! (apt pics)

This week was pretty good. Weigle and I have been biking hard, around 30 miles a day.  I like it! I thought a bike area would stink, but I am loving it and not looking forward to being in a car later on in my mission. You supposedly only get about one bike area in this mission.   I hope I get 2 or 3.  There are only 9 areas in the mission that are on bikes.

Food wise we have been eating way healthy because Weigle is trying to lose weight before he goes home. But we are still eating good.  We get $130 for the month, but a member was extremely generous and took us shopping this last week and gave us $200 to spend.  The members sign up pretty well to feed us too, and on Sunday I had true Southern Jambalaya! I found out a few things about Jambalaya too.  If it has tomatoes in it, it is Cajun.  And if it does not have tomatoes in it, it is Creole. And to be authentic, for both, it has to have okra in it.

For moving the work along we had a super solid referral come in. He asked us for a Book of Mormon and loved the idea of it and was super excited to read and see what it had to say.  Then also we met a guy in his yard a few weeks ago but hadn't thought about him since.  Yesterday we were in his neighborhood though and decided to stop by and he loves the idea of prophets here today and wants to come to our Book of Mormon classes we have on Wednesdays and to church to see whats going on in the LDS church.

That is super crazy about what happened in Fiji and scary about the sister in the car. (Cyclone Winston, car accident in PA)

Mom: Dang that stinks about the Ex. (back in the shop)  And wow lots of fun in the callings area huh? (I've got 3 now with a smaller ward) How did the ward look this week? Well good luck with what ever you job you get to have and and on which ever one you want!

Tay: Good luck at tennis bro you got this!! Continue to dazzle in the play also!

G4: Oh poor girl feel better soon! Looks like your party was a blast!

Tali: Busy week toots. sounds like you had some fun with baby stuff and yeah new born bottles are hard to drink from!

Trav: dude good luck to you and Tyler! Glad things are going so well for you! And ha yeah my comp and I are shedding fat and bulking up too! we have a protein powder that gives us 80g and our meals consist of 60-80g as well its pretty sweet. We met a 52 year old man that was jacked and said his inspiration was to try and be what a gladiator would be back in Rome.

No St Patty's festivities yet.
I love you all hugs and kisses!
Walk in the door 

This pic back room (workout room)


Bedroom---Mine's blue

Study.  The study and the bedrooms are upstairs.
I didn't take bathroom pics, but there is one downstairs and one upstairs

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