Monday, March 14, 2016

Letter from 3/3/16: The Work Here is Slow and Rejection is High

Dear Mother & Fam,

              I got 3 letters this week from you guys and I got my March package! Thank you so much for all of them!!!!  Thank you for my ring, turtle, the decorations, the snacks, and clothes.  Elder Weigle especially liked the socks and shirt. (I found them St. Pat's Day shirts that say Dublin on them) He also already scarfed down his snacks.

For everyone who keeps asking things are still good here just going slow. There was a trainer/trainee meeting yesterday so I got to see all my MTC district. I also found out that lots of companionships are not getting along......suckers.  The whole meeting was just missionaries complaining about the adjustment to mission life and how much their comp gets on their nerves.  Lot of others are having a hard time waking up, and most do not exercise, which is crazy to me.  Lots think their area is hard, and that they have it hard, and they are not converting as many as they thought they would.  Needless to say, I didn't say a word the whole meeting.  All I was thinking is that I know why I am the one in Dublin, because they work here is the slowest and rejection is high.  I had no clue till someone complained they only had 3 of 4 of their investigators to church this last Sunday.  I laughed to myself, because we only have 1 investigator, and have had no one come to church this whole time.  So basically I'm the only one that could handle Dublin I think.  One sister has only tracked for 15 minutes and another was sad that they had too many investigators they had to drop some.  Oh well, if they only knew! :) It doesn't bother me that results don't match others because I know we are working HARD.
Love you All! Thanks again!
Elder Legg

Send me more stamps and envelopes please!!??  Love you!
One of the 18 missionaries I came out with that was not in my district already went home.
Actually just need more stamps please and thank you and love you lots! :)

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