Monday, June 20, 2016

Birthday Fun (pics!!)

Happy Fathers day to All fathers!!

I want to thank my dad for being an amazing father figure in my life and role model to many around him. He has taught me far more than I had ever realized and he will forever be my superman!

Well the big news for this week is that our mission, the last few transfers, has been shrinking in numbers and so a few areas have closed down recently.  Elder Hiatt has a really bad knee with no miniscuss and needed surgery two years ago, but decided to come out and not worry about it.  Recently he did something, and his knee popped, and has been in pain riding bikes.  He talked to President Cottle and we now have a car here in Valdosta.  It is a car share, so we get it Wednesday-Saturday. It has been great this last week!

Something that I found out while eating at our Bishop's house this week is that he was a rocker back in the day, and almost made it big.  He has CD's and gave all of us one.  He also shared some of his Guitar shredding talent with us.  He is crazy good!!  He had some way long hair and was rocking the soul patch.

Thank you all so much for all of the cards, gifts, and birthday wishes!!

This week we also did what feels like service all week.  We did our usual food bank volunteering, then we moved 4 different house holds, and we spent some time volunteering with the Red Cross and Valdosta fire departments on grants they earned. 
Mom: Thank you for the great package and I am so glad I can trust you to shop for me.  Many of the missionaries were shocked I let you do that, because they do not trust their moms to shop for them.  Good luck at class this week.  I do like the tie it is great!  And wow that is cool 75 years of Captain America. (That's his super hero, Trav's is Superman & Tay's is Batman)  And ahh 4th of July already what the! Oh and also I took pictures of me opening all of my gifts from you, like we do at home, but is would take too long to send them all, so I just sent the Captain AM one!:). 

Tali: Wow you are having way too much fun up in Seattle and you  need to stop it right now! ;) 

G4: Sounds like your weekd was a blast and that you just partied it up!

Tay: I feel you on the soreness man from moving all of the people I did this week. And with Elder Hiatt and I being the muscles of the operations, we got pretty much everything to move. There were 2 deacons, up to my waist, working together to move a dolly with one box on it.  There were elderly ladies, like 2 or 3 at each house we moved.  And one elderly gentleman at each house. It sufficeth me to say the people we moved had solid furniture and plenty to go around.  Elder Hiatt and I's forearms and bicepts are shot!!!! 

Trav: Happy Fathers day to you too! II love being a missionary we get included on all celebrations. we got cookies and brownies with the fathers yesterday during priesthood.  What is it even that you are doing? I have not heard any of what happening with you for a bit?
Goodmorning Baltimore!!!!  Everyday is like and open door!!! That is a song. (One of his friends is headed there on his mission)

Love you all!

Elder Legg  

It is a small town cute old orchard and creamery

Tifton West Zone Conference
May 17, 2016
Tyson is 2nd from the left on the back row







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