Tuesday, July 26, 2016

6 Months!! (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Well it is official I have hit 6 months and am a quarter of the way home!!:)

The transfer scoop:
I am staying here and Elder Benesh and Sister Black are staying with me.  I am getting, we think, Elder Walker or Downs? Sinse my companion will be the District Leader.  I do not know Downs? I know who Elder Walker is, but I do not know him, he trained a missionary that came out with me.  Elder Benesh  and Sister Black are both training.  The transfer options are fine I guess There wasn't anyone I was hoping to get?  And I am not getting the 2 I did not want so we will see how  things go?  

So a fun thing I forgot to tell about last week is we have lots of dentists in the ward here. And so Elder Hiatt and I got our teeth cleaned AND Whitening trays for free from Brother Worthington, our ward mission leader. My teeth will still be nice and clean when I come home. Yay!  Yeah the dentist thing is awesome!!! I did not want jacked up or dirty teeth when I got home.  I brush, Floss, and mouthwash twice a day at least!:p Whitening has not hurt my teeth? He also told me to use ACT anticavity mouthwash for the best results, it has the most floride of all the mouthwashes and the Walmart brand is cheaper, but just as good.

 Ok well there were a couple of very interesting things that happened this week here in Valdosta.  First, was right after emails and later that day there were 2 bomb threats at the Walmart right next to our apartment. It is literally right out our front door and across the street.  Then on Tuesday we were out for a district lunch across town.  There was a bomb threat at the other Walmart that we were eating right next to and got to watch the bomb squad and all come in.  Then on Wednesday, we had a Tornado blow through downtown.  Then Thursday came, and there was a shooting and attempted robbery at our Walmart also.  Lots and lots of fun news this week for Valdosta.

Elder Hiatt is headed up to Atlanta right now to fly home, so I am 3 packing it with the other Elders here in Valdosta til tomorrow.  We had a great day on Friday.  We built him a raft and Stuffed his suit that was ruined and set it afloat on a pond and lit it all on fire!

There are way too many cats down here!  There is a lady in the ward who has 24 cats inside of her house and there are others in the ward that have far too many inside also.  Plus the cats are all massive and fed way to well.

I asserted my Dominance in the district last night in the winning, and gaining, of the title Arm Wrestling Champion of Valdosta Missionaries!!!!
Tali: I am glad you made it home safe and are enjoying it.  Siamese don't they know those things are evil from watching Lady and the Tramp????? Did you have fun at the bridal shower?

Trav: Man yeah that would be a cruddy thing for work to spring on you like that.  It will be nice not having to be out of town all of the time. I love you to Bro!!!!

Tay: have fun!

G4 : Enjoy vacation
 I love you all and have a great week!

 ELder Legg
Burning Raft

Elder Hiatt and his raft and fake self

Exchanges and horses

Little snaky snake (first live snake I have seen here)

My teeth mold

Fat cat!!

Yes those are ninjas on my socks

E​lder Hiatt, Legg, Benesh, Showers​
Left to right: Elder Swank, Sister Swank, Sister Brain, Sister Black, Me, Elder Hiatt, Elder Benesh, Elder Showers

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