Monday, March 7, 2016

The Walking Dead.......Alive in Georgia

Hi everyone!

So you know how the series Walking Dead is placed in GA...... well I know why!!! I have been riding my bike around and have wondered if that was a person I just passed or a walking dead!!?? The way some people are dressed, walk, and sound is seriously the same!! It can be a little creepy at times!

Elder Weigle and I each gave a blessing this last week and they both went very well.  I love my zone leaders and the Assistants to the President.  Both zone leaders are actually from ID.  One from Melba and the other from bear Lake.  We did some service on Saturday. We planted some fruit trees for a less active!

I have realized that being tough skinned is why I was sent to Dublin.  I get lots of rejection here, which is fine to me! I found out at a new missionary meeting though that others have not had much rejection and have not handled it well.  So I have been blessed coming from my amazing, picking on one another family, and having a great trainer!!  One of our investigators was Drunk when we went over and was breaking it down to some groovy music-that was some funny stuff.

There was some tornado warning stuff that went on and canceled some meetings for us. But we had no tornado, just really harsh winds that spread debris everywhere. That had people spending all week to clean their yards.  It has now rained really hard twice within the last week, but one time it was only throughout the night and the other a Member was kind enough to drive us around.  Yippee!

Mother: Yes WE got your package and it was awesome!! Thank you soooo much!!!! Elder Weigle loves the shirt and says thank you!  Everything is great we will put the stuff on and take a pic  on St Patty's Day and send it.  Decorations are going up some but, it's not as big as people made it out to be so far for St Pday.

Thats awesome about Felicia's baby!!  Grammy and the sisters look like they are having fun!!!  Hmmm sounds like an interesting presidency (new stake presidency). Those girls are falling apart! (sisters are sick)

tay:ha yeah stress can kind of get to mr child and yuck to becca.:p and yes keep having fun with all that work of yours.  haha and thats awesome with the eyeliner.

Audrey: Sorry about the promotion.  And are you doing any school right now? Haha yeah I'm working on being really in shape right now so I know the sore feeling.  Thanks for the prayers and don't ware yourself out to much by being a celeb.

trav:  Wow a telethon master huh? (he & Audrey worked at the PBS telethon & were on TV & collected donations) That's a cool new skill!  And yeah man that's so awesome Connor comes home soon!!!!  I come home not soon :p

G4: Woohoo tennis you go get 'em girl! And ok you'll have to get it and have it for me then!(Zootopia movie)

Tali: Yes I still have the rock and it comes everywhere with me.  No wonder you're sick you have been go go go and your immune system can't keep up....... I NEVER got to do all of that!!!!;)
Oh and send me more stamps please and what's Jake's email?  And yes, our less active member fed us three times this week!  I love you TOO!!!!!!!!!
Love ya'll lots
Elder Legg

To Scott:
Yeah blending in is hard to do.  I get asked to say like EVERY prayer it's kinda funny now to Elder Weigle and I.  And you would be proud I have got up in both fast Sunday meetings I have been here and born testimonies.  I will thank GMA and GPA Legg.  good luck with the priest don't take any flack from them!!! And eh homesickness comes and goes?  Yeah we stay busy and working out helps too.  and ha yes I keep my mind off bekah too. New pres:  Pres Grason  from louisiana I think?

Love you too dad!! thanks for the email!

Elder Legg

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