Friday, May 19, 2017

A Lot of Bushwhacking 5/1

Hey everyone!

Well recently we have gotten a new ward mission leader called.  He is awesome and super excited and engaged in helping the work here in Gray, GA.  He has started back up regular correlation meetings with the ward presidencies.  We have been working on a new ward mission plan to help inspire and urge the mobilization of the entire ward in missionary work. Since every member is a missionary.

This week we found a new investigator through a self referral who wanted a free large print Bible. We delivered it and gave her a Book of Mormon too.  She invited us in and we taught her about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She was very intrigued and invited us to come back yesterday.  We took a young man who served a mission and got home about a year ago with us that time.  She had not read what we asked her too, so we read with her.  We also reviewed and stressed the importance of keeping the commitments we extend.  The commitments extended by missionaries are invitations to act.  To strengthen people's faith in Jesus Christ and help them receive a spiritual witness for themselves that the messages we share with them are true.  To know from God if the Book of Mormon is holy scripture and if Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  I have acted!  I do know for myself with a surety from God that the Book of Mormon was written by holy prophets called of God.  That Joseph Smith was another holy prophet called of God to restore his church in these latter-days. That my faith in God's beloved son, our savior Jesus Christ, is strengthened when I read from the pages of the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon.  That these are complimenting testaments of God's reality and love for each of us!

 While we were with her she also asked us to please send missionaries over to her moms house.  This was awesome because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so strongly about the eternal family.  To see someone hear our message and want it shared with their family brings such extensive joy.  Joy to know that I can be with my family forever and that I get to help others be that way too!

This last week we ended up having to do a lot of bushwhacking.  We went out to boonies areas and were trying to find in new or more remote spots where other missionaries might not have been before.  While out there we came across a stream where there were these two huge common snapping turtles.  Also we got lots of ticks, on us, not in us.  There are so many here in the Jones County it is unreal.  There are lots of different types of them to and some are hard to spot because they are a teeny tiny kind.  We have to do thorough checks each night before we go in not to track any into our apartment.

Mom: Yeah there have been lots of Tornado warnings and watches the last couple weeks but they are nothing to worry about. It is tornado season and so there will be lots more too probably.  What when is she due? Where is the Show choir concert pics and videos?  aAd I am sorry you had such a bad sub in your class.  Especially getting so close and during testing time.  That Micron thing sounds like a really cool trip though.  That is crazy that you have broken another night guard.  The night guard I bought about 6 months ago now though I have almost completely chomped through but that is not a lab made one! Oh my goodness I will send some prayers Aunt T's way thanks for letting me know! Ahh more marriages!  That is all so crazy!  Has Idaho been good for Courtney? Oh and did you ever get a hold of the scripture case lady?  When it is 2 here you will be out of church right?  That will work!  We will call somettime in the afternoon.  We have two families that are more than willing to let us call fromm their houses and so we will try to have more details next week on exactly when but I would estimate 2:30- 3:00 our time? so 12;30-1:00 your time? Love you Mom!

G4: Did you thank tay for taking you to the stake dance?  And I am glad you had a great time in the Fx Concert and on the field trip.  You went in the Blue truck?  and yeah stupid nerd!  and yes my favorite color is still green! Love you Grace!

Tay: I am glad you nailed the Concert man and who is your partner for the Blue legacy dance?  Oh and you had better watch out Bro Black emailed me this week and told me you were wanting to come do some work and he told me he was going to make you WORK for any money you earn.  More money is always a good thing.  Dude you better have nailed that interview man.  We as Leggs kill those things and always get hired!  and Hey man thanks for taking Gracie to the stake dance that was really nice of you I bet she really appreciated it!

Tali: You have always been great at organizational skills sis. I bet the baskets look awesome!  and what is a daliah?  Was the dance and performance fun though and did you rock it?  That is super nice of Mrs. Butler to come have watched you and to let you help her out by helping you out!  Love you Tali!

Dad: Holy cow that now job opportunity sounds awesome! Plus you will be working with Sarah again?   It sounds like you have been doing crazy good at work and being recognized for it!  I am really proud of you dad!  I hope you get the position and will be praying for you!  That sounds like a pretty big deal to have gotten a new and good CEO and president.  I would not have guessed that Zion Nichols was into horses but that is cool! and paying off Hay is always great!  I am glad Maximus turned out to be a good horse!  Having the horses farmed out in pastures should help the hay bill this year too and allow our pasture to grow nicely!  I understand grass growing like crazy everything got green here and filled out in about a week and it was crazy to see.  There are lots of lawn service companies down here and they are always working!  everything grows so fast and it is Crazy!  Love you Dad!!!

Love you all!
Elder Legg
Big Snapper Back Turtle we couldn't catch 

Backwoods shack that has been covered in the last few weeks!  

Tyson with Elder Davis from Park City, UT 

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