Monday, May 23, 2016

I Ordered Some Good Old Gator and Catfish

Hey Everyone!

Ok so we had a dual zone, zone Conference this week which is a meeting with lots of missionaries.  There was a lot of new business taken care of during the meeting.  Our mission got TIWI's, little black boxes that train drivers and report bad driving to headquarters in Salt Lake.  This is to try and cut down on cost for car repairs.  Interesting fact: we are the last mission in the USA to receive them.  We also got new phones.  They switched plans, or something, and so all companionships got a new phone.  The old phones were on their last leg, and so beat up, but the new phones, the way they are configured, no one likes.  Oh well they look much nicer

Here are a few nice things that happened to us this week.  A sweet elderly couple took all of us missionaries to a very renowned fish fry called Ray's Millpond.  It is an old mill that someone converted into a restaraunt.  I ordered some good old Gator and catfish. One of the elders had never eaten anything like this, so he was having to ask how do you eat the catfish and was worried to try it.  There is a great big swamp out in the back that we got to go find Gators in for a little bit and there were some big suckers out there!  A member was very sweet to us and delivered pound cake to us one evening.  Elder Hiatt and I were invited to help a lady move by the Elder's quorum, and we were the only ones to show up, so we moved a lady and her three kids by ourselves.  We had some good amounts of rain come through this week, so on our evening runs we got poured on a few times, and when the rain comes so does the critters.  I had the beegeebees scared out of me by a 6 foot long snake dead on the side of the rode.  And had fun kicking little frogs as they hopped in our path.  We encountered some college LARPers in a  park yesterday who were very nice but not interested in the gospel.

The interesting things from this week.  We were attacked by a drunk guy, but he was wasted drunk so it was easy to...escape.  We were walking down a street and a man tried to spray us with rocks by peeling out of his drive way but we were unharmed.  We met one man that was a worshipper of Hitler and one that worshipped satan.

Mother: that is awesome about Parker's mission call, he will be in the mission of an Elder Benesh I am serving with right now. He lives a mile from the actual Fort Collins and he will be getting home around that time.  Yes it looks like Creed is growing well and you will need two beds soon. ok Love you MOM!!!!

G4: you got an award YAY!

Tali: what you mean they are going to let you graduate!?

Tay: let me know who is going to replace Mrs. Gull.  did you prepare for the mads tryouts?

It's me!!

Oldest house in Valdosta the house was here before the town was

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