Friday, April 21, 2017

Snakes on the Porch & Light Bulb Lesson Learned 3/27

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and it was on listening to the voice of the prophets.  Here are a few quotes from Conference address's I used!:

"Do we fully appreciate what a wondrous blessing it is to each one of us that we have found our prophet? The ways in which our lives have been enriched by listening to our prophet’s voice are numerous. We have a clearer picture of who we are and what we mean to our Father in Heaven. We have received commandments and counsel to guide us, reminders to keep us on the straight and narrow, and encouraging words to spur us on when we become disheartened or discouraged. If we listen to the voices of the world, we will be misled. But if we listen to the voice of the Lord through His living prophet and follow his counsel, we will never go astray." -Virginia U. Jensen

"There aren’t many guarantees in this life. There isn’t a car made with a warranty that covers everything. No bank on earth can absolutely guarantee that your money is completely safe. Even the Good Housekeeping seal of approval has a disclaimer written right on it! Nothing man-made or man-controlled can ever be truly guaranteed! But here’s the miracle. The Lord has given some marvelous guarantees without any disclaimers. And this is one of them: He will choose the prophet, and He will never let that man lead us astray. Imagine for a moment the impact of that promise. There is at least one place we can turn for pure, unpolluted guidance." -Virginia U. Jensen

“Come, listen to a prophet’s voice,” that you may know the will of God, that you may have His light to direct your path. He has soul-saving instructions for you instructions that if followed, will lead us all back to our heavenly home, safe and unspotted from the world.”  -Virginia U. Jensen

That is the invitation I leave with all of you to come and listen to the prophets voice during General Conference the 1st and 2nd of April!  You will find a message for you I promise!

Then the Relief Society had their Visiting teaching conference so the Priesthood got to take the Primary. I was put in charge of the 11 year old girls and they were angels!  They were to shy to speak!:p But I prodded them into participation in sharing and singing time ,and I even got one to share her testimony in the end it was awesome!!!

Some not so awesome things from this week...... Well the first was snakes on the porch!  We go and read with a recent convert three times a week to help him finish the Book of Mormon.  And one day this week when we went there was a plethora of dead baby snakes on his porch!  You know how after a rain storm you can go outside and find all the worms out of the ground?? Well it looked like that......but with snakes!  Thank goodness they had an outside cat though who had come and killed them all before we got there!  The second thing was Light bulbs!  We needed some new ones and so we went to the store to get some and we ended up having to go back three times because everything was a different size and we kept getting the wrong size and lesson learned. Pay attention to light bulbs when you need new ones!!!!

We went and chopped down some dead trees for a member this week!  We each had an ax and we started with a smaller tree. Then we decided to do a big tree and that took forever! And we both came away with huge blisters on our hands and they were sore for days!!! Not good when you have to grip bike handles all of the time! Afterwards though we felt like big burly lumberjack men!!!!

Softball games:
Well we had two this past week!  I played the left out fielder both games. I  caught every ball that was catchable and came my way.  We won our first game 17-11, but then we got killed our next one. We lost 17-2. We were mercy ruled in the second inning.  They hit 5 home runs with 4 over the fence. It was insane! But it is a blast and awesome to be out in the community with everyone!

Mom: That cinnamon roll place sounds so good! (a new place in Eagle at the Village)  There are a few ward members that make way good cinnamon rolls here and we get spoiled with them.  Sounds like you had a fun start to spring break with the girls!  That is so funny they found Tom Brady's Jersey way down in Mexico with others!  Tell Kayla to pump it out already!:p (Tucker) That sounds like a good day of running. I will be looking for the  Easter package in the mail! Did you email that lady or get any details on the scripture cases at all or are you waiting to have stuff ready for it?  Hope you enjoy your break! I love you mom!

G4: Hope spring break is good and that you have fun with it.  Oh no you do not need any more candy!  You are hyper enough without it!:p  And plenty sweet as well!:) Was Kong not a good movie to you because of the gore and intensiveness, or was it just not a good movie?  Well love you sis!

Tali: Were you riding on Lucy when that happened?  Did you like it or did it beat you up a little with all of the bouncing?  You did not like the movie either?  It is King kong are yall crazy?:p  I hope you had fun shopping and take a nice spring break!  Love you Tali!

Tay:  Haha yup that sounds like a good way to start off the break of spring bro! (games at a friend's) Oh and definitely good luck on your surgery!  I hope your problems are fixed and that you are safe and I will be praying for you!!! I love you Tay!  

Dad: That is good to hear that the horses are doing good!  Sounds like lots of ride have been happening which is awesome!  How is the training of the colts going?  And yeah keep me updated on the car I hope everything works out well!   Keep him safe after surgery!! And dad it looks like I may have gotten some of your athletic ability in baseball well atleast softball after all! how is your team doing?  love you dad!!!

Love you all
Elder Legg
I lost my mag tag and so I am wearing elder Davis's spare one for the image sake

Nobody was home but somebody lives there and it was  my thumb's down of approval!!!!

 I am now the star outfielder!  I play left and I start and I was the head batter for one of our games!!!

I want this picture on the front of my Scripture case

I want this one on the back side and I want brown leather and I want a border around both pictures  and regular quad size

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