Monday, May 9, 2016

Introducing Valdosta & Hardest Hitter Hiatt

Hey everyone!!

First off I want to give a huge shout out to all of you mothers out there.  Thank you for all of your support to your children through the years and being the amazing woman you are!  I love you mom and hope you were taken care of and that all mothers had a day of rest and luxury.  Happy Mother's day to all the hard working loving moms I know! Your kids love and appreciate you, I know because I do mine!

Ok fun story this week: Warning! Disclaimer! This story happened to me, but who I met and what he said was all hog wash and not to be believed!!!

 I met "THE"  reincarnated Jesus.  He is traveling the USA looking for his 12 chosen ones and he has found John already.  He walks the streets picking up trash and preaching trying to save the world again.  He has been resting in heaven and has awoken again since the wold is once again in an awful state.  Obama is pharo and has awoken every time more vengeful than last. He picked up a smashed beer can and put it in his teeth and shook it and splashed beer on his arm.  It got on our shirts when he posed for our picture.

Ok so I am now here in Valdosta. It is the farthest south you can go in my mission.  My proselyting area touches the Florida boarder.  Valdosta is the 5th largest city in my mission.  It is about 50,000 people, but over 100,000 with the small metropolitan surrounding towns.  It is an Air Force base town where the PJ's(parajumpers) are based out of.  The PJ's are the elites of the Air Force! Also the A10s are out of here.  I am on a bike and will be here most likely through the entire summer.  YAY!
This is the area that gets the hottest and most gnats through the summer being so southern.  My companion is Elder Hiatt and he is amazing.  He is from Mesa, AZ.  He played Football and won the hardest hitter award.  He played as a mean linebacker. We get along great are have been working hard and having lots of fun while doing it this last week.  We live in the ghettos but that is ok we get to play ghetto ball Friday nights with the boys from the hood after we get home for the evening.  There are lots of Vivint salesmen that float through here and are pretty chill.  One I met was a cousin of the Mills family from Middleton.  His name was Jason something?

Mom: Happy Mothers day!!!! I love you!!!!!! Dinner was with and at the Mellor's house, a young Utah couple in the military.  It was chicken-cor-don-blue and salad and corn bread with brownies and ice cream for dessert.  I loved skyping with you too. It was very sweet when you started to tear up at the end. And you almost made me cry!

Tali: MMM I love Mexican food and there is none as good here as there is in the west or from momma!

Trav: Dude that trip sounds of the chizang!  It was awesome to see you too and your gross engaged stage some!:p  I am glad you are safe and thanks for the compliment.

Audrey:  It was great to see you too and it's ok Travis is just a Goober.  Thanks for the prayers and happy future mothers day!

G4:  Glad you got your squid!! (We sent him this picture of the hat she HAD to have from Lagoon)

Love you all,
Elder Legg

2nd picture I was texted of the boys together
Elder Hiatt from Mesa, AZ 

"Reincarnated Jesus getting beer all over my back"
His necklace is made from weave extensions he found.
They can be found lying around, sometimes they gather together to
form a sort of weave tumble weed 

"Elder Hiatt & I" 

"Nice, rich, southern, house entry way!" 

"Flying rat or bat!!"

Biking Buds already

Mother's Day Skype Pictures

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