Tuesday, February 9, 2016

There Is No Dry.......Only Dry Enough!

(These were his answers to some questions I asked)
1. um the devotionals were awesome. (best thing about the MTC)
2. He is Elder Weigle from Willard, UT. This is his last transfer and he is the district leader and has been district and zone leaders many a times.  He's fun and obedient, all at the same time. He likes to work hard and to work out.  He kills me in the mornings for 30 min. He is about 6' and 194lbs. (tell us about your trainer)
3. That's all I had to say about them, and yeah it surprised me how close we could get in the short time. (anymore you wanted to tell us about your MTC investigators)
4. My ring was stolen while I was in the showers. It was on a hook with my towel, and when I got out it was gone? I had left it there everyday too, and it was like one of my last days (how in the world did you lose your ring again??)
5. Just posing for the picture like HHHHEEEEEYYYYYY! And no, ripped the pants during aerobic exercise. (what were you doing in the funny picture in the MTC, is that how the pants got ripped)
6. The flight was about 3 1/2 hrs and I slept 2 of them so it was fine.(trip to from SLC to Atlanta)

(Response to 1/31 email)
Tay: Lots of basketball this week huh? That's awesome1 I have just rode my bike tons! And that's awesome you got to go to the BSU basketball game.  I'm glad to hear the play is coming along and you are enjoying yourself.

Tali: Wow I never had that much friend time when I was your age!  You are so spoiled! ;) Now I have no friend time.

G4: Lots of movies for you and Tali.  Was the Chipmunks good? and FYI HAPPY BIRTHDAY you're 13 toots that's weird!!!

Mom: Wow yeah that ward stuff is crazy and will be so weird to come back too! (our wards split and added 2 right after he left) And as far as GA wards go I only know Dublin wise.  and it's weird! The ward is made up of all of Laurens County and some towns outside in Johnson County and one more.  Some people drive 40 min + to go to church. and still there was only around 75 people at sacrament meeting.  The building is tiny, and wow it is just all way strange!

And yes, the weather here has been great except for the first day. Wow I am in a bike area and it rained more than I  have ever seen in my life!! And we were out biking and I'm pretty sure I was wetter than when I swim!!  It was insane! There were flash flood warning texts coming to our phone all day!
Oh and I am used to the humidity,  but there is no dry.......only dry enough!
Although humidity is hardly here right now though, and Feb is the coldest month.

(Response to 2/7 email)
This week has been work, work, work! And super tiring.  The last elders here stunk, so we are having to build up all trust with the ward.  Our days have been full and we are biking and working out hard in the mornings so I'm getting huge muscles.  The members are nice, once they see we are better then the last 2 here.  Dublin is cool but really ghetto and pretty scary riding a bike around.  Cool story Demaryius Thomas is from Dublin, so everyone was voting for Denver last night.  The apartment we came to is nice and large, but it was trashed when we got there.  The bishop hauled off a truck bed full of junk once we were done cleaning.  (see the picture proof below)
And haahaha crazy thing mom!! You know how you have been making foods I don't like since I'm gone????  Well GA people thought they would do the same, but while I was here!!! I have had spaghetti 5 times already, and that was my first meal here too!!!!!!! killing me!:p

Tay: You got this man! Just make the best of it and be a leader for the rest of the people.(play practice)
Tali: Man you get to have tons of fun with friends girl. I'm glad they got a new puppy, Theresa loves those little guys! I hope this one sticks around a long time.
G4: Man those pot lucks sound awesome! I have to buy and prepare my own food now, it stinks!
Trav:  Wow active member and active week you're a crazy guy!
"Junk pile from last elders"

"And this is Elder Buckley in a nut shell"

"Notice my new self given hair cut"
"Stole sisters' car for shopping"

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