Monday, April 18, 2016

Whereas I Have More Than $100 Left on Mine

Hello Everyone,

So being part of a three pad can be hard at times for teaching, but we have figured out a few ways to make things work! 
1.  Two of us switch off/on teaching principles and the third in transitions testifies of the truths that the other two have just taught. 
2.  We can keep kids attention really well with this(and some adults). We have a narrator and then the other two act out the message or lesson and we put on a play.  One house we even borrowed puppets and put on a show that way!

Well President and sister Cottle decided to pop in for church this Sunday.  That was quite the surprise, because Elder Buckley was giving a Talk and he and I were given a 2 minute notice before Gospel principles class that we were teaching and he attended there of course too.  Not intimidating at all.  

Here are a few fun things: 
1.  I was bit and punctured in the thumb by a cat that has aids.  Lucky me cat aids can only be given to other cats.

2.  People in Warner Robins fill up the food calendar like crazy!  We have all of April and most of May already signed up for.  

3.  Warner Robins is an Air Force Base so there are people here I have met that have been stationed in MT. Home Air Force Base in ID.  

4.   It is a little more than half of the way through the month and both of my companions put together have less than $4 on their pros. cards.  Whereas I have more than $100 left on mine.  Those silly gooses!

5.  This is a funny thing I heard this last week from a member to his daughter (she had been a stinker). "Do you need closet time? mean quiet time?"  He was worried we would report him or something!:p

mom:  Buckley is from Roy, UT.  Holy crap Taylor's hair is long and he looks so much like Travis!  Brother Jones is still killing me with kindness he came up and bought us dinner 2 nights this week! Love that Guy!! The town is good and large.  And Buckley is his always silly, goofy, crazy awesome self!  And what there is actually going to be a wedding!? And she is doing it with her fav nephew gone!:p (Tina getting married) And of course there is only good to say about trav and I.

G4: strayn is spelt strain, and brayn is brain silly goose!  and yes the cat looks very nice! (I hope he was being facetious with the spelt when he was correcting her spelling!!) 

talia: I wish I got too go to the dentist I want my teeth to be cleaner and whiter but I am taking way good care of them out here so hopefully that helps. and yes thank you for the reminder of dads bday but I have it marked. Elder Buckley's bday is the 26th.  and guess what? There is a Panera here too. I haven't been but I have seen it! 

Tay: The pics look great man and dang you look so much like Trav it is freaky!  Man who do you think I am I recognized and know every person in your group! Have you forgotten I know like everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

Love you all!!!
Elder Legg

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