Monday, June 6, 2016

You and Your Companion Look Like Dalmatians with Your Sweat Spots

Ok so I have good and bad news.
Good: My birthday is coming up on the 14th, next Tuesday
Bad: Transfers are the 14th, next Tuesday

What this means is, I will not know what is happening with me until Saturday the 11th at 1 pm.  My advice to all would be wait on sending packages, if you have not sent them already, because if I move anything that comes here will take a very long time to get to me, and anything that does get here on time just means more I will have to pack or to leave or pack, so it would just be better to wait till next week on Monday when I tell you what's going on. It would be very gracious to just get stuff a week or two late.

Want List
1. Clothes: ties, slacks(32x30, creased front, slimmer fit, brand not to worried about, but I am liking the Brandon whatever brand we got from Gordmans and colors:black, grey, blue, I would even wear brown doesn't matter too much?) & no dress pants and jeans are opposite for me. I mean 32x30 for slacks. For jeans I am a 30x32, but slacks run different for some reason. Yeah, I know it is weird with the pants thing, but I discovered that when we were at Gordmans and I was trying things on.), Athletic shorts(Basketball and soccer style), Socks(dress and Addi ankle),
2. Money (to buy wanted clothes instead of sending them, and soccer ball)
3. favorite card or board games
4. pictures

Ok so this week a few really gross things have happened.  First we were called by a guy  to give a blessing, and when we got there the house was pretty worn down.  When we got inside is was even worse due to him owning TWELVE inside cats.  Everything was scratched, stained, and hairy.  The air was so foul and stale it had a heaviness to it as you tried to breath.  The second thing was/is by our choice.  Elder Hiatt is 5'9", just like me. And he is convinced he has more to grow, and so he tries new ways to help him maximise his potential to grow.  One thing is that a member looked this topic up and ordered us a special root powder.  We take it each night in a cup of warm milk.  This powder is some kind of Indian growth remedy thing, and it is some of the worst tasting stuff I have ever had. It makes you want to throw it right back up as soon as it hits you tender taste buds. YUCK!! Anyone who knows me though, knows I will not back down from a challenge, so we continue to take it.

Something pretty cool is that a mamber also ordered somthing else for us from called an ancestryDNA kit.  So I did it, and got it all sent in, and in 6-8 weeks I will get the results of what all nationalities I have in me, or something like that.

This week we have had to drop a lot of investigators because they have stopped progressing and keeping their commitments.  As a district we have been praying and fasting for help finding people, and as companionships we have been seeing miracles.  Just from Elder Hiatt and I, we have had to drop lots of people this last week, but each time a we have dropped a person someone new finds us.  People have pulled over in their cars and stopped us to make appointments and ask to see us.

A few nice things that happened this week is we did some service of raking a yard this week.  And raking is a whole new chore here in GA with all of the trees compared to ID.  Plus the heat does not help any either, or the humidity.  The most fun thing I have found though, is when it is a hot and humid day as you tract, and you and your companion look like dalmatians with your sweat spots, and you can watch them grow and start to connect.  Then a giant, nasty, cold, rain storm blows through and drenches you for a few hours. Then to finish things off, the sun comes out hotter than before, and due to the rain it is 200% humidity.  That is how we spent our Saturday. It really was fun since we made the best of it.  It helped too that the Elders Quorum invited us out to play football with them that morning to start our day off right.

Mom: So are you ready to be jealous???? Because I had a virgin strawberry Mojito this week and it was delicious!!! (I drank them our whole trip to Mexico) Oh and also in my birthday package, I need you to send me out my second journal.   My first one is almost filled.  I know 19 crazy right?  Why didn't Tay or you go with them to the reunion? When I got the mojito I was at Red Lobster.  And also something great I got to eat was a true southern chocolate cream pie!!! You would have loved it!  It was super rich and delicious!!  Ok I will get the recipe!  Exercising is good, I am down to 160lbs.  As far as running goes president doesn't care as long as we get our daily planning done and to bed on time.  I did get Chance's nice announcement.  Oh fun fact that Gracie's email reminded me of when she said something about people she hasn't seen in awhile.  Aunt Yolanda in Savannah has reached out and said hi to me through another missionary that served there and knows her.

G: New kitties what the what? Didn't you just get cats?  And Gracie I would soooo take triple digit heat there over what I have here anyday girl!  Have fun at girls camp!

Tay: Yeah dude I want to get a soccer ball here so I can use it in the apartment or for P days! And yes dad will tend to do that waking people up early for no reason.  However, it won't hurt you man, and trust me when I tell you others can be pathetic when you get on a mission and their dad has not woken them up early and taught them useful work ethic and skills.  Things that are simple to use, are hard to near impossible to others, it is quite sad!

Tali: You are lucky you tan girl!! I have been able to get away without burning so far and not using sunscreen.  However, I have already reached my maximum tanness and am stuck where I am at. Plus the luck of the raffle proves your luckiness too!

Trav: I am glad you were able to enjoy the reunion and the heat of Utah unlike the other weenie children.  That play sounds sweet dude!  Love you too!
haha yes!:) I love you mom I am getting off!:)

Love you all
Elder Legg


  1. I just read about Aunt Yolanda reaching you! You look great and we had so much fun with your Dad, brother/fiance and the girls! Your Dad is so great to our kids, they sometimes dont feel part of the family and he always goes the extra mile to help them! My great great grandparents came from Georgia. Then they moved to Arkansas, my great great grandmother was Choctaw and there were problems in Georgia etc. I was working on this family line, the Native Americans got along good with the Irish long agoooooo! You look wonderful, keep up the good work !! love you

  2. Hey stop taking that native powder stuff!!! LOLOL Also please let us know when you get your DNA test back so you can compare it to Andys, he just had done also. Its interesting something in his you might like to see!!!! The Leggs have Jewish blood in them according to Andys DNA testing. States Jewish not anything else, small percentage but its all good!

  3. Andy went to Boot Camp in Georgia for the Army. We have been there once when we were first married. Yes its humid and beautiful green! Thank you so much for going on a Mission!! I joined the Church when I was 14yrs old and I am thankful for the missionaries who taught me so long ago! Aunt Betsy