Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lizard Earring & My 1st Healthy Meal (pic)


Well this week has been very long. Elder Hiatt and I had lots of set appointments that no one bothered to show up to, so that forced us to do a lot of knocking.  And just staring at doors all day can get really old  really fast.  That is what we seemed to do most of the days of this week.  One day we did help some friends of a member move and they fed us some good food for lunch. We also found some lizards in their house that we caught for them.  These lizards clamp on to things, so I put one on as an earring---see photo below. 

Here is a tip for anyone who desires to either move to the south, or visit the south.  Do not bring or use fruity scented Shampoo or body wash.  Elder Hiatt had to get new things of both products and chose fruit scented.  He loves the smell, and so do the gnats!  The gnats will swarm you if you smell like fruit. 

 I had my very first healthy meal while down here in the south this week. It was grilled chicken, strawberry salad, and coconut milk brown rice.  It took someone from southern California in the Air Force to get that healthy meal. 

There is also a way of eating potatoes, salty potatoes, down here that I haven't had in Idaho, and that surprised me. When I tried it I knew why we don't use it in Idaho. It tasted quite rotten. Oh and there is a member here that is from Emmett, ID.

Our mission President will be President Grayson next time I email.  President Cottle went around this week with miny zone conferences and said his goodbyes to everyone. Him and Sister Cottle leave the 30th at 10:00 A.M. President Grayson officially takes over the 1st of July.  

I hear that the heat in the west it up pretty high right now all over.  Elder Hiatt's family has been dealing with 118* weather down there in the great AZ.  We had a family go back to UT from here on vacation.  When they got back they said it was hot, but they sweat 3 times as much down here.  Also that is cool someone from there is going to the Las Vegas West mission, because the Page's son from here just left to over there.   

Mom: Meetings during the week that is crazy talk, of course people are going to forget or be busy. (We forgot a meeting Gracie had, Tyson was trying to make me feel better about it) And well I am glad you were able to learn more about mathing and that your class is helping you. I can't remember if I told you that Aunt Donna sent me a bday card and money.  Don't worry I already sent a thank you letter! :) I try to do that right away.  I got Grammy & Gpa's bday letter and money, but I couldn't read their return address so I mailed their thank you to you, can you please get it to them for me? And Uncle Lance sent me a card and money this week. And so did cousin Cindy. I got Cindy's thank you out and Lance's will get out tomorrow. The venue for the wedding looks nice! I am guessing that is Audrey's aunts? And I forgot my camera so no other pics this week.

G4: Oh man what is Jo doing for 2 months?

Tay: Man I was just talking to another missionary from Idaho the other day about the Boise Music Festival.  Sounds like it was a blast this year. Dang son did you get fat?;)

Trav: All of that travelling and hard working you must be making the big bucks by now?

Elder Legg  


"Lizard Earring and sweaty, nasty, professional mover Elder Legg"

"Here is President Cottle's picture from leading a choir in General Conference  from like 2007? That is the president leaving, he taught at an institute in Logan"

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  1. We lived in Hot Springs Arkansas for a year after we were first married! Yes the humidity was something else! But being from Las Vegas all my life you think I could take it? Sounds like you are doing GREAT Work! Keep up the work, we pray for you and your companions. Funny Lehi just caught a lizard at Church Sunday, it had blue on it and its stomach, about the size of your earring lizard LOLOL. Happy Belated Birthday, your Uncle Andys birthday was June 28th !! He is 50yrs old now LOLOL now I dont feel so old, I dont know if you know I am 11yrs older than him? I want a copy of your Chocolate Cream Pie recipe? We had a piece of that pie this afternoon waiting for Andy at his Dr. appt. Take care have a great week!! We love you !!