Friday, May 19, 2017

Civil War, Fish Fry, Fincher's BBQ 5/8

Hey everyone!

WARNING-Transfers are coming up.  I  you are going to send anything my way, send it before Wednesday the 10th or wait until I know more next week.

Why is the Word of God compared to a Two-Edged Sword?  Did you know in Greek the words two edged mean two mouthed?  Because a two edged sword consumes all it touches.  The scriptures when testified of my two or three witnesses consumes all around with the spirit.  Also a two edged sword divides asunder.  Well the Scriptures divide false teachings from the truth.  A two edged sword cuts in any direction.  The scriptures are a versatile tool that can help us in any aspect of our lives.  The two edged sword is piercing.  So are the scriptures, they pierce to the soul and speak to our spirits.  I know that the scriptures are powerful!  I know that they are here to help and guide us. I know they teach us and will help us grow closer to our Heavenly Father.

Crazy story time!
Once upon a time there was a family, the Bolands, who lived in Gray, GA.  Their oldest daughter Sam(name has been changed)  finally reached the ripe old age to attend college.  She applied and decided to go to BYUI.  Well she is off track for the summer and so she decided to come home and spend the summer with her family.  While she was at college though she was a social butterfly and made many new friends.  Many friends who would text and snapchat her.  One day while home she receives a snapchat from and friend of a random missionary's plaque. She thought nothing of it at first.  Then she spotted the mission call though to the Georgia Macon Mission. Just as the image timed out she glanced at the missionaries name: Elder Legg.  She knew an Elder Legg! He was serving not only in her mission but in her ward.  The friend is engaged to a girl from Middleton, ID and was visiting her family.  He went to church with her and he saw my plaque on the wall and sent a picture to her since he knew she lived in the mission.  Who knew I would be here!?   Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Civil War!
This week we got to go and experience a mach Civil War battle.  One that happened right here in Gray.  Or the historic district of Gray, known as Old Clinton.  There were about 200 re-enactors playing as soldiers for the Union and Confederacy.  The southerners around these parts love this battle because they won.  It was a complete ambush of a smaller Union Army that fought valiantly but the majority surrendered.  Fatalities were not to high.  A small unit escaped.  They had 4 cannons firing off, a medium and small for each side.  When the medium ones went off it was soooooo loud and shook everything for a couple miles. It is near a main highway and the drivers going by can feel it. It is pretty intense!  There were lots of people dressed in period appropriate attire and tents selling all kinds of Civil War and Confederate merchandise. It was a really cool piece of history.  Then we got a tour of an old cemetery where one of the richest women in the southern USA for her time was buried.
A member showed us a cannon ball he found while he was digging in his yard, that is still active.  Plus he had an old, still loaded, Colt revolver and saber that was used in the Civil War.

Fish Fry!
There was a fish fry and cake auction fundraiser for the scouts on Friday. Elder Davis and I made a missionary cake for the auction and is made $40.  We ended up trying to bid on stuff since a member gave us $50 to bid with and donate but we got out bid on everything we went for.  It did not matter though because everyone gave us chunks of theirs. Plus they had three of the large igloo coolers full of left overs so we got to fill our fridge up with that too! We will be eating fried fish and chicken for a while!!!

Out of This World BBQ!
We were fed Fincher's BBQ this week.  This is a BBQ place in Macon that has been around since the 30's.  All of the locals talk very highly of it.  As they should since it is out of this world.  This statement is literal.  There was an astronaut from Macon who went into space and requested to have Fincher's sent to him while he was up there. They did tests and made it happen.  This Astronaut died a little while back and in honor of his memory they sent more of Fincher's into space.  So now I have had Out of This World BBQ!  If there is any where to find it, it is here in the south.

Mom: Good luck on the ISAT testing. And what Jaunitzios was closed for Cinco De Mayo? Don't they know they could have made bank that night!? I might just steal that from you when I get back! (Patriots phone case) Watch out! and ahhh that is so weird that people my age have babies! yeah you used to be the yard sale maniac! for Mother's Day I think we are going to try and Skype around 3:30 our time and 1:30 your time. Our time is flexible for the Call though so whatever works best for you we can make happen! Gpa does like to be a protagonist huh!:p (Teasing he'll be in GA next Nov) Thanks for the Ortho help & I Have an appointment set up at the Ortho on Wednesday to do retainer stuff.  They estimate it will cost about $520 for the set.  They sent me a packet to fill out with info and I am unsure on some of it I am going to send pictures and could you get the blank info back to me or the info you think I will need? Please
I have Transfers on the 16th so I will find out on the 13th if I am moving. I most likely am. but if you send anything before Wednesday it should get here in plenty of time Love you mom!!!! See you soon!

Talia: What yard saling sucked?  and That will be fun I like golfing!  Good luck on your ISAT sis! Finish strong!  What kind of cupckaes were they? and haha yeah I heard all about "May the 4th be with you" day!:p  Love you Tali! see you soon!

Tay: What mom and dad let you get a Xbox 360?  That is a pretty good deal though!  and how is the new skate park by the way?  you should get some pics of it to send to me?  and is Bro Black driving you like a slave?  What do you do for him?  Love you Tay! see you soon!

G4: Happy bday Phat boy!! I hope G took good care of you!  and wow sis best of wishes and good luck on your vp campaign.  hey what do you know maybe you do have a little bit of the Legg's competitive gene! Wow you are pretty good at this yard saling thing huh? who knew?  Love you Grace! see you soon!

Dad:  How do you feel about the interviews? Definitely let me know what happens!:)  That gift sounds pretty awesome!  I look forward to seeing it next week! I am excited to see everyone next week! have a great week! I love you dad!

Love you all!

Elder Legg



Slave graves- look like little sinkhole all round the family plots.
The families are inside the wall and their slaves are buried around them 


The tall pillar is arguably the richest woman in the South for her time 

Old headstones! Around Joseph Smith's time!
This is an area that Jackson's Army
strolled through and he would have passed by and seen this cemetery
almost exactly the way it is today!

Missionary Cake for auction

Quarry and huge quarry equipment 

The quarry looks like paradise

This home was built in 1830

Civil War Battle 

Did the Ortho appointment today.  Forgot to mention on Monday it was pay at time of.  
I luckily had money saved up. I was able to pay $320 in cash. and $100 on my card.  My card would not allow any more?I do not know if it was because it was a strange large purchase or there is not enough money left?  They let me have my retainers but need to get them rest of money!
Can you please check on my account and get it all taken care of? More money? or unlocked? or whatever needs to be done? The faster the better if possible because I would love to get them there money quickly!  

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