Monday, April 11, 2016

Emergency Transfer & Drum Roll Please........ (pics)

Hello Everyone,

The biggest change this week is I am no longer in Dublin! I am now in Warner Robins 2nd ward with a 3 pad.  Here is the story:  Well I was part of an Emergency transfer this week.  An Elder from Lannet, Alabama went home due to medical problems so his companion needed someone or somewhere to go and President Cottle felt it right that Elder Wells, My companion, was needed up there.  This then left me alone.  I needed somewhere to go, and I was placed in Warner Robins 2nd ward with Elder Mortenson and... Drum roll please... bum bum bum...  Elder Buckley from Roy!!!!!:)  Heck Yes!!! For all of you who do not Know Elder Buckley and I were in the MTC together and are great buds!!!:)  So these next 3 weeks till transfers are going to be Awesome!  I got the call about the transfer Friday night at 9:30 and was transferred Saturday morning at 9:30, so fast notice.  The sister missionaries in Dublin will hold down the fort till transfers when other Elders I think will be put back in?  Cool thing:  it is a car share area so we get a car half of the week.  This will be nice because I experienced some fun winds this last week where you have to peddle to move when you are going down a hill. Plus While biking, the bugs are coming out and get squished by you running into them and through their swarms and they will give you bug spots on your white shirts  That is pretty annoying and gross. Also the animals are coming out and there is road kill all over that stinks! Mostly Possums and Armadillos.  I did not think I would see Armadillos here but here they are.  And I don't know If I told you guys about the ebonics here or not but something fun is that Street=Skreet, Stress=Skress, it's great=Skreat, Strong=Skrong.  Those are a few of the things that you must know in the south.  Oh My new address is 210 Southland Station dr. apt. 145 Warner Robins, GA 31088 It's a new town a lot larger!  It is north west of Dublin and basicly I think directly south of Macon?The ward is cool they feed us tons and are way more willing to help out!  and eh I miss knowing everything and everywhere, but oh well that is just going to happen. And people wise,  Bro Jones is going to come up and feed us still.  Warner Robins is not far from Dublin and he has a glass shop here and laundromat here also.  So he is going to come up 2 times this week and feed us and about once a week on other weeks too! He is so awesome!!

Mom:  Wow the animals are out of control!!! and sounds like dad must have been happy from the new toys he acquired!?  Ok sweet I'm glad they got there and thank you for taking care of those for me!! (letters to deliver)

Tali: I hear you are not just a babysitter but a puppy sitter to you crazy!

Tay: Haha that is a good way to answer! and yeah man it better be a good trained puppy when I get home you have 2 years!

G4: Of course you like the cat no one else does that is your thing girl you take in a care for the specials with your big heart. I am sorry to hear you puked!:/
gtg love you mom!

The boys are back together! 

And so happy about it! 

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