Friday, April 21, 2017


Hey Everyone!  

Well Transfers are tomorrow, but I am staying here in Gray with Elder Davis. 

This past weekend was General Conference. This is where the Prophet and  Apostles and other leaders of the church share encouragement, enlightenment, and excitement with member's and nonmembers around the world.  They center their messages on Christ and how to strengthen individual's faith and those around us.  How to stay strong and find peace in a vigorous world of contempt and confusion. Here is a quote from the Conference:

"Faith is the foundation for salvation"  -Quentin L. Cook

All of these messages and of uplifting Christ centered grace can be found on "

Also along with this and with the Easter season approaching the church has put out a initiative.  One extended to all faiths and sects. It is how Christ is the Prince of Peace and has ideas and  and teachings on how he can bring peace into your life and use you to bring it into others.  It teaches some of the principles of peace,-faith, hope, patience, etc...- and show examples of their applications in the lives of real people through their real struggles.

This can be found at "". I highly recommend it!  It will inspire you if you allow it!

This past week we had a sweet tender mercy of the Lord.  We got a call from one of the office missionaries telling us there was a car sitting in the parking lot with our name on it.  So we get to be driving around for a week.  The car will find a permanent residence elsewhere, but as they are deciding where that is we get it temporarily.  Which we are more than happy to help them out!  Plus it turned into a blessing.  We had a referral that someone way down in south Jones County wanted a Book of Mormon.  Well we had been down there with members a few times to try and deliver it, but they were never home.  With the car we decided we were near on the way back so we would stop by.  They were home and we delivered the Book of Mormon and they invited us back to teach him about it.  So we got a car, and a new investigator as well. Is there much more you could ask for?? I think not!! 

Mom:  I am glad that you were able to go and see Trav and Audrey and have fun over there!  And yippee for Kayla and Beau and Tucker!! I am glad the whole family was able to make it there too!  Haha and good thing Tay did not throw up because what if it would have come out of his nose and all that acid could have really stung up there! Yuck! I got the package thank you very much!  Every thing is tasty, looks good, and fits well!!!! (Easter goodies, Girl Scout cookies, homemade jam, quinoa, & his new pants) Love you mom!!!!   

G4: I am glad you had fun on your trip.  And that you liked the movies.  That cat scratch fever does not sound so nice though I hope your hand gets better faster and that it stops hurting!   It was a very nice act of kindness you were trying to do for Tali too!!! Love you Grace!

Tay: Dude you looked so out of it in your pictures!  I want some after pictures to make sure you are still looking good!   That sounds like an awful time to have a clogged nose and not be able to blow it out. I bet most of it was probably blood too.  Dude are you getting pretty good at that game or what?  You willl probably be able to whoop my butt when I get home, you catch on to things like that faster than I do.   I am glad you are feeling good though and were still able to enjoy the trip and your break after surgery. Love you Tay!

Travis: I am glad everyone came and had a great time with you!  Who is looking at trucks?  There has been a lot of talk about Power Rangers here. And yes you are right we were not allowed to watch Power Rangers when we were little because it was to violent. (I remember that differently. I think they're ganging up on me.  I thought they didn't watch it because it was lame!!!!)  Also yes, I do remember not being able to watch Pokemon on Sundays because of violence also. (Ok, now they're just getting on my nerves!)  And Tali and Grace think we got to do everything!  (Boys are buggin!)Who are the entitled ones again?  (Seriously picked on!!) Bro you know I am definitely going to come hang out!  (I hope they do!) And yes, dude, a keep a list of things you think I need to watch and try please!  I am glad to hear you are doing so well love you Trav!

Tali: Wow those are some fancy nails sister!  I hope you love them! (All of us girls went for pedicures) What is up with you kitty scratching up Gracie?  Have you not taught her to be nice?  I love you Tali!

Dad: Haha that April fools joke definitely sounds a lot better of one then the old snow day or no school one!:p  That is awesome and so funny I wish I could have seen it!  I am glad Travis thought it was funny!  It is awesome that everyone had a great time!  I love you Dad!

Audrey:  Well I am glad that you enjoyed the visit and that you were able to be a little spoiled.  Haha you will get used to the April fool jokes and sarcasm and other things as the years go by.  Look at the rest of us we have all made it.  That is a pretty crazy thing to do and right in the BYU-I gardens huh?  Did they invite any one? or just did it? (her aunt eloped) Thank you hope you have a great week too! Love ya!

Alec (Audrey's brother who lives with them): Hey good job on the April Fools joke I hope it didn't get you into any trouble because that was a pretty good one!  I hope my brother and is treating you well and you are having a blast! 

Love you all!

Elder Legg

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