Monday, May 2, 2016

New Turtle Charge!!! (pics)

Hey everyone!!!!!!

YES I am getting transferred.  I find out tomorrow at 10 where and with whom!  I am completely in the dark this time.  Last time we had narrowing down factors of who was second half training and being transferred and a sister in the district was training so she went to the trainers meeting and saw who was there.  This time I will just be a regular junior comp so no real limiting factors this time.  I'm all done with training, been done for about a week and a half now!  I can be going anywhere, and having anyone except for those who are going zone leader or trainer.

New Turtle Charge 2!!! 60 years old & 400 lbs!!
Ok the details of what is going to happen on Mother's Day! Are you ready for this mom?  Well I do not completely know because I will be somewhere new.  But the deal that was set up for here in WR is that on Mother's Day I get to text you a few hours before the call and get your skype info, set up a time to skype you, and then skype with you!

This week...
Well I did lots and lots of walking this week!  I went on 4 exchanges in one week and every time I went or stayed anywhere the car was with the other elders.  Plus Elder Buckley's tire is popped and so we could not ride anywhere either!  We were picked up by 2 different RM vivint salesmen from Rexburg and Provo.  Something cool with that, we had seen a vivint car with a Utah plate and put a note saying "We know you are one of us. Love, the Elders" and that was one of the people who picked us up and they were LDS.  The problem with walking a lot this last week is that we have already been reaching up to 97 degrees with over 70 percent humidity.  In that weather you just kind of bake on people's' door steps! Something fun that happened yesterday is we got to go to the Perry ward.  The WR church building had the electrical wires chewed through by squirrels and is wigging out with the lights and has no AC and other stuff.  So the first and second ward of WR met with the Perry ward! It is kind of sad when 3 wards still is smaller than our one ward back in Idaho.  The ward has been very kind to me here even though I have only been here a short time.  I have received gifts for my service here.  

Mom: That is awesome what they did for the FX stuff and how was the last of Gaye's  shows?  As I said I don't know where or who I will be with till tomorrow?  I am glad things are panning out for work.  I will talk to you soon!!!!

Tay: Wow man that is awesome about youth council!  The soloist usually are not great.  That will be tons of fun seeing the Heads. Did you get me a sweet JAcket???

Tali: Wow sweet sista your little legs can move you that fast what the heck???? In the real thing make sure to get that first place!;)

G: How is tennis going? And do not be a ding dong and take crap to school! You hear me?

trav: I am so excited to see that movie when i get home you should make mom get it so they have it when I get there! And feel better if you are not already!

Audrey:  I am so looking forward to getting back and going to temple square and the other sights down there again so I am glad that you enjoyed it!

No, that was not near me but there are always strong winds and trees falling and puncturing roofs. That is part of Georgia.  (Storm I saw on the news)
I might do the swim suit thing I don't know I will debate it. Yeah I know i got a pic of it, it was cute! (a life sized cut out of him attending Trav's wedding)  And haha yeah stinkin young adults am I right? And what the heck this is really going to happen??   And so I have tried email and to figure out the dropbox thing for that dang video thing and cannot figure any of it out so did you get the written response at least?
Elder Legg

The District
The District Dudes

Cool sign I saw

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