Monday, February 22, 2016

1 Down And Only 23 To Go (letters)

Letters received on 2/22
Written 2/15/16
Dear Mother & Fam,
       So something that I have forgotten to share over email is that some investigators are interesting! One is a man with gout that can't do much all day.  The best part is he has three teeth.  It is so hard to understand him, with the southern accent and missing most of his teeth.
       It can sometimes be scary biking through areas.

      Another investigator has cancer and a massive lump on his arm.  It's hard to look at.

     My companion stinks with directions, so I have to get us everywhere.  We are both new to the area.  Oh and mom I keep forgetting to ask you if you knew I have used my debit card.  The account should be refilled in case of an emergency.  I used a good amount of money because I had to buy a GPS.  My companion has one but one day the zone leaders were here and he left it in their car.  So I went and bought one because I figured I'd need one for more of my mission anyways and my companion is gone this next month.  So I'll need my own with Dublin's sights on it.

    Another investigator is a big anime watcher.  Thanks to Trav I can connect with him and he is more interested in what I have to say.  This is good because Weigle does not like anime and J doesn't like him.  So it's good we have a bond.

       Oh good idea for package stuff!! Healthy snack stuff.  With limited funds I don't buy snack stuff and it's killing me!! I want to snack!

     Well I love you all!!
     Elder Legg

Written on 2/18/16
Dear Mother and Fam,
      Hello Everyone!  So the first month has come and gone.  Fast and slow at the same time.  A mission is a lot like school days.  The day goes buy super long and slow, but the weeks seem to fly by and months are a mixture of fast and slow feelings.  I don't know why but if I think of 2 years it seems really far away.  If I look at moths, 1 down and only 23 to go.  For some reason to me it seems nearer.

     Georgia is already starting to get hot! It is 71* in our room and that's the coldest room in the house.  If there were not a breeze outside I'd be sweating while biking.  Also Georgia has no mountains, but it's not flat either!  To leave our house any direction there is a big hill to bike up and out of.  It's  a good work out, but sucks to do everyday a few times a day.      Oh well, missions aren't supposed to be easy!

     For my food this week we had a member say she would deliver us a meal and we were like "ok!"  She forgot about it and so when we called her in the morning to double check she had no idea what to make, but she said she would bring us dinner.  She showed up and gave us four hot dogs.  Both Weigle and I are not fans of hot dogs and that's all there was!  The next night was made up for though because  a less active took us out and forced us both to get all we could eat ribs.  The ribs were huge and delicious and the sides were all we could eat too.  For the most part we are pretty taken care of.

    I had my first district meeting and our whole district other than us is sisters.  All I have to say about that is sisters are weird.
Elder Legg

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