Monday, July 18, 2016

"Ya'll Talking About Jesus? Can I join?" (pics)

Hey Everyone!

Well for this week we had some way good success knocking doors.  In the first half of the week we knocked a door to a place that looked like no one was home.  After knocking a few times and waiting a minute or so we had even started to walk away, but when we were about half way down the drive way the door opened and a young man peeked out. We turned around and introduced ourselves, he looked as though we had just woken him up and so we asked if we could come back a better time and he said "no I have some time, right now is good".  Then another guy popped his head out and was like "hey what's going on?". So we told him and then a third guy popped his head out who had been easedropping from inside and asked "ya'll talking about Jesus can I join?".  So we were able to teach all three of them and we left them with some information and we got theirs and everything was great, right?  True and false.  True, they were and are all interested in listening to what we have to share and want to learn BUT they were just house sitting for a friend and really live in Nashville, Georgia's prosolyting area so we had to get them the info and give them to those sisters. 

Later in the week though we were knocking in the rain and no one was having anything to do with us.  The lights were turning off as we knocked.  The blinds were closing as we walked up.  The dogs were being hushed from behind the door along with playful children.  Then we knocked on a door that actually opened and this guy was not interested but told us his wife would be and she came out and was.  We taught her, and during the lesson the rain lightened up some, and the sun came out. And when we were walking off we were able to look up to a marvelous summer shower double Rainbow!

Something great also is that we were able to have great food and treats this week.  There is an Ice cream that is down here in the south, Blue Bell.  Most everyone down here, and the missionaries, praise its savory, smooth, rich flavors.  It is so expensive though.  I think it is good, but I would take cheap over good any day.  So I am not the best judge, but we were given two tubs of that, Butter Pecan and Cookies n' Cream.  Then we were given Cherry crumble Pie and cookies n' cream cup cakes.  Now I am not much of a cup cake person, but let me tell you........I liked these!  

Well I no longer have the landscaper hands I use to. I found that out this past week.  We went and helped a recent convert Desawd with a large section of her back yard to put a pool in.  And Elder Hiatt and I spent most of our Saturday afternoon there and torn up our hands with blisters.

We had interviews with our new mission president.  He seems very down to earth.  He has a very calm and level head.  You can tell he wants to do great things, but he is still getting into the swing of things, a bit nervous.  I had a good time with him and am excited to see what he will do for the mission.  

TRANSFERS: We find out on Saturday what is going to happen on the 26th for transfers.  I am most likely staying here.  But I will know for sure next week on Saturday. We will find out who is being transfered. On Tuesday the 26th I will find out who I am with. I have only been here for 2 transfers and people can stay up to 5 transfers in a area plus Elder Hiatt is leaving so very likely I will stay!

Dad: Wow that is a lot of horses and people!  I am glad that nothing serious happened to any of the horses or children or leaders.  I am sure you feel better with it done now also and the stress of it gone.  How is your new possition in work treating you?  Sounds like it was tons of fun and I wish I could have been there!

Grandma and Grandpa are both looking very well!
You should do it mom that would be so cute!!!!!!!!!!! (Run enough miles to equal running to GA) Not good about the floods.  (In NC)

Hey I do not have an email for Joseph but his Birthday is tomorrow could you get  a birthday wish to him through  Barb  or something please?  Just let him know I say happy Birthday and best wishes! I love him and hope life is treating him well!!! I  have known his birthday since I was little, so I figured I had better not miss it just because I am a couple of miles away:)

We are headed out I love you mom tell everyone I love them too!!!!
I love you all!
Elder Legg  
Light saber Elder Hiatt
The light saber is Elder Hiatt's.  A missionary here is a Star Wars fanatic and
 made it for him out of PVC pipe and plumbing pieces.  

Light saber Elder Legg

Katanna Elder Legg
A katanna is a Japanese sword, that one is a wooden one.

Picture  for the blow up of me
Yeah our walls are trashed. (I said he needed some paint)
Our apartment is super ghetto we live in the heart of the hood!!!!
 It is quite trashy, but the other hoodlums respect us and we are kings of the
Bball court, so the have to treat us good it is an unspoken rule.

Uncle Benny  *AKA*  Elder Benesh

The missionary crew

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