Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"L. E. Double G" Q & A

Dear Mother and Family,

Ok so first off story behind the other letters.  The young women must have done write a missionary or something because I got a letter that had 3 M3 notes in it.  I do not know any other way to get back to them other than getting the letters to you and having you distribute them.  If you could please get these letters to these 3 young women that would be great! Thank you! (His questions and answers are down below)

Well today was nice.  A lady is going to make me a red velvet cake to pick up on Friday!  She mentioned making one for an event & I mentioned they are so good and then she was like "Ok I'll make you one and you can come back on Friday and we can talk more and you can pick up your cake." Yay! Plus she invited us to dinner on Sunday!

More relationships I am able to make now that I have been here for awhile and people are more willing to feed me and I am figuring out how to more easily coax them into feeding me. :)  Members food is better tasting than mine (mostly) but I eat healthier on my own so either is a win!

I love you guys!
Elder Legg

Here are some of his answers to the questions from his letters.  They were too priceless to pass on to the girls without adding them to the blog first. 
What are the people like?
Well southern hospitality is a real thing! As part of being a missionary I talk to many people everyday.  These people are complete strangers, but still very kind, even when they are not accepting of us.  Just this evening we were out and we knocked on a lady's door and she was up front on no thank you I have my church but she still told us in a polite way and then still continued to talk to us for 30 more minutes.  After that she helped to point out all of the houses she knew people were not home in and then gave us bottled water AND asked for a prayer before we left.  That is an average encounter I would say and that is the good people here.  There are bad people too.  Drugs are sold and used heavily and many are on welfare and disability that do not need to be, they are just lazy.  Many of the accents are very cute!

What's the grossest thing I've eaten?
The grossest/worst/most glorious thing I have eaten is the hottest pepper in the world!!!  Boo yah!!  I brag now, but I was not bragging in the 3 days after partaking of it! I was in agony!!

Are there big spiders there?
Yes!  Not huge ones, but large ones.  The largest is a banana spider.  The bodies are about he size of a big watch face you see people wear.  The legs are longer and thick which makes it bigger and the web is thick and strong and feels super creepy!  On top of that they are super fast!

Have I picked up a snake?
In my lifetime yes, but on my mission no.  I know there are snakes because I have seen them run over on the road, but I have not ever seen a live one yet.  They do get good sized here though.  A member was telling me she came home to a 12 food long king snake across her driveway.

Why did I choose to serve a mission?
Because as Nephi, I too was born to goodly parents who taught me in the ways of the Gospel and dragged me to church as a child.  While in Primary I was taught to make the hard decisions now.  That is exactly what I did!  I decided I would not do drugs, or drink, or be immoral, and most of all that I would go on a mission. As the years passed on by, I learned more of the gospel and the happiness that it brings to all those who accept it.  This changed my decision to a desire!  Through my desire, my search for knowledge and truth led to the growth of my testimony.
I know that our Father in Heaven knows us and loves us.  That those who read and pray about the Book of Mormon will feel of its truth.  happiness comes from our choices to obey and follow and turn towards Him in heaven.  I love this church and know it is Christ's church restored to its fullness in these latter days.  These are but a few of the truths I have received a witness of.  Those are why I am serving a mission.  To serve the One I love and who blesses me beyond this world.  To bring joy and truth to our lost brothers and sisters.

What is my middle name?
My middle name is Eddie.  A name many great men of my ancestors have born before me.

What has been my favorite spiritual experience?
It happened this last weekend during General Conference.  We had a less active person we had been working with come to the last session.  Now I had been feeling the Spirit all of conference, but it was not until Oscar mentioned the beauty of the music that I had paid much attention, but the second I did I was overwhelmed by the Spirit with joy!

Do I speak other languages?
I speak English, mostly. But when we hit the ghettos I have to bring out my listening ears to interpret the language of the toothless, mumbling, Southern drawl.  Now that is a tough language to understand!! Now even though I've been called to a native speaking mission, there is a language every missionary learns.  That is the language of the Spirit! How to listen for and to those subtle promptings is the greatest gift and tool all of us have as Latter-day Saints.  The Holy Ghost is the true teacher though, and unless you speak in his language, hearts will not be changed!

Have I enjoyed serving a mission?
The answer is YES! 100% totally confident YES! In just my short time I have learned so much!  My testimony grows every step I take and to see the happiness I can bring to people makes my mission so enjoyable!

If I could have my own super hero and rapper name, what would it be?
Super Hero-- Golden Boy
Rapper Name-- L. E double G

I had fun answering these.  If you ever want to know anything else about Georgia or a mission feel free to ask I would be glad to help!
Elder Legg

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