Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Feeling Super Old, Baptism, & Eyebrow Waxing (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Happy Memorial Day

This week not to much happened, but it was a good week with what did happen.  I feel like a super old man today because I am so sore from playing football at the Elders quorum  activity that we were invited to.  Elder Hiatt and I both played well, but are paying for it now!

Another very fun thing that happened this week is Elder Hiatt and I got our Eyebrows waxed. We also helped a family move.  I am grateful to have been taught how to work and figure things out and do things from a young age, because the people, and other missionaries with me could not even operate a ratchet strap. That was quite the experience!

And Last but not least, we were able to attend, and be a part of a baptism this week for the Bales children, Logan and Jasmine.

Mom:  We will probably get a nice meal out this week.  Yes I loved the catfish and gator and yes the gator was very similar to Hagermans.  Yes gator is a common food here, but at the same time no.  It is sold in a lot more places here than out west, but still not to many people order it, as in many missionaries haven't tried it and even a good amount of natives haven't had it.  Tell dad that I have actually met a Scooter down here they really do exist! Good Job mom you are  a Super Teacher!!!! (my class killed our state testing)

Tali: Oh no you don't! You don't get to stay up any later and you had better still be watching PBS kids early when I get home. You aren't allowed to grow up while I am gone silly!. And you better not grow up cute stuff!! Driving to church with dad on Sunday what?

Tay: Dude you finally got you license, Nice!  what is Joseph up to now a days?

G: The most boring summer ever? You are not even a week in yet!! Find something fun to do!

Yeah I have the tie he is wearing in that picture.  And I got it as a gift while I have been out.  And haha that is funny! (Kayla, his cousin, asked where he was this wknd at a wedding we all went to, I slugged her)
 Love you mom have a great week!
Love you all!

Elder Legg

Dylan wearing the same tie Tyson got in GA. 

Jasmine and Logan's baptism
This is the sweet family that let Tyson Skype at their house
on Mother's Day
Joining a forgotten Pollen Tribe??

Taken over by aliens??

Nope, the boys are just waxing their eyebrows!
She is Sister Brain and she is the one who waxed us. She waxes her own and her comps all of the time and she asked and so I was  all for it.  I was going to get them waxed in Warner Robins by Sister Burns, but her wax spilt. Lots of sisters wax all of the time to themselves or others

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