Friday, May 19, 2017

Turtles & Daylilies 4/24

Hey everyone! 

Alright so this last week we went out with the McOmbers to Eatonton.  Out there in the GA backwoods is a rock effigy of an eagle.  It is called rock eagle.  It is a huge eight foot tall mount of rocks placed in the silhouette of an eagle built by the native americans hundreds of years ago.  There are only two effigies known like this. The other is rock hawk and both of these are in Putnam County, GA.  Both of theses are also placed on two of the highest elevations in Putnam County. I have no idea how they were able to figure that out because you can not see any farther the 30 or so feet.  All of the stone used in these are milky white quartz.  Some of the stones in these are really big and were all dragged from river beds to where they now lie.

This week we also killed some turtles that Elder Davis found on exchanges so that he could have the shells and make turtle claw key chains.  It was a pretty messy procedure but he got some pretty shells and we are going to try and find some for me soon too!  We had Eastern box turtles. There is an endangered alligator snapper though that you can be fined and do jail time for killing. We won't do that one!  And no soup we did not gut them pretty so the meat was spoiled

In Gray we had a Daylily festival  on Saturday.  There were tons of booths of every church in the county and all kinds of arts.  There were some really cool chainsaw art.  Most of the other churches were really nice to us.  We have become pretty good friends with the librarian and so she chatted it up with us.  She goes to the First Baptist in town and we beat them this last week in softball and so we talked about  that. Our last two games have been squeakers, as we barely won both. They are both wins though, and so we seem to be figuring things out now, and are doing well!  We went into extra innings in one game this last week and the other one we one by one point in the last inning.  They were intense games and tons of fun!

Mom: That is so cool Wagoners are going on a mission and that they are going over to be with the Evans.  Kylie goes home or to NY on the 16th of May!  So the Evans have to be super excited! All that running is helping your heart rate!  And that is cool they do a Micron engineer day thing for the 8th grade girls!  That is good Brandi found a place to be!  Sounds like school stuff is getting ready to wrap up and start the end of the year hustle!  Good luck!  I love you mom!  

Tali: Good luck at Fx Love you sis make me proud!!!

Tay: Yeah man definitely good luck bro! Make sure mom gets the videos for me to see!  And I am glad you went to a part of the camp at least!  I love you bro!

G4: That is way rotten sis you got gypped with the Easter egg hunt, but I am sure you made the other girls feel very good by sharing with them !  Not everyone can be such a good Egg finder as the Leggs are!  The egg hunt I was at I had to go find all of the stray eggs for the kids when it was done. We are just too good!  Love you sis!  

Dad:They just know you have a great way with the young men and if anyone can keep scouting fun and push the boys along it is you!  That camp sounds like it was a blast though!  and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  When will Jiffy ever grow up!  I love you dad and hope you are having a great Bday!!!!

Love you all!

Elder Legg

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