Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone!

Warning!!!!- I am being transferred tomorrow. I will have more details for you on where and with whom next week!

Happy Mothers Day! - I hope all of you mothers out there had a wonderful day of appreciation.  I know that I marvel at the love and sacrifice y'all convey!  I was actually lucky enough to be asked to speak at church for Mothers Day.  As I took the time to reflect on my own mother and her great qualities it truly sunk in what a treasure mothers are-Psalms 31:10.  In Luke 19:25-30 it speaks of Christs crucifixion. In verse 25 it shows the love of mothers and their dedication to support and stand by their children till the end, through anything.  It must have been excruciating for Christ on the cross, but also for a mother to have to watch him go through that.  In 26-30 it is Christ's last moments.  In these he takes the time and one of his last actions before his death is he makes sure his mother is taken care of.  This to me shows the importance of women, and specifically our precious mothers.  My mother's love is the closest I have felt to Christ's in my life and I am eternally grateful for her! I love you mom! (Aww that kid!)

Not only did I get to speak this past week in church but so did my companion Elder Davis and a recent convert Joseph.  It was Joseph's first talk in sacrament meeting and he was stressing out a lot.  we went over and helped him to gather his thoughts though and get it written up.  He must have practiced on us a hundred times but it was all worth it because he did great!

There is a senior couple, set of missionaries, here in Gray.  They recently reached 50 years of being married and did not tell anyone about it until after it had passed.  Well the ward got together with us and we put a surprise party together for them.  Our job was to get them to the church without them knowing what was going on.  It took some haggling to get them there.  The day of the party they went on an apartment inspection loop. To make sure other missionaries are keeping their living quarters clean.  It was a nice sized 300+ mile road trip and they were debating on staying the night in Columbus, GA.  Well we could not allow that so we worked with our ward mission leader on setting up a fake meeting they needed to be back for.  They decided to come back for that night. Then one of their families they visit cancelled their Thursday appointment and tried to reschedule it for Friday at 7. The same time as the party. Well then we had to go and get the family to call and cancel their appointment and come to the party to help in the surprise.  Then we had to get them to go into the gym they didn't want to but they finally did it.  In the end it was all worth it though the party was great and everyone had a blast! The McOmbers were very surprised and extremely thrilled.  It was an awesome thing to have been apart of!

A member's daughter finished all of her doctrinal mastery for seminary this year and to celebrate took her to Dairy Queen for Breakfast.  Well he called us up and asked if we would like to join them.  So we went to DQ for breakfast with them.  While we were ordering I was the last one to place mine and low and behold I was the lucky winner!  I was the lucky order number for that morning or day or something and I got my breakfast free! It was sweet!!

Not only was I a lucky winner but I got lucky on the ball field too. We played a few softball games this week and in one of them I hit and home run! It was an in field home run, but a home run nonetheless!! My first one ever!

Mom: It was great to see  and talk to you yesterday!! I don't know who or where I am going until tomorrow?  I love it here in Gray but I am ready for a change too. It is a bittersweet transfer.  yeah get paid to go to school is always a great thing! I hope you get it! Wow you are a running fool! That is awesome you are closer to GA than you have ever been! and wow yeah that is a really high heart beat for aunt T! Happy Mothers Day again and I love you mom!!!

Tay:  That is crazy man! you will not believe how fast school goes by when you are not in it.  Good luck on any finals you might have this week! dude I feel like there has not been a fathers and sons in a long time it is awesome they are bringing them back!!  feel better soon bud! I love you Tay!

Tali: I have ran the Iley lap before and it is not that bad sis!:p  but if you think pollen is bad out there sister never come to GA.  This place is allergies worst enemy!  People who do not even think they have allergies move here and find out they do!  and there is pollen year round just about! It is bad you can see clouds of it float through the air.   I am glad you are still alive though and thanks for all of the hearts! I love you Tali!

G4: I watched your speech and it was really good! I would vote for you! So definitely let me know how it goes!  Wow my sister the farmer/director huh!? That sounds pretty sweet good luck with it! I am sure Phat Boy is cuter than pumpkin and also he probably doesn't bite like pumpkin either!  and oh yes the annual grandparent cleaning it is good! It helps keep the house nice sister!:) Love you Grace!

Dad: It was great to see you too!  I do not think I have much of one either?  I can catch myself going into one sometimes when I talk with southerners but it hasn't really worn off on me. 98 years is a pretty long time! I want to live until 104!  hopefully I can get there if there are some of his long living genes in me!:p  Yeah I hope I go somewhere good too.  Davis and I are both worried about our comps more so than areas.  I can handle areas way better then comps.  Ahhhh that is awesome you got the job!!!!!  what is the new position again?  wow yes that is a great something blue for mother's day I think!!!  it is way cute and can't wait to see it when I get back!  what did gpa think about it after he got back from his drive?  I love you dad!

Love you all!
Elder Legg

A little baseball on Mother's Day

Sister Tillman with Tyson on Mother's Day
Text from Sister Tillman:
I'm sad to see your son leave Gray.  Thank
you for sharing him with us.
She has a son serving a mission in St George, UT

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