Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Shade is Broken Here & Happy 4th!

Happy 4th Everyone!!

Thank you to those who are and have fought for the freedom we have. Without this special country Joseph Smith could not have Restored the chruch I love on earth today.

Funny thing happened this week. I got a package for the 4th of July and Elder Showers got a package for the 4th from each of our moms.  Until this morning we did not know either had recieved one, but we all ended up matching.  His mom from Herraman, UT and my mom got us and our companions matching Old Navy American flag shirts and hater blocker shades with the American flag on them.  They have white and light grey and we have dark grey. They live accross town from us, but we will be together most of today, so we will match.

As missionaries we will be put on lock down, so we will have to be in our apartments at 6 tonight.  So the only fireworks we get to watch are those we can spot from our windows. Brother Denis has been very kind though to invite us over for an afternoon BBQ.  He is grilling 3 Boston pork butts.   He is the healthy California guy, and the chicken he grilled last time was great, so I think it will be awesome!  Nothing towny going on that we know of? 

So Elder Hiatt is a Christmas fanatic!!  He hates only celebrating one time a year, so he celebrates half Christmas also on June 25th.  For distric meeting this week we had a gift exchange, we watched the one church endorsed Christmas movie "Mr. Krueger's Christmas", and had a huge lunch. He and I made the lunch for 14 missionaries.  We had sweet pork burritos. It was a blast.  

Mom: Middleton is moving up in the world huh? A Fro Yo!!??  And ah that is cute that you think of me when you see 11:11.  I do see is some times but not that much. I mean I only have the opportunity to see it once a day.  I am alseep before the late one. Oh and what is the recipe for Hawiian Hay stacks?  I know the ingredients. I was just needing the amounts I am going to make it for the district for Sunday dinner probably for the sisters and other elders and Hiatt and I. How many cups of sour cream?   Good I am glad it got there! (Uncle Lance's thank you) I am all caught up on thank yous! And ha wow that dress of yours is pretty bright for you!:) It is not too bright, it is just like wow hey that is my mom. :p haha  It looks very cute!   I was looking at the picture of you in the dress and the sisters said "Oh my gosh quit looking at a girl!" :p haha I was Like um excuse you......that is my mother!  Love you Mom!!<3  (Finding a dress for Trav's wedding. That Sister missionary is my new favorite missionary!)

G: Aw that is sad that your rock broke.  And you are not driving in the parade what is this craziness??  I think I would be done with shopping also. (Dress shopping with mom)

Tay: What kind of Work? 

Tali: I am glad you are having fun in CA & OR.  How did you like the Golden Gate Bridge? And San Fran?  Changing Model T tires with Grandpa?? That can be tough work girl.  Yup watching the parade is definitely grandpa's style. And you will love the fireworks on the beach! You can see them for miles down the coast. 

Trav: Man with all of this traveling do you have a cool crew you get to go with? Are you learning any cool electrical skills?  Are you having anytime at home with the fam and for yourself? I love you too!

They dont have a Camp Invention down here that I know of? And no it doesn't hurt any to have the lizard bite your ear.  It just feels really weird, and it kinda feels like it is gumming you.  The thing on the pants was a camera wrist cord and that was someone else who took the pic and sent it to me.  The cars were just there for decoration. But they were cute and one was a '38 Ford pick up just like Gpa's red one.  I do not know how the new mission pres. is. I meet him on Wednesday. Wednesday we will have a conference in Tifton for the Tifton west zone or Tifton stake? Yes Brother Jones came down and he is coming on Wednesday also. AND he went to church yesterday.  We did just more knocking this week. By the time we are done we always just look like dalmations with sweat spots on our shirts.  The problem is the temp is 98 or so, but with the humidity the heat index is like 112 or more. And because of the humidity our sweat does not evaporate and cool us so we produce more and the old sweat is still there and we just get more and more sweaty.  And Everyone sweats here, the only accustom thing is how much the bugs bother you, and the rest of the people just stay inside.  Something that sucks is the shade down here is broken.  In the west, you hop in the shade, you cool down, and it feels nice. Here you hop in the shade and there might be a slight temperature drop, but you do not escape the humidity, so you just keep on sweating.  There were a few murders in the small town of Douglas the other day.  Douglas is about 1 hour away.

I love you all!

Elder Legg 

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