Monday, April 25, 2016

Turtle Charge!! & Shell Phone (pics)

Hi Everyone!

This week was pretty good.  P-days are a lot better here than they were in Dublin, just because there are other missionaries close by to play sports or do whatever we decide on!  This last week we played every sport we had a ball for.  We played chair soccer, basketball, war ball(free for all dodgeball) volleyball, and a nerf war.

The next day we went on exchanges that went great.  We walked everywhere that day and it was a hot day! Things are starting to HEAT up here.  Burns and tans here I come!!!  Not only is the heat coming, but the critters and the insects are arriving as well!  The amount of gnats is crazy already and they have just begun, they are so annoying.  I have not had to buy any bug spray yet though because a member gave us a bottle of stuff to ward of the bugs.  It is called "skin so soft by Avon".

There is tons more roadkill now!  The main roadkills are Armadillos, Possums, Turtles, and Cats.  The other day we were going down the freeway and there was a turtle crossing so we stopped and rescued it!.  It was way scared and wazzed(Arizona talk) all over Elder Mortenson as he picked it up!

We played a game of us three white boys verse the Ghetto one evening that we did very well, if I do say so myself!!!

Buckley got sick this week after eating 2 extra large subs at a members and threw it all up later 5 times!!  He is all better now!

We taught the plan of salvation with a 3D presentation box that works great for children!!!!

Mom: Cool connection I met a cousin of Sam Head yesterday, Jared Brant.  He does business traveling and was here with a few of the members this week.  Man you found quite the treasure this week! And ha that's what tay gets for not blending in. I never brought toilet paper of shame to my family!!!!!!!!!!!!;) kidding.(We got toilet papered for the 1st time ever--some girls after Tay)  I am very glad that you survived your root canal! (It was wonderful--I was put under!!) And no I did not forget dad's bday yesterday, I wrote him a letter yesterday on the day and sent it this morning! I just was talking about the first God's Not Dead the other day I did not know they were making a second how was it?

Talia:  Well come on Cat whisperer  fix the problem you stinker! (cat keeps leaving) and that is very mean of the puppy!!!! (puppy bit her when he was going for Buddy)

Tay:  Dude what the heck why don't you have the FX whipped into shape? (show choir) And what is this about you getting our house teepeed?  Don't you know we have not had it toilet papered in years and years!!!!!!!!!!!! (17 to be exact!!) And what is all this time spent with this Halli chick???

G4: Well the shirts sound nice for FX this year. And wow the concerts and end of school is coming that fast??? It just started!

Audrey:  Wow First person well I guess because of that you have buttered my biscuits enough to say ok you can be my sister too!;)  That is some way exciting news and you should be floating on clouds right now!!!

Travis:  Wow a busy week for you man!!!! I'm glad you were able to hang out with Austin and that the wedding was good.  Dude the Temple grounds keeper would be so awesome!!  and yum fufu.  Haha did dad request that? Congrats on the Engagement man I love you so much!!!

Love you all,
Elder Legg

Transfers are May 3rd, so I would say don't sent mail after Wednesday this week. I will know next Monday if I am being moved.
Crazy but he warned me, so no surprise weird and cool all at the same time! He should look up and read the book "first date to chosen mate" by someone Yorgason.  It was in our apt here and we read it and I talks about pre marriage stuff that is was helpful and learned with Gospel standards. And it is only 137 pages. I read it out loud in 3 days of only reading it at night so he could breeze through it!! and yeah I knew it was coming but it still was weird to hear it and especially when she said "hope youre ok with a new sister"  that seemed crazy to me and is still hard to wrap around!
Yeah I heard, and I want a cut out in Trav's wedding!!!!:) (life sized cardboard cutout poster of Tyson)

I had to make up for last week's no pics and yes we got the package thank you so much for the hugs!! (we made & sent him paper hugs)
 Love you MOM
Elder Mortenson & I chilling 

Passion Flower we found in a lady's garden we helped

Pretty Flower in her garden too 
The ring was from first ward's ward mission leader he won it
and didn't want it and it fit me so I got it! 
It is salt lake temple, on my middle finger. 
One ring on both middles!
All pics of turtle same turtle we saved on the freeway!

"Turtle Charge!!!!"

"Shell Phone!!" 

One lucky turtle!! 

What to do when the investigators aren't home??
Take pictures! 

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